not impressed with my dash tonight

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Hi Sasha! So, keeping in mind that we’re going through a rebranding, here’s the impression I got from the last few days. I swear I love my ot5 and I cant wait for zaynie to go back, but tonight, seeing him being honoured for his achievements in music while looking so dashing and giving that wonderful speech, gave me the impression that he's out there doing grown up stuff with grace and charm and maturity, while the other boys (part 1)

are attending a charity ball one day early (crazy random happenstance!), dressed horribly with tacky colours and oversized clothes (I mean, why?? Their fashion sense lately was A+!), along with the beard, and just. The contrast is huge and it favours zayn, absolutely. Let’s hope he’ll bring back with him all his poise and adult-y amazingness. (part 2)


Yes, I thought he 100% showed the world the real Zayn, who is beautiful, poised, articulate, charming and humble. Not an emotionally unstable, stoned, fuck up and cheater trapped in a toxic relationship. And yes as a fan over the age of 18, I really enjoyed that. Zayn has definitely manned up.

Overall, I think the fandom WANTS 1D to shine individually. People loved seeing Niall at The Masters. People love seeing Louis out and about. People enjoyed seeing Liam do his thing for Trekstock. Last year I said their team had totally missed the boat by not cultivating their individual celebrity which would in turn transform them a supergroup–because that’s what you get when a bunch of individual celebrities come together on a musical project. They should have been getting breaks where they all got to do things on their own to strengthen the 1D brand. But those dumb mofos were thinking typical boyband formula when they didn’t have a typical boyband. Missed opportunities.

I think the wardrobe issues were definitely due to the lack of a stylist. If that Trekstock stunt (I hate that Modest used a charity for stunting purposes) hadn’t been slapped together on the fly, they could’ve had Caroline hook them up. She obviously hooked Zayn up.

10.15 The Things They Carried


  • This is SPN. I love SPN. How in the damn hell was I so bored?? I can take bad but memorable episodes, but boring episodes are just…
  • Cole’s vendetta against Dean was mildly endearing in a “aaaw you poor little fella” sort of way, but now that he doesn’t have that anymore he’s pretty unremarkable. And he’s an idiot. And I don’t like his haircut. And why does he look so old? I would like him to die, please.
  • If you’re not gonna follow the rules of the old Gamble-era Khan worm then why bring it back at all? Just create a new monster.
  • There was a lot of talking and most of it was exposition as bland as a bowl of oatmeal with tofu and boiled broccoli in it.
  • After the quality of CAIN’S MAJESTIC FACE I’m kinda bummed that we’re coming back from hiatus with such a mediocre episode :(


  • Those poor gas-n-sip employees keep dying like flies. I hope they have good benefits. 
  • Was the cake a penis? Did Dean lick the rich penis cream off of his fingers? I don’t know. Nobody knows. (Yes, it was.)
  • The worm special effects were impressive. And it did look a bit like Cole was puking poop.
  • The parallels were so heavy that I need Cas to lift the anvil off of my head now. But it’s better than nothing?… At least there’s a bit more to go on than #Thinman.
  • Sam’s hair looked nice I guess.