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Hiking the lava fields…

altheabxo Final post of my lava seeking adventure. Notice the cracks and deep fissures…these can range anywhere from 12 inches to 30-50 feet deep and if you so happen jump onto an area that is hollow, you may end up breaking through into a lava tube and who knows how deep that can be! Btw, after I arrived home, I inspected my shoes and the rubber on the bottom looked like it had been scraped off with a steel BBQ brush, probably from the times I was stepping onto cooled lava that was still hot (if that makes any sense). Just look up dangers of lava fields, it’ll give you an idea of what I was up against. I’m posting this so that others may be aware

For Science

So last night @lamerdeseslarmes was talking about how archaeologists lick things and then went ahead to mention Ford and the Bill statue. Well, I TOOK IT AND RAN WITH IT. Have a silly little ficlet. :D

Flustered Bill, clueless Ford, Billford, mildly suggestive themes. (And an open ending because I’m totally gonna continue this later heeheehee)

”A-ha! Jackpot.”

It was an odd thing to say, seeing how his discovery had nothing to do with gambling. Maybe he’d taken after his muse and his often unnecessarily bombastic way of words.

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We went adventuring! Alas day one was rather wet and dreary, but day two was beautifully sunny.

This adventure included:

  • The human walking with her full pack for the first time in a very long time. Human aches quite a lot today.
  • Mango charming everyone with her backpack.
  • Mango being unnecessarily concerned with the clouds rolling off the mountains.
  • Surprise feral highland cobs (probably, they were too big to be highland ponies, and if they were owned leaving them to roam the estate doesn’t seem the best idea?)