not his face this time


“thank you so much, finnegan, for being here when she got home from school.”
“it’s no problem. she’s a handful, that one.”
“oh, yup. I don’t know if i’m scared or excited about her teen years.”
“be very afraid. I can’t believe you’re having another one.”
“when will you be back in the city, uncle finnegan?!”
“hmmm… let me see. when you’ve thought of your scary new nickname, give me a call.”

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hello this is ur daily bird ask saying that i love you and here is your daily bird smorch *smorches u* thank u for having me and remember to hydrate

i love u!!! i am very hydrated bc i just spent like 2 hours lying on my bathtub trying to help my snake shed and i got soaked

32. Having Dean wrapped around your finger.

A/N: I have to write a history paper and turn it in by midnight tonight but instead I wrote this. Whoops.

Word count: 677


“Hey, focus,” she snaps her fingers in front of his face, making him blink a few times before focusing on her once more.

“Sorry, this stuff is just kind of gross,” he murmurs apologetically. He gives her a half smile and rubs the back of his neck.

“Well, as long as you’re with me you’re gonna have to deal with it, so suck it up buttercup,” she tells him, her current mood not one to be trifled with.

Her stomach hurts and he knows nothing of her pain.

“I know,” he sighs, offering her a small smile. “Just, don’t you think a guy walking around carrying…” he looks to the list she’s made him and lists off her necessities, “…a heating pad, chocolate shakes, and some… Pamprin? Whatever the hell that is. Don’t you think it’s gonna be a little weird?”

“Trust me, if anyone sees you they will know that you have a moody girlfriend back at home, and that you’re doing her bidding to avoid getting your head shoved up your ass,” she tells him, watching as he made a face. Her tactic changes to one that she knows he can’t combat. “Dean, please? I’m miserable…”

She gives him her best pout, and he exhales before smiling down at her.

“You never complain out on hunts,” he reminds her as he tucks the comforter up around her. She has to contain her smile as she’s victorious in persuading him.

“Yeah, because I’m too worried about not dying,” she tells him the truth. “Just go, please. My stomach hurts, and the sooner you get back, the sooner you can cuddle me to make me feel better.”

“Fine,” he presses a quick kiss to her lips. “I’ll be back in less than an hour.”

“You’re the best, Dean,” she smiles at him as he departs. After he leaves, she curls into her bed and waits for his return, dozing for only a few moments at a time.

“I’m back, Sweetheart,” he tells her, watching her crack an eye open to look at him. “I had to ask an old lady for help finding the Pamprin. She called me cute for buying it for my girlfriend.”

His cheeks are slightly pink as he gives her the plastic bag with all the things from her list.

“You are cute,” she tells him as she pops the medicine bottle open and downs the medicine with some water.

“I’m not cute,” he shoots back, sitting down on the edge of the bed beside her. “I’m a man.”

“Well, can my man rub my back?” she tries, offering him a half smile when he shoots her an exasperated look.

“First I made you breakfast, then you sent me to the store, and now you want a massage?” he asks, his green eyes holding her gaze. “What do I look like? A servant?”

“Please, Dean?” she requests as she gives her best pleading expression.

“Fine,” he agrees, and she makes a small sound of joy at his answer.

She turns over to her side so he can rub her back easily from his current position, moaning aloud when his strong hands found her flesh.

“Dean, that feels so good,” she tells him, humming her pleasure.

“Dean, where are the keys? I need to go grocery shopping!” Sam yells through the bunker, and Dean’s magical hands stop working on her back for a moment as he looks for the keys in his pocket.

“In here,” Dean calls back, and soon enough she hears Sam’s footfalls in her room. Nothing is said between any of them for a few moments until Dean speaks again. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m taking care of my girl.”

She turns to look at Sam, who is grinning a big, dimpled smile. He makes the sound of a cracking whip and then winks to his brother.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean yells as Sam starts to walk away. Sam’s all the way in the hallway before she hears his response.

“It means that she’s got you whipped!”

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An imagine where Theo is having severe ptsd and Liam/Scott/whoever decides he needs to see a therapist, but Theo doesn't want to go to therapy alone.

Your suffering is my command.

He lays on the bed in the dark, cuddled into a pillow, he sniffs as his body shakes with his crying. He presses the pillow closer and clutches it hard as another sob leaves his body. He’s been like this for a full hour now. Stopping and starting, over and over. He doesn’t even know why he is upset for. He has suffered so much before, acted so strong and held himself together, but its times like this when he can’t pretend anymore. He takes a big shaking breath and rubs the wetness of his face, for a little time he falls quiet, his hand stroking the side of the pillow. He sniffs again and closes his eyes, hearing a car driving down the street, the lights shining around the ceiling but he ignores it. He stays there until he falls asleep.

Downstairs Liam watches as Scott places the room, the Alpha looks troubled. Liam knows why.

“What sort of help Liam? Theo doesn’t seem to need our help” Scott reasoned “And, why would he?”

“He needs help” Liam listened to upstairs, but there was no sound of walking coming from the room above. “Scott, it’s the third time this week, and last week he barely slept, he was shouting about his sister in his sleep and we did that to him- “

“Theo did that to her” Scott knew he shouldn’t get angry with Liam, but it was hard

“I know, but I was the one who got him out of there. He’s not the same as he used to be, he’s different now and there’s something wrong with him. Last night he was just sat up in bed for ages, just looking at the floor, for hours. He’s up there now and I know he’s crying. He does that a lot too, there is just something wrong with him, he doesn’t sleep and when he does he wakes up screaming his sister’s name, he gets confused and looks around the room as if he doesn’t believe he’s really here”

Scott sat on the sofa next to Liam. Conflicted over wanting to help, but not wanting to get hurt. Not yet ready to forgive the person who killed him. He remembered Theo’s maniac expression as he sunk his claws into Scott’s chest. His mind flickered to the boy who smiled at him in the rain, approaching Scott as an old friend returning home. He remembered the concerned boy in the locker room, sitting down next to him to tell him lies and deceit. He sees the fake tears falling down Theo’s face as he teary tells Scott the lies about Stiles killing Donovan

“Are you sure? Absolutely sure this isn’t an act?” Scott warned.
Liam took a while to answer, but then he nodded
“I’m sure. It’s real”

Long soggy hair strands covering her ghostly pale face… the stench of rotten flesh… the decaying bones all ripped open… Her hand pulling out his heart.
Theo leaped up and slammed his head into the headboard, the pillow hitting the floor. A yelp escaped Theo’s mouth and his stomach churned, making him dash to the bathroom, making it just in time. Coughing he flushed the toilet and washes his mouth out. Then washing his face. His hair stuck up untidy, his eyes red and puffy, his face pale. His eyes looked red. He was a mess. He filled a cup with water and sat on the bathtub drinking, his hand shaking as his other checked to make sure his heart was there still. His hands were freezing cold, so were his feet, but the rest of him felt clammy and hot. He wanted to get his hoodie from downstairs so went down the stairs to get it, stopping as he heard Liam talking to Scott.
About him.

“Maybe I should ask my dad to talk to him? Your mother doesn’t really get on with him. He really needs help, isn’t there medication for this? I – I give him Risperdal the other day, he was so upset, he was shaking and he couldn’t breathe right, I don’t know what was happening to him, it used to make me tried so I give him some, he doesn’t know, I crushed some in his drink. It calmed him down a little, he managed to sleep, but I can’t keep drugging him”

Theo frowned, remembering earlier this week when he became really sleeping and went to bed early. Liam didn’t seem surprised. Theo vowed to be more careful around the younger boy.

“Liam, you can’t just drug Theo” Scott sounded exhausted
“I know! I won’t do it again. I thought I was helping him…” Liam muttered.

The step Theo was on groaned, the two boys stopped talking.  Theo closed his eyes hard and opened them when he heard Liam say his name from the room.

“Theo?” Liam’s head came from the sitting room. Theo’s eyebrow raised “Just getting- a drink” Theo shrugged, walking down and past Liam, seeing Liam noticing how rough he looks.

Scott followed Theo into the kitchen. Theo didn’t make eye contact with the Alpha, didn’t look around at him.
“At the hospital they do one to one appointments, my mom does them often without patients. Stiles went once. Maybe you should drop in. Liam says you’ve been having a bad time?”
Theo still didn’t look up; his shoulder was tucked into his neck. He lowered it, trying to relax a little. A hot tear ran down Theo’s face.  He blinked the others away and just nodded. Taking his time making a drink without letting Scott see his tears. It had gotten to the point where even Scott pitied him. He drank slowly, still facing away from Scott until the other boy walked out the room. Theo stayed in there, alone, his lips moving by themselves, sometimes shaking, other times moving to the side. He traced his finger over drops of water around the sink.

He heard the door opening and closing… Scott had left.

“Maybe you should think of going.” Liam came back “It may help you. What you said happened down there with the skinwalkers- “Theo turned around and Liam seen just how tired the other boy looked, how broken he was “You don’t have to face it alone Theo. I can ask my dad, he knows therapist and Melissa, she has access to medication. Maybe its stress you are suffering from, maybe- “Liam broke off. Theo’s eyes were all watery, his lip moving by itself. He looked so much younger. 

Right away Liam went to him and held him. Stroking the back of Theo’s head, he heard the other boy asking Liam to come with him. 

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What would it be like for Reaper Sans to have to finally reap the soul of his human s/o?

Reaper Sans

He knew this day would come. You’re laying in bed with the sunsetting through the window behind you. Death is hesitant. He doesn’t want to reap you, he wants to go back, to the good times where you’re laughing and smiling brightly. He stands there for what seems like hours. Finally you smile at him and tell him it’ll be alright. He tells you that he doesn’t want to do this. Your smile never leaves him, and you touch his face with your bare hands for the first time. 

“I’m glad it is you.”

And just like that, you’re gone. Death wishes he can go with you, but he knows he can’t. That’s how cruel life is. He keeps you in his memory and thinks about you everyday. From all the pain he went through, he vows to never fall again. 


Yeah.. uhm.. I brushed on this yesterday with my brief analysis on how to draw the CG Beast and looking at the pictures I just had to line them up in Photoshop. The live action Beast is literally Dan Stevens in a costume.  He was on the BBC One Show the other day talking about how they filmed with him covered in motion capture dots, muscle suit etc. and I suppose because they used such direct motion capture rather than animating from scratch it made sense to have all the facial features to match.  It also explains why on the character the face at times seemed almost tacked-on.  They filmed his face separately from rest of his actions.  Mouth is further down but that also makes sense if you see Dan in interviews putting on his “Beast voice” because he pulls his face down when he does it.

It’s kinda cool because it allowed for more fine tuned facial expressions in the CG but it’s also… kinda… well.. out of all the reincarnations of the Beast this is easily the least animalistic and I have to agree with some of the reviews I have seen who argue because he is so humanoid and with classical, symmetrical features and stance, it takes away from the whole point of the fairytale of learning to love someone for who they are inside.  Due to the symmetry it’s like the theory of why so many thought Bruce Willis is hot in the 90s: human brains are hard coded to be drawn to symmetry and you can’t help but find a person attractive because their face is so perfectly aligned even though they are lacking many of the other commonly considered markers of “handsome” or “beautiful”. One of the few Beauty and the Beast adaptations that springs to mind to have avoided this was the Czech ‘Panna a Netvor’ version where Beast was given a bird-like appearance and he was genuinely terrifying. 

All My Idols Ch 16: The Interview

“So tell us about your self.”

“I’m 23 years old, I am from Ohio, I’m….” My sentence trails off as I try and think of more things to say. I look to my oppas for help. Three are to my left while the other two are on my right, sitting there in their perfect suits and all their greatness I feel like I loo inadequate. “I’m sorry, I’m not very good at interviews.”

The interviewer, who also happens to be Kim Woobin, stares at me with a soft smile on his face, “It’s fine, take your time.” I take a deep breath as I scan the small room, glancing at the cameras pointed at us that are unmanned, so only me, my oppas, and Woobin are in the room.

When I’m somewhat less nervous I continue, “I moved to Korea about 11 months ago.”

“What made you decide to move to Korea?”

“I just wanted to, I had nothing keeping me there so I just up and moved,” I explain simply. He nods.

“Didn’t you have any family or friends?”

“I have both, my mom and dad were not so happy with the idea but since I’m an adult they couldn’t say much about it. My really close friend wanted to come with me but due to family reasons she couldn’t.”

“Has it been hard moving to a place really different from your own?”

I shake my head and smile at my oppas, “I have really great friends who helped me adjust and helped me meet a lot of new people.”

He chuckles, “Yes, which brings us to the main reason you are here, to talk about the many relationships you have developed since being here. Lots of fans have been sending in questions since your interview was announced, many of them are funny or curious but there are some that aren’t very nice.”

“I expected so.”

“Now you just tell me when you want to be done, okay? And please do not cry, I have a feeling I will be beat up for saying something wrong,” He teases the five tense looking men around me.

“Don’t worry, they are harmless.”

“First question, ‘How did you meet Big Bang?’”

“I ran into Top oppa on my way back from the bathroom and he was lost.”

Top interrupts me, “I was not lost, we were just heading in the same direction.”

I scoff at him, “You were totally lost, but in your defense there were no direction signs in Korean.”

“So you helped him back to the gate and, boom, friendship?” Woobin asks with those brows of his raised.

We all nod but GD responds, “Basically, we talked for a few hours before we got on the plain and on the plane we had her sit with us. Sitting in plain with a person for ten hours really bonds you.”

“Next question, ‘have you ever seen any of our oppas naked?’”

I almost die laughing, “I haven’t seen more then you’ve seen on stage. Except for Top oppa, I’ve actually seen him shirtless a couple of times.”

“Ya, ya, ya,” Top fakes angry, “That is none of their business.”

I chuckle, “So to answer your question, I have not seen our oppas completely naked.”

Woobin is smirking down at the questions in front of him as he tries not to laugh, “Have they ever saw you naked?” He takes a sip of his water.

“Once.” I deadpan.

He chokes on his water, almost spitting it out, “Really?”

We all nod awkwardly.

“Do I want to know?”

I scratch the back of my head as I think about it, “It’s not that bad but there was miscommunication once when I was showering at their hotel and Seungri came in and screamed, which brought everyone else over. It was very awkward.”

“Why were you showering at their hotel?”

“Is that really a question?”

Woobin shakes his head, “Nope, I’m just curious.”

“Don’t get too excited there,” GD scolds his friend, “I accidently spilled juice on her so we let her use the shower.”

“Uh huh,” Woobin snickers.

“Are you going to ask anymore questions?” Youngbae asks.

Woobin clears his throat as he continues his questions, “What are your favorite groups?”

“Big bang, Ikon, BTS, and EXO.”

“Are you planning on becoming friends with any actors?” He looks away from his notecards again with a smirk.

“I don’t plan on anything, I just kind of go with the flow.”

“So do you want to get coffee after this?”

“None of that!” Seungri throws a pillow at him.

“Is this what normally happens when someone hits on you?” He laughs as the others start throw the couch pillows at him.

“I don’t get hit on that often. And when I do, they are not around,” I swat at my oppas. “He’s just trying to make me less nervous, stop with your jealousy.”

“Fine,” Top huffs as he relaxes back in his seats, the others following suit.

“Okay, would you be alright with me reading one of the meaner one?”

I shrug, “Go ahead.”

His hesitance to read the question is heartwarming, knowing he doesn’t want to hurt or insult me, “How many people did you have to spread your legs for to get this far?”

I actually laugh, “I actually haven’t slept with anyone since I’ve been here, thank you for asking. What is the meanest question that you’ve got?”

“Are you sure?”

“IF they are anything like that question this isn’t going to be as stressful as I thought it was.”

“How much do you weigh, and then there are some names I don’t wish to repeat?”

“I weigh 47kg. Next mean one!” I demand with a smile on my face.

“This one is kind of upsetting so stop me if you need to,” He waits for my to nod. “You should just kill yourself, no one would miss you or even care that you were gone. You should know that our oppas and unnies are only paying attention to you because they feel bad that you have no friends or family that care. When are you just going to kill yourself so our oppas can stop having to waste their time on you?” Poor Woobin looks heart broken that he actually just read that. GD and Top who are right next to me automatically look to me, waiting for tears or something, while Daesung and Seungri look like they are about to cry themselves. Youngbae jumps out of his seat and glares at the camera.

“What the hell is wrong with you people? How could you say to a person who has done nothing wrong? All she did was befriend us and you think that gives you the right to talk to her like that?”

“Youngbae oppa,” I reach out and pull him back to his seat with a soft smile.

“Charlie,” GD worries, “Are you okay? Do we need to take a break?”

I laugh at him, “You guys worry too much. That did nothing to me.”

“Are you sure? I understand if you need to take a break,” Woobin adds.

I wave their worries away and look into one of the cameras with a soft smile, “To the lovely young lady who wrote that question. I grew up with two older sisters and an older brother in a bad area of Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve heard the worse things a person can say to me, so please stop with things like that, you are only making your oppas uncomfortable. Also, if you don’t want to stop, try harder, so you can actually make me cry.” When I finish my rant I give the boys an encouraging smile. “If there aren’t any comments more mean than that could we switch back to the other ones? I feel like if you keep reading those I’m going to end up getting annoyed and swearing.”

Youngbae snickers, “That’s our girl.”

“Are you single?” Woobin leans forward as he asks.

I laugh, “Are you curious again?”

He shrugs, “It’s probably op here anyway, just answer the question.”

“Yes, I am single.”

“Would you like to get married?” Once again more pillows attack him. “That is actually on here!”

“Yes, I would like to get married in the future.”

“Are there any idols you would marry if the purposed right now? Lets not include these fools and do it as if you were still a normal fan. Pick one person you would like to marry.”

I blush, “I don’t want to say.”

This perks his interest even more, “Come on share.”

“Are you thinking of your number one bias?” Daesung asks leaning forward to look at me. I nod.

“You have a bias list?”

Again I nod.

“Would you like to share?”

“Not really?”

Woobin huffs, “Come one give me something. How about you give me the bottom five?”

I nibble on my lip for a minute, “Fine, but this is a new list not counting my big bang oppas.”

Woobin grins big, “Okay, so number 10!”

“Woozi from Seventeen.”


“B.A.P’s Himchan.”


“BTS’s Yoongi.”


“EXO’s Kyungsoo.”


“Mino from Winner.”

“5?” He tries.

I unconsciously go along, “BTS’s J-hope.”


“Jooheon from Monsta X.”


“Lay from EXO.”

“2?” His voice gets high as he gets more excited.

“B.I from Ikon.”

“And your number one bias is?”

“Absolutely not.”

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Hi! When did Nas met Cade? For my understanding she didn't know him or even seen his face before. The last time he was around, Nas wasn't even with the team yet. She only knew about him for what the team told her the day they got Jane back. So, the fact that she was the first one who recognized/said his name b4 Jane and Kurt did in last night episode has me wondering. Unless, I missed something.

that'’s a good point. you are right, Nas had not met Cade before as far as we know. But the team does have that big chart of Sandstorm operatives and I believe Cade’s pic could have been on there. Remember when he was after them last year and he was just running around the city, it would have been easy for them to grab a street camera or security footage image of him and kept it on file.

Even if they didn’t have an actual photo, they definitely have a sketch artist drawing of him and since they all more or less met him, it could be accurate.

Or it could just be a continuity error in the writing ;)

2P! Sweden X Reader: (Bernard)

Haha, this is nothing great but he is one of my favs so I though I should just write a quick fic for him!

“Hey, Y/N.” Bernard said as he sat back on the couch, you looked over to him.
“Yes?” You reply, he thinks for a moment.
“You want to come with me to the park?” He asked, you nodded slightly and he stood.
“Ok, we’ll go now, come on.” He smiled, you stood and followed him out the door.
The both of you walked down the street, where the street lamps were beginning to come on. You could hear Bernard humming softly to himself as you walked, you glanced at him a few times and his smile never left his face. It was a bit darker by the time the both of you got to the park, and there was no one there. He leads you over to a bench near a fountain and under a street lamp, he sat and patted a space next to him, you sat down and looked at the fountain.
“Y/N…” He whispered, you look at him.
“Yeah?” You reply softly, he smiles softly to himself.
“Do you like me?” He continued, your face heats up.
“Y-yeah, I like all of you guys…” You reply shyly, he looks at you.
“No, I mean, do you “like” me?” He asked again, you bit you lip. You though you hide it well, but apparently not. You nod shyly, he sighs.
“I love you though.” He replied, you looked at him in shock.
“L-love…” You breathed, he nods.
“Mm hmm, but we never get to be alone in that house, so I never got to tell you how I fell…” He says, he looks at you and smiles again.
“Why did you bring to the park to tell me this?” You asked.
“…We only got to be alone right now because they have gone to a party, and it’s nice here” He relplied, he then leans in for a kiss, at first you hesitate but lean in as well. Your lips only touch for a moment, before you pulled back with a burning face. He tilts his head a little before placing his hands on your cheeks and leaning in again, with a bit more force behind the kiss. He then stood up and grabbed your hand.
“Come on, let’s go home, they won’t be back until around 2am.” He said as he started walking.

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I mean I don't want anyone to ever hurt Robert, he needs to be protected. But damn does that boy look beautiful with all the bruises on his face and the black eyes. In 2015, when he got beaten 3 times an episode. I think the make up dept literally had a chair with his name on. And then the shitty excuses he gave Chrissie, 'fell down the stairs' I should not care this much about a fictional character but I'm too far gone right now :)

Honestly he’s the most beautiful thing to beat up 😍😍 bruises and cuts just suit him…I just have this thing about Aaron kissing all his cuts and marks, making him hiss in pain when he sucks on his split lip but he doesn’t want him to stop…

Ahem…anyway…lol how did Chrissie believe any of that crap?!
“I fell down the stairs.”
“You have a hand print on your ch-”

Poor woman…she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I Guess We’re The Same, So Don’t Leave Me Behind

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Summary: 28-year-old Teruki is depressed, working a dead-end job, and sees life as meaningless and dull. Only when, Shigeo, another esper going through the same troubles as him enters his life he realizes he’s not so alone.

Previous Chapters:
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