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  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the official name of the Star Wars themed lands at Walt Disney World and Disneyland California.🌟
  • The lands will be totally immersive.🌟
  • In the remote trading port, on the light side of the lands, guests will have a chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon, and whether you land or crash it will determine how people treat you throughout the day! (THAT level of immersion) Also, depending on how you do in the ride, characters from “Star Wars: Rebels” will make appearances, either congratulating you on a job well done or sending a bounty hunter after you🌟
  • There will also be another ride on the dark side of the Star Wars lands, which will be set inside a Star Destroyer hangar bay.🌟
  • Throughout the Star Wars lands, guests can meet BB-8, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and Rex from Star Tours.🌟
  • There will also be a cantina restaurant, similar to the one in the movie, where guests can try Blue Milk.🌟
  • There will be also “100% immersive” luxury Star Wars hotel coming to Walt Disney World only!🌟
  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open first in Disneyland California, then in Walt Disney World.🌟


  • Marvel Land confirmed for California Adventure. Spider-Man and Avengers experience coming to Disney’s California Adventure! Disney hasn’t announced much, except that it’ll be a totally immersive experience.😱💥
  • Fantasmic will return to Disneyland✨
  • Cars Land will get Halloween makeover.
  • Paradise Pier will turn into Pixar Pier at Disney’s California Adventure, with Pixar characters all over the area and permanent changes to the park include building new areas to help bring the worlds of Pixar to life.🎢
  • Fantasmic will return to Disneyland✨
  • Disneyland will get a new fireworks show, and the Pixar Play Parade will return to the park.💥


A Marvel hotel is coming to Disneyland Paris! “Disney’s Hotel New York” as it’s now called, will be reimagined into a Marvel themed wonderland!
“We’re going to create a hotel at Disneyland Paris that would make Tony Stark proud.”- Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek


  • The park is apparently set for a MAJOR upgrade & overhaul, but Disney did revealed very little about their overall plan for the park. They shared a concept art photo for what it could look like in the future.🌐
  • A Guardians of the Galaxy ride will replace Universe of Energy, which will close August 13, 2017. Epcot is becoming part of the story, as Peter Quill enjoyed visiting the park when he was a kid on Terra / Earth.☄️
  • The Ratatouille ride from Disneyland Paris is coming to the France pavilion.🐭🇫🇷
  • China will be getting a new seamless CircleVision film. 🇨🇳
  • A new outer space-themed restaurant is also coming to the area next to Mission: Space.🌌
  • Disney Skyliner will connect Disney resorts to Epcot.🚡


  • It’s official! The famous TRON coaster from Disneyland Shanghai is coming to the Magic Kingdom! The ride will be built in a new area next to Space Mountain, and will NOT replace any existing rides. It will be open before 2021.💙
  • A new entertainment venue will be added on Main Street at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. It is inspired by Kansas City’s Willis Wood Theatre in 1920s Kansas City, where Walt lived after he left Marceline. There’s no word on what this venue will hold yet.


  • The Great Movie ride will close on August 13, 2017 to make way for a new attraction “Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway”! There will be “a great new theme song” for the attraction. Guests will step into the movie screen and onto Goofy’s train, riding through a Mickey and Minnie cartoon short.” 🐭The Imagineers says it’s not in 3D but rather “2 and a half D”, and this attraction will have more Hidden Mickeys than any other attraction ever!🐭
  • TOY STORY LAND WILL OFFICIALY OPEN SUMMER 2018.🎪 The whole concept of the land is that you’ll find yourself shrunk to the size of a toy to explore the world of Andy’s backyard with your favorite Toy Story characters, including Woody and Buzz. There will be 2 major attractions: Slinky Dog Dash & Alien Swirling Saucers.🎪
  • Slinky Dog Dash will be a family coaster attraction where you’ll zip, dodge and dash around many turns and drops that Andy has created to really make Slinky and his coils stretch to his limits.🐶
  • Alien Swirling Saucers will also be a new attraction at Toy Story Land. It’s designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet, inspired by the first “Toy Story” film. Aliens are flying around in their toy flying saucers and trying to capture your rocket toy vehicle with “The Claw.”👽


The Disney Skyliner will give guests a bird’s-eye view of Walt Disney World & will transport guests form resorts to Hollywood Studios & Epcot! Disney has also announced Minnie Mouse themed cars that will act as an Uber-like service within Walt Disney World, that will take guests anywhere they want to go within the Walt Disney World Resort.

D 23 Expo - Panel with Adam, Edward & Colin
  • #OUAT logo with Seattle skyline in the background now up as the #D23Expo panel starts (x)
  • #OUAT moderator said that finale flash forward made him say, “WTF? What the fairy tale?!” #D23Expo (x)
  • “We’re not interested in erasing those six years,” Edward Kitsis says of the happy endings at the end of S6 (x)
  • “As much as there’s new stuff and new characters, what came before is still very important to the story” (x)
  • In regards to Hyperion Heights, Kitsis says, “You’re going to see it’s a neighborhood and that’s a great title for it. (x)
  • "Hyperion Heights is a bit of a homage to Disney… we’ll have our share of hidden mickeys this year too.” (x)
  • Edward Kitsis says @Jared_Gilmore will return to #OUAT as we see younger Henry leave home (x)
  • “Henry is gonna find himself in a new enchanted forest with familiar characters who have different tales.” (x)
  • We’ll have flashbacks of enchanted forest and modern day Seattle (x)
  • Since CS was married will we see Henry with a half sibling? A&E: That question will be answered in the first ep (x)
  • She’s (Dania) playing “a different version of Cinderella” (x)
    • Guys, it’s true: @DaniaJRamirez is playing a new iteration of Cinderella. Just saw photos of her in costume #OUAT (x)
  • @tomabaud Colin’s at D23 panel talking about you and the coat you gave his son and how he even showed it to Eduardo (x)
  • In second ep we find out what happened to him (Hook) (x)
  • Could Hook have eyes for anyone but Emma? E: they are soulmates and the Hook we know only has eyes for Emma (x)
  • The audience was shocked and nearly appalled that @colinodonoghue1 has never been to any Disney park  #d23expo #OnceUponATime (x)
  • Answering a bunch of quick fire Disney questions. We learned @colinodonoghue1 loves all things #Aladdin. #D23EXPO #OnceUponATime (x)
  • Oh my! @colinodonoghue1’s foot is STILL broken from the musical performance episode. #D23Expo #onceuponatime (x)
  • “Music is a huge part of my life. It’s sort of my passion.” @colinodonoghue1 #D23EXPO #OnceUponATime (x)


(x) (x)

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“Remember, we must always believe in our wishes, for they are the magic in the world!” by Andrew Carter

Perfectly Imperfect

Summary: Ian gets a tattoo of Mickey’s name on his chest.

Word Count: 961

Notes: I have prom tomorrow so I’m sorry if I don’t post as much as usual, I’ll try to get something in though! Also if I haven’t gotten to your request yet, I promise that I will, my inbox is full right now so I’m doing them in order of when I get them :)

It’s been three months since Mickey had been released from prison. He was currently living in a small apartment down the road from the Gallagher household with Ian. Everytime he looked at the silly redhead, he couldn’t believe that Ian had waited eight years for him.

As Mickey stared at himself in the bathroom mirror, he ran his fingers over the tattoo that he had given himself inside the slammer– Ian Galager. He laughed at himself for how dumb he was for spelling his own boyfriend’s name wrong. Though it was a little messed up, Ian had always made him feel like it was perfectly imperfect. Mickey placed his hand on his heart, which is where the name belonged.

Mickey didn’t even realized that Ian had been standing in the doorframe until he walked forward and put his arms around him. Mickey let out a pleased hum and leaning into his boyfriend’s touch. His hand was still plastered over the left side of his chest, and Ian suddenly laid his own hand over Mickey’s. Ian kissed the top of Mickey’s head before speaking. “Let me see it,” he instructed.

The shorter man slowly removed his hand and turned to face Ian. Ian traced the letters and a grin laid out across his face. “What?” Mickey asks as he studies his boyfriend’s dazed expression.

“It’s beautiful,” Ian says softly and leans down to kiss it. “You know that?”

Mickey chuckles lightly. “Well you fucking tell me all the time,” he grabs Ian by the hips and pulls him closer.

“Did you know you’re beautiful?” Ian asked with a raised eyebrows. He knew that this would rile Mickey up a bit, and it always gives him a good laugh.

Mickey rolls his eyes. “You tell me that all the time too, dumbass,” he tighten his grip on Ian’s waist. “You’re such a gaywad,” he snorts but lingers his lips over Ian’s.

“Yeah,” Ian winked. “So are you.” Suddenly Ian spins Mickey around so that they’re both looking into the mirror. Mickey watches as Ian kisses the side of his head and runs his fingers over the tattoo. “I wanna get one too.”

Mickey turns himself to look at his boyfriend. “What?”

Ian smirks– which make it clear to Mickey that he has thought about this for a while. “Mickey Milkovich.” He put his hand over his own heart. “I want to get your name tattooed on me.”

Mickey raises both of his eye brows. “You fucking serious? That’s like a lifetime thing, y’know? It’ll always be there.”

Ian nods. “Obviously I fucking know that. I want it,” his voice is sincere. “Just like I want you forever.”

Holding back a grin, Mickey nods. “Alright.” He kisses his boyfriend’s cheek.

* * *

The next day, Ian had an appointment at the tattoo parlor down the street from his apartment complex. He excitedly dragged Mickey out of bed so he could get changed and they could get to where they needed to be. Mickey moaned and complained the whole morning but once he fully woke up and saw Ian’s happy expression, he couldn’t help but smile.

Ian was so excited that he was nearly skipping down the street. Mickey didn’t understand why he was so excited to get a fucking tattoo, but he definitely could not deny that it was irresistibly cute.

When they entered the tattoo parlor, Ian handed the very tall and buff man who would be doing his tattoo a slip of paper. The sheet had the outline of what he was going to have written over his heart.

As Ian started to take his shirt off and the man ran the inked needle over the left side of his chest, Mickey studied the art work that surrounded the walls of the building. Art had always caught Mickey’s eye, but that was a very hidden secret of his.

Mickey shook off his amusement of the artwork and made his way over to the big man and his boyfriend. As he studied the tattoo, he noticed that is said Mickey Millk so far. “That’s not how you spell my last name, dumbass,” he said to Ian. The tattoo artist immediately stopped.

Ian nodded at the man to keep going. “Yeah, I know that. You spelled my name wrong. Plus, you left one of the L’s out from my name so I figured I should put it in yours–” he laughed. “Perfectly imperfect, right?”

Mickey was surprised that he didn’t think of his boyfriend doing something like this. He didn’t hide the smirk that was plastering on his face, but he did roll his eyes. “Yeah,” he smiled. “It’s gay,” Mickey said in a joking manner. “But you’re right.” Perfectly imperfect.

* * *

Later that night, Mickey caught Ian staring at himself through the bathroom mirror— just like Ian had caught him the day before. He was tracing the new ink on his chest and he looked so dazed that it seemed like he under some sort of spell. A faint smile creeped upon his lips, which made Mickey’s heart flutter. This is forever.

Mickey slowly inched his way to his boyfriend and placed a kiss on his shoulder. Ian’s smile widened like it always does. “Do you like it?”

“Love it,” Mickey nodded. M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-I-L-L-K-O-V-I-C-H. He smirked at the extra “L” that Ian had added into his name. Now they both had incorrectly spelled names tattooed over their hearts.

“I love you,” Ian cooed. He turned a little to place a chaste kiss on Mickey’s lip.

Mickey hummed in response as he kissed him again, but this time it was harder. “I love you too.” He put his hand on Ian’s bare chest before kissing it. It was a way of claiming their love– their perfectly imperfect love.


Every Chris Sanders fan knows that you can see Stitch at Tomorrowland’s Stitch’s Great Escape. But did you know that Experiment 626 can also be found in the Tomorrowland gift shop, Merchant of Venus?


The next time you’re in the shop, take a look up at the ceiling. Not only did Stitch leave a trail of footprints criss-crossing the store, he can also be glimpsed smashing his way through the ceiling tiles!

Oh, and there’s one more place you can spot Stitch in Tomorrowland – if you have really, really good eyes. It’s in the exit to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Upon exiting your vehicle, check out the murals on the wall to your right. A teensy-tiny painting of Stitch’s spaceship is flying in the top left corner of the first mural! How’s that for Hidden Mickeys sneaky Stitches?

Yeah, Pleakley – I know exactly how you feel…

This WDW fun fact comes courtesy of Kevin Yee’s Walt Disney World: Hidden History.


True love! ❤ by Andrew Carter

I’m still alive!! My rips have nearly grown out, so some nail art was in order. I’ll be at Disneyland this weekend and I wanted to have a set that would work even after we leave. Thus these Beauty and the Beast inspired nails were born! Can you spot my super subtle hidden Mickey? I used a tutorial by Chelsea King from forever ago to do the roses (I think she calls them Doc Marten inspired?) and I love this set so much.

I don’t normally reblog from antis so excuse the screenshot but I fucking love this too much not to post. As someone who ships kylux as hard and fast as I do reylo, this post is the perfect storm of - NO WAIT A MINUTE I CAN MAKE IT BETTER