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32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

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He hadn’t meant this to happen.

Thomas stays in his study the entire afternoon. James had left after a long discussion over their options for Nassau.

Thomas rubs at his temples, unable to stop thinking about it, about James. At one point James had been gesturing and his hair had come loose from its tie, drifting freely over his forehead.

“Beg pardon, my lord.” James looks around for the tie, swearing under his breath.

As much as he would have liked to watch the lieutenant crawl around on his knees on the carpet (because he is attractive, Thomas has accepted that fact) but with his hair falling over his face and the way the lieutenant keeps swiping it back impatiently with his fingers, Thomas is finding it very hard to concentrate on the topic at hand.

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Overwatch - One Year Later (Beta vs. Now) by The Leaderboard ft. Alphalance

Okay, they didn’t have that last part on the title but guys, this is my favorite video I’ve done with The Leaderboard yet and it was quite a labor of love. Typically I write and/or host stuff for them but I took it upon myself to edit the video for this one too. Leading to many late nights and some stress BUT so worth it in the end.

“Enjoy a trip down memory lane looking back over just how much Overwatch has changed since it’s Alpha stages”

Also, if I could have your attention a second longer, thank you to each and everyone single one of you for following this page. I appreciate you all and a sappy post is coming in the near future lol

Unofficially Official Hellsing Timeline: 1999

So, while going back over the manga (for various reasons), I decided to go ahead and plot the events of the first year more coherently for my own pleasure. I thought I’d share with y’all as well! 

These event dates are from the boxes in the manga, which unfortunately diminish over volumes (shrug). But 1999 is pretty planned out, with the exception of the Valentine attack. I go ahead and put them in September, since the leaves are off the trees in the backgrounds and it’s stated that Integra meets Maxwell on September 10th. 

Also, remember that the entire time this is all going on, Seras hasn’t drank blood at all (not even Integra’s, yet). Hark on her as you like, but a vampire who’s gone over four months without a drop of blood and is still as strong as she is? No wonder Alucard’s angry at her wasting such potential! 

Captions under break. 

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I was visiting Almalexia in eso for our date and of course I paid the shrine a visit in her temple.

First praying at her side.

Nice and cozy. We have candles and incense, nice pillows, offerings. And some flowers (you can’t see in this shot) at the stairs.

Next Sotha Sil.

We have flowers,candles, pillows, music instruments, nice and cozy.

Next Vivec.


Ayem, why are you mad?

What did he do?

I mean you can argue people would pray at his shrine in Vvardenfall, but not everyone on the mainland can visit the island. Especially when they want to pray to the three. Why did no one notice that before? Like it’s a really big FUCK YOU!

Okay, so what I’ve generally settled on, with much thanks to @cassiansfuzzyjacket for her help:

  • Etain never leaves for Kashyyyk, and remains planetside through the Battle of Coruscant, although tasked to some Spec Ops business on a different part of the planet
  • Kal witholds the exact date of withdrawal from everyone but the Nulls (and inexplicably, Ny and Sull, but they just happened to be there) so she isn’t aware exactly of when she should expect to be leaving, but Kal asks her to stay in place until he gives the word to avoid raising suspicion

  • She and Dar marry during the Battle of Coruscant, and do get to have some happy conversations in the four days between the battle and Order 66.

  • When the Order comes down, a day before Kal’s extraction date, Etain is stranded in the company of other clones pretty far from the rest of the family. She’s alone and surrounded, and therefore pinned down

  • Jusik and possibly one other member of the family are sent to retrieve her

  • Dar and Niner are farther afield than before, so they still end up encountering Jedi at a checkpoint, if not necessarily on the Bridge, and Niner is still attacked by a Padawan, leaving Darman scrambling to get him medical care

  • At the same time, Etain is found and severely injured by troopers. (She may or may not even technically have died). This is then reported in where Darman, who is still hovering on the official channels as soon as he gets Niner to a medic, can hear

  • Jusik, who was getting close by that point, continues on to retrieve Etain’s body but somehow? figures out she can be saved and pulls her for evac

  • for whatever reason Dar can’t be told this, but I don’t know why yet I need to look at it more. maybe Jusik didn’t really realize she was in a Kreia-like death trance until after they’d jumpred to Coruscant
  •  When Dar later goes to check the archived footage, it does support the idea that Etain is dead
Doing the Math real quick

- 2139: Saren was born.

- 2154: Commander Shepard was born.

- 2157: relay 314 incident (duped space traffic ticket) ((Saren is 18, Shepard 3))

- 2159: Saren becomes a Spectre. (He’s 20)

- 2163: the Ryder twins are born.

- 2165: humanity gains the right to an embassy on the Citadel. ((Saren’s 26, Shepard 11, Ryders are 2))

- 2170: Mindoir is attacked ((Saren’s 31, Shepard 16, Ryders 7)) also, Avitus Rix becomes a Spectre.

- 2172: Shepard enlists in the Alliance ((Saren’s 33, Shepard 18, Ryders 9))

- 2176: the Skyllian Blitz ((Saren’s 37, Shepard 22, Ryders 13))

- 2177: the Akuze disaster ((Saren’s 38, Shepard 23, Ryders 14))

- 2178: the Torfan massacre ((Saren’s 39, Shepard 24, Ryders 15))

- 2183: the events of Mass Effect 1 ((Saren dies at 44, Shepard’s 29, Ryders 20))

- 2185: the events of Mass Effect 2 ((Shepard’s 31, Ryders 22)); the Andromeda Initiative launches at the end of the year.

- 2186/2187: the Reaper War ((Shepard’s 32))

- 2818: the Nexus arrives at the Heleus Cluster.

- 2819: Ark Hyperion arrives at the Heleus Cluster, the events of Mass Effect Andromeda happen ((Ryders 22))

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nina doesn’t give in and now has a nice new bob