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I think that you mentioned how that this third faction is about re-creating the status quo, and I am definitely getting the idea that we are seeing this. In a literary sense, maintaining the status quo is undercut by where its brought Urie in the latest chapter. Literally in the exact same circumstances when Shirazu died. Matsuri coming back with that emotionless face like that only serves to solidify the theme in my opinion.

:Re for the majority of the manga has been about shallow returns and soft resets. After all the manga itself starts out with Kaneki being given a so called “second chance” that he’s totally fine with in the form of Haise.

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untitled #2

written in a scrawl

among the recipes

a couplet of pure grace

now dilute upon the page

weathered by the scratch of seconds

that reach beyond millions

now cold



a home for dust

March 15 2016

Acela Express 2167

I grew up on trains in summer 2014. I remember taking them to see each of the 3 boys I was dating at the time. I remember changing their names to “Krista” and “Emily” while on the way to see one of them, just in case the other two called or texted. I laugh when I think of that. I was 21, freshly graduated, and so goddamn dumb. I knew full well I’d lose every one of them. It was kind of fun, actually, and bizarrely comforting.

I look out the window of the train. We pass a sign that reads “Divorce, only $399!” It stands in a crowd of townhouses.
Discount divorces! Man. Why can’t that market crash?

Amtrak personnel walk by and check everyone’s tickets. I take mine out of my purse and wait. I pick my cuticles and avoid eye contact in the meantime. My face is heavy with the weight of imagined stares from passengers. My cheeks get hot, and I get annoyed with myself. Irony is turning bright red in public because no one is looking at you. I’m sick of letting myself feel shit like that.

the Amtrak personnel scan my stub, and I’m once again free to turn away from myself, to look outwards. I like looking at the people and things that turn up beside railroad tracks. It’s been 30 minutes and I’ve seen 3 schools and a thousand identical houses. I never really see the kids who grow up by them. I wonder how they like it.

Rusty graveyards separate passing towns. They’re home to immobile cars and boats out of water. Around here, there are just as many churches as there are junkyards. I’ve decided to be comforted by it.



Excerpt from “Another Way Home,” a work in progress 


The High Lords of Paliano

A cycle of B/x legendary creatures, each representing one of Fiora’s political movers and shakers. The high lords all have the special keyword sovereign; above and beyond the restrictions of ordinary legends, these Nobles won’t simply deign to feed any Nantuko Husk that comes along. Think of them as the kings on your metaphorical chessboard, which function best when well supported and protected – perfect for Commander. 

Tesorro of Many Threads: A former Custodi priest, Don Tesorro is said to have an unparalleled mastery of Fiora’s mystical Charter, in addition to his extensive network of spies and informants. In the slang of the Lower Streza, an unfortunate whose “thread has been cut” suddenly finds themselves snarled in legal complications – ledgers erased, trade goods magically immobilized, even their own home bodily trapping them inside – often as a result of Tesorro’s displeasure.

La Serencina, Giltmasque: The entity known as “La Serencina” is Paliano’s most prominent socialite. For those who dally in the polite fictions of high society, the music-loving lady of masks is the ultimate arbiter of social status and the “who’s who.” Of course, the price of her favor is the divulgence of secrets, the more salacious the better.

High Lady Avidiseri: Violence and murder continue to be legal in the High City, but only a select few individuals – among them Avidiseri – have both the personal physical prowess and the gang of loyal enforcers to gain lasting influence. Often viewed as a people’s champion of sorts, the “Red Countess” is famed for her enthusiastic sponsorship of the Academy’s most creative and destructive inventions. 

Ignaze, Tax-Feaster: Arque-Financiere Ignaze is not a demon, nor a vampire, nor a wraith. Worse – he’s a tax collector. (Rumor has it, though, that he has recently been seen in the company of a gorgon.)

Malvulgo, Lord of Bloat: Lord Malvulgo’s full title – “Grand Administrator of Imperial Holdings and Occupied Territories, Cadastre-Keeper, Lord-Proprietor of the Vaucas Lowlands, and Sponsor of the Reachworth Expeditions” – continues to grow with every new property he acquires. His avarice for territory apparently knows no bounds, as many a displaced outlander has discovered.