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{Imagine} Apocalypse Changki

You dont have changki requests? Fear not im here lol I have one challenging - Changki in a zombie apocalypse AU (dont judge i have a thirst for zombie apocalypse fics) ♡

Kihyun felt tears slip down his cheeks like waterfalls. His cool exterior had broken like a dam being forced to crack by the water flow. He was sure he looked weak as hell as he broke down over Changkyun’s body, but he didn’t have anything left in him to care, and there was no one around to judge him, and even worse, no one around to help him. 

Changkyun was good as dead, they both knew it. He had no fluids in him, the water supplies as drowned down their throats, and the food had gone already. They were both exhausted, but it had clearly took more of a toll on Changkyun, who had fainted and collapsed under the boiling, unforgiving sun heat.  

Kihyun held him in one arm, held his body close to his own as he shot at the numerous zombies approaching them. 

“Run,” Changkyun kept telling him, “Just go, save yourself.” 

Kihyun sobbed, breathing loudly as  panted, he didn’t want to listen, he couldn’t accept this was the end. 

Changkyun placed a hand on Kihyun’s face, and weakly he repeated. “Run.”