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I know that we’re all’ excited for the possibility of Theo taking Liam’s pain, but did you think how beautiful would it bè if it was the other way around? Can you imagine how beautiful it would be if it was Liam taking Theo’s pain???

Because we all know that Theo cares a lot about Liam, and I guess maybe even Liam himself knows it. But Liam never really showed that he cares about Theo??? And Theo probably thinks that Liam couldn’t care less about him, and that’s just too sad, so i really need Liam to show that he cares about him.

Imagine that after the scene in the promo when the hunter shoot at them and Theo saves Liam, Theo get shot

And Liam starts panic bc Theo just got shot trying to protect him, and there’s so much blood and Theo seems to be in a lot of pain and all Liam can think about is that Theo saved his life again. So he just grab Theo’s hand and starts taking his pain.

At first Theo just look at him, completely shocked.

“What?”, asks Liam.

“You care about me”, says Theo and he is so completely and utterly shocked because no one ever cared about him and he didn’t really think that Liam of all people would.

And Liam just look at him and says “of course I do, you idiot”

Thank you Mark, for taking the time to let us know you’re taking a break. It’s important to keep your own happiness in mind, especially when you do so much for your community. We’re proud of who you are and who you’ve become. 

Hearing you talk about your ambitions and wants in term of creativity definitely struck a chord with some of us and we completely understand the want to put forward the best content possible evens putting a pause on some things.

So just thank you, Mark. For everything you do and for wanting to put forth your best work possible. It makes things just so much more meaningful for us.


EXO - 170924 SBS Inkigayo - Power

Credit: SBS. (SBS 인기가요)