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trc characters as things people at my school have said
  • blue: he has a trump sticker! ram him!
  • gansey: hey remember when i almost died on multiple occasions? good times
  • adam: i'm not driving the struggle bus. i'm driving the struggle camper.
  • ronan: *listening to irish music, comes to a slow song* this one isn't lit. *skips to faster song* this one is
  • noah: i'm made of vanilla, cinnamon, and dead bodies.
  • henry: what's your favorite position in bed *answering his own question* right next to the wall so i can charge my phone
  • bonus! kavinsky: it's alright, i wanted to burn stuff too.

YA LIT MEME: Six Places.

↳  THE RAVEN CYCLE; Cabeswater. [6/6]

Cabeswater was not a forest. Cabeswater was a thing that happened to look like a forest right now. This was a peculiar magic that meant that it was always very old and very young at once. It had always been and yet it was always learning itself. It was always alive and waiting to be alive again.  .

I was looking through my doodles and found a cute one I decided to finish.

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- Homestuck
-all for the game series
-the raven cycle series
-various anime i rlly cannot be bothered to list them all lmao
-the adventure zone/thos good good mcelroy boys
-good content

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Urban Cycling Gothic #1

–There is nobody in that parked car ahead of you. The door opens anyway.

–You’re clipped in and pushing hard to get over the steepest hill on your route. A man in jeans and combat boots mashing it on a rusted fixie passes you with ease. He crests the hill and disappears. You never see him again.

–A driver yells at you as they pass. You can’t understand what they said because they’re driving so fast. It could be Martian. It’s Martian. Everyone around you speaks only Martian, and they are angry.

–It’s cold, so you dress warmly. You’re too warm, so you take off the jacket. Now you’re too cold.

–The gap between the car and the curb is too narrow to clear. You don’t slow down. You clear the gap.


(via 高知 | pentaxSL+ Super Takumar 50/1.8 kodak profotoXL100 | *dapple dapple (swamped) | Flickr)