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         GO HOME, child.      you have a home, which is more than many can say in these dark days.   you have a noble father who must surely LOVE you.      consider his grief if you should never return.      perhaps they will bring your SWORD AND SHIELD to him, after you have fallen.      perhaps he will even hang them in his hall and look on them with pride…      but if you were to ask him, i know he would tell you that he would sooner have a LIVING DAUGHTER than a shattered shield.

hey you! yes you! do you find you dash lacking a certain BITE? finding yourself wondering what could get your blood running? well no need to fear because SERANA the daughter of coldharbour is here! that’s right your favourite vampire companion is here & she is looking for fellow scholars, companions, mysterious & over-powered player characters, & humans to feast on help with their adventures & quests! private & highly selective with 9+ years of roleplay experience! (non-roleplay blogs please do not reblog!)


           ——-        ‘   LEGEND   SPEAKS   of   a   HERO   emerging    from   the   ashes   ;   blood   of    the    d   r   a   g   o   n   coursing    through   their  veins   .   .   .  forged  from   fear  and   fire   alike.   they   are  known   as   the  dragonborn    and   foretold   to  save   the   world.   

                                           [  indie  dragonborn  oc  /  penned  by  tyler  /  loved  by  all  ]

                   Do you find that your dash is lacking in HANDSOME & rather COURAGEOUS Nords ? Or just Skyrim characters in general ? Then meet Ralof, a young Captain in the Stormcloak rebellion, a resident from the town of RIVERWOOD & an overall kind-hearted man ! If you’d like to interact with him then plase LIKE / REBLOG this post ! 

indie / selective / side-blog / penned & loved by KILI !  


– – – Yes the dangerous BLACK WIDOW is to be approached with caution, as the black widow’s bite can cause DEATH. The black widow is easily recognized buy her coal black body and red hourglass marking. She encases her VICTIMS with silk, and then KILLS with poison from her fangs. – – –

                                         ( ind. & sel. Shelob of Tolkien Lore – heavy horror influence )

I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

ding dong the witch my dash is dead

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anonymous asked:

I'm very intrigued by a character that only appears in the movies and games, Fay Dunbar. Besides her cool name, she is played by a brunette girl that has a pre-rafaelite kind of beauty, loves quidditich and gobstones, is pure or half blood, did at least Care and Divination as eletives, has a ginger non-Weasley friend that can be a muggleborn, had a crush on Cedric and wanted to be an Auror. Wich wand do you think could be her?

I know who she is (I… may or may not have done several wikia-binges over the years. At least twice for HP and the HP Fanon wikias and… at least once for Bloodborne, Witcher, ASOIAF and Skyrim. Wikias and Wikipedia are evil timesinks.) and sadly there’s little to go on for Fay Dunbar. Because of this, I’m just gonna link what I think to be the likely options for her and let you decide which you think fits her best? You seem to care deeply about her character and so I imagine you have a few firm ideas about who she is as a person and so you’re probably in the best place to decide what you think would fit her.

Wood: Spruce OR Ash OR Hazel
Core: Unicorn Hair OR Phoenix Feather
Length: 11-13″ (solidly middling) range
Flexibility: surprisingly swishy
Maker: Garrick Ollivander
Details: I’m afraid I can’t pin down enough for her to think of how her wand might look. My apologies.

I’m sorry, I know this probably feels like a bit of a cop-out, but there really just isn’t enough to go on.

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