not homestuck holy shit what

Aeons ago an anon asked for some shippy art featuring Meulin with someone other than Kurloz, and you know, as dope as Meuloz is, Meulin should definitely get around some more if ya ask me! So how about her sharing some dank catnip with Damara B)
I think this is called “shotgunning”


In class a guy said

“America is about to become the greatest circus on Earth. The Ringling Brothers are shutting down because they can’t compete.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like Dark Carnival foreshadowing from a guy that doesn’t know what Homestuck is……….
(Holy shit we are in the Alpha kids timeline)


It’s in the eyes! I can tell you will always be danger.


What I read/played

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What I expected

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What I got (holy shit this is gonna be a long one)

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My Favorite Troll

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Favorite Kid

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My Zodiac Troll

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All in all

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What a gr8 upd8

Like holy shit I don’t even know what to talk about first

Davepetasprite is a legitimately competent and happy and confident being who actually feels good about themself

Jasprosesprite has finally met someone who’s on her level, understands what she’s going through, cares about her, and can stand up to her bullshit

Like I know everyone was pissed off about the comic jumping the shark or whatever yesterday but I’m actually just really pleased with this?