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Name: Callie Ann
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hi! My name is Callie Ann and I am 21, going to be 22 on July 27th. I live in Ohio, but I want to move somewhere else someday, preferably another country. I am a writer, and I love writing. Mostly poetry and I am writing a book. I have anxiety and depression but I promise to be a good friend.. I am looking for new friends to talk too and meet. I never done anything like this before, but it sounds fun!

Here is a little about me- I am a very shy person but once I get to know you, I will open up. I love music, mostly indie, rock, and some country (don’t judge me, ahhh). Lydia is my favorite band. My favorite movies are Scott Pilgrim, 500 Days of Summer, The Little Mermaid, The Breakfast Club, Scott Pilgrim… and I like some anime too! Even though I don’t watch a lot of it but my favorites are Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler and Death Note.. again, I haven’t seen a lot. I also like Pokemon, Eevee is my most favorite! ♡♡♡

I have a pet mouse, Elzie. He is the cutest and he knows how to spin. I also have several fish, Esther is one of them and a few hermit crabs, Essie is my favorite-shhh. But cats are my favorite animal and I would own like 8 if I could. I also LOVE Sweet Pea, (not the vegetable, the flower!)

I wish I lived in the 1950’s or around that era because I love polaroids, record players and typewriters.. I swear I am going to own all of those someday. I also love writing letters but please read below…. I also love the fashion they had and one of my favorite books takes place in the 50’s.

Lastly, I would like to mention that currently I can’t do snail mail- sadly. I am living with my parents and they aren’t too fond of having strangers knowing my address and meeting people on the interwebs and blah blah blah…. so I have to go with chatting online. I have Tumblr (duh), kik, SMS, email… I think that’s it in terms of messaging… I’m sorry. But I hope you choose me to be your penpal and thanks for reading all this if you did! Have a good day/night ♡

Preferences: For preferences- I prefer someone around my age- 17-23? And any gender is fine, I don’t judge! ♡ I am asexual myself, and I do like girls.. and if this bothers you then please don’t message me.. thanks.


An Ohio mother is sharing a magical surprise her teenage son planned for his younger sister.

Photographer Christina Angel said her 13-year-old son asked her to get him a Prince Charming costume so that he could do something special for his 5-year-old sister and best friend.

Angel told ABC 7 Chicago her son suffers from depression and his sister has become his biggest cheerleader, so he wanted to thank her with a princess photo shoot.

Angel bought the costume and her son found a pair of black dress shoes at a thrift store. He wanted to get the details perfect, she said, even shining the shoes the old-fashioned way with polish and a rag.

When they were ready, the mother and son surprised the little girl with a brand-new Snow White dress.

The proud mom said her little girl loved every second of her photo shoot with her “favorite boy in the world.” And it shows!


Ohio quadruplets pick Yale over Harvard

  • The quadruplet brothers who were all accepted to both Yale and Harvard announced on Sunday that all four of them will attend Yale together.
  • The decision wasn’t easy for the 18-year-old Wade brothers — Zach, Nigel, Nick and Aaron — who hail from Ohio’s Liberty Township near the Cincinnati metro area. 
  • They received offers from a combined 59 schools, according to NBC.
  • NBC News reported after a campus visit to Yale and an “extraordinary” financial aid package, the university’s appeal was too good for the brothers to pass up.
  • “I absolutely enjoyed the people and the social environment and appreciated the strong arts and humanities at Yale,” Aaron Wade told NBC. Read more (5/1/17)

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Tyler and Josh’s fathers imitating twenty one pilots as a whole x)

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In a matter of seconds… They didn’t even try to figure out what the situation was, it was just loc’ him and smoke him. And they got away with it.

12yr old black boy with a pellet gun is gunned down within seconds of police arriving.

21yr old white boy who massacred a prayer gathering gets a calm arrest and Burger King. WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS - Open carry is only for white people……..