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“The stabilized double-paradox is an advanced time travel maneuver, useful in making isolated timelines for recreational world domination.”

Coniferous University grad students can learn this technique in Prof. Darling’s doctorate-level course, “Time Travel 4003: Those Puny Mortals.” Chronological ethics coursework is a mandatory prerequisite. Additional details are available in 1934.


Sometimes I’m like “Meeeh HRT isn’t doing anything to me!!” and then I’m like “Well. Ok. Maybe a little bit.”

Left: 3 months HRT, first day fulltime
Right: 8 months HRT

It has certainly been a weird couple of months with lots of sudden changes and adjustments in my life. I really look forward to whatever awaits for me later down the road.

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so are you thinking mark littlewood is it? i'm only asking because i sort of get that sense from your post about him traveling with the band and your tags on this stuff. i'm not trying to be accusatory, i'm just trying to figure stuff out myself.

I definitely don’t think Mark Littlewood is it.  I’ve always thought there were multiple people behind the bears (that’s been clear from the beginning). 

I do think he’s a more likely way the bears get to the Little Mix gig than Louis meeting up with Perrie sometime.  I think that because presumably RBB was set up before Little Mix arrived and I think the logistics of the bears last sighting were complicated (I think the last sighting was that gig in the UK, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they hadn’t made the trip accross with Harry.  Getting the bears from the Southbank to wherever Harry was in time for his flight would have been pretty complex.  Nothing that can’t be solved with money - but not something that we can assume happened).  

I am  very interested in the bears - so when I get new information about who might have been involved and how that might have worked (and both the video and the fact that he lives in Chorley is new information) I’m super excited.

I also don’t agree with some of the logic I’ve seen accross my dash.  I’ve seen a lot of assumptions that he couldn’t have gone with them to the US leg of the promo tour.  The question ‘Did Mark Littlewood travel with them to the US for their promo tour?’ is a really good one and I’d like to know any information which would help answer (including what people know about normal practice).  But I’m not going to assume that the answer is no without more information.

But none of that changes the most important fact about who was behind the bears - which is that they were representing themselves as Harry and Louis for months - on stage and on their twitter.  And the only people who could possibly OK that were Harry and Louis or Management.  I’ve been saying that since almost my first post here.

The bears have an entourage - I’m super excited to have more information about the non Harry and Louis part of that entourage.  That doesn’t stop Harry and Louis being part of the entourage.



i haven’t watched the hulk movie(s) in a hundred thousand years honestly so i don’t even REMEMBER what any of this is about but like SERIOUSLY??? is the 1st hulk movie even part of the mcu timeline though?? i thought only the 2nd one was?? was tony even iron man by the time the 1st hulk movie happened?? i literally know nothing CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME THIS WHOLE STORY all i vividly remember is tony’s after-credits cameo

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Hi😊 could you do 11 + seungkwan pls? thank you in advance 💟🌸

11 “We’re going to be in so much trouble if somebody catches us.”

  Trying desperately to hold in your laughter, you looked over at Seungkwan who only had a mischievous smirk on his face. There was something playful in his eyes, and he turned to look at you with something utterly boyish and young.

  “Are you sure we should be doing this?” You asked in a hushed voice with a small grin. Seungkwan quietly snickered, looking back down to the work in his hands.

  “It’ll be fun. You shouldn’t worry.” You were both in Dino and Vernon’s shared dorm room. But where Chan’s side of the room had been simply left untouched and forgotten, Seungkwan had planned the mischievous prank of trashing Hansol’s.

  His clothes laid in an unkempt heap on his bed, smeared in sticky maple syrup. Salt and pepper were sprinkled all over his bed sheets, and even as you sat on the very edge of his bed, you felt uncomfortable and itchy. You couldn’t begin to imagine how Hansol himself would feel when he’d go to sleep for the night. Seungkwan was working on the last of your little prank - snipping small holes into Vernon’s boxers with a pair of scissors you’d been too embarrassed to do yourself.

  Pressing your hand against your mouth, you stifled a quiet laugh. Seungkwan looked at you with shining eyes, and he smirked.

  “We’re going to be in so much trouble if somebody catches us.” Seungkwan quietly chuckled, shrugging.

  “Who knows? Maybe we will be.” Just then, the sound of footsteps approaching got louder, and both you and Seungkwan had a small panic attack as you heard the voices of Vernon and Dino echo ever closer. Seungkwan dropped his scissors and took your hand in his, quickly leading you into the small closet near Dino’s bed. He ushered you in, and squeezed into an even smaller space beside you before closing the door. You could feel your heart beating fast and loud in your chest at the sound of the dorm room door opening.

  “Didn’t we leave the lights off?” That was Chan’s voice, suspicious and hushed. You clinged on tightly to Seungkwan’s sleeve without really knowing it. The boys outside talked for a while, and this was the time you took to inspect your surroundings. The closet was tiny inside - crammed with clothes, suitcases, and shoes. You and Seungkwan barely had any room, and you were pressed so tightly against each other, you could feel his breath against your neck.

  “If Dino and Vernon find us,” You quietly began. Seungkwan turned to shush you, but faltered when he realized just how close you two were. His lips almost touched yours, and you sharply inhaled at that. Seungkwan licked his lips, gripped your hand both in the fear of getting caught, but also just because he felt like it.

  He seemed to hesitate for a second, and finally, you couldn’t take the tension anymore. You leaned in and pressed your lips against Seungkwan’s. It was a shock before you realized you were actually kissing, and then you were processing the information as Seungkwan’s lips moved against yours. It was only a matter of seconds before a bright light pierced through your eyelids in an orange color, and you were opening your eyes to see Dino swinging open the closet door with a surprised expression.

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In the After Darkness comics, why would Spock not just initiate the mind meld mating ritual with Uhura once he realised his pon farr had started? He could've explained how he'd released T'pring from their obligation when he left Vulcan so there was nothing to hide there.

Hi :)
It’s not simple and there are many aspects to consider, all the while taking into consideration the comics’ format that would inevitably limit some things narrative-wise.

For a start, it’s true Spock made T'Pring free to find another bondmate when he left for the academy, so when he later met Nyota and fell for her, he thought he had no obligation towards t'pring and her towards him. For what he knew, she could’ve been already married with kids.
Likewise, he was free to bond with Uhura and he probably wanted to if he fully comprehended how it worked and the implications for her…but remember what Uhura tells Kirk? She realized in that comic that Spock’s love for her, and the fear of losing her, in part makes him scared about some things related to his vulcan side that he can’t control, or doesn’t fully understand. So there are some ‘alien’ (expedient word to use here)  aspects  about himself he’d keep from her out of fear and wanting to protect her (which is a kind of interesting angle to delve into, if you think about it! Tos always made him ashamed of his human side but what if there are things from his vulcan side too that make him insecure and scared? He could ask his mom about human things but what about Vulcan feelings and biology? Well, good luck asking other vulcans!)  That’s why it’s quite big when they show the comic about the time when they started dating and him initiating Vulcan intimacy with her (the mindmeld Vulcan couples do, as he told her) and his willingness for her to see inside him and thus see *him*. (btw, it’s lovely that she says she loves his vulcan side too, which makes her realization of how scared he is all the more tender)

The thing is, fanfictions have their own “fun”  fanon idea of what pon farr is and how to resolve it but canon is a tad different and not that clear, let alone simple. He’d probably still need the help of a Vulcan healer anyway, but the core point of the narrative in those comics is that vulcans need to get back to their home planet because their biology is somehow linked to it, so losing original Vulcan messed up with them more than they realized. Also it seems that his problem in those comics wasn’t  'normal’ pon farr or actually pon farr (so even trying, he couldn’t resolve it by just having sexy times with Ny or bonding with her, and we already got hints he was damn scared to hurt her anyway and he was scared about what was happening to him ) but it really was a manifestation, in form of physical and psychological sickness, of his PTSD after what happened to Vulcan.  
It became, as you read, a pretext to make the vulcans understand (as t'pring says in the end) that they need to maybe let go of some of their old traditions now (see the arranged marriages) because they are no help for their people as they tried to cure the other vulcans, also affected by the same condition Spock experienced, using their old ways that don’t work anymore after losing their planet (and maybe weren’t the best solution before either,  but they were never put in the condition to truly question some things), and to cure people from their grief after what happened.

If we follow the comics as canon, the implication is that the vulcans will get rid of the whole ‘lets arrange marriages for 7 years old kids’ now.  They realized that their control isn’t always the solution, that they lost their home and beloved ones and they need to acknowledge their grief in some way otherwise they can’t move on and they can’t help each other move forward. 

Just two cents anyway ;)

I want a timeline where Stabby forgets the Chara Haven once they go back to their timeline as a teen. It just disappears from their mind. One day, they find a picture. Its old and faded but three faces are visible. This confuses Stabby. They look like me in some ways… They find the note. “Don’t forget. ”

Suddenly they want to cry. They don’t know why but they desperately search for a ticket. Its gold, right? Right? They can’t find it. Why can’t i remember? They tear open the closet door and fall to their knees. They scream in frustration. They look back at the picture desperately. Their heart beats faster. WHO ARE THEY. WHY DO I MISS THEM? WHO ARE THEY?!

They suddenly want to build a pillowfort. They want to poke someone to annoy them. They want to joke around and be sweet and fight playfully. They want to fluster them and laugh. To run down halls and crash into each other. They want to hug them tightly and cry.

They want to feel.

I want them to spiral into depression. To become mad with finding out who those children in the picture are. I want them to give up after years only to see one of them someday.

I want Stabby to break down and hug them. To suddenly have their memories flood back.

And for their locket to turn to dust from the flood of emotions. I want them to die in the arms of someone they once shared memories with and were overwhelmed with emotions to see again.

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what the fuck happened

I donno anon! Hold tight! We’re going to skip to another time to figure out what we have to do in this timeline!

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Year & Place of Birth of Enterprise main crew in AOS

James T. Kirk: Born 2233 aboard U.S.S. Kelvin Shuttle 37.

Spock: Born 2230 on Vulcan.

Leonard “Bones” Mccoy: Born 2227 in Marietta, Georgia, Earth.

Hikaru Sulu: Born 2237 in San Francisco, California, Earth.

Pavel Chekov: Born 2241 in Taganrog, Russia, Earth.

Nyota Uhura: Born 2233 in Kitui, Kenya, Earth.

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott: Born 2222 in Linlithgow, Scotland, Earth.


Ok. So.
A lot of you guys would have followed me when I was the person in the top left photo. It’s hard for me to recognise who that is anymore, it’s not me for sure, and I doubt that it ever actually was. That was a year ago last month. Back then I was super depressed, I was hiding who I was to everyone, mainly myself. I’ve known since I was about 15 for definite that I wasn’t my authentic self. I hid it for a good 4 nearly 5 years. The top right photo was taken at the beginning of May 12th 2016, I thought I wasn’t ready to come out so I would just go for an androgynous vibe, before you know it we are at the middle left, May 29th 2016, I was out to my friends, family and coworkers. I felt free. The next photo is June 2016, I had only been out a month by this point and I was feeling more myself than ever, but everything felt a lifetime away and sometimes it still does. The two bottom photos were from the end of July 2016/early August 2016, which takes us up to date, I’ve had my name legally changed and I’ve been referred to a GIC, for nearly 7 weeks I’ve been on the waiting list, that leaves me with about 8 months of waiting before my first appointment. The whole point of this post is to not only show everyone how far I’ve come, and recognise my own progress myself but to tell you that if you’re scared to come out, I was too, and I can promise you one day you will start to see yourself in your own reflection. I’ve still got a long way to go, I’ve still got to wait approx 1 year for hormones by the time I’ve had my first appointment, I’ve got surgery, I’ve got an entire journey to mould into myself yet. But I promise all of you who are still in the closet, still have long hair, still use their birth name, one day you will bite the bullet and get there, and I know for a fact you are all so handsome. We got this boys.