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-WRITE. EVERYTHING. On free responses this is crucial. Write everything that comes to mind. I don’t care if you have to explain the reasoning behind 4+2=6, if that helps you, do it.

-DON’T BOX OR CIRCLE ANSWERS. This goes hand in hand with the tip above. If you write everything and don’t circle anything, the graders will have to scan all of your work for something that looks like the answer. This increases your chances of getting all the points to the question, since this really makes them look at what you did. Boxing something makes it so they only look at that answer. Bad news, kid.

-PUT BRAND NEW BATTERIES THE NIGHT BEFORE THE TEST. The worst thing is having your lifeline give out on you during the calculator parts of the test. Don’t let that happen. By law the entire test is possible without a calculator, but that’s some Einstein shit. Just have a calculator.

-TAKE ADVANTAGE OF USING YOUR PERSONAL CALCULATOR. There are hundreds of programs for TI’s online made by Texas Instruments themselves that you can easily download onto your calculator that are perfectly legal. Save yourself those extra seconds here and there, it all adds up.

-WRITE STUFF DOWN, THEN PUT IT IN YOUR CALCULATOR. Don’t punch stuff before writing it down. The work counts more than the final answer, that only counts for one point but the work involved may be two points or more. Write stuff down first, not only it helps you keep track of your thoughts but it saves points when it comes down to the final moments.

-SPEAKING OF FINAL MOMENTS, DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK. And I mean anything. Fill in random answers (or educated guesses if there’s time) for multiple choice, put random numbers for free response. I’m serious. If the question asks if there’s a max or a min and you don’t have time to work it out, pick an answer and make up a reason. Often times having an explanation that correlates with your answer, even if its wrong, still gets you points.

-IF YOU GET THE FIRST PART OF A QUESTION WRONG, DON’T GIVE UP. If part A is wrong, but parts B,C, and D use information from part A, you can still get a majority of the credit. If they see you were able to apply information you obtained correctly, even if its the wrong values they’ll give you full credit for those last parts. Keep going, even if you’re not sure. 

-GET UP EARLY, EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST, YOU’LL BE FINE!!! Please don’t stress, eat a banana, do whatever helps. I wish you all the best of luck, let’s do this!!

vievie-anthem  asked:

For my major im going to have to take physics without calc and I was wondering if its difficult??! LOL

Nah. Most college physics classes are more calculation based where you just kinda plug and chug. Or that’s how mine was.

wiishu posted jacksepticeye linearts that she said anyone could color, and being someone who loves coloring, as well as someone who loves wiishu’s style I couldn’t resist. Also I ended up tracing her lineart to make it transparent which was quite an experience haha, thanks for giving me the chance to color this! 

thursday, 10.1.2015 || 12:13am

Happy October loves, I hope it is crisp and filled with beautiful leaves. I did some late night planning to organize my head around what I have due and need to do for each class. I also discovered a tea I actually like (I’ve never been a fan of tea) and it is called “passion” made by Tazo. My roommate actually introduced it to me. I think I like it because it is more tangy than the sweet teas I’ve tasted before.

A funny thing happened today. I was in my 8am physics class, or so I thought it was mine, and then realized I actually have calc at 8am and physics at 9am!! It was the same exact lecture so I thought I was in the same class. Luckily, there was a 9am calc lecture with the same teacher lol and what’s even funnier was that my boyfriend remembered and that’s how I realized.

Also, I’ve been extremely proud of myself lately. Goodnight :)

i guess so many people are breaking honor code and discussing the ap english lang questions because they know there’s only an 8% chance someone will report them to authorities………….