not in the 21st century

don’t get me wrong i love the idea of writing love letters or serenading a person on a balcony, but modern love is just as pure and sweet.

my best friend knew this guy and when she asked about snapchat streaks he replied “i don’t have any but you can be my first.”

my cousin’s girlfriend sent her a snap one morning of her balcony and the sun, with a sticker of my cousins face on it with the caption “u light up my life.” now it’s her background.

last year a new friend came to mine and i asked if she wanted the wifi password. she said “no, i wanna spend time with you.”

my sisters best friend moved states a few months ago and they facetime each other at the same time, every second day.

when my father travels for work, no matter how busy he is, he’ll skype my mother every night.

you know what’s really precious about 21st century girls?? it’s that it’s one of the only songs written by male idols that’s about women, solely about women as their own persons. it’s not about women who rejected them or women they’re crushing on or women they’ve dated. it’s about empowering them and actually talking about how wonderful they are. it’s a song dedicated to us and we don’t get a lot of that.