not in a i want to bang him way

And I Drove You Crazy (Bucky Barnes x Reader) One Shot ❤

A/N: hey y'all! This is most likely the most sinful thing I’ve ever written. I had to take some breaks while writing 😂 but this is dedicated to the lovely, super awesome @diving-down-to-wonderland for her birthday! (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HUN!) I hope you like it! ❤❤❤
- Delilah ❤

And I Drove You Crazy: Reader’s bike needs to be repaired asap, leading her to come across an insanely gorgeous mechanic whom she may or may not want to bang the second she lays eyes on him.

Warnings: SMUT! Semi-Public sex. Unprotected sex.

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I Walk the Line

Professor Louis Tomlinson is the leading researcher in his field. Harry Styles is Louis’ recently hired grad assistant. Sparks fly between them but something doesn’t add up when it comes to Harry, and Louis is determined to find out what.

What happens when everything Louis thought he knew comes crashing down around him? Is he doomed to repeat his past mistakes? Or will he learn to follow his heart and find a way to forge his own path, alongside someone he’s not sure he can trust, but who might just be the best thing to ever happen to him.


Big Bang, Round 5.  Read the rest here.

Featuring art from the immensely talented @twopoppies

I am immensely proud of this one and I just want everyone to read it! 


Summary: Nat does everything in her power to finally get you and Bucky together. 

Warnings: This is pretty much all smut: unprotected sex (please use protection), thigh riding, oral (m receiving), praise kink (kinda?). i think that’s it, let me know if you find anything else

Words: 3.4k

A/N: I finally wrote something! I have a few more pieces in the works now too. Sorry I haven’t been writing as much, but I am trying to work on that. Hope you enjoy. Send me requests here. 


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Hair, Sex, and Make-up

Being the youngest hair and makeup artist for the idol boy group BTS was your dream. Since you finally got to achieve it things were great and although it was hard being the youngest on the crew you knew that they loved you. You became close to the boys, but more so to Jungkook since you were the same age. However it seemed like things were going to change.

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 6k

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“Yah, ___. Can you grab my makeup bag for me?”

“Yes, unnie.” You frowned in concentration and looked at Yoongi apologetically before running across the room and grabbing the forgotten make-up bag. Being the youngest hair and makeup stylist for the idol group BTS had it’s ups and downs. The boys loved you and you were close to many of them but the older girls bossed you around a lot.

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What I Read This Week


I was SUPER busy this week so I couldn’t read many fics!

A System of Touch by EtherealBeing, Mature, 23k (WIP)
When a strange man calls in an order with a request for ‘only the cutest delivery boy,’ Yuuri is reluctant to go, to say the least. Thirty minutes and one spilled container of katsudon later, he only wishes he didn’t have to leave. LOVE!

Dancing Daffodils by grayclouds, Mature, 55k (WIP)
“As Love gently wipes away the tears that trail down his cheeks something within Victor quakes, its tremors resonating throughout his entire being like a deafening echo.He is in the arms of a god.” A god falls for a man. OKAY I AM STILL SCREAMING AFTER CHAPTER 16 AND I AM PROBABLY NOT GOING TO STOP EVER

In the Cold of the Night by impolitecanadian, Teen, 41k
AU in which Yuuri never skated and instead is a small town cop with no idea who Victor Nikiforov, THE Victor Nikiforov, is until he arrests him for public intoxication. Meanwhile Victor is enamoured, and absolutely plastered. Omg I frickin’ love this

Language Barriers by Galloping_Monroe, 153k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov had always wanted to travel the world. When an opportunity arises to spend his final year of university study abroad, he is quick to leap at the chance. Twelve months spent in twelve different countries, he can’t wait to see new places, meet new friends, and finish out his degree with a bang. He just didn’t expect to fall in love along the way. Yuri Katsuki only applied because his friend forced him to. He’s just trying to get through the year, keep his head down and his grades up. Victor has other ideas. SO CUTE AND AMAZING!

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 69k (WIP)
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri.
(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing). OH MY GOD THAT UPDATE I AM IN LOVE

the death of a bachelor by exile_wrath, Teen, 19k (WIP)
In which Victor is at the top of the (criminal) world, and ends up falling for the hot bartender that works at a Giacometti speakeasy. WOWOWOOW

Dancing in the Snow by Tiger_Millionare, Mature, 14k (WIP)
There were very few instances in Yuuri’s life he could say he felt fully satisfied with existence. He never really wanted to take over his parents inn, and even life as a merchant wasn’t nearly as satisfying as he’d expected. But that one day in the palace, not even day really, that one moment with the prince, Victor, was the only thing Yuuri had to define his whole world on.Sadly, Yuuri can’t live in the past, and commoners are far from worthy of muddling the presence of royalty. I reread this and am crossing my fingers for an update! :)

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

down to brass tacks

happy valentine’s day, everybody!! <3 canon verse, 3k+


They finally get a lead on Kelly Kline on a Saturday. Spurred on by guilt and probably a bit of cabin fever, Castiel turns right around from the hunt he just returned from with Mary to chase her down.

“Oh,” Castiel says, turning. He sticks a hand into his coat pocket. “I almost forgot.”

It isn’t like him to forget things, so the move has to be calculated. Then again, he loses his phone all over the place. Maybe he really did just forget whatever it is. Dean’s startled out of his musing by a shiny projectile hurtling towards his face, which he catches gracelessly in one hand. The metal, whatever it is, feels cool in his palm. He blinks up at Castiel.

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When people pull the “Rey survived on Jakku and didn’t become a murder” as a tactic to downplay the canon life time child grooming Ben went through, I can’t help but be really creeped out or just kinda sick. If Snoke had targeted Rey instead of Ben it’s not hard to see a likely circumstance with Snoke dangling the carrot of acceptance, answers, power and control for her too. It’s also not hard to imagine Rey eventually succumbing to these temptations.

Desperation opens the door for users/abusers. I know the idea that feeling sympathy for Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is just way too drastic and despicable for some people, but please let’s not pretend having space Voldemort target you is so easy. We will always have to accept the wrongs that Kylo has done, but never again am I going to feel bad for wanting to see him get better or change his fate.

Mad: Part 13

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“We’re all a little crazy on the inside, some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11 Part 12

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100 Banging Kinks: Hot and Cold Play

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Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Words: 1,016

Warnings: Smut and language

Celebrating Bucky’s 100th birthday, I am participating in @bucky-plums-barnes 100 banging kinks! I really can’t believe I wrote this, but either way I hope you enjoy reading it. And I didn’t proof read this so if there are any mistakes oh well-

“Just relax,” he said softly in your ear as his lips brushed down the valley of your breasts. A whimper escaped your lips and you heard him chuckle before you couldn’t feel him at all. Leaving you lying there, on your back on the bed, blindfolded, and panting.

Bucky had wanted to try something new in the bedroom and you didn’t hesitate to say yes. And that was how you ended up in this mess. Your ears strained to hear anything to give you the location of where Bucky could be, but the ex assassin was silent causing the anticipation to build within you.

And that’s how you let out a gasp as you suddenly felt the bed dip. Bucky chuckled again and before you could say anything you felt the icy cool sensation of an ice cube circle around your nipple of your left breast. You cried out and arched your back as the ice slightly melted against your heated skin, and the water rolled down your breast.

But before the small trickle of water could get far the warmth of Bucky’s tongue licked up the water before twirling around your hard nipple causing you to moan lowly and grip Bucky’s hair and pull. “Bucky!” You mewled  and then he was gone and you were left alone again causing you to whine in desperation.

“Oh don’t worry Baby girl, I’m just starting.” Bucky’s voice was raspy and deep, the arousal clear in his voice. You whimpered again and grabbed the sheets beneath you to ground yourself as you waited for Bucky to come back to you. And you didn’t have to wait long as another ice cube slid down your stomach, circling at the edge of your panties.

“Bucky-” you breathlessly moaned, your chest heaving for air as you felt your underwear get wetter.

He kept you on edge, and within the second the ice cube was gone and you thought would be replaced with Bucky’s tongue but you were wrong. You choked back a cry as Bucky’s fingers slipped past your underwear and slid against your wet folds. Your legs went to close but you were stopped with Bucky’s body.

Your head fell back into the pillows and you rolled your hips up to Bucky’s hand. He cupped your pussy and his palm rubbed against your clit causing a new flow of wetness gather between your legs and onto his hand. “Fuck yourself onto my hand.” He commanded and you moaned again not needing to be told twice as you immediately began to move yourself against his palm.

“Oh Bucky-” you groaned before clenching the sheets more as he slipped a finger inside you. “Yes,” you sighed nodding your head and working your hips more. “Oh yeah,” you moaned again and Bucky added another finger curling them as you chased your orgasm.

“You close baby?” He asked letting you use him as you needed and you whimpered once more nodding your head.

“Yes, yes, oh yes!” You chanted and just as you felt yourself close to falling over the edge his hand disappeared and you were left gasping for air and panting.

“Mm, you taste so good, baby doll.” He groaned teasingly and you knew he had licked the arousal of you on his hand clean.

“I hate you,” you grumbled before feeling Bucky’s hands on your waist.

“No you don’t,” you couldn’t see him but you knew he was smirking and you were ready to snap at him again before the sound of ripping resonated in the room and you felt your panties slip off you. He and literally ripped your underwear of you. His hands moved down to your inner thighs then, and he spread your legs wide for him before you heard him groan lowly.

“It’s all yours,” you mumbled and you heard him intake a breath causing you to feel quiet powerful.

But your smirk was wiped away from your face when you felt his lips wrap around your clit. What was once warm pouty lips, were now icy cold from another ice cube. He puckered his lips and sucked on your bundle of nerves causing your hands to fly to his hair, pulling his face closer as what could be identified as a pornographic moan escaped your lips.

His arms wrapped underneath your legs, making your legs drape over his shoulders. He held your hips still and licked up your wet fold. He groaned at your taste and his groan sent delicious vibrations between your legs causing you to arch your back again. “Don’t stop.” You groaned and pulled his hair once more as he slid his tongue in deeper.

The blindfold was still covering your eyes but that didn’t matter, your eyes were closed in pleasure as you moaned and cried out over and over again. Bucky’s tongue was something wicked and you felt the familiar coil form in your stomach as you rolled your hips up to his face.

“I’m gonna cum.” You warned your legs tightening around his head, pulling him closer as you panted. By now, Bucky was eating you out like he hadn’t had anything to drink for seventy years. It had your chasing orgasm nearing closer and your legs began to shake a tell sign as the heat that pooled in your stomach built more.

And then you felt an ice cube dip and brush over you clit and you were done for. You threw your head back into the pillows as your orgasm washed over you fast and hard- taking your breath away and for white spots to dance across your vision.

When you came back to, you could feel Bucky tenderly kissing your inner thigh as his thumb rubbed circles over your hip. “Come back to me, Baby.” He was murmuring quietly and you groaned.

“Bucky.” And then light flooded your vision as the blindfold came off and you saw Bucky looking at you, half of his face glistening with your orgasm as he smirked. The sight was quiet the turn on and you bit your lip, you two were definitely doing this again.

I just want to talk about Yongguk really quick.

Yongguk is truly something else. There is something about him that makes me feel so safe, he is truly someone who is so intentional and so down to earth; I am so comforted by his presence. I noticed during Chicago’s concert by the way he just looks at BABYZ…like the way when he was exiting the stage, he was just…taking his time to really absorb the presence of BABYZ and to really look at everyone and wave and bow and truly show that kind of thanks and that kind of gratitude. During high touch he looked into my eyes and he has this kindness and this sincerity and he literally just made me feel so safe! Not many people can look at their leaders and feel that kind of security…and for that I really treasure Yongguk.

I feel like I’m sounding really redundant, and I’m sure that everyone already knows that what I had to say was true…but I guess the truth never changes, right?

Calm in the Chaos

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff if you squint, infertility (please don’t read if this is a trigger)

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Fic-i-versary SEVENTEEN for my 30 Days of Jensen and Dean. The line “There’s no making it better,” was requested by @wayward-girl . Thank you for celebrating with me. Tagging @nichelle-my-belle because she wanted the torture, though I still don’t think I out torture you.  HoweverI’m sorry this one so… well… you’ll see. 

Feedback Appreciated

Tags at the bottom

Please make sure you’ve read the warnings.

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More Important Things

• The way Fenris’s hair is so fluffy over his pointed ears and how it sways when he teases about practicing his flattery
• The look he gives Hawke when he says that he’d never wanted anyone before Hawke and that things might be different with him
• The deadpan manner in which he jokes with Varric
• That heartbreakingly sad and vulnerable smile on his face when Hawke says, “I’m here, Fenris,” when Fenris thinks he’s all alone
• His adorable friendships with Sebastian, Donnic, and Aveline
• The way his ears glow (the way all of him glows, really, but look at his glowing ears in cutscenes! So cute!)
• The way he caresses Hawke’s face
• That look of hope on his face when he first sees Varania and recalls a fragment of a happy memory of her
• Those very full and very kissable lips of his
• Those bold, expressive eyebrows
• The way his bangs hide his eyes when he’s feeling vulnerable and self-conscious
• His dry sarcasm and wit
• The way his eyes light up and he smiles when Hawke suggests giving him a few more problems
• The way he finds happiness, love, and a home when he thought he never would

All very very important.

anonymous asked:

Okay but Shiro getting up one morning after a series of nightmares, and he's kind of out of it/not really there over breakfast, and Hunk goes to take away his (semi-full) plate and his eyes snap open and he grabs Hunk's wrist just a little too tight and he /snarls./ And there's that split second where he and the paladins realize what just happened. Like every time they uncover another facet of his PTSD, they know more about what he went through with the Galra.

It had been a bad night.

A very bad night.

Shiro was exhausted.  He tried his best to bite it back, focusing on keeping his back straight and his shoulders up.

But his eyelids were heavy. 


The chaos of breakfast, familiar and warm.  Hunk teasing Keith, pulling a reluctant smile from him.  Lance and Pidge trading playful elbows (Pidge’s less playful) as they fought for the last not-quite-pancake.  Allura and Coran plotting out the day’s work, the mice chattering as Allura hand fed them morsels.


The noise of the prisoners, brought out together and kept locked up, waiting for the arena battles.  Alien chatter, understood in practice but the echos of the chamber making them eerie and strange and unknown again.  The harsh whispers, drawing away from him, from the danger he represented.  Chitters of fears, low, nervous bluster.

No one wanted to be locked in a room with The Champion.  They wanted to face him even less.

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Cake By the Ocean

Min Yoongi/ Suga X Reader 

So this is low-key (high-key?) for @fluffygummy-yoonmin who legit asked me for Yoongi/Noona smut a thousand years ago. I’m sorry it took me so long! I just wanted to do it right and I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and it’s just under 8k words. Sooo yeah. 

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Sexually Precocious Teenagers

Summary: Stiles is pretty sure his asexuality is a deal-breaker that will keep him from having a relationship with Derek. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

Notes: Scott and Stiles have a very close friendship in this. If that makes you uncomfortable, then this is not the fic for you. Despite the title, there is no smut in this. (On AO3)

Scott comes down the hallway, fresh from his post-workout shower, and freezes in the doorway of his room.

“Stiles, why are you naked in my bed?” he asks, his voice coming out a little higher than he’d intended.

“Dude, melodramatic much?” Stiles says with a grin, flipping back the sheet to reveal that he’s still wearing boxers.

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Seth Rollins x reader

(y/n) is Dean’s sister and she’s constantly bugging him invite her to a show and introduce her to Seth. He keeps saying no so (y/n) convinces Roman to do it. Her and Seth hit it off instantly. Dean is pissed. Love at first sight kind of thing.

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Look at Me (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hii!! can i have a jughead x reader where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader feels like she comes second to jughead and his writing all the time and she confronts him about it ? thank you!! 

 A/N: I did a lot of thinking about this! I changed it a tiny bit but I hope I did it justice for you! It is a bit long but I didn’t have the heart to make it any smaller.


Look At Me (Jughead x Reader) 

 You knew what you were getting into when you and Jughead started dating. You were best friends for years before. With Jason’s death and all the dark secrets around Riverdale, Jughead wanted to capture everything. 

 You were okay with it at first. It was his way of coping. He was a writer at heart. He needed this project. He needed answers. 

 But then other secrets kept popping up. Which meant more writing on that novel of his. Of course you understood but you were jealous. 

 Your ‘dates’ were mainly at Pop’s and it usually ended with Jug typing away while you stared out the window. Silence. 

 That was another thing that bothered you. Jug used to at least try to keep conversation going between you two. 

But now? Nothing. If you tried, all you got was silence. Or even worse. The little “mhm” or “yeah”. You knew he wasn’t listening.

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Breaking out my baby

Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured


“No. Jerome please don’t leave me! No!” I sob over his body as blood pokes from his mouth and neck.

I’m numb to anything around me I don’t even notice Jim Gordon placing handcuffs on me and my hands behind my back. “(Y/n) (l/n) you’re under arrest.” I sob harder as they place me into the car and drive me to the station.

I don’t stop crying there. I never stopped. Not even they threw me in Arkham, strapped my to the bed, injected me with drugs, or fried my brains. I never stopped till one day where the screams turned into laughter.

I went from crying to laughing. Making a joke out of my pain. It’s an addiction I can’t stop. Laughter is…my escape. Laughter is my freedom.

I sit in my cell reading a book and sipping my coffee when a nurse comes in with a needle. “That time again? Oh alright then! Go ahead! Stickme baby!” I cackle and jump off the bed next to her holding out my arm.

She flinches as I get closer. “Ah you’re new! Well WELCOME! My name is (y/n)! Say…would you do me a favor?” She’s so taken over by fear she can’t move. “Awww honey! No need to be scared! What do you say you get me out of here and we can go shopping, get our nails done, maybe go get some sweets! Oh doesn’t that sound fun?!” I reach for the needle and snatch it from here quickly stabbing it into her neck.

She falls to the ground and I run out of the cell. I laugh as guards left and right race to get me. “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME!” I yell laughing. I turn the corner and see a door with a silver handle. “Oh shiny!” I grasp the handle hoping it would open the door but it doesn’t budge.

I turn around to see the guards with annoyed looks. I sigh and hold my wrists out. “Off to treatment we go.” They take me to the shock room where they strap me down and fry my brains, but honestly it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I cackle as my hairs stand up. “Come on Doc oh hit me one more time!” He rolls his eyes and turns the electricity up. “Crazy bitch.”

I was placed in solitary confinement, but I didn’t mind. They gave me paper and markers to keep my occupied, but as I was coloring a picture of a flower gunshots are heard and screams fill the air.

Jerome POV:

I shoot the guards as they run up to me. I hit one in the face with the butt of the gun and look down at him laughing. “Where is she?”

(Y/n) POV:

Move shots and screams continue through the entire asylum. I don’t think too much of it until I hear a laugh. A adorable laugh that I know matches a even more adorable smile.

I stand up and go to the door and look out the window seeing a smoked up hallway. The laugh gets closer and loud footsteps a sound. I start bouncing on the padded floor in excitement.

I’ve heard rumors about it. Villains being reborn, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I see a flash of red hair and bang on the door


He turns to look at me and smiles. He motions for me to back up and I do as told moving away from the door.

In seconds it’s blown open and I’m in his arms. I look up to see his face is lined in staples and he’s got a permanent smile scared into his skin. He moves my hair out of the way and looks at the scars on my body. “Oh doll what have they done to you?” I giggle and kiss him. “Nothing I couldn’t handle J. I’m free. Now let’s get out of here.”

We run down the hallways free, laughing, and shooting anything in sight. It’s good to be free.

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ok like i decided to re-re-re-design some re-designs i had before XD…. hahahah i kinda sorry.. but i think i finally got it like i wanted!

details under the cut

hope you liked them! ^_^


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