not in spite of who she is but because of it

Mutual Needs

Like the tale
of the turtle
and the scorpion,
she knew what he was.

The girl with eyes
shining like newborn
stars, with the moon
dusting her skin.

The child of summer
sunshowers, the girl
who sang her joy
to him. Her light.

She knew what he was.
She loved him–
not in spite
of his darkness–

but because of it.
She needed the gloamy
places between stars,
the shadows and the silence.

Just as he needed
her light.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

What did you think?

Okay most of my salt is gone (because I’m a spiteful person and the more people say the show was awful and etc the more I gotta love it) and I did say I would be okay if the counterparts remained as one persons as long I got shenanigans so here we go:

-Yuzu (along with Serena and Rin) calls Shun big brother now. At first she’s embarrassed by this but he doesn’t mind

-When Yuya and Yuzu are separated for more than like a day and she comes back Yugo takes over and runs over to her screaming “RIIIIIINN” depending whose in control either he get slapped with a fan, kneed in the stomach, punched, or if he’s lucky and Ruri is in control he’ll actually get to hug her

-The three kiddies from Yu-Show school getting to know the counterparts and scolding people who get them wrong

-One day while Yoko gives them food Yuya and Yuzu just start crying because Yugo and Rin aren’t used to all this food

-Yuzu, Rin, and Ruri taking time to forgive Yuri and surprisingly he tries a lot to get them to be comfortable around him again

-Once when Yuto and Ruri are in control they go on a date like they use to and the rest of counterparts are like “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?????”

-They eventually start dating and when Serena and Yuri are out it’s awkward and one time they just talked for like hours about how hard and weird this all is for them because of their upbringing and the counterparts are like ‘nooooo I’m sorry’

-Shunzo finding out which bracelet girl likes what and when that one is out he’ll make them their favorite meal and gushes over them (Shun and Shunzo have a rivalry of cheering Ruri on)

-On test days Yuya will try to get Yuri or Yuto to switch with him

-Every other weekend or smh Yuto and Ruri will go hang out with xyz gang and sometimes theyll let Yuri and Serena take control to go visit Dennis and make a proper friendship with him

-When the friendship cup is remade to not be horrible Rin and Yugo compete

-Yuzu doesn’t have the switching down like Yuya since he’s used to having his counterparts with him so like when someone scares her and she’s surprised she’ll just randomly switch between Ruri Rin or Serena

-Shingo + Yugo bromance

-They all stay at least 100 feet away from Leo because fuck him

anonymous asked:

I think ppl were upset it was Benson focused and not Barba focused because of the sudden disappearance of his death threats. But ppl forget there's a Barba centered ep next time anyway

ikr but even in the next episode I’m afraid Barba’s secret is going to be a)something we already know or already thought of

b) something not that big and I may end up pissed (remember when Olivia’s huge secret was her fucking middle name…hell barba might just admit he stole Carisi’s donut out of spite…..that might actually make me happy) or

c)something that may lead to him leaving the show. plus I think is it the next episode(?) or some other episode this season where Benson gets in a car crash. but I liked the last episode imo…though I got bored at some points

writers: Barba death threats? death threats? sorry but we don’t know who she is

don’t call me

if you meet another girl with the ocean in her eyes, but they just don’t compare don’t call me
next time she leaves you and you need my shoulder to cry on don’t call me
when you’re drunk and you think to dial my number because I was the only person who could ever sober you up don’t you dare call me
if you stay up all night until the sun rises and remember that we had planned to watch it together, don’t call me
when you roll over and sleeply mistake her golden locks for mine please don’t call me
when you get an invitation to my wedding some day don’t call me, it was only to spite you
and when she asks why you’re losing your mind I hope you have to tell her every detail of us and I hope it tears you apart inside to admit you lost the only person who ever gave a damn.. and then when it does don’t fucking call me

—  I’m better off without you anyways (@needumost)

What’s really irritating though is that Kara has no real reason to like Mon. He’s been a douche to her on multiple occasions and when she offers her help, he takes it for granted or just acts like she’s a bother. Yeah he’s cute but he’s misogynistic in several ways and doesn’t truly appreciate Kara the way she should be. Like of all people to try and help Kara get over her Daxamite prejudice, they had to send one who deserves her disdain? You know who is a genuinely good guy who deserves Kara and cares about helping people? James. You know who has hella chemistry with Kara and has such an interesting story/dynamic and in spite of everything is a GOOD person? Lena.

Either of them would be better choices for Kara than Mon-Ew. I will never stop ranting about it because HE DOESN’T DESERVE KARA AND KARA SHOULDN’T LIKE HIM.

I am glad to be a Hufflepuff. But I used to know a girl who insulted anyone associated with being a Hufflepuff and I honestly felt the need to hide it from her as she was down right cruel about it, making a boy break down in tears because of where he was sorted. She refused to listen to anyone about Hufflepuff being a good house, she refused that J.K Rowling said Hufflepuff was her favourite house, she refused to know Newt Scamander was a Hufflepuff, she refused to see how good Hufflepuff was to be apart of. The worst part? She claimed to be Gryffindor, that girl was so cruel and spited anyone who disagreed with her. She thought because she was Gryffindor she was superior.

Sakura making Sasuke “earn her love” at the end would have been emotionally manipulative to the point of being evil. You don’t pursue a romantic relationship with a mentally and emotionally distressed person, tell them you’re committed to them, and then abruptly take that back and start playing juvenile mind games when it looks like they’re actually interested. That’s beyond messed up.

Sakura is an adult, and a strong one at that. After all they’ve been through, she knows exactly who and what she chose. She knows he’s far from perfect. She’s not naive or delusional or masochistic. She’s incredibly brave not in spite of but exactly because of how honest she is about what she wants and what she has to offer. She knows Sasuke is fighting tooth and nail out there just to not be considered a criminal anymore; she’s not going to welcome him home by giving him yet another thing to fight for.

Fake ass feminists

Iris is literally trying to save Caitlin’s life, but all you idiots care about is “why is she getting so much screen time/why isn’t Barry helping her instead?” Do you hate women this much? Is your obsession with that damn crack ship so deep that it causes you to ignore an awesome moment between two female characters trying to save each other’s lives? Caitlin saved Iris life earlier this season, and now she wants to repay her by saving Caitlin’s. Why is that such a problem? Oh! I know why! Because you hate seeing someone who you’ve wished death upon actually being nice to your fav. You idiots want so desperately for Iris to be selfish and spiteful that you can’t even give her credit for saving Caitlin’s life.

Fuck ya’ll fake feminists. Ya’ll sit here and complain about the writers reducing Iris to nothing but a love interest, but all you’ve been doing this season is complaining about how Caitlin’s being sidelined because the writers refused to put her with Barry. How does the writers’ refusal to make SB canon sideline Caitlin’s character? She’s fucking KILLER FROST!

terra from teen titans is still one of the most well-written antiheroines i’ve ever come across. she was allowed to be charming and funny, spiteful and angry. everything about her motivations was understandable, and we could see the layers of abuse and manipulation that led her down her path. her redemption was entirely in her hands but still a fragile thing, and she carried so much guilt and remorse that she was unreachable in a way that tragic villain boys often are. that’s why i love her so much. female characters don’t often get to be everything that makes villains so interesting to me. she was never polished down to being simply evil for the fun of it or a victim trapped by circumstance. she’s the wise-cracking tenderhearted asshole who’s afraid of letting people get close to her. she’s the witch girl with powers she can’t control but who still maintains complete control of her narrative agency. her story is a tragedy not because of how it affects other characters but because she herself continues to struggle under the weight of her decisions and failures. her triumphs sing and she is so, so human and i’m just glad she exists.

Give me an Éponine who’s tough.
Give me an Éponine who’s missing teeth, who’s so skinny seeing her makes people’s stomachs ache, who’s voice is hoarse from so many years of drinking and screaming, who’s withered and battered from life on the streets.
Give me an Éponine who had a comfortable life pulled out from under her and is constantly pining to know something like that life again.
Give me an Éponine who chooses to leave a crime scene to go off and have an affair with a beautiful dandy because she wants him and she’s tired of letting her father throw her to some scumbag for some extra money.
Give me an Éponine who latches on to a rich boy who treats her with some respect.
Give me an Éponine who has convinced herself that she is in love with a boy who could give her the life she longs for.
Give me an Éponine who sees loving this boy as a way of spiting the grotesque, sick, vile man who she doesn’t see as her father anymore.
Give me an Éponine who stands up to her father and his lackeys and shows them that she can be ferocious.
Give me an Éponine who gives her life to be the person she wants to be.
Give me an Éponine with bite and edges and bruises.
Give me an Éponine who is not the daughter of a dog but the daughter of a wolf.

Bon Bon the Birthday Clown was full of great scenes and sequences, so it’s understandable that a few might have fallen under the radar given the sheer amount thrown our way.

Case in point, see above.

Maybe it’s because she feels that she’s traded up now that she’s pals with a very different daredevil blonde who has actual magic powers, perhaps it’s a growing jealousy borne out of Marco’s bolstered willingness to engage with his longtime crush, but for whatever reason, Janna hasn’t been hanging out with Jackie very much lately.

They barely talked to each other during Sleepover and Janna didn’t seem all that keen on greeting her at the start of this finale.

Yet in spite of that growing distance, the moment Jackie saw her old companion in trouble, she immediately rushed forward to save her from a pack of giant rats with zero hesitation.

Such an event could’ve been the climax of its own episode, but it’s briefness here did little to diminish its meaning and worth.

“Did you love him?”

She thought for a moment.



She sighed.

“Because it was rotten love. A love pushed well past its expiration date. It was ugly and sour and spiteful and exhausting. It was hopeless…it was unsalvagable.

“We got to the point where we both knew it was over but we played dumb, half in denial, half waiting for the other person to speak up, all the while wondering: which would be worse? To be trash, or the one who takes out the trash?

“And in the end, it really didn’t matter.

“It hurts all the same.”

—  Sunflower girl . V.L.   When love becomes garbage

Jason reads to Cass sometimes. She likes it because he does the voices too. He brings the story to life and it’s beautiful.

Once, Steph sat with them. Jason was reading the classic tale of The Little Prince that somehow got Cass hooked. Stephanie was entranced by the man’s voice and the passion seeping through the lines.

She wanted to listen to him again and again.

And then she looked at the book and saw that it was the original language. It was French but Jason was reading to them in English. He was translating the words to English on the go and in his head.

That was the day Stephanie learned that Jason knows a lot of language and he happens to be a supernerd. Who the hell would read a book in its original language? Who the hell would learn so many other language for the heck of it.

And then he decided to prove he was more than that… he apparently knows Khuzdul, the Dwarven language in the LoTR. He’d use it just to spite the others.

The fact that Tony Stark tried to PROTECT Wanda in a SAFEHOUSE (with all the amenities of a fancy country club, including a full kitchen…) after she KILLED 11 PEOPLE and because she was a FOREIGN NATIONAL WITH NO VISA and thus in danger of arrest and deportation…(or death from Ross’s kill squads…)

The fact that he did this IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING WANDA DID TO HIM - misguidedly channeling all her anger toward him even though he has not been involved in weapons manufacture for many years now and was not directly involved with the bomb that killed her parents – invading and toying with his mind without his consent – directly leading to the creation of Ultron and Tony’s subsquent all-consuming guilt over that…

The fact that HE KNEW Wanda did it to him and STILL PROTECTED HER

Only shows that TONY STARK IS A BETTER PERSON THAN YOU OR ME – and a far better person than the fandom gives him credit for.

(”You locked me in my room” indeed - what a spoiled, stupid, bratty response from a person who still hasn’t owned up to all of her misdeeds and irresponsibility.) 

Hades and Persephone

Okay okay okay so he’s everything below the ground and she’s the flowers. His love nurtures her (like the soil), while she provides structure and helps take away the sadness (like roots filtering toxins and buildup). What a beautiful metaphor for a loving marriage. 

I see this quiet, serious man who cares so much about his job and is absolutely invested in everyone that he is charged with. And at the end of the day he comes home to this wife who loves him so much, so unconditionally, not in spite of his seriousness but because of it. Because he’s loving and complex and carries the weight of literally billions of souls. And she hugs him and smiles and kisses him and makes everything bright and colorful and she represents everything that is beautiful in the world.

Jumin Han is NOT Always Prepared For “Action.”

So… This is all Sinny’s fault.

@sinfulinsecret is an even worse sinfluence than my Pervy Nao lololol

Ayy but go check out my dear Sinny’s Jumin fics! They’re really, really hot NSFW. Like damn. She is my Sin Queen. Like, there was that vote for most sinful admin and someone was calling us Queens of Sin but this is because you haven’t seen Sinny. (WAIT no, call her Quinn lol I’m the only one who can call her Sinny, don’t you dare steal my nickname D: )


A short drabble to spite Sinny.

Warning: NSFW

Jumin Han did not always come home to a sight like this.

You had worn a piece of his favourite black lingerie, lying on the bed seductively in eager wait for him. It had been three days since you last saw each other. He’d had to attend a business meeting in another country, so he had been forced to leave your side. For three days.

He’d left you starved of him for three whole days.

“Welcome back, Jumin~,” you greet him, blowing a kiss with your ruby red lips.

His lips curl into a smile at your words. “I’m home, Kitten. Where’s my welcome back kiss?”

You spring onto your feet, quickly padding over to hook your arms around his shoulders and plant a kiss on his lips. Pouting, you said, “I missed you…”

“Mm, it sure looks like you did,” he chuckles, his hands squeezing at the back of your thigh. “You’re waiting for me like a good girl, after all.”

He steps back to admire your appearance, taking in the way your hair falls on your shoulders, and the way your eyes look up at him innocently despite the playful smirk on your lips.

His eyes roam shamelessly over your body—it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before, but it’s everything he wants to touch. He gently caresses your cheek, looking lovingly into your eyes. “And have you been a good girl while I was away? Hmm?”

“Of course,” you softly reply. “But I’ve really missed you… if you know what I mean…” You bat your eyelashes up at him bashfully, and he smiles in return.

Jumin lifts you up, hooking your thighs around him as he pulls you into a deep, passionate kiss. He kissed you hard, never enough to hurt you, but enough to convey his love and longing for you.

He threw you onto the bed, climbing over top of you as you watched dazedly, anticipating his next movement.

“Now, as much as I love how that looks on you, I’d like it much better off,” he murmurs into your ear, one hand tugging at a strap of your lingerie and snapping it back on your skin. He hovers over you, watching as you slowly remove your only garment of clothing, sliding it over your head and tossing it aside.

He hums in approval, a pleased glint in his eyes. “Good girl.”

He cups your breasts in his hands, groping and teasing you. He adored how soft the skin was, how his fingers just sunk in… Why were you so perfect?

Jumin leans in to breathe hot air onto your nipple, making you shiver from the difference in temperature. His tongue swirls around it, then proceeding to suck as his hands play with your other breast.

You moan softly, your hands gripping at his hair gently. Jumin Han was surprisingly skilled at this, too.

He leaves a trail of kisses from your chest to the inside of your thigh, licking in small circles as he reached a sensitive area. His hands hold a firm grip below your hips, fingers spanning to your ass.

Jumin runs a thumb across your slit, the tip of his finger grazing your fluids. “My, you’re already so wet, Kitten,” he muses, arching an eyebrow. “I’ve hardly done anything yet.”

You pout, “But Jumin! It’s been days… The better question should be, why aren’t you excited?”

As if to prove your point, you poke at his crotch with your toes.

Alarmed, he realizes that he must be too tired to… get it up. “Fuck,” he curses, blushing a deep red.

Jumin Han was not always prepared for action.

Alternate NSFW End:

“Should I help?” you laugh, and his cheeks flush more with embarrassment. “My, Jumin Han, must the woman do everything around here?”

He glares at you, albeit weakly, what with his embarrassed, rosy cheeks. He keeps quiet as he watches you, unbuckling his belt with ease while you palm him over his suit pants.

You cast a smirk at him, mischievously gazing up at him. You make a show of licking your lips slowly, staring straight into his eyes. You don’t break eye contact even when you slide your mouth on the tip of his cock, breathing hot air over it.

A moan escapes your lips as you take in the scent of him. God, it had been a while since you last tasted him. The smell of a gentleman who could control you to do anything for him. A smell of power and dominance.

Jumin narrows his eyes at you, as if challenging you to move any slower. You only smile innocently, taking your sweet, sweet time. You slide your tongue against the vein on the side of his cock, making him close his eyes in pleasure as he twitches in your hand, gradually growing harder.

You wrap your lips around the base of his length, sucking lightly down to his balls while your fingers rubbed at his tip. He tries to refrain from panting, from showing you how flustered you were making him. But it’s hard to hide the glazed look in his eyes, pleasure pooling in them.

He has a hand at the back of your head, pushing you onto his cock, and you take him in your mouth, sucking gently. His glare is hard (like his dick lololol) and you can see the frustration in his eyes.

He just wants to push you down and take you, claiming your body after the days you’ve been apart. But he also doesn’t want to stop you because the way you worked your mouth was heavenly.

But you end up making the decision for him, removing your lips from his shaft with a ‘pop!’ and pushing at his chest, gesturing for him to lie down.

Jumin raises an eyebrow in amusement. You really expect him to bottom tonight?

“Now, Kitten, I’ve let you have your share of fun with me. But it’s about time I remind you who’s in control here,” he growls, gripping hard at your shoulder as he turns you around and slams you to the mattress, keeping you pinned down under his weight.

So yeah, he’d had trouble getting excited. But he sure as hell could keep you excited for the  rest of the night.

That was fucking insane. I don’t even know what to say about all this. So many bombshells

  • Pink Diamond maintained a human zoo, which became a utopia because she listened and learned about what humans need to be happy.
  • Blue Diamond is melancholy and constantly grieving Pink Diamond, apparently having become merciful and gentle since Pink’s shattering- taking ownership of the human zoo and even adopting all the “imperfect” gems formed on Earth as its guards.
  • Said guards being all the other Amethysts from the Prime Kindergarten who were all waiting for our Amethyst.
  • Yellow Diamond’s hatred comes from a position of emotional pain, seeking retribution for what happened to Pink and trying desperately not to dwell on the past.
  • There’s an entire room aboard the human zoo full of bubbled Rose Quartzes. Blue wants to keep them as momentos, Yellow wants to shatter all of them out of spite.
  • Agates are built to “terrify”, and judging from what we’ve seen of Blue Holly Agate, that means being middle management.
  • Lapises are build for terraforming.

I don’t watch SG and I actually have it blacklisted on desktop, but since I’m primarily on mobile I get to see the posts all day every day and let me tell you…if I did watch that show I’d 100% ship the superhero chick with Katie McGrath out of sheer spite. The shit I’ve had to read because of the discourse y'all get into with The Straights who ship the superhero with the bland white guy makes my blood boil and I don’t even have a dog in this fight. I sincerely hope he dies and that there’s an episode of nothing but the girls eating each other out for 42 straight minutes. I do.

nursey headcanon

these are the 6 different languages nursey can speak because that’s how extra he is.

Arabic and English: Nursey grew up in a bilingual household, alright. His ma is Arabic so he has been able to speak it fluently all his life, while his mom could barely speak a lick of it. (At one point, she became so annoyed at her wife and son having conversations completely in Arabic right in front of her, that she began to take night classes to learn it, completely fueled by spite. She’s nearly fluent now.)

Spanish: When Derek was younger he had a Hispanic nanny who would only speak Spanish to him, which caused him to learn just enough to keep up a conversation with her. (They still keep in touch, and she will still only speak Spanish to him, despite now being completely fluent in English. She just wants him to keep his skills sharp ok.)

ASL: His mom lost her hearing in her right ear when Nursey was 16, so nursey’s family all learned sign language so they could all communicate better! (and so the nurses’ can all pat themselves on the back, because now they can honestly say that they’re a trilingual family. Achievement unlocked, kiddos.)

Latin: Nursey 100% took Latin at Andover. he took it from his freshman year to his senior year and is completely fluent. This fact pisses Dex off. (“FOR FUCKS’ SAKE NURSE, WHY ARE YOU FLUENT IN LATIN???? IT’S A DEAD LANGUAGE IT’S NOT AT ALL USEFUL OH MY GOD.” “you’re just jealous that you weren’t able to read the Life and Times of Lucius Caecilius Iucundus.”)

Italian: at this point nursey just wanted to fulfill Samwell’s foreign language requirement, so he took Italian in his freshman year for shits and giggles. (No one really understands why he chose Italian out of all languages, and to be perfectly honest, he just taped the names of Samwell’s foreign language classes to a dartboard at the beginning of his Freshman year, closed his eyes, and threw a dart. The dart landed on Italian, so he took Italian.)