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some final calc review notes that i never got around to posting lol 😊 my spring semester ended over a month ago, so i haven’t been very active. but my summer class is about to start next week which means i have to actually do things so expect more new posts from me soon!! 💕



-WRITE. EVERYTHING. On free responses this is crucial. Write everything that comes to mind. I don’t care if you have to explain the reasoning behind 4+2=6, if that helps you, do it.

-DON’T BOX OR CIRCLE ANSWERS. This goes hand in hand with the tip above. If you write everything and don’t circle anything, the graders will have to scan all of your work for something that looks like the answer. This increases your chances of getting all the points to the question, since this really makes them look at what you did. Boxing something makes it so they only look at that answer. Bad news, kid.

-PUT BRAND NEW BATTERIES THE NIGHT BEFORE THE TEST. The worst thing is having your lifeline give out on you during the calculator parts of the test. Don’t let that happen. By law the entire test is possible without a calculator, but that’s some Einstein shit. Just have a calculator.

-TAKE ADVANTAGE OF USING YOUR PERSONAL CALCULATOR. There are hundreds of programs for TI’s online made by Texas Instruments themselves that you can easily download onto your calculator that are perfectly legal. Save yourself those extra seconds here and there, it all adds up.

-WRITE STUFF DOWN, THEN PUT IT IN YOUR CALCULATOR. Don’t punch stuff before writing it down. The work counts more than the final answer, that only counts for one point but the work involved may be two points or more. Write stuff down first, not only it helps you keep track of your thoughts but it saves points when it comes down to the final moments.

-SPEAKING OF FINAL MOMENTS, DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK. And I mean anything. Fill in random answers (or educated guesses if there’s time) for multiple choice, put random numbers for free response. I’m serious. If the question asks if there’s a max or a min and you don’t have time to work it out, pick an answer and make up a reason. Often times having an explanation that correlates with your answer, even if its wrong, still gets you points.

-IF YOU GET THE FIRST PART OF A QUESTION WRONG, DON’T GIVE UP. If part A is wrong, but parts B,C, and D use information from part A, you can still get a majority of the credit. If they see you were able to apply information you obtained correctly, even if its the wrong values they’ll give you full credit for those last parts. Keep going, even if you’re not sure. 

-GET UP EARLY, EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST, YOU’LL BE FINE!!! Please don’t stress, eat a banana, do whatever helps. I wish you all the best of luck, let’s do this!!

iriestudy Introduction Post

About Me:

  • Name: Donyea (don-yay) she/her
  • Age: 15 years old
  • Birthday: October 21
  • Class: Junior, Class of 2019 (woo!)
  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Dream School: Stanford or Columbia (REEEACCCH is Harvard LOL) 

I wanted to do this studyblr to help me get motivated these last two years of high school since my junior year is starting up later this month.  This is also a sideblog so I follow from @hotelchels (my studyblr is in the bio). 

**irie is a Jamaican patois word for good, nice, etc. It’s also used as a greeting (lol).**


  • AP US History
  • Piano
  • AP Calc AB
  • AP Physics
  • AP Lang
  • Pathology/Forensics
  • French IV H


  • Playing piano
  • Obsessing over the High School Musical franchise
  • Running


  • ANIME (fullmetal alchemist, all studio ghibli, boko no hero academia)
  • music: so many artists… The 1975, The Young Veins, Vampire Weekend, Cage the Elephant, Marina and the Diamonds, Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, Vianney, Coeur de Pirate, and Lana del Rey is my QUEEN!
  • Classic novels (The Time Machine is my favorite)
  • Chewing Gum (TV show)
  • The Office
  • French culture, music, language, etc.
  • I would like to be either a neurosurgeon or an obstetric surgeon. 

I’ve reblogged a couple things but this is me really getting into this community and I’m pretty excited.

Blog Inspirations: @eintsein @academiix @studyblr @studyquill  @emmastudies @studyign @rhubarbstudies @tbhstudying

(Jasmine btw I love your videos!)

appblrina-deactivated20170205  asked:

hi hailee!! do you have any advice for ap calc bc? i'm going to be taking it next year. thanks!!! - jackie

Firstly: if you haven’t taken AP Calc AB, pay attention during the first/review part of BC. If you can’t do the AB part really well, you’re going to struggle more with the BC part.


If you haven’t already, memorize the unit circle, trig identities, etc.

Some parts of calc should become second nature. Memorize all basic derivatives asap and integrals as you learn them. This also includes L’Hospital’s Rule, Intermediate Value Theorem, etc.

Here are some useful cheat sheets: X, X, X


Do every problem on your homework and all review packets–the whole nine yards. I would also recommend doing practice problems from other sources, especially on sections you’re having difficulty with. (X, X)

(If you search Calc I (for AB) and Calc II (for BC) problems, you’ll find a lot of practice questions from universities!)

If You’re Having Trouble

If you’re having trouble, don’t be afraid to ask for help!!! Office/tutoring hours are so helpful even if you’re doing well and just have a question or two!

If your learning style isn’t meshing with your teacher’s teaching style, look to outside sources for assistance. Maybe your school has another calc teacher you can go to. You could also look into tutoring centers/hiring a tutor. Really good free resources include Khan Academy and Krista King!

The AP Exam

This is going to sound like a broken record but: practice! Start as soon as possible. Do the problems over and over until you don’t have to think about how to solve them.

There are a ton of exams published online! Here are some of the old AP tests with answers: X. The college-board also has the exams and scoring guidelines (for FRQs) on their website.

~I wish you the best of luck!! I hope it goes well for you!~

anonymous asked:

HELLO!!!!! do you have any tips/tuts on drawing and youre like only 16 howd you learn so many languages omg

OHHEY!!! yeah sure i’ll write down some things i feel are important! but since you didn’t specify, i’ll just do a general overview and not very specific things (i hope that’s okay) (btw if anyone wants a specific part that i do feel free to shoot me an ask!)

my drawing style is like a mix between typical japanese styles and korean manhwa… with a dash of realism added in so usually end up drawing portraits and stuff lmao usually in a half-painting-ish style

so let’s use… my latest noiz drawing for reference

1.) when i start off with a drawing usually i don’t do THAT many guidelines but use as many as you feel are necessary! you can see that i usually make red marks to where/how i want things

External image

2.) usually right after i establish my lines and stuff i immediately fill the background with some color because you NEVER want to paint something without a general direction as to where it’s going

i also draw my lineart at this point. I typically never use pen because i don’t like the harsher pixels as edges. i use a custom brush, which you can find in my faq section
if you’re not ready to go STRAIGHT to the lineart, it’s fine to do some sketching but usually my sketches are clean and end up as my lineart

External image

3.) HERE COME THE FUN PARTS at this point i start coloring. what i do first is lay d oWN (the law) flats

External image

4.) idk i’m weird but i like to start with the eyes/nose bridge area. it kinda gives me SOME MOTIVATION TO KEEP G OING LIKE DAMN THAT’S FRESH LET’S KEEP GOING

External image

5.) filled in the rest of the face and laid down some strokes for his shirt. in these kind of paintings, blending is key! (i don’t use t he blur brush, but the brush labeled “ol water”. I like the effect it gives much more than a regular brush.) generally, i like to do my coloring how i would do makeup, if that makes any sense…probably not lol

External image

6.) now as my ap calc and physics teachers would say…”plug and chug”…darks first! clean it up a little, add your lights, and BAM YA DONE CONGRATS LET ME SHAKE YA HAND WOWEE SLAM DUNK

External image

yeah so that’s basically how i do my lil thang…

p.s. lol yeah i know a lot of languages… mostly through deathly perseverance. just like art! and anything else in life really


wiishu posted jacksepticeye linearts that she said anyone could color, and being someone who loves coloring, as well as someone who loves wiishu’s style I couldn’t resist. Also I ended up tracing her lineart to make it transparent which was quite an experience haha, thanks for giving me the chance to color this!