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Some of my Headcanons for Sally and Lightning Part 1.
  • Their first kiss was under the neon, with all the fam watching.
  • Lightning was the first to say “ I love you! “ 
  • Doc first made sure that Lightning went to his own cone alone and didn’t move from there. But after a while he just let it go.
  • Sally was the one who suggest to move together like : You know Stickers, lets move together! 
  • Lightning was relived that she felt the same
  • And that it wasn’t him the one who brougth that up, he didn’t know how to say it
  • Valentines day is their favorite holiday. 
  • They get to spend all they together, even Lightning takes a brake from training and racing just to be with Sally.
  • Lightning is hoppeles romantic
  • Sally is not. But she tries.
  • Sometimes Sally gets jealous for all the feminine attention he receives. But she knows better.
  • Lightning says he doesn’t get jealous, just annoyed with other cars flirting with Sally. 
  • The only time he punched someone in his face , was during one of his season. 
  • The racer couldn’t stop flirting with Sally to a point it annoyed both of them. But what really set him off was seeing the other car succefully trapped Sally in a corner and steal a kiss from her.
  • As a result he wasn’t allowed to finish the season. But he was ok with that, as long as he didn’t have to see the other racer’s face.
  • The paparazzi had a field-day with all that “drama”
  • They barely fight. They only have one big argument. 
  • Lightning spend that night at Flo’s  V8 cafe. In the morning he left with out saying good bye ,to a race with the RS Team. 
  • Doc wasn’t happy to see that Lightning wasn’t really into the race.
  • During the last of his pit-stop , while Guido is changing his tires and Doc is talking to him, Sally appears.  
  • They look at each other and Lightning came forward to kiss her. 
  • Doc searchs for Lightning thinking he is back in the trail only to find him in the pitstop, kissing Sally like there is no tomorrow.
  • Doc yell and threats Lightning to go back to the trail. Lightning finally obeys and win the race.
  • Doc: I’m too old for this  * sighs*
  • They have a Movie Night , at least once a month.
  • If Lightning is away he will call her and talk on the phone while they watch the same movie
  • Lightning likes actions movies.
  • Sally likes horror movies.
  • They both love Disney/Pixar movies

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esses são os tumblr feminino… se eu esqueci de alguém, perdão.. já foram muitos aí pra lembrar ❤️🤙🏼


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