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I can always count on Jaal to go from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. Damn son

  • Draco: I can't find my wand.
  • Hermione: Have you looked?
  • Draco: Everywhere.
  • [Hermione passes directly to Draco's cabinet, picks up his wand and holds it before him]
  • Draco: Must've been under something.
  • Hermione: Your nose?
  • Draco: You just have this way of seeing things.
  • Hermione: Yes, two of them. They're called eyes.

“By the time I realized they misunderstood me, it was a little too late. How am I going to get out of this now?”

“Go back to pretending you weren’t listening. Geez, do you have no common courtesy?”

“I don’t want you to point out my embarrassing mistakes. It’s embarrassing.”

“Look into my very tired eyes and ask yourself if I care. The answer is no.”

“It’s not the worst thing I’ve done to get someone to notice me.”

“I just want to tell someone about it without them getting scared.”

To those in theater positions

Me and my friend are soon to be bringing our show to Off-Broadway!

As our show is about bringing together people from different paths of life, we have decided to take to tumblr to fill our crew positions. If you have an interest of being in the crew of an Off-Broadway, touring, and hopefully Broadway show, fill out this form below!

If you are an actor/actress or dancer, you can email to be the first to receive information about casting and audition information.


There will be a day when you can say you’re okay and mean it | Dodie Clark - “secret for the mad”

Van Con 2017

set tour recap part 1

Saturday, wow what a crazy day. It was such a whirlwind, I really tried to stop and smell the roses along the way. I took some pics but not tons, I knew plenty of other people would post photos much better than mine and I didn’t want to spend the day staring at my phone. So, that said, here’s a few things I found interesting.

The set tour was amazingly awesome. Pictures can’t really capture the scale of the stages where these sets are built. Huge spaces that house the places I love. It was well worth the price of Gold admission in my opinion and a highlight of the weekend. Steve Pearlman said next year on the tour a new building would be in place for fans to see, I asked ‘does that mean you will be shooting next year?’ he said ‘spread the rumor’. He was being facetious but obviously hopeful that they WOULD be shooting next year. Me too Steve.

Duplicate Storybrooke

It was cool to see how these sets are designed with open ceilings and access areas for lighting and cameras

many of the ‘roofs’ had cables attached to what looked like tabs to pull off areas of ceiling depending on what was being shot. We didn’t have enough time at each stage to see everything, not by a long shot. You could easily spend an hour in each stage and not see it all.

more Granny’s diner they keep the menu changed up often with very enticing descriptions. Who could pass up a FISH SPECIAL with COCKTAIL?

I think of Killian literally slipping in this door with the Sorceror’s hat

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