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Asteroid Lust - 4386 🌹💌✨

Despite the misconception, lust does not mean love or romance but instead it refers to your raw and instinctual passions and desires in a sexual way. Lust is basically defined as having strong sexual desire and in astrology it shows us a bigger picture of that underlying sexual desire within us past our mars and Venus placement. It’s less about love and more about sexual pleasure & pure sexual desire. ✨

Lust in Aries: you can easily be attracted to those who have a natural confidence, independence, and know how to take control of a situation. You like someone who displays their masculine traits (man or woman) well and those who seem strong whether physically or in personality.

Lust in Taurus: you can easily be attracted to people who play with your senses in a good way (massages, candles, tastes, smells…), you like stimulation when it comes to the senses, and you’re easily attracted to sexual things that make you feel beautiful or sensual. You can also be very in tune with your physical body.

Lust in Gemini: conversation is where it’s at for lust in Gemini people. You’re attracted to people who keep up with you mentally and can kind of share a sexual, flirtatious, witty banter. Dirty talk or anything that gets your mind going is attractive and sexy to you. Sex begins as a mental stimulation for you guys kind of like mental foreplay.

Lust in Cancer: you guys can be attracted to those who would make a good mother or father to future children or in theory, you may also be interested in carrying on your genes aka getting someone pregnant or getting pregnant or being attracted to those who are very giving/caring and maternal in their energy/sexual nature.

Lust in Leo: these people have a really big desire to feel wanted because it makes them feel confident in sexual situations. They want you to shower them in compliments and worship almost like they themselves are the sun in your world. They want to be able to feel like a king or queen and it can come off as arrogance.

Lust in Virgo: you can have a submissive nature sexually and can enjoy sexual scenarios of master/slave or other traditional dominant/submissive scenarios. You’re often giving sexually because you like to please and get pleasure from pleasing your partner.

Lust in Libra: people with lust in Libra like to be romantically pursued. It’s not that they want romance but it’s more so they get off sexually on the idea that people want them and that they can have that affect on people. They can be flirtatious and like to be shown that they are beautiful/important.

Lust in Scorpio: sex becomes a soul to soul experience for these people, it’s a sexual yet raw soul connection that they take very seriously and don’t give often. They also enjoy taboo or kinky sexual activities or bondage. There’s a lot of trust in sex for them and in the acts that may come with the sex.

Lust in Sagittarius: these people can be highly adventurous in their sexual nature and like to explore different things with different types of people. A lot of the times their unique sexual experiences can be learning experiences for them because of their curiosity. They can enjoy sex in different places or in strange places.

Lust in Capricorn: these people are attracted to power whether it’s people in power positions or them having the power, they can enjoy power play or having fantasies (or even real life situations) of sleeping with the boss or a boss figure or them being the boss that’s pursuing someone else. They enjoy feeling powerful and like they have the world wrapped around their finger.

Lust in Aquarius: sex is viewed as a certain freedom to them and so they like to openly express their sexuality. They can use their sexual energy to rebel against society and when they do have sex, they can often be experimental or just love to be open and have fun without judgements.

Lust in Pisces: these people can be very in their head with their sexual fantasies, sometimes even keeping them inward. Having sex can provide a mental release if you live out your fantasies and you may be prone to sex dreams or sharing fantasies as a sense of trust.

Keep in mind that Lust is an asteroid that deals with pure sexual desire and sexual passion. It’s essentially the more sexual nature of us and showing us our raw passion.

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What is your astrological opinion on Beyoncé forgiving Jay-Z for cheating multiple times? I'm genuinely asking for a astrological view of this action because she is a Virgo with a Scorpio moon. I know astrology isn't set in stone bla bla or she loves him bla bla but still would like to know if placements could explain it

the stars say that beyoncé has risen above petty human emotions

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I’ve never met a person with a Leo Moon, so if you don’t mind me asking you, what about this placement do you like/dislike? What do you find easy/challenging? What descriptions have you read that you feel like a stereotype/misunderstanding with this specific moon placement? I’m sorry if I’m asking too much you can ignore this if it is too much.

Hey! It’s not too much don’t worry :)

I love this placement because of the emotional strength it holds, I’m always able to keep my chin up when things aren’t great, I love the performance/artistic qualities of it. However, it also places a lot of focus on my self worth and it often feels as though nothing I do matters unless there’s someone there to see it. It set a VERY high standard.

When it comes to descriptions, there’s always the stereotype that leo moons are attention seeking cry babies which is very much blown out of proportion - like I said above, the placement makes you feel as though everything you do needs to be seen and validated by others to even matter and for a lot of us, we cover that up with laughter and extravagance to hide any shred of insecurity, not because we’re all in love with ourselves!

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As a Virgo venus what do you think about Leo venus’?

i sadly haven’t had much experience with them but from what i hear and from the little experience i have, they are truly angels. one of the sweetest leo placements. i would even go as far to say they INVENTED love but we been knew leo placements be like that..


Are you ready for Murder on the Orient Express?


OK! So I’ve been working on this for the last few days, and to be honest this is probably my most ambitious comic-storyboard project to date. It’s also based off @thefinalkey16​‘s post, which I had actually doodled in an earlier sketchdump but I wanted to take it up a notch cuz I just loved it so much xD

Originally this was supposed to be just a comic but with how long it was, i attempted to make it a storyboard video instead (and a gif actually). Timing might be just a little off so I’ve provided the comic panels under the cut (with different watermark placements LOL)

Also, I just found out it was SoKai week soon so, hehe perfect timing xD




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then why’d you let me sleep here? trust makes you do strange things.
must be something in the air.

astro notes ~ positive composite

(disclaimer: i just wrote these in my notebook & there might be some not in my own words, bc i googled to find out more about a lot of them; this is therefore simply a collection of aspects)

  • Vertex Opposite Ascendant: often found as a phenomen in charts of married couples (doesn’t have to necessarily be conjunct to the DSC btw)
  • South Node in 1st, North Node in 7th: shared many life cycles together, sometimes chose to go separate ways & this life time you chose to be together and achieve exciting things 
  • Sun in 5th: admire each other very much, likely to want children, fun + they have a big circle of friends (whatever big means for the people)
  • Cancer Sun: create a home and family together, feel like family and very safe, children, friends and families are involved in their life + rs
  • Vertex Conjunct Descendant: fated, ‘meant to be’, common in charts of married people, drawn to another, excellent indicator for marriage/signficant relationships
  • Sun Opposite Moon: tremendous attraction towards each other, double-edged aspect bc it can be either good or bad 
  • Sun Conjunct Venus: strong sign for love, pure & simple love, one of the most deep and loving relationships of your life
  • Sun Conjunct Mercury: a lot of mental communication & connection is excellent, able to talk with(and without ofc) detachment about anything = therefore positive understanding & improvment
  • North Node Conjunct Descendant: physical attraction is extremely high, ‘meant to be’, indication of soulmate relationship, immediate sense of recognition
  • Venus Trine Mars: rarely argumenting, trying out new things, natural romantic + platonic + sexual chemistry, attraction
  • Moon in 8th: deep and intense emotions, transparency, raw energy and understanding

i wish i had a real-life astrology friend with whom I can joke around with and be like: his sag sun tries to be a fuckboy but his cancer moon is weak af or things like: he says he’s loyal but his Venus is opposite Uranus and we’d just laugh all day at other people’s placements and ugh I can’t be the only one here

Dissecting Heartbreak (Venus Signs)

Fixed Venus - Dissecting Heartbreak

Taurus Venus - Their heart is shattered when they are disillusioned by love. Everything looks like it might be the end, but this is the nature of the Taurus, they do not like to dive into things without analyzing, so when it does not work out, they end up questioning themselves and how they could have missed the big gaping hole in their relationship. Because they are fixed, they will rarely forget who wronged them. The person will remain in their mind for years, even if they are in a prosperous relationship with someone else by then. This is a tough placement to have when in love unless it falls in an air or fire house, it will help alleviate some of the hurt but not all.

Leo Venus - Their ego has takes a critical blow. It can take a long time for them to feel the same again because they will learn not to be as trusting. Like the Taurus Venus, the Leo Venus refuses to forget but they do not allow their heartache to dictate their life. In social settings, they will play it off and be cool about it. No one will know how much they hurt, instead they will recant a tale of how they came out the victor and will leave the heartbreaking details out of it. This is a resilient Venus sign and with time they will grow to become greater, so when the right person comes along, they will give them the world.

Scorpio Venus - It is hard to forgive and forget when you have a Scorpio placement. Venus here aches, dies, resurrects and is transformed. When the Scorpio Venus has been burned by someone that they had undying love for, the Knight in Shining Armor becomes the Nightmare and chaos. This Fixed sign can become vengeful and vindictive. They can easily cross boundaries just to get a taste of sweet revenge. Their stinger, fueled with Plutonian rage, packs a poison that is slow to burn and destroy.  If the native decides to take the high road and leave things with Karma, they will get clarity and peace of mind. Part of them knows that if they were wronged, they will get some form of justice.

Aquarius Venus - Of the Fixed Venus signs, Aquarius sees things on a grander scale. They hurt deeply but will not express it in a way that the others might. Their struggle is cerebral and they will try to make logical sense of it all. Here we have a placement that allows for a spiritual growth after a heartbreak. They will seek the guidance of friends and family. They will immerse themselves through social media, they will expand with whatever might aid them. Aquarius is open to healing. They will never forget, but they understand that it is more important to move on, make new contacts and generate new feelings of love.

Mutable Venus - Dissolved in Heartache

Gemini Venus - Like other air signs, the Gemini will try to rationalize the events to the point that they will get lost in their mind. It will take some time for them to bounce out of their slump, but this is not a sign that will wallow in their pain for too long. They have charm and charisma, making it easy for them to draw in new romanced. Gemini Venus enjoys having fun and living in the moment. They understand heartbreak comes, but the moment they connect with someone new, all thoughts of the past get pushed away in their mind and there will only be room for their new loves.

Virgo Venus - The Virgo Venus is an interesting one. Venus in this sign is practical and serving. They understand the limits of humans and will not risk themselves with any form of heartbreak. Virgo is measured, they plan and they watch. These are the lovers that are also guardians. If their trust has been broken and/or a relationship has ended, the guardian will leave. The ex lover might suffer more than the Virgo, because the void they leave behind will be hard to fill. Virgo on the other hand might become more closed off and analytical. They need to learn that heartbreak only helps one to grow, so they should allow themselves to be a bit more vulnerable for their next love.

Sagittarius Venus - Heartbreak for this Venus sign is earth shattering. It is hard for the native to fall hard for someone, so when the reality that a relationship with someone they love has ended, it will be a hard blow for them. Sagittarius is the optimist and Venus here allows for the native to move on with grace. They will seek to travel, either through books or other countries. It is easy for their larger than life personalities to shine through and to attract new people. However, settling down again might be harder since they will have a new philosophy or mantra to live by.

Pisces Venus - Venus is exalted here, so they understand love and fear heartache the most. The Pisces Venus will try to escape and will find refuge through things that might obscure their path to growth. Venus here might cling to memories and may even persuade their partners to return. When they have fully understood that it is over, the light of love in their hearts could be extinguished. Pisces needs to learn these lessons to prepare themselves for the next phase in their love life. Through heartbreak they ignite the philosopher within and if they learn, they become a powerful force.

Cardinal Venus - Fighting Heartache

Aries Venus - The tempest brews within the Aries when they have been hurt. Their rage overpowers their other senses. They will express their hurt through in a very visual way because they will not know how else to react. When the Aries is in the dating stage, they can be very selfish, but once in love, they will be extremely devoted and naturally expect the level of devotion to be reciprocated. This is why when their world is shattered, they will try their best to destroy every physical object around them. After their fiery rage has been extinguished, they will sit in their destruction and plan on ways to move on.

Cancer Venus - Venus here is the expression of love in one of its purest forms. We see a selfless individual who gives themselves emotionally to their partner. When that trust is betrayed, the Cancer Venus can become the serpent. Because of their giving and loving nature, many will view them as weak, but in reality, this Cardinal sign only masks their power through their kind actions. The dark side of the Cancer Venus is vindictive and destructive. They will be inclined to cause chaos, like their fellow Cardinal signs. When the storm has calmed, they will hide into their own shells, repairing their hearts slowly for the next phase in their life.

Libra Venus - It is hard for the Libra to be destroyed. This is one of the more resilient signs because they can weather any storm, especially in relationships. The Libra will forgive and will appear as if they have forgotten, but they do not. Only when they have been broken and have discovered that they need to focus on themselves instead, will the claws come out. This sign will channel the selfishness of the Aries, they will heal through their ego. Libra is the tactician and will devise a plan to make themselves feel victorious. Being the representative of Venus has its perks, because the Libra will always attract someone new and make any ex wish they had them back.

Capricorn Venus - Heartbreak for a Capricorn is transient. This sign rarely hangs onto a relationship that has ended because the Capricorn does not care for failures. Venus here channels its rage and anger through work. The Native will seek refuge in their job, opting to work as hard as possible. They will go to the gym, improve their health and focus on bettering themselves. Status and acquiring power will be enough for them. In the event that they do meet up with an ex, they will flaunt their accomplishments shamelessly. Capricorns always win.

moon sign - caregiver(s) influence(s).

moon placement. aspects may change some details. most likely the impression from the mother-like figure, but may be a combination of grandmothers, and other important female figures, possibly father figures as well.

aries - when upset, anger was taken out on you. they said hurtful things that hurt you deeply in your psyche. now, when upset or emotional, you lash out on those you love. you were inspired by their independent, authentic nature. now when you feel your independence isn’t respected or others aren’t appreciating your authenticity, you feel unloved. if they loved me, they’d love me no matter how i’m acting, no matter what i do, no matter what i express openly. 

taurus - you were given money/physical comfort when upset, instead of the problem you had being directly heard, validated, or changed to suit your emotional needs. now, when others have emotional needs from you, you try to fix it with hugs and kisses, money, gifts… you are fixed in your emotions, and don’t really offer change. when you feel your affection and gestures of love aren’t appreciated, you stay put and firm because you feel ‘the right people will see what you have to offer.’ if they loved me, they wouldn’t point out flaws or ask me to adjust something because it upsets them. 

gemini - when you were emotional, it wasn’t prioritized or handled with sensitivity. you had to shut off your emotions around them in order to be given proper attention again. you learned to process your emotions in privacy and find distractions to soothe your emotions. now, when others come to you upset, you secretly find them weak because they can’t think the feelings away, or process them on their own. when you feel unloved, its due to others not respecting your efforts to stay emotionally stable and how wise and centered you are in times of emotional need. if they loved me, they’d stop trying to make me understand their emotions and take my advice.

cancer - when they were sad or lost, you felt you had to step up to plate and fix things with your calming words, compassionate nature, and take action. they withdrew into themselves and away from you, so you in turn withdrew the love you had to give into yourself, feeling as if you were alone. now, when others are upset, its your  first instinct to nurture and soothe. depending on where you are in your emotional journey, you may not show this, and withdraw into yourself out of fear. you feel unloved when others don’t have the same instinctual reaction to soothe you thoroughly and intimately when upset. you feel unloved when others won’t open up emotionally/ let you nurture them.  if they really loved me, they would comfort me and make me feel safe no matter what.

leo - when their pride was hurt, there was an uproar. they complained and made a big to do but you were their beam of light. you would be smothered in affection and attention, making you feel you had to be best at all times in order to make them happy. you felt you had to perform, and if your performance wasn’t enough, they would ignore you and fall back into their ego-problems. now, when others are upset, you perform, you try to make them laugh, you get them to try to focus on you. because if they just pay attention to you, your infectious positive nature for 5 seconds, they will feel better right? you feel unloved when your pride is hurt and someone doesn’t perform or try to push for your attention. if they loved me, they would give me love and attention and give up their pride for a moment. 

virgo - when they were unhappy with life, you felt as if they decided to take it out on you. your room was never clean enough, your hair never neat enough, your best effort was never best enough when they were upset by anything in their life. in return, when someone doesn’t live up to your expectations, you view them as failing. if they loved me, they’d appreciate that i’m trying to help them improve and become their best self. if they loved me, they’d realize I’m always trying my best.

libra - when they were upset with life, they always found reasons why you weren’t considerate enough of their needs or others needs. you were instilled to be polite more than face your personal needs. in turn, you were always bending backwards to make them happy and feel loved when they were upset. especially having conversation. now, when someone is upset, you feel obliged to talk to them and help in whatever way you can. if someone doesnt talk to you, you assume you did something inconsiderate to hurt them. You feel unloved when not given compliments about your charm and grace in dealing with tough times.  If they truly loved me, they’d give me something positive to reflect back.

scorpio - when they were upset, they were upset as can be. deep, deeply emotional and openly displaying it. you had taken on the priority to comfort them in their heartbreaking emotions and push your own to the side, because you didn’t want to upset them. now, when you’re upset, its a mystery as to who you can trust. you never built the trust with another when younger out of compassion/ survival, so how will you learn to now? by giving it a shot. when others hide anything from you now, you feel as if they are hiding who they are from you. what else could they be hiding? if they loved me, they’d allow me to express my emotions as messily as I have to, because I need to transform them after repression for so long. if they loved me, they’d open up to me on this same level.

sagittarius - they had a firm belief of who you should be, and every time you stepped ‘out of line’, you were told in undiluted truth. you felt trapped in the situation growing up, so you eased the situation through making them laugh, entertaining them with stories, and distracting them with incessant chatter. now, when others are upset with you, you feel that they are stepping out of line and threatening your belief on who they are. you feel unloved without freedom. if they loved me, they’d let me do whatever i need to feel free. if they loved me, they wouldn’t ask much of me and enjoy their individuality.

capricorn - they were very serious, with very big dreams for you. college, getting a good job, marrying a certain person… they had ideas for who you should be, either generally or specifically. they knew what kind of way they wanted society to view you as, and instilled it into you. if you ever came to them with emotional issues, it turned into a life lesson as to why you need to look at it in a more mature, responsible outlook and need to take care to make a change. now, when others come to you with hurt feelings, you tell them they need to grow up essentially. if they loved me, they’d always support my goals and growth no matter what. 

aquarius - you felt as if you were born into the wrong family, the wrong place. you felt out of place, as your ideas didn’t match theirs at all. when they were upset by your out of line behavior, you decided subconsciously to rebel and do it anyways. a lot of your emotional reactions are imprinted on your psyche from childhood as mere acts of rebellion. now, when someone is upset by you, you felt urged to get distant and do it again because you never want to be placed in a box. you don’t want others to determine who you are, but youre letting them by living your life out of spite. If they loved me, they’d let me be unpredictable and experiment as much as I choose. If they loved me, they’d appreciate that my resistance teaches them to work on themselves rather than project it onto me.

pisces - you felt as if you were born to help them. they were going through such a hard time, and you were trying your best just to make them happy. now, you lack boundaries because you assume everyone has the same love for you as they did to not take advantage. if they really loved me, they’d let me fix their issues. if they really loved me, they’d hold me down and ground me unconditionally.


The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 

Power of the Mars Signs

In astrology, Mars is the planet that represents where our passions lie, how we express anger and determination, and what we put our energy into. Mars is responsible for aggression, assertion, focus, motivation, and vigor. Each Mars sign has a particular power that other Mars signs don’t have, making each placement unique.

Mars in Aries: Lively. Impulsive. Strong-Willed. Mars in its ruling sign proves to be a powerful placement. An individual with Mars in Aries never backs down from anything and overcomes their struggles with ease. They are quick-thinking, reacting to their environment on impulse. Their ability to act in the moment has saved them from countless situations where they could have been hurt or where others could have suffered a similar fate. They make for excellent defenders of people, often setting aside their own problems to quickly react to the threatening situations others are in. Their downfall is that the intense energy they possess can lead to explosive rage if they do not obtain an outlet for lively spirit.

Mars in Taurus: Loyal. Resourceful. Grounded. These individuals are known for their ability to turn anything into something useful and abundant. They work well with the situations they have been given, despite how difficult they may be. They remain calm and steady in all that they do. Their stubborn nature allows them to keep working towards something to feel secure about. They are loyal to their ambitions, to their loved ones, and to their work. Although Taurus Martians tend to achieve things at a slower pace than others, their attention to detail and appeal allows them to put in fantastic effort and detail into their projects. It should be noted that although they appear grounded, when provoked, they tend to fight back… and hold a hefty grudge.

Mars in Gemini: Quirky. Restless. Intelligent. With two polar opposites forming together in Mars, the energy produced can be chaotic and unpredictable, but proves to be a powerful tool for those with this placement. The inner restlessness they possess allows them to focus on several tasks at a time in order to relieve them of their wild energy. They can clean, cook, plan, and communicate all at the same time with absolutely no problem. Their intelligence and their clever wit are two other traits that provide them with an outstanding defense mechanism.. and skilled manipulation / persuasion. Observation and analysis allows them to read each person they come in contact with to adapt to their own individuality, helping them ease their way into their desires. Gemini Martians know how to talk their way into getting what they want so they should be monitored with caution.. You never know what they already know about you.

Mars in Cancer: Protective. Intuitive. Emotional. Cancer Martians are natural born protectors and providers. They put all of their passion and drive into providing comfort and security for others.. So much so that they can overwhelm themselves and experience emotional outbursts from time to time. They will need to learn to care for themselves the same way they care for others. They have strong intuitive and empathic abilities that provide them with the skill needed to sympathize with others and offer the best source of love and compassion for each individual person. They can “read” the soul of every person they encounter - if irritation or defensiveness occurs in themselves, they know they are being threatened and will take action to protect themselves and those around the person in question. Security comes first for them.. They need it to thrive.

Mars in Leo: Creative. Fierce. Confident. The Lions of the Zodiac are quite laid-back for the most part. They enjoy their rest and relaxation but they can only settle down when they feel their ego is secure. When it comes to work and completing projects, they are especially determined and competitive. They will push themselves to the limit in order to achieve recognition and respect.. Often producing creative outcomes for their tasks. Nothing and no one will block their path to success. They will become especially driven if they have family, friends, or children to support and defend. If they have to unleash their claws, they will. Like all fire signs, they can become ruthless when you challenge them or their loved ones. Passion courses through their mind, body, and soul at a constant.

Mars in Virgo: Organized. Private. Productive. Projecting an aura of innocence and modesty, their “dirty” traits are swept under their rug and for good reason. They feel that they should remain rigid and reserved in order to make it in life. Their private lives are actually quite interesting and they are not what they seem, but knowing them in such a way is almost unheard of. They are masters of disguise, able to clean up and organize any mess or imperfection. They even work diligently to clean up the residue others leave behind if they care enough. You would never know the things they have done or said if they decide to erase it from their background and they could do the very same to you should you ever betray them - erase you from their life completely. 

Mars in Libra: Charming. Passive. Persuasive. Their form of assertion is often peaceful, low-key, and based upon justice They tend not to give a voice to those who have betrayed them or tampered with their ambitions. They simply let the scales of life take control. Justice is always gained in the end and they know this all too well. It’s not uncommon for them to be stepped on, taken advantage of, and kicked to the curb but they keep moving along despite this. Though they may appear weak, their words, their beauty, and their charm are their weapons. Given the opportunity, they will spill out an enemy’s secrets and flaws, they will gather the information needed for justice, or they will let their enemy do the talking themselves. Truth, equality, and harmony drive them to remain humble and kind even in the darkest of times. 

Mars in Scorpio: Obsessive. Observant. Persistent. Masters of deception, manipulation, and total transformation, they are a huge threat if driven to achieve a goal. They can shape shift, shed their skin to reveal a new persona, and conform to any situation. It is not easy to see behind their mask. They can sneak up on you. They can cause dramatic reactions for their own benefit. They can destroy their atmosphere and create a whole new world when they feel they are being targeted or threatened. Once you think you have them figured out, they are someone else already. Mystery surrounds who they truly are.

Mars in Sagittarius: Blunt. Rebellious. Optimistic. These individuals say exactly what’s on their mind and never hold back with their opinions. Truth and honesty are important to them. They find anyone who is reluctant to share their truth thoughts to be manipulative, leeching, and unreliable. They will not waste their breath with these types. In everything, they seek sincerity and independence. They are able to see the bigger picture in everything and are always planning ahead for their next adventure. They see every opportunity in life as a new beginning, whether good or bad. Nothing and no one can keep them down. They are wild and running at a constant - chasing their dreams and looking to the next island before the one they inhabit sinks beneath their feet.

Mars in Capricorn: Firm. Level-Headed. Focused. Likely the most headstrong and determined of all, it is extremely difficult for them to be pinned down by enemies and by the circumstances that surrounds them. Whatever crosses their path will realize they are far too stabilized to stumble and fall. Once they are set on a goal, they will do whatever it takes to reach it. Their beliefs, their motives, and their character cannot be shaken no matter what happens. Though they may seem dull and firm, their disciplined assertion makes for the perfect mixture of control and compassion. 

Mars in Aquarius: Advanced. Trend-Setting. Innovative. Aquarius Martians constantly seek individuality and revolution. They follow the beat of their own drum and insist on performing an eccentric and liberal form of assertion. They are all for improving society, presenting modern ideas, and owning their self-expression. They produce trends, ideas, and objects that seem absurd but tend to work well and defy traditional methods. They challenge conventionality on the daily and use their intellectual passions to guide them to make change and rebel against the standards of society. They are forever evolving, causing scenes, and creating chain reactions. 

Mars in Pisces: Artistic. Imaginative. Alluring. Usually not one to fight or assert themselves onto others, they channel their more passionate emotions into creative outlets and intuitive manifestations. Their energy is often repressed into their imagination, making them fantastic dreamers, artists, and healers. They are known to fascinate others with their remarkable composure and gracefulness - but it is not wise to let their passive nature fool you. Repressed emotions build up inside of them and can cause them to black out and attack when pushed to the limit. Their deep-rooted imagination and creativity can also aid them in manipulation or persuasion tactics if need be. They can create and manifest anything. Remember that.