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Okay so humans are weird. But how?

Let’s think about the masses. Music? Try sound waves that are blasting the delicate tissues of one of their senses, they can even hear better than most species, as if it wasn’t enough of an insult! They appear to respond to certain sounds and disregard others, so far no largely noticeable pattern has been found. Some adult, nurturing specimens call this specific occurrence ‘selective hearing’ in their young offspring.

Physical wellbeing? Hah! Try torture. Daily, many humans injure their muscles lifting considerable weight and running large distances for physical fitness in the civilian sectors, nevermind the military requirements. Some military requirements have need of the recruit to loft their own body weight - and perhaps more - over two hundred times.

Speaking of physical fitness - healing. It seems to vary between the individual, their accumulation of genetics, and their physical wellbeing. Depending on the variables, humans can survive the removal of major organs, limbs, even their soft, squishy exoskeleton (note: this is actually an organ that prevents a large majority of external bacteria and infections in muscles and generally vital tissue). Some humans will peel and eat their skin and soft nails, or just pluck their twenty extra appendages (note: hands-fingers feet-toes) if they are anxious or in an extremely testing situation. While it is not encouraged, it is not a large hazard.

Eating habits? It has been recently discovered that human beings are actually herbivores that adapted to gain nutrients from flesh. A portion of the population deny eating certain foods (such as meat, animal products, etc) for religion, personal preference, and other reasons. Apparently, there is an odd share of control over food. Instead of distributing food everywhere, equally, certain higher-ups prefer to keep food to themselves while others share it. Humans seem to argue on this, and it doesn’t seem to be fully resolved.

Behaviour? Adolescents can hold grudges well into their adulthood. All of the species seem to be capable of disliking someone or something and acting against them, despite general outlook or behaviour. Some display this behaviour more than others. There appear to be enough of the human population to have a large diversity in behaviour, melanin, intelligence, preference, and a variety of other things. (Note: Terran population was last counted to be seven billion. The planet has estimated to only hold ten to eleven billion max, so expect them to be venturing into unexplored territory in search of resources soon).

Verbal conversation? Terrans have a total of six thousand five hundred languages, and are still capable of communicating across their planet in mere fractions of their daily rotation (Note: this is…frightening. This scout shall endeavor to explore less…advanced races). Translators are something to be feared, as each language can have different sounds, number of letters, different way to spell and say a certain sound, different words in certain situations, and a dizzying amount of information used without thinking of it. Words can be abbreviated and can be stressed to give a different meaning to the recipient. Sarcasm is very hard to explain. This scout will leave the…troublesome explanation to Scout 54P1. If asked, please recite this; ‘the idea of Sarcasm (that is saar-cah-suh-mm) is foreign to most races. Please excuse it’.

Senses. Human senses (taste, touch, smell/scent, hearing, sight) are fairly advanced for a species who has domesticated most of their planet’s species. Please refer to Scout 73B2 for a deeper explanation, as I have no idea where to begin.

And military? Forget the idea. Military organizations regularly converse with others, sharing Intel and general knowledge, a professional form of gossip.

In general? Human beings/Terrans are not to be trifled with, despite their modernization. Sheer determination, stubbornness produced by hormones and protective instinct, and dulled senses will kill you, take caution.


“jean will help you if you help him.”

jean was privy to the ugly truth about the moriyamas, as he’d been sold to tetsuji years ago to settle a debt with the head of the family. jean hated his lot in life, but he was past the point where he could even think of fighting back. 

he wasn’t a rebel; he was a survivor.
he did whatever it took to get through the day.

Tumblr 2012: Everything online is great. Tumblr is at its prime. I haven’t slept in 18 days. My queue is full, my blog looks good, and I’ve met a ton of interesting people. 

Tumblr 2017: Everything on my dash is garbage. There is nothing keeping me on here for days to find good content. SJW’s, cringeworthy tv show fans, and Buzz-howarewestillrelevant-feed are taking over.

Headcanon about that pinball machine in Cisco’s apartment: that was the first thing he really ever ‘fixed’. 

Little tiny, tiny Francisco loved the arcade near his house; loved tagging along with Armando and being hefted up onto his shoulders at times just so that he could see what was going on. When it closed down, he was heartbroken. He begged his mama to get the owner to keep it open somehow. It didn’t work. 

But one day while he was strolling around the neighborhood with his brothers, he saw that the owner had the machines for sale. They were expensive, of course…aside from the one broken pinball machine, the one that sat in the very back of the arcade, that had been broken so long that none of the brothers had ever seen it. Cisco knew he had to have it though. 

He ran around for a week looking for any and every little task he could do to earn money to buy it. He helped Mrs. Sánchez across the street carry in her groceries, he helped his tío by raking leaves as best as his tiny hands could. He even helped his mama cook dinner one night. In the end, he managed to scrounge up 20 or 30 dollars. 

Cisco ran as fast as his tiny legs would carry him once he had enough, his papa panting as he ran after his enthusiastic son. Cisco proudly pushed the money towards the arcade owner, bouncing on his toes with excitement. That pinball machine was all his. (Papa Ramon paid the owner an extra 30 dollars with a smile) All three Ramon boys carried it home. It went in the garage, of course. That dusty thing was not allowed in Mama Ramon’s house, she was not having it. But as soon as the legs were set firmly on the concrete floor, Cisco immediately set about gutting the machine. 

Armando and Dante helped, of course, because well…Cisco had some difficulties reading the really hard words in the repairs guide they found tucked in the back. But over the course of a few months, Cisco restored that thing as best as his tiny self could. It…worked and that was all that mattered. Many afternoons were lost to the pinball machine in the garage and many arguments were fought over who really had gotten the highest score. Dante had a bad habit of resetting the high score when he got beaten, at least until Cisco found a way to disable the reset button.

Once Armando died, Cisco set about restoring it outright as a way to cope with the loss. He had so many good memories of after school pinball sessions with his brothers, tinkering with it took his mind to happier places. When he moved out, the pinball machine was the first thing in his apartment and it’s stayed with him ever since. Sometimes on the bad nights, he’ll shuffle out in the wee hours of the morning and play a game or two, the sounds and lights and feeling of it all bringing him back to a time when his feet were firmly on the ground. And for a blip of a second, he lets himself be at ease.

DC Rebirth is able to sum up every Superman villains ever, even the ones that no one cares about yet erase all of his children, his love, his life. 

Chris, Cir, Kon, Kara, Mae/Linda, and hell, even Jon Lane Kent are those who make him happy, they are his world, his stake for the future, and they sweep them aside like THEY DON’T MATTER.

This is hurtful as fuck, DC only wants to remember those who bring pain and misery to Superman. I will never forget them just for that page alone. 

You have your answer now, Clark. That future is Rebirth universe.



Can I just thank you all?! Like. Really. A THOUSAND IS A BIG NUMBER.

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And so?

I meant what I said yesterday…


You got that right.

But don’t run off yet–I am well aware that my inbox might implode from requests, so I’ll let you know now that I won’t be able to draw absolutely everything.

If I don’t draw your request, that could be for a number of reasons.
1. I am not familiar enough with the characters.
2. I am not comfortable with drawing your request.
3. I have way too many requests and don’t have time to draw them all.

Friendly reminder that I do not draw NSFW.

Random Dude I Met In A Bar : “… then when I shaved my head, everybody started treating me differently. Their entire perception of me changed. You’re like a different person. You can’t imagine what that’s like. I mean, imagine you decided to dye your hair blonde. How do you think that would change how people perceive you?”

Me Internally : Dude…

And this conversation went on for another 15 minutes.