not i am number four


Things The Lorien Legacies Fandom Forgets

1. Marina is two years older then John
2. John thought Nine was a girl in book 1
3. Nine was shirtless for the majority of his imprisonment
4. There is a giant dead squid/octopus/thing named Olivia in the bottom of a lake in Spain
5. Pittacus could have been One, Two or Three
6. Marina sometimes mutters in Spanish
7. Ella called Crayton Papa
8. Resurrection is listed as one of the Loric Legacies

Books signs

Aries: Percy Jackson 

Leo: The Maze Runner

Taurus: Vampire Academy

Gemini: A Song of Ice and Fire

Cancer: Throne of Glass

Aquarius: I Am Number Four

Scorpio: Legend

Libra: The Giver

Virgo: Divergent

Sagittarius: Shadowhunters

Capricorn: Harry Potter

Pisces: Hunger Games

What book are you?