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Can you do something for a younger brother of 2D? no idea how you'd do this but the idea is cute!

aw cute!! stu would be a good older brother lmao– his name is going to be Marvel because i feel like it suits the Pot family


  • When he was a kid, 2D used to have a younger brother named Marvel. He isn’t with us anymore, but he was a great little kid.
  • When Stu was about 7, his brother was nearly 4. They used to draw with chalk in the driveway, making racetracks for their toys, and houses and bases for their action figures. 
  • Since the Pot family was always really close, and there was never really a “falling-out” of any of the family members, per se. They always used to have family breakfast’s and dinners, and the whole family played Monopoly on Saturday nights if everybody was unoccupied. Stu always let Marvel be the silver dog, because it was his favorite piece.
  • Since Stuart and Marvel were pretty close, when Stu used to hang out with his friends, Marvel would as well. Stu’s friends sometimes disapproved since it was kind of lame of him to do so, and it wasn’t until the gang started to smoke when Stu told Marvel not to hang out with them anymore. It was more for the sake of not getting in trouble and ratted out, but Stu also didn’t want to be a bad influence.
  • The boys shared a room for their whole entire lives. Fights between the two usually started over a simple “You took my ____!”, but it was rare when quarrels came up.
  • Stu introduced Marvel to music when he got his first keyboard, a tiny Cassio, but Marvel was never really interested. He liked bugs and creepy-crawlies more, so music was irrelevant. He wouldn’t get mad when Stu sang and played the keyboard until the late hours of the night, though.
  • When Marvel passed away, the whole Pot family was devastated, especially Stu. A while after the funeral, Stuart fell out of a tree at age 11, turning his hair blue. When he was 19, Murdoc hit him with his car, causing him to become basically braindead. When Stu was concussed for the second time because of Murdoc frickin Niccals, he came back to terms with his memories… Expect that Marvel Pot was never remembered.
  • Stu doesn’t remember that he even had a brother, and even though his parents have mentioned Marvel to him thousands of times, Stu doesn’t believe them.

angst who? i tried making this cute, and for the most part it is haha

  • another creepy fh player: yeah who around here is a boy irl?
  • male player: Uh I'm a guy IRL
  • creepy fh players: Ooooh a boy that's soooo sexy!! Hey hot stuff, you wanna be my mate? I've been looking for a real boy for so long omg we should do a "mature" RP together if you know what I mean ;)
Creepypasta #947: Family of Three Plus One

Length: Super long

They follow the same neat routine every day. The boy wakes up to the sound of that unpleasant alarm at 6 AM every morning, Monday through Friday. I listen carefully to the sheets rustling above me as he tosses, turns, shifts in his bed struggling to force himself awake. On the occasion that he falls back asleep in the safe warm embrace of his bedding, face nuzzled sweetly against his puffy down pillow, his mother will come in.

Now, his mother often wakes up at 5 in the morning, a beautiful time when the light of the morning sun is still waking with the rest of Earth’s creatures. I can move more freely at this time, though risky as it may be. I watch her arise; her husband lies silent, still consumed by a world of dreams. I follow her to the bathroom and watch while she cleans her face, brushes her teeth and prepares for the day. Sometimes she sees me, but never thinks anything of it; how exhilarating those days are, to make eye contact with the people who house me. 

As she wanders down stairs to prepare breakfast, we part ways and I visit the boy. As I mentioned earlier, on occasion he will sleep in, much like today. I stretched out and relaxed, awaiting the mothers’ arrival; it was always pleasant to be in the company of my family.

She arrived on schedule. With breakfast ready she wouldn’t be letting him sleep any longer. I have watched this week after week and in my humble opinion it is this behavior that makes the child feel he can sleep as he pleases; this routine is what gives me strength, what gives me confidence. My eyes follow the door as it opens and I watch her fuzzy slippers step closer. Her skin smells so sweet. For a woman of her age, her soft flesh is so tightly wrapped around her legs, it is all I can do to stay put and not act on instinct. I let the aroma fill my nostrils and allow her voice to dance along my ears. 

She walks out of the room and soon my vision is obscured by cartoon character pajamas and bare feet. His toes are so small, so delectable, little treats on little feet. I reach out to touch them, my claws leaving the safe haven of darkness that conceals all that go bump in the night. The light burns my flesh as my claws sprout from under the bed; they brush against his clothes, so very close to that youthful perfection. The pain surges through my hand, my arm, it’s almost more than I can handle. 

I reach forward to grab his ankle and he steps away. I pulled my hand back under the bed, nursing the burns, but the thrill of the hunt filled me with glee. I am so proud of how good she is to him and how much he is growing into a little man. I fade into the shadows and vanish from his room.

The father was still asleep. It’s 7 AM now, the bus should be arriving for the little one soon and how I will miss him. I contemplate following him to school, but risk outweighs reward. Exciting as the thought is; to be left stranded in a school yard, even though I would be blessed with tender morsels left and right, I may not make it home. Last thing I would want is to leave my home unguarded, to come back and find it claimed by another. No, I must defend my home; defend my people, till their bitter end. 

From their closet I watched the father sleep. The door was left cracked open this morning. He disgusts me; he is by no means a pleasant person. His flesh is coated in filth and only does he bathe when forced by the wife. I find myself all too often eagerly awaiting his departure to work. Ever since he changed his schedule to a later shift, I have found my routine has been shattered. Oh, how I miss the days that he would be out the door before his wife rose so that I would have her all to myself; how I could be there for the child and admire the beauty in his ignorance. 

Now, I’m afraid I must tiptoe from the morning to the afternoon, my time alone with the woman is no longer so. Yes, I can watch her from the mirrors, brush against her as she sinks into the couch, but no longer do I posses the luxury of freedom. The father will leave shortly before the boy returns, with this I find solace. The sun will begin to dip down below the horizon while he slaves away the hours at his job.

As night dominates the sky I can move as I wish, inside and outside of my home. Well, I used to go outside. Lately I have noticed prying eyes gazing at my family from the windows, concealed by darkness. I am tempted to get rid of them, but I don’t know how many wait, and I can’t risk leaving my people exposed. My kind grows very envious of those of us with homes and families of our own, they seek to destroy our success and ruin everything we worked so hard to accomplish. 

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It’s Gonna be Lisa!!

We all wondered who gave Max the note after gym class, right? Well, due to the new page (uploaded on Thursday, May 26), we now have some pretty solid evidence.

The biggest, new piece of evidence is the note itself.

And no, it’s not the handwriting. It’s the school store aspect of it. Who works at the school store?

Well, Ollie is there. But that doesn’t automatically mean it’s Johnny or RJ in there. After all, Johnny and RJ are off trying to interrogate Ed. 

So it’s not them in the school store. 

But you know who else works at the school store?

Lisa. She runs the school store. And, if that’s not enough, she also “knows all the goings-on at school.” 

Max is a new student. Therefore, in order to keep herself in-the-know about all the students, she has to gather info on Max. And during gym, she probably figured something out. It’s gotta be her who knows Max’s ‘secret.’

And, this may be irrelevant, but Lisa made this creepy face 

on the page right before someone slips Max the note. (She could be glaring at Jeff instead, though.)

So, tl;dr, Lisa is the one who slipped Max the note. 

So today I was talking to some of my friends at school about anime stuff (all of them boys) and we started talking about Naruto, and of course we were talking about how shitty the end was, and I said “basically the whole plot ruined because Naruto ended up with Hinata… Naruto never loved her so how even??” and for my surprise all of them were Hinata fanboys. And they started to argue that Hinata was always there for Naruto and that she risked her life to save him, you know just typical NH arguments. And I got so mad w/ them lol I started to argue (I proved all their NH arguments wrong, they even admitted it) “she was always so irrelevant, all her character revolves around ‘N-Naruto-kun’ her love for Naruto is selfish and she’s always stalking him how come you find that cute it’s fucking creepy man” I just kept going on how irrelevant she was, and how the endind got ruined because of her, and they even ADMITTED IT lol, they were like “I know, what you’re saying is true, but she’s so sweet and shy man, she deserved to be happy” And I just stopped talking about it w/ them because I was so pissed lol.

So for people like this the ending was shit, for people who pity her and fetishized her shyness. Everything got ruined for Hinata fanboys. They made an ending that these people would like. I just can’t accept people glorify Hinata so much for NOTHING, she never did shit but think about her feelings for Naruto the whole time. Lol I never really hated her but for sure I don’t like her now XD

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HAHAHAHA! You actually think Jaune is good at forging. OMG. Guy doesn't even know about Aura and someone good at forging and hacking should've seen enough online to know Aura is a thing. Seriously you're why the term Jaunefaggot exists.

oh no. u have found out the secret of my jaune-stanning ways. it is true- i believe jaune arc is the only main protagonist of rwby, i ship white knight to the ends of the earth and believe pyrrha was nothing but a creepy, irrelevent side character. i’ve been caught, the fndm has now sent it’s top jaune h8rs to assassinate me where i sit

and of course, you’re absolutely right, if someone isn’t good at one particular area, they can’t be good at anything. every character can’t do anything- weiss can’t do anything because she’s bad at summoning, neptune is useless because he can’t dance. you have educated me, my jaune h8 anon.

i have seen the error of my ways thanks to you, and will now delete all social media accounts, live in the wild with nothing but my the clothes on my back and a jaune arc body pillow.

@13 year olds (and honestly anyone else who does this) on Twitter, stop irrelevently replying to their tweets creepy shit like “oh daddy senpai fuck my hole”. don’t use the retweets that you’ll SURELY get as validation that you’re funny. it isn’t funny. just because you’re young and they are popular doesn’t mean you go unnoticed. Its fucking gross. Stop.



fun facts about zay babineaux, farkle minkus, isadora smackle, and auggie matthews

- are irrelevant

- have no importance to the show whatsoever

- annoying

- not afraid to be irrelevant

- did i mention irrelevant

- nosy

- psychopathic

- sociopathic

- creepier than charlie the creepy creep creep gardner

- irrelevant

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Okay, my question is does your feeling about older men younger woman change if it's her actively engaging the man? Also what about older women with younger men, are they too pigs and creeps?

The reality here is that we’re not talking about women who date younger men, because that happens in a completely different social context. My opinion on that regarding this conversation is, frankly, irrelevant. I will say that yes, its still pretty creepy and inappropriate when 30+ women hit on 20 year old guys. But again, the social context is totally different.

Now for your other question, whoever does the engaging, 30+ men should know better than to have a romantic relationship with a 20 year old woman. It is THEIR responsibility to understand that this is inappropriate and potentially damaging for the younger party. It is THEIR responsibility to say no.

the post is literally just “you should ignore this author’s unwillingness to put visible poc in her books while trying to retroactively claim it was a thing all along, because she’s cool with fanfiction and whatever! and anne mccaffrey wasn’t!”

likeee those things don’t have anything to do with each other? racist bullshit is still racist bullshit no matter how down the author is with your creepy shipping shenans? anne mccaffrey is totally irrelevant in this discussion? you’re just trying to fill a text post with junk information to pull a smoke screen over something that is actually kind of an important problem?

fuck. that. i see you.

JK Rowling is not “responsible for how fandom exists today,” that’s just entirely false, and even if it were true, the ~lol black hermione~ shit is still fucking bullshit and i will still call it fucking bullshit because this author’s effect on fandom culture has literally nothing to do with that

fandom has existed since there was shit to be a fan of, okay, communities built around obsessing over media and creating/sharing transformative works have always been around. People on this fucking website always talk about the ~olden days~ of and shit but before that there were email lists, people shared archives of fanfiction through fucking FTP, do you know what a “webring” is?

Before that there were actual dead-tree circulars and fanzines that fans would come together and create and distribute because that’s just what fans fucking do!

Maybe the first character that pops into your head when you think of “Mary Sue” is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way, but do you know where that term originated?

From an  OC in a Star Trek fanzine published in 19 fucking 73.

Maybe “shipping” means Draco/Harry to you but that term came out of the fucking X Files fandom.

Harry Potter’s popularity coincided with the evolution of fan culture online. Social media and user created content has made it easier for fans to find each other, and to find and share transformative works. Yes, it so happened that Harry Potter was particularly popular as these platforms developed, but it’s in no way responsible for it. If it wasn’t Harry Potter it would have been some other got damn thing.

And even if JK Rowling herself personally invented and pioneered modern fan culture, i don’t give a single fuck because it’s still real fuckin shady to try to try to half-assedly support reading one of your major characters as black, fucking years after the fact

it still leaves me shaking with rage

so like, maybe think of all that before you reblog that nonsense :/

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as someone who obviously is trying to steer away from fanfiction, what do you think of it? a lot of people think its creepy as fuck.

I guess some people do. But then my question in return is: have these people ever given it a chance? Not just absently scrolling through the summaries of a Most Recents page or skimming through a few chapters of one fan fic, but really looking into a community–any fan fic community–to see what sorts of discussions are had, which characters are more often written about and why, how the “fanlore” is interpreted in a thousand different ways, how one single writer can write 50 different works about the same people and carefully twist and shape the characters and plots into completely unique standalones each time? It’s easy to look at something from a distance and dismiss it as irrelevant or “creepy”. It’s easy, but it doesn’t mean you’re arriving at the right conclusion, and it doesn’t mean you’re doing yourself a service by staying away. 

After all, how many of us would be writing right now if it weren’t for fan fiction? 

I think fan fiction is f*cking incredible. And f*cking inspiring. And f*cking cool. And it taught me how to f*cking write a million times over–and is still teaching me how to f*cking write. And to be totally honest, if someone looked me in the eye and told me it was “creepy as fuck” in this day and age, I wouldn’t consider them very well-read and therefore wouldn’t be able to take their opinion seriously. 

And P.S. - I wouldn’t agree that I’m “obviously trying to steer away from fan fiction.” ;) 

@magcongorillagang (it won’t even let me tag you thats how irrelevent you are)

take one pass it on because yo creepy ass needs to sit the fuck down and back the fuck up kay?