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not-so-big PSA thingy

hey y’all we lost our internet connection for three whole days and my blog was living off the queue; Graduation’s coming up this Sunday as well as zine/comic submissions and overdue commissions/stickers I really need to work on, so things have been piling up :((

with that said I’m taking this as a sign that I need to go on a semi-hiatus until I finish a decent chunk of work and things settle down!

I might come by here periodically but mostly to queue things and post if ever I end up streaming commissions. Asks might not be answered and chats not replied so I don’t overload myself, at least until early June ;u;

Thank you all for the patience and support!

Yeah, Name of the Wind is full of really important and valuable lessons. 

For example: 

  • Don’t bring any sort of fire into the library

That’s it. That’s all you need to know. You are now officially smarter than Kvothe. 

It’s time for a comeback.

“Some gringas have imitated me; they want to dress like ‘Mexicans,’ but those poor women look like cabbages, and to tell you the truth they look plain ugly”

   -Frida Kahlo, The Letters of Frida Kahlo, 1995

This quote has a lot of relevance in respect to the recent events in the fandom. Too often Whites have stolen, taken, and appropriated the identities and cultures of People of Color for their brown paper doll oc’s. They bastardize them, filling their backstories and personalities with racist tropes and stereotypes. They ignore criticism of such actions, dismiss and trivialize concerns of People of Color as drama, and attempt to victimize themselves or dismiss their actions with shitty excuses and shitty apologies.

It is because of these recent events that I have decided to bring Not your White Fave’s OC back. People of Color cannot rely on whites in the fandom to do right by us, to stand up for us; we cannot rely on them to own up to their racism and take the appropriate steps to rectify their disgusting actions.

People of Color truly need a space for themselves, away from the racism, ignorance and indifference of the mainstream white fandom.

There have been many People of Color in the fandom and in general on Tumblr that call for the creation of “our own spaces” because we are ignored, harassed, stereotyped, etc in the mainstream fandom. However, once a said space is made, those same people leave it on read so to speak. Either it is performative, or they still desire white affirmation.

I’m here to say that we do not need white affirmation. Referring back to the original Characters of Color post, “ We don’t need to ask for acceptance from anyone. We are enough, we’ve been enough and we always will be enough.”- Taraji P. Henson.

The goal of this blog is still the same, to create a safe place in response to the othering, and  exclusion of creatives of color in the white mainstream fandom. A place where people of color could share and celebrate their ocs and their work without fear of being spoken over.

A place for original characters of color made BY people of color, for any form of creative content made by people of color. A place to celebrate our races and cultures without having to censor it for a white audience. It is a place to encourage creators of color to share their work, to make oc’s that represent them, and to be surrounded by a community of people like them!

And so with that I’ll end with this:

Welcome to Not Your Yt Fave’s OC, a blog made for Creators of Color by People of Color!

To all nonbinary people who are worried about telling other people their gender for fear of being ridiculed: it’s okay. You don’t need to tell people or even come out at all in order to be valid. Of course you don’t deserve to be ridiculed because of your identity, and of course any people that do that are awful and wrong. But that doesn’t mean you have to take a stand and declare your gender in potentially upsetting and/or dangerous situations. Your gender doesn’t have to be a political stance.

More soulmate AUs
  • Everything is black and white until you meet/touch your soulmate AU
  • You can communicate with your soulmate through your mind before even meeting AU
  • You hair colour always matches your soulmate’s AU (x)
  • You feel your soulmate’s emotions as well as your own AU
  • Soulmates have a half of a tattoo each AU
  • Soulmates die shortly after meeting AU (x)
  • Soulmates can read one anothers’ minds AU
  • You can taste what your soulmate eats AU
  • Soulmates have the exact same tattoos in the same place AU
  • Soulmates feel each others pain AU (x)
  • Everyone owns a compass which points to their soulmate AU
  • Your soulmate’s touch can heal wounds/fade scars AU