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He’s wearing his Avengers costume…

Does this mean that one of the first things Steve did after the Chitauri invaded was make a fitness video for high schools?

“No time for covert ops for SHIELD, there’s this new fangled 21st Century thing called ‘childhood obesity!“

This feels like something Cap would actually do

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In my story, a character gets strep throat in a post-apocalyptic world (after a major global pandemic) and no antibiotics are available. she gets severe scarlet fever and dies. The point was to show how easily people die without constant access to first-world medical care, but would this actually be feasible for her to die of strep throat? She's supposed to be around 14, already weakened by lack of food and safe drinking water, etc, so she's kind of immunocompromised anyway. Thanks so much XOXO


First off, yes, dying of Scarlet Fever (Group A Streptococcus, or GAS, infection in the moth/throat) is totally possible. It used to kill a whole lot of kids back in the day. So she can totally die of scarlet fever, no problem.

But it’s not just poor-care / austere areas that can lose people to GAS infections.

My wife almost died of strep throat in a 21st-century major city. In her case it wasn’t about the fever or the specific infection. It was about the swelling.

Strep throat causes swelling in the back of the throat. If that gets severe, it can interfere with swallowing. If that gets really severe, it can actually block off the airway and she’ll literally choke on it. That’s what almost happened to Mrs. Scripty – there was a major snowstorm, and we couldn’t get her to a doctor, and I was making plans of what I was going to have to do if she stopped being able to move air. She still does not know the extent of those plans.

It’s scary as hell. The snow lightened up and we got her to a doctor and she got steroids – it was steroids that knocked down the swelling, not the antibiotics – and she never needed a hospital. But she would have if we’d waited maybe another 24 hours.

Go forth and make writerpenning!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I swear this blog just materialized out of nowhere and spawned all these iconic text posts and sunny memes. Who are you?

i’m living in the 21st century doing something mean to it do it better than anybody you ever seen do it screams from the haters got a nice ring to it i guess every superhero need their theme music

Pro tip: you can acknowledge the humanity of Muslims and still criticize Islam because Islam is a very Very Very problematic religion for the 21st century

Even bigger pro-tip: You can acknowledge the problematic parts of Islam without crying islamaphobia at every criticism.

Even bigger bigger pro tip: Don’t use Christianity of 600+ years ago to defend the current atrocities of Islam. Acknowledge them without shifting the blame! Yay!


In the late 1970s, NASA climate scientists discovered growing holes in the ozone layer and linked them to the widespread use of CFCs. Thanks to their advocacy, CFCs were banned in 1987. The holes in ozone layer are closing and should be fully repaired by the end of the 21st century. Had CFC use continued, it was on track to destroy the ozone layer by 2030 at which point, we would not have been able to grow plants outside. Thanks to NASA scientists we have nifty things like Velcro and microprocessors, and also, a chance of grandchildren. Thanks again to NASA for letting The World’s Most Fashionable Paperdoll visit last fall for the Osiris Rex launch! It was phenomenal to sit and listen to the scientists who work there. We have since adopted the NASA protocol “avoid known risks” as a personal motto. (Especially for former crushes) #nasasocial #nasa #science #climatechange #drawntoadventure #illo #instaart (at Cape Canaveral, Florida)

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Am I the only one that finds this part incredibly attractive?