not intentional and i'm sure i'll run out of girls but i rather like that

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I'm begging you please write more Yutaba! I'll pay you! Please write a first kiss scene maybe?

Hahaha, whoa there fam, you don’t have to pay me for anything. I don’t accept payments for my fanwork. It was Yutaba first kiss you’d like to see, yes? I can definitely do that. SmolTol first kiss is always fun. 

Fic under cut for you~ <3

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So ages upon ages upon ages ago, I mentioned I was going to write a fic wherein Lily saves both Narcissa and Draco’s lives when something goes wrong with Cissa’s pregnancy, and in return Narcissa warns the Potters about Peter? And she ends up living with them, and Drarry grow up together, and loads of house unity and an insane family with Gay Uncles Moony and Padfoot, etc etc?

I present to you the first chapter—consider it a preview, and motivation for me to actually keep at it.

His mother had always warned him he didn’t have the backbone to marry a Black.

He’d ignored her, of course: why should he be any less suited to the Black daughters than any other man? He was of a prestigious family—the most prestigious besides the Blacks themselves—, intelligent, handsome and wealthy. He had been a member of the illustrious ‘Slug Club’ during his days at Hogwarts, as well as Slytherin Quidditch captain and Head Boy. He was charming, possessed of all the High Society etiquette expected and more—far more, he had privately believed, than was commonly displayed by the infamous Black daughters.

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