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Apartment Request for @sunlitsims!

I suck at interior design but I really hope you like it!!! Sorry it took me so long and sorry for spamming your messenger :P


  • I had to save it as a room.
  • Art District
  • The Apartment Building with two big apartments ( I don’t know how to describe it lol )
  • It will be the apartment closest to the bottom of your screen.

I will be sending you the tray files shortly! <3333


Studying interior design is using almost all my time and i can’t even make a quick doodles 💔  there’s lots of new things to learn and lots of work to do. i can’t tell you how much i’ve been busy for the past two weeks! ( or even more i can’t remember TAT ) 

Just wanted to tell you this love you all :”) ♡

Sarumi Art Shop AU/Uni Au-ish?

Yellow, I’m back with another AU that may or may not expand again and has been RPed the two people who run this blog LMAO

So, anyhow, this is a mix of headcanons we came up and some dialogues that are part of the impromptu RP we did when we talked about this, I’m so sorry for troubling you guys *bows*

HCs/Dialogues: (it’s not in order so i apologize in advance for the confusion)

  • Fushimi works part time at an art shop that is ran by Munakata and Awashima (basically scepter 4)
  • Yata is a regular customer of the store even before Fushimi worked there.
  • Everytime Yata buys there, he’s pissed off by the new grumpy worker at the counter, who always picking fights with him.
  • “That’s cyan.”
    “No, it’s aqua.”
    “It’s fucking aqua! Are you colorblind?!”
  • “Hey, do you have a violet copic marker?”
    “No, but we have purple.”
    “No, I need violet.”
    “Purple’s close enough.”
    NO, IT ISN’T!
  • “Do you have some HB 0.5 lead?”
    “Do you have B–”
    “What DO you have?”
    Nothing. Go away.”
  • Poor Yata, Fushimi’s shift at the store always overlaps on the time he goes there well, except on Tuesdays and Sundays (it’s closed on Sundays) and the people who are on the shift on Tuesdays are either Awashima or Munakata.
  • The Alphabet Squad are a mix of workers who are part timers like Fushimi, since he’s a student, and full time employees of the store.
  • Did I mention that Fushimi is a Civil Engineer student here? And Yata is a student in Architecture?
  • If there’s Scepter 4, HOMRA is also there! But the guys are in the Department of Fine Arts and Design, and Architecture of the university.
  • Anna is a student in Fashion Design, the other Homra guys are a mix of students in the department (if that makes sense…? and Idk some of them sorry ^^;;;)
  • Kusanagi as a professor in the Interior Designs Faculty.
  • Totsuka in the Painting Department and also offers Photography classes.
  • Mikoto is also a professor but for Pottery or Ceramics and the only faculty member who is a nude model for some drawing classes, imagine the fanclub he gets from this gig LMAO.
  • Imagine Yata taking one of these classes where Mikoto is doing this, maybe his admiration for the guy goes down a few notches .
  • Despite the massive fanclub the guy gets, Mikoto is already seeing someone (or two? or three? you decide how many or who he/they are haha)
  • Then for some reason, both Fushimi and Yata have a class together (maybe physics or some science class that both need to take) and Yata wants to be tutored by the guy since he’s smart and he needs a boost in his grades for that class.
  • So the tutoring lessons made them close but they still bicker like always.
  • “Saru, I need miniature trees.”
    “Don’t have them.”
    Fuck you, I know you have those! Munakata says so.”

I want to add some of the dialogues but nah,

So, like always, feel free to expand them again! :)))

- Dani