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Old Friends - Jughead x Reader

-I’m a new face to blogging so be aware I’m like an old grandma on the internet but I hope you enjoy this thing I wrote. I’m actually happy with how it turned out…ish but you know, room for improvement!

Show: RiverDale
Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Summary: you were the one who gave Jughead Jones is famous hat
Word count: 1241
Warnings: no just my terrible writing!


10 years prior

You walked into RiverDale Elementary. Your black backpack on your back as you made your ways through the ever winding corridors. Finally, spotting your classroom door you pushed the stark yellow door open and waddled inside.

Your little 6 year old legs entered the child decorated classroom, messily drawn ladybugs and various other pictures decorated the walls. Your (Y/E/C) child eyes, scanned over every inch of the messy classroom that has seemingly become over crowded with people. Your eyes landed on a small boy with Raven hair, as soon as your eyes spotted him, your eyes lit up, like a kid in a candy store.

You bumbled on over to the lone boy sat in the corner of the room, unzipping your backpack and pulling out a blue decorated box.

“Hey, Juggie” you tapped his shoulder with your free hand, emotions slightly building up inside you.

“Oh hi (Y/N/N), what’s that?” The young boy asked as his eyes landed on the box, that you now cradled in your arms.

“It’s a present, for you!” You giggled, pushing your hands forward to allow the boy to collected from your grasp.

“It’s not my birthday, why have you gotten me a present?” Juggie asked so innocently.

“Well, we are moving and you are my best friend! The bestest in the world!! So I decided to get you a handmade presents. My mummy says it’s one of a kind!” You nodded as you moved your hands about crazily.

“You mean you are leaving me?” The boy asked, the now gloomy look painting his face.

“Yeah, I just came in to give you this” you smiled sadly, allowing jughead to stand to his feet and give you a big hug.

You knew you were going to miss this little boy. But hopefully one day in the future you will be reunited.

“Goodbye Juggie, i love you soo much” you smiled and kissed his cheek, before spinning on your heels and making your way over to the door, Turing around one last time to wave the boy a goodbye.

“Bye (Y/N) I’ll miss you” the boy whispered as the sad smile reappeared on his still developing face.


Present day

“Dad, I’m going for a walk” you called out as you slipped on your navy jacket, brushing your fingers through your (Y/H/C) hair and making your way to the front door.

“Okay, princess! Be home by 10!” Your father called out as you shut the door and walked of the porch and down the winding path. Starting your journey to pops.

The neon, diner sign lit your face in a dimly lit blue and you pushed open the door, hearing the all too familiar ding of the welcoming bell.

Your eyes scanned around the diner, taking in the familiar scene that was displayed in front of you. The neatly spaced booths littered the little, quaint diner. The now older Pops stood behind the counter like he use to when you were just a little girl, running around in burgundy converse and a little girly dress, oh how your style has changed.

“Hi, erm, can I have a milkshake please, strawberry if possible?” You asked as you approached the counter to be greeted with the one and only pops himself. The old chap just smiled at you, taking in your face as realisation hit him.

“Look how big you are now (Y/N)! I can’t believe you’re here, why did you come back?” Pop Tate asked as he just stared at you with a charmingly, wide grin.

“I know, I’m so happy you recognised me. And my dad wanted to move back since we lost our mum” you replied sadly, memories of your late mother coming back to you.

“Oh, I’m so sorry (Y/N), well it’s good to see you. Enjoy your milkshake” Pop said as he went of to serve another customer. You walked away from the bar and too a available booth, plopping down on one of the seats and tucking into the strawberry milkshake you had brought.

You were sat there for what felt like hours, scrolling through your phone and drawing the a piece of paper you slipped into your pocket back at your house when, you heard the ding of the bell that hung above the door and a group of teenagers walk in, chatting amongst themselves as the walked to the furthest booth in the diner.

You couldn’t help but over hear the conversation being said and noticing one of the teenage patrons that had just walked into the diner.

How could you forget him?!

“Hey, Jughead. Where did you get your hat from anyway?” A raven haired girl asked. The girl was very pretty and obviously was close to the group of teens and that you haven’t met before, obviously other than the brooding, angsty looking one.

You knew this was your queue to walk over there and introduce yourself, battering up the courage to walk straight over there.

“He got it from an old friend. Would like to think he still remembers” you stated as you walked towards the table, the group of teenagers just Turing around and looking at you.

“And who are you, damn girl!” The Raven haired girl spoke up again as the others just gawked at you.

“(Y/N/N)?” The one voice you had been dying to here spoke up. The raven haired boy looked up in shock as his eyes met yours

“Hi Juggie” you smiled as you pushed a strand of hair from in front of your hair. “It’s been awhile, glad to see you wearing the beanie” you gazed upon his head the beanie you gave him just 10 years ago.

“Yeah, it’s been a hell of a while” he gasped, or a manly grunt came out, obviously he was not impressed to see the likes of you Turing up.

“So, where my hug? Where the ’(Y/N/N) I’ve missed you so much, I’ve never stopped thinking about you! I’m so glad you’re here?!’ Mumbo jumbo that normally happens?” You sarcastically remarked.

“Sorry to interrupt but who are you?” A brown haired boy who was definitely ‘too gay to function’ spoke up.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N) or (Y/N/N) for short. I lived here 10 years ago, Jug was my best mate in elementary” you spoke up confidently, waving to the rest of the teenagers. “And yous are?”

“I’m Kevin! This is Veronica, Archie, Betty and you obviously know Jughead Jones” the lad named Kevin replied.

“Well it’s nice to meet you all, Juggie here obviously hasn’t mentioned me” you laughed as you gained an eye roll from the dark haired boy.

“We need to talk” Jughead spoke up, hopping up from his place in the booth and ushering you outside. As soon as the door shut to the diner he sighed.

“I know what you are abo-” you were cut of by the boy giving you a massive hug, almost a bear hug.

“I’ve missed you so much (Y/N/N)” he said softly and he rubbed your back.

“I missed you too Forsythe” you laughed as you just continued to hug in the night sky that was above you. The flickering, neon diner sign that lit the two of your figures as the moon shined in the RiverDale sky.

You were so glad to be back.

Right. Now that I’m in my room and Lea is asleep and the husband’s putting Ezra to sleep I can elaborate on my day so far. Bobby’s photo op was at 10.30, autographs about an hour after that, then the Bobby/Emilie duo was an hour after that. Which is why he saw my kids quite a few times in that short space of time.

Anyway - we get there and Ezra goes “Bobby!” and walks over to him. Bobby’s loving the outfits on the kids. I’m holding Lea, and there had been mention that nobody would be carrying kids so I start to crouch down because there’s no way I can carry Ezra as well. Bobby goes “come on up here” and just lifts Ezra. He then starts like talking into his ear to get him to look at the camera and stuff and it’s super adorable. We get the photo done and head out.

About an hour after this we head to get autographs. Lea’s sleeping so it’s just me and Ezra. I got 7 things signed so I knew I’d have quite a bit of time with it so I figured I’d ask him OUAT questions then. We had been told no handshakes etc and we get to the front and Bobby goes “Here he is!” and Ezra goes “Bobby!” and they just start talking?????? Ezra gets two high fives and I’m like alright I’m not about to interrupt this so I just let them babble on. Just as Bobby signs my last item, the fire alarm goes off (AGAIN) and we all have to evacuate.

About an hour after that, we get called for the Bobby/Emilie duos. Lea’s just woken up so she comes along, and Ezra has literally been screaming “BOBBYYYYYY” the entire hour he hasn’t been around him so he’s obviously coming as well. We line up and again the queue moves pretty quick and we get to the front and Ezra goes “BOBBY!” who at the same time goes “There’s my little man!” then sticks his arms out and goes “Do you want to come up?” So Ezra goes over and Emilie is just cooing over Lea and saying “Hello again little one” in her baby voice and we pose for the picture. We end up taking quite a while because the cameraman was so nice and trying to take one with Lea looking but every time she did look Emilie wasn’t looking because she was trying to get Lea to look and this entire time Bobby and Ezra were just going “say cheeeeeeeese” and IT WAS SO CUTE. So we’re done and we go and Ezra goes “byeeeeee” and they wave at him and say bye and Emilie goes “look at his little suit!”

And finally Bobby walked past me in the lobby as I was making kissy noises at Lea to make her smile and he freaking smirked and I basically died.

That’s my story! Now I’m just waiting for his panel - then we’re having dinner, then driving back home!

Huuuuuuge thank you to my husband @julienoora for saving up to surprise me with the pass and extras and watching the kids while I’m off doing stuff while they’re grumpy even though you have an assignment due in a few hours. You are the actual best.

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Can you do some trans!Keith hcs?

Gonna go with trans boy Keith here. Since it is the one aligning with canon more.

although I am totally up for some trans girl keith hcs too, maybe her name could be katia – that’s as close to keith as I can get –  although I guess keith could possibly be a feminine name… the official feminine form is keitha but…. eh. ((Obviously in that scenario keith would not be her birth name.))

I was gonna queue this too, but fuck it, I want it out there right now I wanna talk to people about this I’m so here for this headcanon you have no idea.

aaaanyway. trans boy keith:

He used to have great access to healthcare in the Garrison – since as a military institution it comes with insurance when you enlist – and since the show is set in the future (I think. Fairly sure?) I am fully certain that being transgender is not a big deal to the Garrison.

Keith was out and legally a man when he enlisted, but hadn’t considered medically transitioning before while being in the foster system. Mostly because of finance issues, really. He has felt dysphoric in his body before, especially starting puberty and his period. He’s always hated buying pads and did try to go on different kinds of birth control – since there are options that have a chance of lessening or mostly stopping periods – Keith is not that lucky though.

He ends up beginning hormone therapy during his first year at the Garrison, and it’s so rewarding to see himself grow broader and build muscle more easily than before, in different places too. His periods stop – which is a blessing – and he starts growing facial and body hair. I can imagine him sending Shiro a selfie the first time he shaves his face, cheeks white with shaving cream and the proudest grin on his face.

Shiro gives Keith some pointers to adapt his training. (Probably around this time when Lance notices Keith and starts developing that strange rival-crush without Keith even realising Lance exists)

Keith’s voice drops, cracks loads first and it’s the weirdest thing for Keith, but he’s pretty happy when it “stabilises”  (which is not the right word but the best I’ve got)

Keith has never been extremely uncomfortable with his body, despite occasional spikes in dysphoria, but the changes feel right, nonetheless. He likes the look of himself in the mirror.

While he’s at the Garrison, he doesn’t consider surgery (I’m talking specifically top surgery, but any other kind falls into this too.) . It would put him out of commission for a little while, which he doesn’t like the thought of. Since he can bind with sports bras due to not having large breasts to begin with, top surgery doesn’t seem that necessary to Keith. His breaths don’t inconvenience him, and he actually doesn’t mind the look of them too much either – they’ve … tightened up which also is not the best way to phrase it (but ya know. English as a second language problem) too, and were small to begin with – maybe he would have felt different if they’d been more noticeable.
Keith knows he’s a man, and that he looks like one, tits or not.

Things change significantly when Shiro disappears.

Keith goes rogue at the Garrison, and since it is a military institution, they really don’t tolerate his lack of discipline and his bad temper. He flunks out, which at first doesn’t seem too bad.

Then his periods start again. His breasts sag, which isn’t that much of a problem since again – they’re mostly hidden by a sports bra anyway.  His body fat redistributes to his hips and his bum, it’s harder to keep his muscles in shape as they used to be. His body hair is less coarse, his features become softer again.

It bothers Keith more than it used to before he started medical transition. Maybe it’s because the difference is so much more obvious now. It’s not an easy time for Keith, he’s on edge more often, tenser, his body dysphoria definitely becomes a more prominent issue.

He is so relieved when he finds/rescues Shiro, who’s always been an anchor for Keith, and it’s so good to have him back and to know he’s safe.

Things don’t change that much in the Castle of Lions. Keith still struggles with the same things he’s struggles with in the shack, but he has a support system now, a family and Shiro is there and as a whole, that makes it a bit easier to stand for Keith.

Maybe it’s possible that’d Coran would cook some hormones for Keith, as shots or patches, if he’d tell Coran, but I doubt it. I’m also not sure how Keith would feel about experimental space hormones – probably not too confident. And he’s handling it, he doesn’t have to try space testosterone.

Except for Shiro, the team doesn’t know Keith is trans. They know he’s a boy, and that’s all they need to know really. If it comes up, I don’t think he’d make a fuzz about telling them, but Keith also doesn’t believe it is something he has to come out about or explain to them since it doesn’t change anything.

It might come up while they’re all training, and Lance realises Keith has breasts and says just that to him. Shiro tries to go in between but Keith just decks Lance, since he doesn’t realise it was more of a statement than an accusation.

It’s all good in the end, Lance apologises – realising it was a stupid thing to say even though he had no ill intentions. And Keith apologises because violence probably wasn’t the best response. They talk it out, Lance makes sure not to point it out again because really, what difference does it make? Shiro is a very proud space dad, glad his boys get along.

Maybe, years down the line when they get back to earth, or when Coran has studied human biology enough that he can offer a reliable alternative to earth medicine, Keith starts hormone therapy (and/or birth control) again, maybe even considers surgery this time, but compared to the big picture, it’s become a little thing that hardly makes a difference anymore.

I really wonder how being half Galra would affect this, since I stand by my believe that Galra’s biology (physiology?), sex and gender don’t align with our human physiology and concepts of the same things. Since we’ve only seen male Galra and we don’t know how they reproduce, really anything is possible in that regard.

Maybe, Keith’s Galra form would be very distinctly male to human perception and he ends up preferring it to his human form. Maybe he doesn’t care – because he is a man no matter what he looks like. His features being softer, rounder than they used to be while he had access to hormones doesn’t change that.

(If he can actually switch back and forth which I think is highly questionable, scientifically speaking. Can’t just change his entire anatomy with a snap of his fingers but w/e it’s a kids show about space travel and sentient lion robots - we’re not here for scientific accuracy)

Gal Friday [3/?]

First Page & Disclaimer

After ending the first call of the morning, Sasuke feels a little more like himself.

The pulsing headache is still there, but the caffeine has helped and he feels a little less punch drunk. Deciding he no longer intends to simply react to his day as it happens – or certain pink-haired dynamos – he logs onto his computer and begins to check his email.

It is not surprising in the least that the first one to show up in his unread messages comes from the aforementioned individual. Neither is the fact she has his email at all, despite him not being listed.

Clicking it open, he skims the – admittedly impressive – CV, barely glances at the attached cover letter and begins to open the other attachments. Letters of references, it seems. She hasn’t indicated who they are from, and it’s only by opening each one individually that he gets a clue.

With every click of the mouse, his eyebrows rise a little higher, until the last one prompts him to grab his phone and punch in a number from memory.

Keep reading

i stood there clicking on raubahn for like 30-45 minutes straight before i was like well okay this is obviously not happening for now so i skipped away to do fates and the minute i did i got like a gd paragraph of errors and crashed and now i’m sitting here in a 2k+ queue and all i can think of is raubahn going “FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLISH SAMURAI” with this look

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Obviously, I had to do a swatch post for my new mildliners, so here it is! I am so bad at this (ugh) so please don’t judge me as it is still my first time doing stuff like this… Also idk if it’s the lighting but some of the words are kinda hard to see? Here are the colours :-

Dark Blue
Smoke Blue
Blue Green
Grey / Gray

Episode of the Week - 7x05: The Twist in the Twister

I apologize for what I am about to do here, but just look at this scene. I simply cannot help it. Brennan is sitting in Booth’s apartment one evening. She is extremely pregnant with their daughter. And she is relaxing after another tough case- with a hot cup of tea in hand and a bit of “light” reading (I assume she indulges in Medicinal Physics Quarterly to help her unwind after a long day). She is obviously more than a little comfortable making herself at home here. Though Booth’s apartment is not quite as “roomy” as Brennan’s, anywhere Booth is- that’s her home too. Always. Brennan is sitting on the couch catching up on her extracurricular journals as she awaits Booth’s imminent arrival. Because they will be spending the rest of the night together. Not for the first time, of course (It’s been five months and we spend almost all of our time together). And certainly not for the last time. Aside from a few forced separations, they will be together every night, from now until forever. Think about all those nights Brennan visited Booth’s apartment in the past (and vice versa). There was an inevitable endpoint. Always a time when one of them finally had to leave. Boundaries. And I have to assume neither one of them ever really wanted that moment to come. Though, they clearly would never admit to it back then. Because Booth and Brennan could not risk losing what they had together. But everything is different now. Now they don’t even have to ask. There doesn’t need to be a reason to stay. Their connection was only strengthened when they finally got together. They are a family, in every sense of the word. Friends, partners, and VERY SIGNIFICANT others. They are each other’s everything. And their relationship means everything. So even if the two of them are in a fight, or need some time and space- They will always come home to each other. Every single time. And if for some reason they don’t, you can bet that there is a valid reason. Booth and Brennan each know the devastating sting of abandonment all too well. And neither one would ever intentionally put the other through that again (note the word, intentionally). When Booth was upset with Brennan earlier in the season, he made certain that she still knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that he loves her. And he obviously knows that she feels the same way. Because she shows him every single day. Excuse me while I go recover from the beauty that is this couple. My mind goes to the craziest of places, even when it comes to the simplest moments depicted on Bones. My initial intent here was only to comment on the fact that while nothing about these 3 seconds appears very remarkable to a more “normal” person, with context, this is another extraordinary moment. I am powerless against this couple. And I am 100% okay with that. 

 Also, look how precious she is. 

Nice to meet you. Taken.

Originally posted by freekicking

It’s already my third week away from home, away from Italy. I’ve moved out as I got accepted at a University in the U.K., University of Essex to be more specific. As I wanted to get used to the place and get a job before my studies start, I moved two months earlier. Gladly my parents have an old friend who owns a couple of hotels in London and he let me a room to stay until the university accommodation halls were open to move in.

To be fair, I wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wasn’t for my friend Savvas. Savvas is one of those friends you make during summer holidays as a kid that you lose contact when you are back home but then when social media happen you search their name and there they are? My dad is half Greek so we have been to Greece a lot of times for holidays. When I was eleven years old I met Savvas at the beach one day when my eighteen year old cousin completely ignored me while flirting with some guy. For the whole month I was there, all he was doing was bullying me about how horrible my greek sounded. Well okay to be fair that was not the only thing that he did. We always set a time to meet the next day at the beach, we would stay there until the sun was down or until our mums would come and kick our asses for sitting under the bright burning sun without any protection. Then I had to go back to Italy again. Three years ago I decided to look his name up on facebook and thats how it all started again. Endless conversations. He was the one who made me come to the UK. After he signed a contract with Arsenal he was forcing me to make applications for the universities there.

And here I am now. Having a part-time job, a small hotel room in north London and a great childhood friend by my side.

“I’m going to get the drinks, when you are done if I’m not here waiting for you then come and find me at the bar.” I nodded and made my way into a toilet. Today was the day we’ve been waiting for two years now. Drake’s concert.

“Yeah mum.. no mum.. yes mum.. okay mum.. I said I’m not drinking that much mum relax.. yes mum.. MUM GOODNIGHT!” I ended the call and walked closer to Savvas who was already there waiting for me with two cocktails and two guys that I’ve never seen before.

“Be more polite to your mum!”

“If you want to know she basically called you a rapist because she gave me the lecture of ‘don’t drink way to much tonight and don’t sleep at Savvas place’ so not only I defended you but you also lecture me too.” I said sarcastically as I gave him the most ironic smile ever.

“Yeah even if I was a rapist I wouldn’t have gone for you because if you will be taking as much time as you are taking in the toilet then no! I have been waiting here for like twenty minutes!” now his friends who he wasn’t polite enough to introduce me to, were barely holding their laughter.

“Sorry! My fault that there is queue in there longer that the queue to drake’s bed!”

“Whatever! Anyway. This are my friends Alex and Hector in case you don’t already know them and they invited us to their VIP box because they are all there.” I’m not sure what he meant by all but I turned around to face the two guys and gave them my hand to introduce myself.

“Elizabella.” I said and gave them a smile looking at them for the first time.

“Nice to meet you, we’ve heard a lot about you.” They both said smiled back at me.

“Well I’m not sure if it’s nice for me to meet you as if you are friends with Sav, you are just like him and that is not so nice. And please whatever he said about me, ignore it. It’s probably lies.”

“See! See! And then you ask me why I hate her!”

It has been one of the most beautiful nights I’ve had by far since I moved here. I don’t know if I’ve stopped dancing and singing with Alex at all. Basically, everyone in that VIP box was so cool and they were all party animals. They were almost all of them footballers of Arsenal but from the first team. Savvas is sometimes training with the first team so I guess that’s why he became friends with them. Sadly, the night had to come to an end there I was again in my lonely hotel room. I haven’t actually seen them again at all except from Alex and Rob who came out with Sav and me two more times.

A month passed and here we are to October where I am officially at my new room at the university halls. This weekend I’m staying over at that hotel room in London again as it’s Sav’s birthday and we are going to a greek club. I don’t really know why I agreed on that because I’m not really into greek music but yeah sometimes it’s cool. What confuses me more tho is that Alex, Hector, Rob and Carl have agreed to go to and they don’t even speak greek.

“The guys are coming, I’m going out to let them in.” Savvas shouted into my ear as he wore his jacket.

“Coming with you.” I just didn’t want to be left alone with any of his greek friends. I don’t even remember their names and most of them don’t seem to like me so staying there alone would have been more like hell to me. I grabbed his arm gently and followed him as he pushed through dancing bodies to get out of the club.

“It’s freezing how can you make it be out here with only a bra?”

“For the hundredth time, it’s not a bra! It is a bralette top !”

“Whatever! Still!”

“I would have been surprised if you weren’t fighting!” We both turned our heads and faced the guys laughing at our argument.

We had to wait again in a queue as Savvas obviously couldn’t let us in again without waiting. Hector was kind enough to pass me his jacket even if I rejected it at first. I have to admit he looks a little bit mysterious but in beautiful way. The way he looked into my eyes while placing it over my shoulders made the blood in my veins burn enough to make me warm but I didnt want to give back his jacket. The idea that it was previously touching his body and now it was covering me made me go crazy.

The whole night I’ve been dancing and drinking and dancing and drinking all over again. If I remember correctly I even got on stage when a band came on and danced along to one of my favorite greek songs. I remember savvas saying something something like “What’s left now? You are getting up there again to sing?” and that’s all I needed. I went closer to one of the securities and in a few moments, I was on stage again with a mic in my hands this time singing and not caring how many people were in there. I could spot hector in the crowd staring at me and I couldn’t break the eye contact. I loved the idea that he was all focused on me and I know he realized I stayed on stage just to give him more of me dancing and singing.

It was almost 5 am when we left the club and Alex was driving me, Savvas and hector back home as we were the last ones from the group that actually stayed until that late.

“I’m feeling like I am going to be sick.” I said and opened the car window to get some air.

“Well you should have drank less! How many drinks did you have actually? 15? 20?”

“Sav shut up seriously or I’m going to vomit on your ugly head.” Well this made this even worse. “Actually Alex please stop the car.” And with that I was out of the car nearly on my knees with hector behind me holdin my hair and rubbing my back.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I am good thanks, should have listened to my mum’s non drinking advices though.”

“You should.”

“Are you done?” Alex shouted from his seat and made us both get into the car. “You are all staying at my place, I’m too tired to drive you all at you places and for sure I am not letting this young lady over there all alone drunk in a hotel room.”

“I guess there is no space for a no as an answer here, is it?” he didn’t even bother to give me an answer so I just shut my mouth and closed my eyes.

I must have fallen asleep because when I re-opened my eyes I was in a bed with an oversized shirt on me and Alex leaving the room.

“Alex?” he turned around and looked at me. “I think I’m going to be sick again.” And with that he walked me to his bathroom and waited until I felt better. “I really don’t think it’s safe to go back to sleep in this condition.”

“I guess. I’ll stay up with you.”

We’ve spend the rest of the night/ early morning having deep talks about anything and everything. It was around 11 when we decided to go to the kitchen and make some breakfast for everyone. Basically Alex was the one making the breakfast while I was sitting on a chair leaning my head on the kitchen counter in just the oversized shirt and hector’s jacket. I looked like a mess. My hair was a mess. My face was a mess. Everything was a mess about me.

“Morning” A really sexy male morning voice made me pick my head up from the counter and look at another mess, Hector, who was just in his boxers and his shirt from last night.

“Good morning. Um.. Im sorry for wearing you jacket again but it’s cold in here and alex wouldnt turn on the heating as he claims its not cold.”

“It’s fine don’t apologize.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and placed my head on the counter again and looked at Alex while he was fighting to cook whatever it looked like pancakes.

I’ve spend the following hour just watching alex and hector fighting about their cooking skills and actually hector lecturing alex on how he should have been cooking and correcting him on whatever move he was trying to make. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

“Ain’t no way I am eating that!” Hector said as he picked a pancake from the plate and threw it again back in. That was it. Alex picked the same pancake and shoved it into Hector’s mouth. I swear he was choking for at least ten minutes and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Then you complain about me and Sav fighting! You are worse than us!” I said between my laughers.

The rest of the day went like that. The four of us bullying each other, laughing all the time. The first one to leave was savvas as he had to meet some other friends and then there was hector.

“Wait, Hector!” I said and made a move to remove his jacket off of me but his response made me stop right there.

“Keep it, until the next time.” And before I could even reply he was already gone.

“Hey, Alex, can i ask you something?”


“Is Hector single?”

“No, he is in a relationship i think for a year now? Why?”

“N-Nothing just a-asking.”


Hope you liked it! Let me know if you want a second part and if you want let me know what you think will happen next!

Let me know as well if you liked it.

Also if you are wondering who Savvas is, his name is Savvas Mourgos and he’s playing for Arsenal. (check him out)

update ...

hey everyone!

so idk if you guys have noticed, but ive been pretty absent on tumblr lately - obviously ive had my queue running most of the time (although you may have noticed i queued a ton from myself bc i was too lazy to find new posts to queue haha) but i havent been interacting with you guys much, answering asks, even coming on here etc …

life has just been really busy at the moment (in a good way!) and i put tumblr on the backburner for a bit. if im completely honest, i know this started a few months ago when i stopped making money from tumblr (google ads and collabs with clothing brands) and i just felt no motivation to keep putting effort in to my blog when i was no longer getting profit from it! which is terrible bc thats not why i started this blog (i didnt even know i could make money from it lol) and i used to enjoy blogging so much more before $$$ was involved. it been nice to have a break, i havent felt like i ‘needed’ to come on here, and only came on when i felt like it, but i missed the excitement i used to feel (i legit used to go on tumblr first thing every morning to check my asks, etc)! 

i never ever ever EVER would delete my blog, but i felt sad leaving it neglected and unused, so i have deleted every single one of my 50k+ posts off my blog and decided to start fresh! i have also done huge following and unfollowing sprees *please like this post if you want me to check your blog out bc i want to find more!* and have decided to keep my theme as just my good old personal style! no more trying to fit into a specific style, just reblogging whatever i like and having my blog be a reflection of what i love.

i have also decided to close my theme blog - i haven’t coded a theme in so long, and i just don’t have the time/motivation to come up with new ideas and code them :( this also means i don’t have time to properly track who’s using my themes and making sure nobody is stealing codes, etc… i may eventually re-open it, but for now its definitely closed! {for anyone still using one of my themes, please still enjoy it! just don’t share the code and please don’t steal the credit!}

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p.s. i knoooow i have made posts like this before, but this time its for real! 



post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as, and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people. )

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anyone who wants to!



@blackthvnder || Jun Manjoume || Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
@tsukuseki || Yuma Tsukumo || Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
@viridianverde || Green Oak || Pokemon


@sxluja || Alibaba Saluja || Magi
@player-sakuraba-neku || Neku Sakuraba || The World Ends With You
@jinruui || Izaya Orihara || Durarara!!


Yuya Sakaki || Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

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I just had an incredibly awkward embarrassing moment so here's my headcannons on the Greek gods and social awkwardness to make myself feel better: obviously Artemis and Apollo are oblivious and thus can't pick up on social queues so they end up embarrassing themselves. Ares/Athena would be the type of people that when they can't find something in a grocery store, instead of asking a worker where it is will go to the back of the store and google it, and then call someone to ask them where it is.

hahaha, I can see all of this esp the calling ppl
“hey aphrodite”
“ares it’s 3am”
“I know but do you know where the cookies are?”
“what cookies?”
“the ones in the grocery”
“I don’t know?? ask someone?”
“I am asking someone, I’m asking you”

UT! Charisk with US! Charisk (Part 2)

Here is it! The continuation of the fiction where US! Charisk meets UT! Charisk. Hope you like and to avoid confusion here are speaking patterns for each character:

Normal: All the Undertale Characters

Italics: All Underswap Characters (except Frisk)

Bold: Underswap Frisk

Also congratulations on your 7000 followers! (in fact, this is my gift for you).


Author: CrystalgemSmashMario


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Justlex With After Fight!Alex and Caring!Justin

Request: justlex headcanons for justin taking care of alex after the fight with monty? with a side of guilty!justin and alex making sure he knows he isnt mad justin didnt step in. thank you!!


A/N: I think I got this request almost exact (well I hope), so fingers crossed you enjoy :)


Warnings: Mentions of a fight, Mentions of violence, Mentions of blood.


Justlex With After Fight!Alex and Caring!Justin…

  • Alex barged out of the school doors as he made his way towards his car, Monty headed in the other direction

  • He made it half way through the car park before hands were on his shoulder, pulling him to a stop

  • Alex wanted nothing more than to just go home, but as fate would have it, the one and only Justin Foley had held him up

  • Alex glared at the boy, but thanks to the bruising and swelling in his face it didn’t come off nearly as threatening as he intended

  • Justin’s eyes scanned over all his injuries, still holding Alex in his place as Monty sped past them both. Alex wanted nothing more than to just pull himself away from Justin and drive home, but he couldn’t

  • He and Justin weren’t exactly together, but they weren’t exactly friends either- friends didn’t look at each other like that, and they didn’t get so jealous

  • He wanted to protest, to push himself away from Justin, but he just let the brunette lead him to his car and drive him home

  • Alex let them both in, neither of them having said a word yet. Justin lifted Alex onto the bench before he went digging around for first aid

  • Alex hadn’t figured out if he was angry at Justin yet. He saw the way the boy just stood there and watched himself have the shit beaten out of him, but then Justin was here now when no one else was

  • Justin started with the small cuts on Alex’s knuckles, knowing they’d scab over faster. Alex noticed that Justin looked furious, and something in his stomach fluttered at that

  • He couldn’t help but stare at Justin’s beautiful eyes as the boy turned his attention to the blood on his face. Alex hissed in pain here and there, and Justin would shoot his hand away the second Alex showed the slightest pain

  • Alex liked the way Justin was taking care of him. He especially loved the way Justin stood between his legs while he did it. They’d been that close before, when they’d cuddled up together while high, or when someone would get jealous in the middle of school, but it was different then

  • Alex had to fight against the smile that threatened to show itself. Justin was really showing how much he cared for once, and though behind the concern was a whole lot of anger, Alex was willing to take it

  • Getting into the fight with Monty was possibly the stupidest thing he’d ever done, but it got Justin’s attention, so he figured at least that was a positive

  • “I’m not angry at you for not stepping in”

  • “You should be”

  • “Justin… could you at least breathe please? You’re scaring me”

  • Justin stopped what he was doing and leant against the bench, his hands on either side of Alex’s thighs

  • Alex hesitated, but considering it was Justin who had first come so close into his personal space, he figured he wouldn’t be wrong to assume a kiss was acceptable

  • He leant in and very softly placed his lips on the corner of Justin’s mouth, letting them linger there for a moment before he pulled back just enough for their lips not to touch anymore

  • Justin looked up at him with those sad blue eyes, all evidence of rage gone, and his face came slightly closer again as he shook his head, “don’t do that, I’m supposed to be taking care of you”

  • “Then what are you waiting for?”

  • Justin stared at him for a moment more before he wrapped Alex up in his arms. He carried the blonde up the stairs and laid him down on the bed, pulling the covers up around him before he himself climbed in

  • Alex was obviously confused, so Justin just gave him a “you need to rest. Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you wake up,” before he kissed Alex’s lips momentarily and took out his phone

  • Alex couldn’t help but smile, and he pulled Justin closer so that Justin had an arm around his waist before he let himself drift off to sleep


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Not my boyfriend

Title: Not my boyfriend

Pairing: Gabriel x reader

Warnings: light swearing, fluff

Summary: You’re out in a bar with Gabriel when a waitress assumes the two of you are dating. Unfortunately neither of you know that the other wants it to be true just as badly.

Word count: 1500

A/n: This is for @percussiongirl2017 (aka @alwayskeepfightingmoose). It’s your birthday! Good morning, sunshine! Happy 18th! Have a good day and an even better adult life!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

For the last time he’s not my boyfriend” You growled at the young waitress who came over to complain about your ‘boyfriend’ for the fourth time tonight. Seriously, you never regretted anything more than taking Gabriel with you to a bar. You should have known better. The trickster, archangel, pagan god or whatever title he preferred today, was never easy to handle. But you had been tired after your last hunt with the Winchesters and really needed the drink and relative normality of a bar. Sam and Dean were just behind you or so they said. After waiting for them for ages you checked your phone. Someone decided to put hair dye in their shampoo and truth be told pink really wasn’t their colour. So you ended up alone with Gabriel who insisted on sticking around (not wise in your opinion. Dean was going to kill him for that last prank).

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