not interpol

i got tagged by @secretaryofstategreat​ to do a thing and here it is

nicknames: i don’t really have any, and it feels weird when someone does use a nickname for me

gender: cis male

star sign: virgo

height: 6ft plus or minus a few inches (i honesty don’t remember exactly)

time rn: 11:36 am

last thing i googled: helvetica scenario

favorite bands, in no particular order: silversun pickups, mew, chvrches, interpol, metric, pvris, röyksopp, sigur rós, twilight sleep/oh boy les mecs, a silent film, the joy formidable, fickle friends, boards of canada, the birthday massacre

favorite soloists, in no particular order: hayley kiyoko, halsey, tycho, she, alice glass, lowell, tove lo

song stuck in my head: enjoy the silence - depeche mode, and it’s all because of this pigeon comic

last movie i watched: the secret life of walter mitty

last show i watched: less than one minute of s1e1 of look around you to make sure i got the reference in the tags of this post correct

when did you create ur blog: my first post was the end of october 2013, but i think i had my account for a few weeks before that and just never posted anything

what do you post: out of my last 2000 posts, 31% steven universe (out of which, 24.4% is peridot), 1.4% dogs, 1.35% technology-related things, 1.2% voltron, 1.05% cats, 0.85% homestuck, and the rest is just other stuff that i don’t tag and categorize

when did your blog reach its peak: i like how this question implies that it’s not at its peak right now

do you have other blogs: yeah, and one of them is the high quality bot, zodiacpostgenerator

do you get asks regularly: not really

why did you choose your url: here’s the story behind it

following: 261

posts: this one makes 40831

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

pokemon team: i’m on the red one but i only chose that because my friends did and i wanted to be on the same team

fave colors: don’t really have any. half the stuff that i own is either blue or black though

average hours of sleep: over the past month, 8 hours per night. but that includes spring break so that’s probably more than usual

lucky numbers: none

favorite characters: peridot, pidge, there’s probably more but since voltron and steven universe are the only shows that i have time to watch i can’t really think of any others rn

what am i wearing now? pants, blue jacket

how many blankets do u sleep with: only 2 now that it’s getting warmer again

dream job: this question expects me to be planning for the future

dream trip: having the time and money to go on one

and i guess i’m supposed to tag 20 people but i’m never good with choosing people to tag so just claim that i tagged you if you see this and want to do it

the signs as indie bands

Aries: Arctic Monkeys
Taurus: Interpol
Gemini: Beach House
Cancer: The National
Leo: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Virgo: Deerhunter
Libra: Grizzly Bear
Scorpio: Arcade Fire
Sagittarius: Animal Collective
Capricorn: Tame Impala
Aquarius: MGMT
Pisces: Wild Nothing

What do famous people think about Brandon Flowers
  • Robbie Williams: The Killers sound is unique and I think Brandon Flowers is one of the best songwriters on the planet.
  • Tyler Joseph - Twenty One Pilots: You know what, I want to be the next Brandon Flowers.
  • Imagine Dragons: Always making Vegas proud.
  • Paul Banks - Interpol: He's a great great singer.
  • Nick Jonas: Brandon Flowers of the Killers is really talented. Would love to work with him one day.
  • Mike Posner: Hey Brandon Flowers ... I just wanted to say I'll buy and listen to anything you do.
  • Nick Petricca - Walk the Moon: I had this strong sensation of like being at church and Brandon Flowers is like our direct connection to the lord. (...) We got to meet Brandon Flowers when we played a gig in Vegas. I got to talk to him and tell him that his band was the band that made me want to be in a band.
  • Tom Smith - Editors: Such a soft spot for everything Brandon Flowers does.
  • Van McCann - Catfish and the Bottlemen: Brandon Flowers sent me an email a while ago because we covered one of their songs in Australia and he said he liked the cover and I was just major buzzing off that. He’s inspired most of the songs in my head.
  • Dallon Weekes - Panic! At the Disco: Idol? dont know. I def have people I admire. Brandon Flowers. Hes a musician/Mormon/family man and pulls it all off. I try to.