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Since the Hunger’s footsoldiers were corrupted residents of planes it had consumed and it devoured the IPRE’s home plane, do you think they ever saw anyone they knew?

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Hey dye, what do you think sym would be in ooc?

this ask is like 20 years old I’m so sorry, but I think this might be the last of these sets I do just because things are getting busy and Bee will be visiting me soon!

BUT I ended up doing not just Sym but all of my characters from White Outlines! (WoL is Bee’s story that takes place in the same world as my old project SalaDays, my characters in this story are all the love interests for her characters, who bee also drew in the OoC world riiight here)

  • Natalie > Natlee, a Dwarf Mage
  • Symphony > Symphonia, a Gnome Knight
  • Graham > Graha, a Kobold Ranger
  • Millie > Mi, a Dryad Artisan

I know we don’t talk about these ocs often so for those curious, Nat eventually dates Charli, Sym is Addi’s boo (and Bailey’s unwitting best friend), Graham ends up dating Kasey, and Millie is Bailey’s future gf

Just like Monmouth Manufacturing has a bathroom/kitchen/laundry room, 300 Fox Way has a phone/sewing/cat room and.,,, what did you say?,, a CAT room??

BLUE SARGENT HAS CATS and we don’t know their names and they’re never mentioned besides in The Dream Thieves?


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I saw your tag for the ask on eri and your right izuku makes me wanna cry because he's such a good boy, sees the best in everyone, and he throws away his own safety for anyone in trouble and that part makes me cry like izuku you have so many people who love and care for you, please don't be exactly like all might

I would fucking die for Midoriya Izuku and his safety and happiness. He is such a good protagonist, he’s so sweet and compassionate but also so fierce when defending the things he cares for. Also here’s a quick summary of the series:

Recovery Girl: Don’t be like All Might

Aizawa: Don’t be like All Might

Gran Torino: Don’t be like All Might

All Might: For the love of freedom Young Midoriya, don’t make my mistakes

Izuku: Right! *literally anything happens* I’M GONNA BE LIKE ALL MIGHT *Detroit Smashes his limbs into oblivion*


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