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lacysocksandarocksaltshotgun  asked:

Hi um, I know this isn't an important ask but I wanted to ask your opinion on something. I identify as genderfluid/polygender trans and have boyish tastes in clothes, but I also like kawaii aesthetic. I want to redecorate my room- which motif should I go with? Cute and be risked at people questioning my gender or do something else that I don't have concrete ideas for? Sorry haha in big into interior design so this is an important expression thing. Thanks! 😋🙈🤷‍♀️

It’s your room, do what you want  @lacysocksandarocksaltshotgun  To me it sounds like you want to decorate it cute but you are worried about what others may think. It’s your room, do the idea you love, do something concrete that you like. Never bend or throw away an idea because someone may judge you over it. I have werewolves, stuffed animals, I have pink things, I have black things all over my room. One time I had a girl come over, we were making out in my bed and she rolled over on my teddy bear. I’m a grown ass man and I sleep with a teddy, why cause thats how I roll.

Its really important to have a space that feels like you and feels safe. Make sure that space is 100% you and not other people’s bull crap opinions. Men can be feminine, women can be masculine, people can identify as nothing at all. You should be able to express yourself however you want.

Anyone who walks into your room and questions your gender identity because of decoration needs a serious wake up call and I would ask myself why i’m letting someone of that integrity be so close to me.



I’m sorry guys, I know this is lame, but I’m so IN LOVE with my bedroom that I had to make a mini photoshoot. For the last couple of years I’ve been slowly working to get this room exactly how I wanted, and now I can finally say it’s perfect! 😍 Again, special thanks to @calliedraws for the incredible one of a kind Veronica Mars illustration that now hangs above my bed.