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so heres a little meta/prediction!!

OSWALD WAS LITERALLY LIKE TWO INCHES AWAY FROM KISSING ED. ed was totally giving him puppy eyes and everything with the “i would do anything for you.” he was obviously expecting more. when oswald hugged him, look at his face???? he will support ozzie no matter what and thats why he keeps hugging him, but that is not the face of a man who just got what he wanted. what ed wanted was a kiss! its really quite obvious that oswald’s feelings for ed are returned, and i think we’re going to see that in 3x15 and beyond. ed probably didn’t realize he felt anything, especially since neither he nor oswald are super relationship-experienced, and ed has likely never had intense feelings for a man. they’re both like children when it comes to love, and i think ed will realize his love for oswald and think its already too late. until oswald kicks down a door and reveals that he’s alive, and ed will beg for forgiveness. oswald’s judgement will probably be clouded with rage and regret etc, and ed will realize that he would ABSOLUTELY do anything for oswald, even now, and let oswald get his revenge. I still think nygmobblepot is endgame though, especially since the cast and writers are getting all giggly about it again, so don’t lose hope you guys!! ed and ozzie will finally get the kiss they both deserve.

Auto Salvage Part 4

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Ethan OC

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Reader x OC (barely)

Word count: 1921(without smut) 2622 (with) 

Warnings: Language, bit of fluff, infidelity, SMUT (oral- both receiving, unprotected sex, please use condoms!!) if you wanna read it’s marked and ANGST (sorry!)

Summary: You spend the night at Dean’s but the next morning you go back to your normal life

A/N: I feel the need to explain here, this is NOT an AU, but as seen from the reader’s POV, she is oblivious of Dean Winchester true job.

More than one beta on this one, Karo,( @loveitsallineed) as always and Cam ( @babypieandwhiskey) for the smut, and since I had to queue this early cause I’m gonna be away from my computer all day, the last part is unbeta’d.

→READ: There’s obviously SMUT on this part, but thinking about my readers who, for whatever reason don’t wish to read it, I marked the beginning and the end. ←

THERE’S ONLY ONE MORE PART TO GO! I’m also sorry in advance for what you’re about to read, don’t hate me.

Auto Salvage Masterpost

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Is a nice and quiet meal, only thunders are heard on the distance while you converse, asking simple questions and trying to know each other a bit more.

“What do you do, for a living?” Dean bites his lip, head resting on his fist.

“I’m… well,” you chuckle, “I’m currently in between jobs, you know,” you shrug, the truth is that your boyfriend is the one that suggested you stay home while he provides. Truth be told, you don’t even know how you ever agreed to that.

You do tell him a bit about Ethan, your boyfriend, when Dean asks, and some other stuff, “hey, I’ve been talking too much about myself. Why don’t you tell me something about you?”

“ Well, my name is Dean Winchester. I’m an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women,” you roll your eyes and sigh.

“Wait,” you shake your head remembering his answer, “You said Winchester? I thought your last name was Singer. You know, like on the big sign outside?”

“No, that’s my uncle. I’m-” the loud beep from the dryer interrupts him.

“Your clothes are ready,” Dean announces,  “Oh, which reminds me, there’s one inconvenience,” he says with a little timid smile, “I seemed to have dropped your panties somewhere on my way from the bathroom to the laundry room, ‘cause I couldn’t find them anywhere,” His hand goes to scratch the back of his neck.

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pynch figure skating au

So I’ve recently fallen back into anime hell after the premiere of yuri!!! on ice, which got me thinking (as one does about obviously gay figure skaters) about a pynch au, so here goes:

•ronan is a world renowned skater who’s been training for years and years, and at age 17, becomes the world champion

•adam sees his victory on the tv screen at Nino’s and just sort of stares in awe

•mostly because he’s cute but also because he looks like he could kill someone, except for when he’s on the ice–all deadliness leaves his face and grace and innocence take over and it leaves adam absolutely captivated

•a few days later, ronan (who apparently is a local, adam found out after a few extensive google searches) walks into Nino’s and orders two slices of cheese pizza with olives on top

•he notices adam staring at him with wide eyes and then he meets adam’s eyes and sits down in the open seat at adam’s table and aDAM ALMOST STOPS BREATHING BECAUSE THIS BEAUTIFUL BOY HE LOOKS UP TO IS SITTING RIGHT ACROSS THE FUCKING TABLE FROM HIM oOoooH MY GOLLY JESUS

•and all adam can say is “ice,,,,,,, pizza???” (bless him) and ronan tries so hard not to laugh but he finds that to be most hilarious thing so he offers adam the other slice, and he shyly takes it after ronan insists far too many times

•and then ronan says “you seem to be a fan. you ever been skating?” And adam gets all shy and red and looks down and says “no, but it seems pretty interesting. I might, one day–” “tomorrow at noon.” So ronan leaves his phone number with the pretty sandy haired boy and walks out of the restaurant

•the next day, Adam gets to the rink and walks in and Ronan’s doing his winning routine and there is beautiful classical music playing and he just looks so beautiful and peaceful and at home on the ice and all adam can do is stare and take in the wonder of it all

•and then ronan notices him staring and proceeds to grab skates from his bag and throw them at adam (which sounds really dangerous, actually) who laces them up, but he has trouble balancing so ronan takes his hands and leads him around the rink (with a few snarky comments thrown between the two, ngl) until he finds balance and can skate on his own

•adam has so much fun and ronan knows it by the way he smiles, and they end up making it a weekly thing.

•After a few months, they start doing simple duets, just for fun, and their faces are really close together for the end pose so ronan takes that opportunity to kiss adam, soft, quick, and gentle, as the music ends. Adam gets all red, smiles softly, and goes in for another.

Soulmate AU prompts

You soulmate’s first words to you are tattooed on your body, send me a sentence from below for our muses to meet. 

“Don’t I know you?”

“I can’t remember what I was going to say so hi!”

“Somebody looks angry”

“Why are you outside in this weather?”

“Don’t turn left. That’s gang territory”

“That was obviously not an accident!”

“Yo nice [shirt/hat/umbrella/etc etc]!”

“Ew! That is not coffee!”

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Mind if I sit here?”

“Walk with me, someone’s following me”

“Somebody needs to straighten these paving stones”

“Did you just see that?”

“I fucking hate the outdoors!”

“Your name starts with a G, right?”

“Hi, I think they mixed up our orders, is this yours?”

The Types as Tumblr Taggers
  • inspired by @vtsvro
  • ENFJ: lost - #oh man i gotta study #mom's angry #dishes #why am i here?
  • INFJ: #tells a paragraph long account of their life story because obviously everyone is reading this like that incident with the cottage cheese? #omg you gotta #...
  • ESTP: on the verge of death - #I canyat betahe #hkeop
  • ISTP: joker - #this monkey is me #im in the trash can
  • ENTJ: silent - literally vacant, are you real?
  • INTJ: critiquer - #pls change this #ok could improve
  • ISFP: sad - #i miss you #this reminds me of jeff #come back
  • ESTJ: squad - #janice this is you #fred #donald #goals
  • ISTJ: never there - #queue #q #queueu
  • ENFP: punctuating - #!!!!!!! #?!!?!! #...; ; #!,!:.!:
  • INFP: preaching - #this life is awful and so are you people #make a change and start with yourself
  • ESFJ: over organized - #gif #fanart by op #picture #face
  • ISFJ: complimenter - #so beautiful #i luv u #<3<3<3 wow!!!
  • ENTP: thirsty - #waifu #aahhhh #he's sooooo hooooot
  • INTP: forgetful - #what's my tag? #sherlock #holmes #sher #lock #sh #come back
Tips and Frequently Asked Questions about Gerard Way or FrnkIero And The Cellabration gigs

This is my little round up of potentially useful information I’ve gathered from my personal experiences. It’s to be used as a guide for those who might be going to either Frank or Gerard’s gigs for the first time. Or, in fact perhaps it’s your first gig ever! Being based on my own experiences, obviously it is not definitive. Again, this is all based off Frank or Gerard’s gigs only, not everything will be relevant to any other bands. If anyone has further questions, feel free to contact me (at GWStreetTeamUK, either on tumblr or twitter, or from my personal accounts: tumblr - alwayskeeprunning twitter: raven052) I will do my best to keep this as up to date as possible!

Queuing - Alright, so my entire experience of queuing is from the UK, and let me tell you, here, we queue like champs. And by that I mean, we start incredibly early. Do not be surprised if you come to a queue at around midday and find at least fifty people already there (if not more). So, if you want to get to the very front, and I mean at the barrier, you’re looking at getting there very, very early. I know this is true of quite a few venues in Europe too, but I’ve not been to a gig in America, so I can’t say if they start as early as we do. Please, please, please, if you are going to queue from the early morning/overnight, make sure you are prepared. Keep warm, make sure you have enough food/water. It is fine to leave the queue and come back, so long as you have someone willing to hold your place for you. This is often the only way to make sure you get food/drinks/bathroom breaks.

Set times/When do they go on stage/Door times - Commonly, doors open around 7pm, but for confirmation of this, check your ticket, it should always have the time of doors on there. For set times, this tends to depend a little on how many opening acts are on first. Most commonly, the headliner will start at around 9pm. However this is a very general guideline. Check if the venue has a twitter or other social media account, usually they will post set times at some point in the afternoon of the gig. Alternately, I have also seen the set times put up inside the venue, so keep an eye out for that if you’re still wondering at that point. As for how long the sets are, currently both Frank and Gerard’s sets are running at around an hour and a half. … Though allow G a little extra leeway here. It depends on how chatty he’s feeling that night. Trust me though, you’ll enjoy his chatting.

Merch - Ah, the joys of merch! Generally you’ll find the merch stall near the entrance, when you first come in, quite often you can’t miss it. After all, they want you to find the merch so you can buy it! Merch tends to be around the same price, no matter whose gig you’re at. Shirts will be £20 (or whatever the equivalent value in the local currency), and stuff like posters etc around £10. For Gerard, most of the stuff you’ll see will be what is on his website, though there’s always a tour-specific shirt. And, you know, for this tour I’m sure you’ve all already seen the new Umbrella Academy shirt. Gosh. WANT! For Frank, you are pretty much guaranteed to be faced with a fair few new gems, as well as a lot of the things you’ll find on his website. Caution: Try to keep your head when at Frank’s merch table! (I personally managed to spend around £100 over the course of three gigs. I’m not even a little sorry) Word of advice, best time to buy merch is as you come in. It will be RAMMED when the gig finishes, plus they’ll be more likely to have sold out of things, especially if it’s late in the tour. If your priority is getting to the front for the gig though, you’ll just have to take that risk. (Or, if you’re lucky enough to be with people who don’t care if they’re near the front or not, send them to buy your stuff. I pulled this trick at Frank’s recent Underworld gig and sent my mum off with a list and money).

The crowd - Now, obviously, every crowd is a little different, but you’ll definitely get a certain vibe every time from the crowds for these two guys. As a general rule, you’re gonna be pretty safe in these crowds. We are very lucky that both Frank and Gerard are extremely sweet, caring guys, and for the most part they have managed to instil this sweetness into their crowds. We really are the poster children of ‘if someone falls, you stop what you’re doing and you pick them up’. And yes, that is a rule. You look after each other out there, alright? I promise if you ever end up anywhere near me in a crowd, I will look after you. Apart from that similarity, there are a few minor differences between a crowd at Gerard’s gigs versus a crowd at Frank’s gigs.

Gerard’s crowds are usually just pretty damn energetic. You will dance, whether you like it or not. Things can get intense, obviously, but so long as everyone’s being careful and aware of each other, you’re not going to be in any sort of danger in his crowd.

Frank’s crowds are… Hard to explain! Definitely a little more intense, but not in a bad way at all. Again, as a general rule everyone is extremely good to each other.

One thing I will say about Frank’s crowds… If you think you’re not going to be able to deal with something a little rougher, get out from the front before he starts playing Sunsets Are For Muggings. I don’t know how long he’s going to continue playing this in the way that he does, but currently, Frank goes into the crowd for this one and, as you can imagine, some people kinda loose their heads over this. And, quite simply, if you’re not comfortable with it, you should move back, for Frank’s sake as well. We want Frank to stay safe when he’s in the crowd also, and the best way for that to happen is if everyone who is near him and potentially gonna be in charge of keeping him held up, actually WANTS to be there. This all said, this part of the show can be the most fun too, I personally was near the front for one of my gigs and was right were Frank went over (held him up for a time…. Still not over that), and had a BLAST, so don’t be scared off, I’m just here to advise people so they have the best/safest time possible.

Extra little note about the barrier… ah, the sacred barrier. I have been blessed enough to make it to the barrier once each for Frank and Gerard’s shows. Now, we all want it, but only a few of us can get it. One little hint for you all… Most people will aim for the centre of the barrier, for good reason, so, unless you’re one of the very first in line, it can be a good idea to go to either side, as there’s more likely to be space. Also, neither Frank or Gerard actually stay put through their sets, so even if you’re at the side, you’re gonna get plenty of up close time with the guys.

Finally, I’m going to repeat something that Frank said at the most recent London gig. There is NO SHAME in having to come out from the crowd. If you’re not feeling well, please, please get out from the front, get some water. We are so very lucky to have such wonderful, caring guys in Frank and Gerard. I’ve seen Gerard pause to check on people, and I’ve seen Frank physically pull someone out. But, if you can, try not to let it get to that point.

Once again, their crowds are not unsafe, but you have to do your bit to look after yourself too.

Meeting the guys - Alright, this is probably the thing I get asked about the most, usually just after the gig itself has finished.

Something to consider before you start trying to wait out and meet the guys - Do you know how you’re getting home? Usually by the time you’re getting out of a gig it’s gonna be pretty late. If you or someone else you know is driving you home, great. If you’re relying on public transport, make sure you know when your trains/buses are, and do not miss it! (I know, I know, I’m HORRIBLE at this. I often have to be quite literally dragged away)

Right, first and foremost, it is not guaranteed that they will come out, though it is fairly likely. More often than not, the guys will sign outside, on the rare occasion they are going to meet people inside, the security will tell you. It’s worth checking if the venue has a curfew or not (usually it’s 11pm), if they do, it’s very unlikely the guys will meet people inside.

Now, Gerard is very, very good at tweeting to let people know if he is/isn’t going to be able to meet people, so your best bet to know for certain is to keep an eye on his twitter. Bear in mind, Gerard is a man of his word, if he says he can’t come and meet, he will NOT come and meet. He will not make exceptions I’m afraid, because he would not think that fair on the people who went home because he said he wasn’t going to. Also, Gerard will always have a good reason if he doesn’t come out to meet. Either he is on a tight deadline to get to the next location, or outside the venue is unsafe for people to wait, or he’s not feeling good (though I’ve known him to come out even when he’s been unwell, it really depends). If he happens to not come out when you go to see him, please don’t be hard on him about it, I promise you he wants to meet you all, and he’ll already feel bad if he hasn’t been able to come out, don’t make him feel worse, okay?

Frank you pretty much have to go on faith alone that he’s going to come out. More often than not, he does, I think I’ve only ever heard of one time when he hasn’t? And I think that was because it was extremely late and the guys had a very early morning the next day.

Oh. And a note on security around the venues. If they try to discourage you from waiting by saying anything along the lines of “Do you really think they care how long you wait? They don‘t care about you lot at all” or “they’ll only see the first few people, I wouldn’t bother waiting if you’re this far back”, then kindly ignore them, they are just trying to make their night a little shorter, and they know NOTHING about the guys. If the security tells you not to wait in a certain place because it’s not safe (ie a doorway that opens outwards etc), that’s the point when you wanna listen to them.

This is another time when the great queuing system comes into play. A queue is the best way to make sure everyone gets seen, and that the guys do not get overwhelmed. So, if a queue has not been organised by the venue (a few places I’ve been to have), it’s worth organising yourselves.

Sometimes there are a few simple rules put in place, by their manager/security. Please listen to this, because often it has only been put in place because they want to make sure the guys get to see everyone. Usually the rules will simply be ‘one thing signed, no pictures’. This doesn’t mean that someone can’t take pictures for you while you’re talking to the guys, but it does mean no selfies/posed pictures. Please try to respect what’s been asked, they are not doing it to be mean. (also both Frank and Gerard have a habit of saying ‘yes’ to everything their fans ask of them, which is wonderful, but unless they had their manager/security to reel them in, they really would be there all night, and they’d be exhausted).

Both Frank and Gerard are extremely sweet, warm guys who would happily give you as much of their time as you asked of them (but see earlier point for why you should try not to take up too much time!) If you want to ask them to write a lyric or dedication, feel free to, they will be more than happy to! I personally now have one tattoo each in their handwriting of things I’ve asked them to write out, and both were pleased to do so. Just make sure if that’s what you want most, you ask for that first, rather than getting something signed, because if there’s a ‘one thing signed’ rule, that will count. (I learnt that the hard way with Frank, I was lucky that I had a second chance).

With hugs, unless it has been stated he doesn’t have time, Gerard will be more than happy to hug you if you ask, do not be shy! He gives the best hugs ever! Frank has stated he is not as comfortable with that kind of contact, so please respect this and don’t end up putting him on the spot about it. He almost always shakes everyone’s hand though, which is also very lovely. He is so very sweet, you won’t mind that you haven’t got a hug.

In general, they are both very accommodating, and yes, they are happy to see you and talk to you! Just remember to keep your requests within reason.

Gifts! Letters! Etc! The guys LOVE to receive stuff from their fans, so definitely feel free to bring them gifts. If, for any reason you realise you aren’t going to be able to stay to meet them, but you want to make sure they get what you’ve brought for them, your best bet is to try and leave it with someone who is staying.

If you happen to see the guys before the gig… Just gauge the situation, okay? If you see Gerard walking down to the coffee shop with his hat pulled down and sunglasses on… probably leave him alone, the guy just wants a coffee, y’know? If you happen to catch his eye, feel free to give him a smile, he’ll most likely appreciate the fact you’ve noticed him but haven’t tried to accost him. And if you see Frank standing outside chatting with friends, again, probably a little rude to interrupt. If you go past and he looks up, acknowledges you, then that might be a good indication that it’s okay to come over, but still, be polite about it. Remember, simple, golden rule: They are human. They deserve their time to themselves just as much as anyone does.

A word on the rest of the bands/merch peoples. Please, please PLEASE show the same respect to the rest of the Cellabration, and the Hormones as you would give to Frank or Gerard. They help bring the gigs to life, and they add so much to the joys of the tour. And you can be assured that the guys appreciate and value them greatly, you should too! This also goes for the other travelling staff, including the merch people. I’m not sure if Gerard has the same guy again for this tour, but if he does, that guy is pretty damn awesome, and he works hard, make sure you treat him nicely. (And even if it’s not the same guy, you know they will be working hard too!) And with Frank and the Cellabration, they have the amazing Cara! She is possibly the sweetest merch person I’ve ever met and she works so damn hard too. Make sure you only ever have friendly words and big smiles for her when you meet her, because she really is the best.

Alright! I think that’s it for now! I hope some of you find this at least in some way helpful. And have fun out there!

I forgot to mention this about a week ago when I started, but I’m giving up Tumblr for the rest of Lent. Obviously my queue will still be posting in the evenings. If you message me on here I will pop on the app and respond (probably) but in general I won’t be checking my notifications or scrolling down my dash and liking / reblogging stuff. I will probably check in in person on Sundays for a bit. Have a blessed Lent, everyone.

▮ — ❰ @hadrianuspisica 

 【⚡】“What do you mean they’re gone!? But I left them all right here!” He made sure his voice practically echoed  around the room, giving an over dramatic gesture toward the now empty drawer. His entire deck had completely vanished and he knew just the person to go placing the blame on, too—the kid right behind him who was obviously looking at him weird!

“—All right, you! Time to answer up! I know you’re the only one who’s been snooping around here all day! So either you find my cards or I’ll be finding you the next ship outta here! You got that!? Now where’d you put ‘em?”

My top 14 favorite Rukia moments

As requested by anon. :)

As promised, I am returning to my regular queue! And what do you know? The first list up stars Rukia, whose birthday is today! So that worked out nicely! Obviously coming up with a mere 14 favorite moments for Rukia is hard, given that she is a main character and also awesome, but here I go! These are the 14 moments that first came to mind when I thought about my favorite Rukia moments. (And get it? Fourteen because Jan 14? Yeah!)

#14: Rukia’s hand threat

When Rukia first stalked Ichigo to his class and pretended to just be some new transfer student, Ichigo started to say something - only to find that Rukia had written a note on her hand threatening to kill him if he said anything. Somehow this was adorable, and also I just love the fact that Rukia wrote this on her hand ahead of time.

Rukia: Originally I planned to make a threatening bunny puppet, but I ran out of time!

Ichigo: Also bunny puppets aren’t threatening?

Rukia: …you’ve just earned yourself a threatening bunny puppet sometime in the future, mister.

Ichigo: I quake with fear.

#13: Rukia freezes Rudbornn’s roots

Overall, I found the Rudbornn fight to be a little…boring, especially since it was parallel to some really awesome fights that it just couldn’t compete with. That being said, the moment that Rukia realizes she can defeat him by freezing his roots - that was awesome. 

Rukia: Maybe this is why I’m not such a great gardener…

#12: Rukia and Renji show up in their Royal Realm clothes

They were just so cute!

Renji: Also we were, like, powered up and stuff.

Rukia: We would look so good in a winter AU!

#11: Rukia builds sand sculptures with Byakuya

Okay, so this moment isn’t canon, but I still love it so it goes on the list. During the beach episode, Rukia and Byakuya built sand sculptures together. Byakuya built Admiral Seaweed, and Rukia built a Chappy. And it was freakin’ adorable.

Byakuya: By “adorable,” she means “excellently crafted,” right?

Rukia: I’m sure she does, Nii-sama!

#10: Rukia and Renji show up in Hueco Mundo

I guess I just like it when Rukia and Renji show up places? But seriously. It was so satisfying when the two of them appeared to help Ichigo and company. In their classy desert cloaks. To say nothing of their little tag team Ichigo beat-down - with the high five.

Ichigo: And to think I was kinda expected a hug.

#9: Rukia is thrown to Renji

When Ichigo rescued Rukia from execution, he decided the best way to get her down from the scaffolding was to throw her like a javelin straight at Renji - whom she bowled right over. I really love that moment.

Byakuya: …my desire to kill Kurosaki Ichigoi is rekindled.

Rukia: Nii-sama, no!

#8: Rukia can’t open a juice box

Rukia’s difficulty in opening a juice box never ceases to amuse me. I mean, there she is, a powerful undead death god, defeated by a straw and a little bit of foil. 

Rukia: I-I wasn’t defeated! I got it eventually!

Ichigo: I opened it for you.

Rukia: Yeah, and at that point you were basically an extension of my power, so it still counts for me!

Ichigo: …maybe I’ll let you have this one.

#7: Rukia shows up in Ichigo’s closet

Thus leading to endless jokes - mostly by me, I guess - about Rukia’s closet fetish. Really, I love all of Rukia’s closet moments throughout the series. 

Rukia: Closets are comforting.

Rukia: Once you get rid of the funky teenager smell.

Ichigo: I-I don’t have a funky smell!

#6: Rukia shouts Ichigo out of his funk

In the beginning of the arrancar arc, Ichigo got pretty sad. His inner hollow was trying to eat him, he kept getting beat up by enemies he couldn’t identify, etc., etc. Then Rukia gave her “the kind of man you are in my heart” speech, and shook Ichigo right out of his funk. You know, Rukia is really good at knowing what people need. 

Byakuya: Hisana was good at that too.

Rukia: N-Nii-sama!

#5: Rukia defeats Aaroniero

Remember when Rukia was the first one to defeat an espada? Remember when she did it despite her zanpakuto being broken, despite being near death? Remember when she then crawled across the floor calling Orihime’s name? Because I sure do!

Rukia: Because Aaroniero has two heads, does it count as defeating two espada?

Renji: Yeah, I think so.


#4: Rukia shows up as a lieutenant

It was just very satisfying for Rukia to FINALLY get the lieutenant spot, seeing as she deserved it for so long except that her brother prevented her from getting it because he can be a little snot sometimes.

Ukitake: And people thought I was just slow to pick!

#3: Rukia’s bankai

Rukia’s bankai is awesome and gorgeous, and it was so satisfying to finally get to see it. And I am so, so glad that Byakuya just sat by and let her have that fight. Because he knew she had it.

As Nodt: That fight was the closest I’ve ever come to having friends.

Rukia: …what do you think happened in that fight?

#2: Rukia in the window

By now you’ve noticed that I am a huge fan of the “characters suddenly showing up” motif. And one of my favorite of those moments is when Hitsugaya and his advance squad show up in the classroom to help Ichigo against the arancars…and then Rukia shows up in the window. Both because it was satisfying, and because Rukia leaped up to a second story window just to be dramatic. What a little goofball. 

Rukia: Totally worth it!

#1: Rukia defends Orihime

But, perhaps because of my shipper heart, my favorite Rukia moment has to be when she stands up for Orihime. And I’m counting the whole damn sequence because I can - the moment that Orihime comes to Rukia after Urahara tells her she can’t fight, and Rukia tells her otherwise, and the part where Rukia and Orihime go to Soul Society and train together. Rukia and Orihime are great friends who stand up for and care about each other. And that means a lot to me.

Rukia: Some people think we fight over Ichigo.

Orihime: That’s so weird!

Rukia: I know, right?

Artist: 月岡月穂 (
((I love her Miku fanarts *w*))

What my friend help translated

“ Errr okay let me try my best:

Shizu: Honestly, what were you two doing making a fuss at this time?

Miku (?): …

Izaya: That aside, Shizu chan, are you an idiot? I’m obviously the victim here, why are you petting her head? Pet my head too hey. Shizu chan- are you listening? shizu chan, Shizu chan, Shizu chan you lolicon.

[I’m a little unsure to exactly what Shizu is saying but for Izaya I’m 100% sure I’m correct]

(My edit is crap and too simple I’m sorry. I absolutely suck at photoshop.)

I’m gonna fly to my home country next week and spend the last part of my summer there. As a result, I won’t be here for a while. Most of my posts are on queue. Don’t worry; I’ll come back, obviously. So before I go, I’d like to appreciate all of you for slaying my dash. Gonna miss you all when I’m gone. And this is the reason why I decided to make my first follow forever, along with the fact that I’ve been here for almost a whole year. The follow forever list includes mutuals and non-mutuals.

I apologize if I didn’t mention your url on the list. I follow tons of blogs here and I might’ve forgotten to mention some of you. You can inform me by sending a message. It’s fine, don’t be shy. I love you all and you deserve to be included <3.  This is my first follow forever, after all. I tried my best :)

Okay, enough of the intro and let’s get to the fun part :D

All of the urls mentioned below: Thank you for existing. You and your blog are awesome. Stay that way.

Bolded (most of the urls are bolded lol) : I love your blog A LOT. You rock!

Bolded and italicized: I love your blog THE MOST! <3 (I just realized that I have a lot of faves lol.)


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Finally, we’ve come to the end of my first follow forever. Once again, thank you for filling my dash with lots of amazing stuff! I love you all! x