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i wanna talk abt all the trans/nonbinary positivity im seeing on splat2, because it was something completely unexpected and came out of nowhere, but its so good and pure? all these ppl writing abt how theyre also trans and nb makes me feel less alone in the splatoon community, and nonbinary positivity in particular is hard for me to find, but it makes me feel so happy to see people i dont even know talking about this in such a good way, that theres so many trans and nb people out there even when it feels like theres not a lot of us!!

theres a few posts too like “keep politics out of splatoon” (which i mocked in my last post) and “tumblr was a mistake”, even posts about how theres only “2 genders” 

validating someones gender isnt political, its positivity. trans and nonbinary people exist!! get over it!! we are here and we play the same games you guys do. 

transgender and nonbinary genders are not a “tumblr” thing. trans/nonbinary ppl have existed before the internet was invented, before modern technology existed, its been in cultures for a very long time.

also, studies on the brain have shown that the brain perceives oneself as a certain way, regardless of their body. (and their body isnt your business anyways!!)

so like… if you dont like these posts, ignore them. just go and play normally. clearly the posts arent for you, they arent hurting anyone so just ignore it. if youre seriously upset that someone is saying nice things about trans/nb people, you might need to reevaluate your priorities.

ANYWAYS. @ people making these positivity posts, thank you!! whether youre trans/nb yourself, or youre cis and showing support to other players and your friends, thank you for being so wonderful and spreading love and acceptance!! 

please keep the positivity up, you all are so beautiful and kind!! 


Hey everyone!  Long time, no post.  I have been lurking for awhile, quietly playing my game here and there.  A little while ago I decided to makeover the houses and community lots in Desiderata Valley and then play the families a little bit.  I have been taking pictures but I haven’t really been following a story line or anything. I’m just going with the flow and enjoying the game play!

Anyway, I decided to share what I’ve been doing.  First and foremost, I have to say that the home makeovers are pretty much copied inspired by @meetmetotheriver.  Also, I didn’t use money cheats or mortgages.  I pretty much worked within the family’s budget so some houses are half empty and some aren’t.   I also moved some inside walls around but I kept the original size and shape of the houses. 

First, we have the Mole and Aspir house. Before and after captions on each pic. 

Sorry for any crooked pictures! 

The Sims 4 is so fun, I’m having more fun playing than taking pics tho. Maybe in the next while I’ll post some cayoot sim pics but for the mean time I’m having fun just hanging around here and playing my game ^^

notablesandwiches  asked:

hey i'm very shy but will you play splatoon/mario kart with me? i'm thinking i wanna buy them but all my gaming pals are on pc... and also liz (i am on her friends list! i am special!) but i know they're not on here so much anymore also i'm not sure you guys play those games i kinda remember y'all posting about it um anyway if you guys would be cool playing whilst chatting that'd be super great or just playing without chatting or just um, i'm running out of things to say and space to say it bye

I would love to play Splatoon or Mario kart with you!!!!! As soon as I own either of those games I will definitely let you know (which should be soon because I finally have a job yay!!!)


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