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Morning Selfie because the fans are demanding it!



“Since when have you ever smoked?”

“I have my moments, my dear.“ 

Natasi Daala and Wilhuff Tarkin chillaxing on a balcony and being smartasses.

Imperial assholes during their downtime and doing domestic shit are always fun to think about. 


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He Tian x Mo Guanshan Tianshan week Day 7

He Tian x Mo Guanshan  - A jerk which I came to like more and more

(Mo Guanshan’s POV, a summary from almost all events with them and how Momo felt)

Mo Guanshan recalls which thoughts he had during the shit He Tian put him through while laying on his bed, confused. He tries to understand why it turned out like this and why named devil saved him from being framed. And finally, he realizes it.


He hits me.

Every day, wherever I am, wherever we are.

I won’t forget the day I met him as long as I live, the memory of his sinister, coal black eyes imprinted into my soul like a brand on a slave.

I threatened him to fight, oh if I already knew back there what he would do to me.

His hair so dark that no one could be sure if it was actually brown or black, the smooth strands falling over his eyes, overshadowing them just enough to make them more dangerous than they were from the start. A body which makes me cringe with disgust, I hate how tall he is, taller than me, trained shoulders and long, strong arms like it wouldn’t cause him any trouble lifting me up. I hope I will never find out if he could do that. Although I already know the answer.

How can someone be this handsome, it is absurd.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think mac was out in the earlier episodes (besides Wolf Cola, I agree he wasn't)? Also why is the premiere chronologically last in your opinion? I figured it would also be irrelevant. Not hate, I love what you're doing I'm honestly rly curious!!

okay so! i’m just gonna bullet point this shit bc that seems like the easiest way to handle this

  • the gang turns black- mac talks very frankly and openly about musicals and doesn’t seem at all embarrassed about it (nor does anyone question it), the way i’d imagine things would go if he were still closeted at that point
  • i think he was closeted in water park because of all that drain bullshit– if he had been out at that point i think we would have just gotten an offhand comment about hot lifeguards or something, since his sexuality seems to be very understated now that he’s out.
  • old lady house- this was a tough one because there’s LITERALLY no way to tell based on mac’s actions in the episode. i think he’s out mostly because i think old lady house happened after ptsdee, based on how nice charlie and dennis are to each other in old lady house (seeing how they bonded in ptsdee)
  • wolf cola is pretty self-explanatory
  • making dennis reynolds a murderer literally doesn’t matter in the timeline bc the only thing that happens in the present day is the “murder is chips” conversation at the very end

you’re right that the gang turns black can technically go anywhere, since it’s mostly a dream sequence and therefore irrelevant. but i think mac’s discussion of musicals when they’re actually watching the wiz means mac was out at that point, so it must be someplace after hero or hate crime.

as for why i put it at the end, that came from an interesting theory that @richalperts shared with me last night! wherein at the end of dennis’ double life, things are relatively back to normal (or the gang is pretending they are) and they go back to dee’s apartment for movie night, thus making it so that the entire season loops back on itself.

the evidence for this theory is that the gang turns black was filmed around the same time dennis’ double life was. we STILL haven’t seen aniya wolf yet, either, and we know she’s set to make an appearance sometime this season. in the set photos that were posted of wolf on set, rob and charlie are wearing their clothes from the gang turns black. it might not mean anything, but it could point to a possible link between the two episodes, since we know the gang was wearing the same outfits in the dream that they were wearing the night before in real life.

this is a very long and wordy ask but hopefully it answered your questions!!

niallspringsteen  asked:

maybe things you said after the end for lilo, or things you said with miles between us for nouis? lOVE U

things you said with miles between us for nouis

The first text Louis gets from Niall in two months is a selfie of him looking sunburnt all to hell, with a generous helping of stubble on his face and the stiff hair he gets from saltwater. He looks at it for fifteen straight minutes, memorizing the blue of his eyes, the cut of his bare collarbones, the dark roots peeking out more than they’ve any right to.

Then he shoots off, looks great lad ! and throws his phone to the side.

He meant to sleep in this morning, snatch a few couple of precious hours of sleep before he goes over to Bria’s to get the little lad. But instead he’s up at 8 am, hating himself and thinking about Niall.

Not hating himself because he’s thinking about Niall. He thinks about Niall often. In a friendly sort of way, in that way where you think about your mates because they’re your mates and you like thinking about them.

He thinks.

It makes sense, in a way, Niall’s fucked off somewhere and not told anyone where he’s gone. Or at least he’s not told Louis. He said he’d do that, he’d lose himself out in some small corner of the world where no one’s going to take his picture.

I’ll come looking for you, Louis had promised. He hasn’t even made it out of LA yet.

He doesn’t need to follow Niall around anymore, really. He’s traveled the damn planet with Niall three times over, and he’s got to settle down now. He’s got to grow some roots for a while, tend to his family. Become a homebody for the first time in his life. Even if that does sound more exhausting than touring.

He doesn’t expect his phone to start ringing, but it does.

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   “N-no please!”

   “I gave you the chance, Corax. I was merciful to you from the beginning–”

   “Please no more! I don’t know anything!

   “–Come now, we both know that’s untrue. Lying will not incite my merciful side you know.”

   The titan paces in the room near the mecha shackled to the chair, bleeding on the floor. He’d been easy on the lowlife from the beginning. He’d given him plenty of chances to reveal the ring leaders in charge of the Trafficking ring. Corax had not been polite, oh no. Instead, the filth had plead not guilty and continued to try the Emperor’s patience.

   Thunderchief did not like his patience unduly tested for simple reasons.



   His arm darts out and slams the bot backwards to the floor and he looms over him, optics flaming, fangs bared. Corax whimpers, his own optics wide in fright.

   “I’ve had far more than enough of your simpering and lying, filth. You will tell me what I need to know, or I will continue to tear a piece of you off each minute. Starting now.”

   The mech below him screamed as a finger was torn and tossed away, tears joining the rest of the energon pooling around him from the torture session. He would have been impressed had this not gone on longer than it needed to.

   “Please no more! Please, I beg of you.”

   “Then tell me what I want to know, Corax.”

   It took merely two more fingers to join the first before the mech was sobbing, broken, and began to rattle off the information Thunderchief wanted from him. It took little time, as Corax wasn’t as important as Sloven, but it was enough information to add to his files on the situation. He simply stood afterwards, Corax’s silent and dislocated head in his hands.

   “You’d have lived had you not partaken in the trafficking… the taking of innocents.. younglings,” he mutters to the head before raising his lip and tossing the thing away from him. One of the Guard opens the door and hands over a towel.

   “My lord?”

   “Clean this room for the next. Quickly.”

   “As you wish,” The guard bows as Thunderchief leaves the carnage behind, glad to be over with the pain in his side for now.

The Larry Jacket: A Timeline

22 January 2013

Harry is pictured leaving the London Loves LA offices in London wearing a jean jacket and carrying a bag of clothes.

11 February 2013

Louis is pictured outside rehearsals for the Take Me Home Tour wearing the jacket Harry picked up in London.

14 February 2013

Louis wears the jacket again. 

15 February 2013

Louis wears the jacket again.

20 February 2013

He wore it to the Brits and again leaving the after party with Eleanor looking a little small and sad.

25 February 2013

Louis wore it again on the 25th.

Take Me Home Tour

Harry is seen here possibly holding the jacket backstage on a UK date of the Take Me Home Tour in Spring 2013.

12 December 2013

Louis wears the jacket at a promo appearance on the X Factor in Milan, Italy.

21 December 2013

Louis wears the jacket during their video shoot for “Midnight Memories” in London.

Spring 2014

Harry is seen at rehearsals for the Where We Are Tour in London, possibly holding the jacket and putting it in a car.

1 January 2017

Louis posts a selfie on Instagram in the jacket.

My Thoughts

So, 3 years after we definitively saw the jacket, Louis wore it and posted a selfie of himself in it on Instagram. I think it was one of those things Louis latched onto during a particularly rough time post-Haylor and as things began to spiral quickly out of their control in early 2013. One small act of rebellion that surfaced again and again over 2013, and now again, at the beginning of 2017. Don’t get me wrong…I think he genuinely likes the jacket. It’s well-worn and loved. It’s just sweet to me that he still has it and that it resurfaces when he’s in England/London for longer periods of time (2013, early 2014 and now).

timeline of how today will go:

6 a.m. — Polls open across the country. 

6 p.m. — Polls start closing. Parts of Indiana and Kentucky have the earliest poll closing times at 6 p.m.

7:05 p.m. — News organizations begin calling races and analyzing exit polling.

8 p.m. — Pundits start going through the five stages of grief (or celebration).

11 p.m. — Final polls close. Polls in Electoral College rich states such as California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii close at 11 p.m.

12 a.m.: Victory and concession speeches. Speaking of which, the Trump campaign is a little worried about that.