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A silent 10-minute song is skyrocketing up the iTunes charts

  • Every time you plug your iPhone into your car stereo, the first song (in alphabetical order) automatically plays.
  • People hate hearing that same song so much, they’ve begun downloading a 10-minute “song” that’s pure silence.
  • The track is the work of Samir Mezrahi, a New York City-based creative consultant and founder of Kale Salad Media. He struggled with this problem himself, eventually becoming so frustrated that he decided to come up with a solution. Read more (8/11/17)

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I like how in “Doug Out” you can tell Onion is attempting to describe the figures that were following him, making a motion like something was big

and then flapping his arms to indicate something with wings

He also attempts to express that he didn’t break the lock on the fence, but is misunderstood.

Anyways, I just liked this detail