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“No, I didn’t. You know him better than anyone else ever has or ever will. You made him, you taught him to be all he is, and you know him down to his bones. You know how strong he is. You know how much he loves you. If I gave you anything, give me your faith now. Teach one thing to all your children. I have never told you anything more true than this. Believe this, if you believe nothing else. Raphael saved himself.

My favourite thing about that episode was actually the fact characters acknowlegded and actually discussed the fact that as soon as Carol finds out about Glenn & Abe she would start a war. That she would march on up to Negans compound and fuck. That. Up.

None of this passive “She can take care of her self” just flat out, Yeah she would march into battle and kill a bitch.


It took me a while, but I managed to make the thing for @scarletclarinet‘s birthday today. Here’s a Vex for you, you amazing person. Thank you <3

Lgbtq+ people getting outed and kicked out is such an important, real-world issue. And yet they (SG) doesn’t properly explore it? What the actual fuck.  

Ok I am annoyed.

Recently, @hausofax drew a super cute pic of me that I loved and shared everywhere and earlier today she apologised on twitter for white washing me. I was confused and basically turns out some people on here are giving her grief…


The thought is probably coming from a good place but hausofax is my friend who has actually seen me in person and knows what I look like. I never want to be the reason she gets any hate, ever! She doesn’t deserve it.

Secondly, I am actually white. If I have confused you in any way, I didn’t meant to. When I moved to the UK, I was a lot more tanned and I got used to drawing me darker when everyone around me is the colour of a wedding dress. Not as tanned now but old habits… (The nose is my greek showing)

Also, I have never had any problem standing up for myself and wouldn’t reblog anything that offended me.

But what matters the most is that accusing people without having all the facts is wrong. And by crying wolf, you undermine all the actual cases of deliberate white washing. So, please, consider carefully and do some research before putting any blame on people you don’t know.

Thank you.


i notice.. next week (when i get my draw tablet back) is my examination for graduating. 

 i’ll be busy..! i will start to study on feb 27. i’m sorry if i wont post much, but after the graduate exam(?)(it is 3 days), i might draw a lot(since a lot of free time)i’m not sure if i will draw a lot, but i will still talk to friend or answer ask for a lil bit of time (but not draw)

 ty for understanding<3
(sorry poor english)

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James and Remus spent seventh year talking politics, reading The Prophet and whispering together about their fates, how to protect the people they loved, discussing eventualities. 

They were the first two invited by Dumbledore to join the Order of the Pheonix, although Dumbledore knew that James wouldn’t join without Sirius, and that a boy like Peter needed a cause. 

@sailorcrafty you got me thinking about a Pocahontas AU now and I’m fucking dying….Noctis is Pocahontas, Ignis is the Flit, Gladio is Meeko, Prompto is John Smith, Luna is Nakoma, Ardyn is Ratcliffe, Loqi can be Wiggins, Ravus is Percy, Regis is Powhatan, and Cor is Kocoum (since that’s what you mentioned) and honestly I didn’t know I needed this AU till now, I’m laughing.