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Better Late Than Never

For @howlingbarnes Languages of Love writing challenge. My language was: Viraha (Hindi) - The realization of love through separation.

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It was 1989 and, while you were a sophomore, your childhood friend, Jeremy, was set to graduate. He had been accepted to the local junior college, enrolling in computer science and criminology. He was such a nerd, and, even though you teased him relentlessly about it, you absolutely loved that about him.

Your plan was to join him a couple of years later, but you never got the chance. Jeremy needed to take an elective, and he chose a drama class. After that, he decided to pursue acting. Despite his assurances that he’d always stay in touch, the letters and calls grew further apart, until finally, they stopped altogether. Not that you stopped trying to keep in touch, but when his cell phone number had changed, you knew that was the end.

It was then, in the absence of your best friend, the boy you cried to over the stupidest things, that you realized you didn’t just love Jeremy, you were in love with him. Talk about shitty timing.

As much as you wanted to find a way to get a hold of him, admit your feelings to him, you couldn’t bring yourself to actually do it. What if he laughed in your face? What if he flat out turned you down? Jeremy was well on his way to become this Hollywood heartthrob that would be batting off women left and right. He wouldn’t have time for you.

You tried not to follow his career because of how much it hurt, all of the memories flooding your mind, reminding you of all the time you could have had with him, the time you did have with him; wasted time, but it was too damn difficult. Even when he would have a girlfriend, you found yourself unable to stop keeping tabs on him.

Then his girlfriend had a baby, and they got married; all within less than a year. You wanted to be happy for him, you really did, but your heart wouldn’t let you. Even though it had no right to do so, it shattered into a fine dust. That was when you tuned out anything and everything to do with Jeremy.

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“The first teaser trailer for infinity war will be released on July 20 at sdcc

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You know what really fucking pisses me off guys

All of us keep saying that we dread the day wolverine, iron man, Thor, etc are recasted in like 20 or 30 years and like I’m right there with y'all


I’m more pissed about Deadpool getting recasted than anything

Like Ryan Reynolds spent what? 12 years on that role? Spent money out of his own goddamn pocket making that movie possible and believed in it when no one else did and made it into something special and one day some other person is just gonna take all of that away from him.

They’re not gonna do shit bc everyone loves Deadpool now and that makes me so mad.

Ryan put so much into it and he’s the Deadpool we deserve and is what makes that role so special and I never want to see the day that gets taken away from him and all those younger generations forget about him.

Clint Barton could probably perch on top of a flagpole and nail a perfect shot if he needed to but he has definitely fallen off of his own kitchen counter when trying to reach something high up.