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I just want to draw the Pine twins in the farm during summer, doing all these farm things (also because it is cute). But anyway bonus:

(future things that could happen, the rest of the henchmen, squanchy and birdperson might appear too hahahaha i love HS AU)

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also don’t forget the following:

+ Rupphearlpphire (Ruby + Pearl + Sapphire)
+ pearlmethyst (Pearl + Amethyst)
+ Pearlidot ( Pearl + Peridot) 
+ Amedot (Amethyst + Peridot)
+ Garnethyst (Garnet + Amethyst)
+ Garnedot/Perinet (Garnet + Peridot)
+ Jaspis (Jasper + Lapis)
+ Jaspernet (Jasper + Garnet)
+ Jasperose (Jasper + Rose)
+ La pearl (Lapis + Pearl)
+ Lapidot (Lapis + Peridot)
+ Converse (Connie + Steven Universe)
+ Polygems (Garnet + Amethyst + Pearl)
+ GregRose (Greg + Rose)
+ Opalnet (Opal + Garnet)
+ Pearl² (Blue pearl x Yellow Pearl)
+ Chestdiamonds (Yellow x Blue diamond)

+ SARDONET (sardonyx + garnet)
+ Sapphearl (Sapphire + Pearl)
+ RUBY³ (Ruby Squad)

The good thing about having so many ships:Countless fanart / fanfics / headcanons / fan comics.

The bad thing about it: countless useless and annoying ship hate posts; immature and stupid harassment; ignorant messages of people who think they can tell me what to do/draw/like based on a very limited, underdeveloped point of view. 

Sure, I don’t ship pewey (just like any human + gem ship except for GregRose) nor any underage ship ( like Connie/steven + adult/gem), but I don’t go around telling people what to do. If I don’t want to see that on my dash, I block it. End of story.

I also don’t ship Pearlrose, but DAMN those artists are AMAZING. The pearlrose tag has so many fabulous art. 

Sorry for the long answer! hahahaha But sure, of all ships Pearlnet AND Rupphire are my main ones.

I’m a Libra, don’t make me choose! ;> 

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Rogue One specifically, for the meme!

answering for you and the nonny!

  • the character i least understand: probably baze, though I still have enough to go on (especially with the novelization). he trusts chirrut, follows chirrut, and chirrut is reason enough for him. not including the main cast, I’d say lyra erso.
  • interactions i enjoyed the most: hahahaha like anybody doesn’t know this. jyn and cassian, by a league. others are bodhi + cassian and baze and jyn.
  • the character who scares me the most: not really true characters but those death troopers are a living nightmare.
  • the character who is mostly like me: is anyone going to believe me if I say cassian? I identify with jyn and cassian in almost equal parts anyway.
  • hottest looks character: is this a joke? we all know it’s cassian, with or without the leather jacket of moral ambiguity
  • one thing i dislike about my fave character: I really don’t have anything. jyn is my favorite and though she has flaws I don’t dislike them about her. they make her a fully fleshed out character.
  • one thing i like about my hated character: krennic provides good target practice for several characters in this movie.
  • a quote or scene that haunts me: “I don’t have to” / the entire hangar scene with “everything I did I did for the rebellion” + “I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad” / the elevator scene / the beach of death / THE LAST 45 MINUTES OF THIS MOVIE
  • a death that left me indifferent: probably lyra. I just didn’t have enough to connect with her before she died.
  • a character i wish died but didn’t: EVERYONE ON THIS ROGUE ONE SHUTTLE :( :( :(
  • my ship that never sailed: I don’t know what you’re talking about. chirrut and baze are happily married and jyn and cassian are living HEA on hoth. everything is fine. we’re all fine here.

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WARNING. SPOILERS? @askspacesans @the-printers-jammed

Chalkbaby Little Eyes

☉ tiny baby ☉ trust issues ☉ tiny fangs ☉ rides on a little blaster ☉ doesn’t mind being carried around ☉ loves you ☉ call him chalk baby or LE

I would love it if you guys tagged/@ me into your posts in your lil adventures.

spoilers and stuff under cut (but baby LE care too. :D)

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Skype Shenanigans - The “SALT OF THE EARTH” series! (The Rivamika Hogwarts Crew)

So alienheartattack , monidon , soterianyx , and I got these crazy ideas about making a little crew where we just fool around and just have fun conversations and since we love rivamika and hogwarts, I couldn’t help but want to draw us. The top one is the four of us with our resting bitch faces–in response to the latest anon hate on the tags! Also, for those of you unaware, Soterianyx is coming back from her hiatus soon! (the writer of Convergence and some other awesome stories) 

the second panel is more of a silly inside joke that I will complete into a full comic so everyone can get in on it (and then poke fun at moni). :D Long story short, Monidon is surprisingly squeamish and I’m an asshole. hahahaha also we’re trying to find a hufflepuff for our crew, although if you want in on the fun let me know!

this little series won’t be connected to my main hogwarts house series haha

done in photoshop