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I don’t take too many pictures of myself because I’m really self-conscious about my large cheeks and big ass nose, but after getting my hair done today, I decided to take some selfies.

Second picture was taken by accident but here’s some pics of me! I got highlights!!😀

You Need Saving Too // Spencer Reid

A/N — yo I had this all started and ready to be posted tonight - and I deleted by accident. So here’s the second version!

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Warnings: Killer amount of fluff

— Y/N’s POV —

“Remember that time you were about to fall, so I tried to stop you, but I fell with you by accident?” I giggle, looking up into his eyes, seeing them sparkle and his cheeks fall into a flush.

“Yeah, that was the first day we met. Sorry about that.” He says, looking down to his feet as his hands tighten their grip on my waist.

I look up to the sky and tighten my arms around his neck, distracting myself from those around us, watching us like vultures looking for prey.

He always thought he was a monster, he thought that what had happened to him made him a bad person. He thought that having a drug addiction made him horrible and addictive, he thought that being sent to prison falsely made him a monster - when in reality, it made him more kind hearted, more loving.

In fairytales, it’s always the woman being saved, it’s always the princess needing a way out. Sometimes, the Prince needs an out too. They’re all human, they all need saving aswell.

“Ah it’s ok Spence, worse things have happened. After all, it got us talking and look where we are now.” I smile, kissing his cheek gently as the music around us plays like a nursery rhyme to children.

“Yeah, guess so. And I’m really glad we’re here. I mean, right now, there is 22.2 marriages in the US, and we’re one of them.” He says, looking down at my dress and his tux, smiling at me.

As kids we’re all told that it’s the woman that should be loved and saved, in the nursery rhymes it’s always the prince saving the princess - why not the other way around?

When Spencer was kidnapped by Tobias, it broke him. Mentally and emotionally, he was gone for a while.

I’d lost the Spencer I knew, the boyfriend that I had that cared more than anything.

“Well, I’m glad we’re on of them, Spencer. Got to admit, there’s been times when I’ve wondered if we would be one of them.” I say, looking up to see his head dangling, looking as his bow tie, eyes measuring the amount of perfection in one piece of material.

“So have I. I mean, with the whole, T-Tobias, thing, y’know? I was wondering if we would be one of them then. And when I went away, I wondered then too.” He says, voice laced with sadness.

“Hey, we’ve both had moments, it’s normal I guess.” I smile, running my hands through his messy hair gently.

The music plays around us, and I mentally cry thinking of how happy I am to finally marry him. To finally be able to look at my hand and see that ring, that little band of happiness that clarifies he’s mine.

“Yeah guess so. I’ve been meaning to thank you all night, well actually since it happened.” He says, not looking at my eyes, rather looking at the floor and focusing on anything but the conversation as best he could.

“For what? Marrying you? I mean I’d do that anyday but sure!” I laugh, knowing that isn’t what he meant, but making light of my confusion.

“No, I mean, for saving me. You put so much hard work into looking for me and getting me back safely, and I just kinda wish I could do that for you, but y’know without you being in danger? Cause-“ He says, beginning to ramble before I can’t help but stop him.

Like I said before, we’re all so programmed to save the girl, why can’t the boy be saved?

“Hey ok that’s where it stops. You need to be saved too, sometimes Spencer. We’re all human, we all fall into days where we can’t get out, we all need saving. Whether it’s a girl saving a boy or the other way around, we all need saving. You are human, you deserve to be here.” I say, my hands reaching for and cupping his face gently, looking deep into the broken parts of his mind, wishing and praying I could fix them.

Wishing he would be ok.

“I guess so. I mean, I just sometimes wish I was the prince you need.” He says, the sadness laced through his broken voice.

He was the best prince I could wish for, the most kind hearted, loving, amazing man I could have ever met.

“You are, Spence. You really think I would be stood here with you, having my first dance with you, and marrying you if I didn’t love you?” I smile, making him flash a grin that paints across his face like a beautiful Van Gough.

“I love you, you know that right?” He smiles, kissing my forehead gently.

And as he does so, ‘awww’ is called from JJ in the crowd, earning laughs and giggles from all the guests.

“Yeah, I love you too, I think everyone knows that aswell.” I laugh, making him giggle.

And among all the stars and the moon, the princes and the princesses - he was my fairytale.

Fun fact

Jeffrey dahmer, Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, Dylan roof, Eric Harris, and Dylan klebold all lived at the same time during some point in their lives.

When you accidentally typo Be More Chill as Be Amore Chill

“Help me do amore than survive!”


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Did no one notice that Mystic messenger is basically the whole "stranger danger"/"don't talk to strangers" thing that we were all told as kids? Only in this games case we followed the stranger and instead of getting kidnapped, we got hot people. I think about this any time there is a fic about the RFA guys as parents. "Daddy/Mommy, how did you meet Mommy/Daddy?" "So I met your mother/father when they logged into an app in an apartment that a stranger led the to......"

OMG hahahaha yes! THIS!!!! 

“How did you and mummy meet?” 

Yoosung: “I… uh… well we were both young and… we… um…. there was this app on the phone she downloaded where she thought she could talk to guys… wait no… I… online? Yes. We met online.” 

Child: “So you met through Tinder?” 

Yoosung (shocked): “Um, Yes! Okay! Let’s go with that!” 

Zen: “What?! Why do you want to know something like that? I… it was just how people met, you know, one of those star crossed fates things that happened that lead your mother and me to meet- that’s all.” 

Child: “So in other words, you don’t want to tell me.” 

Zen: “In other words, yes.” 

Child (to their sibling): “Told you he met Ma at a bar. Probably got her knocked up by accident and here we are.”


Child: “Was the bar Hooters? Is that why it’s inappropriate?” 

Zen: “MC! What the hell have you been telling these children?!” 

Jaehee: “Oh we met under odd circumstances. Your mother did a foolish thing and downloaded an app she wasn’t allowed to but that led her talking to me and that was that.” 

Child: “That’s nice Mama… but how did she get access to the app if she wasn’t allowed to have it?”

Jaehee (sweat drop): “Uh… ask… her about it, Sweetie.” 

Jumin: “Your mother followed her heart to me.”

Child: “That’s it? She just up and came to you out of nowhere?”

Jumin (stoic face): “Yes. Exactly.” 

Child: “That makes no sense Dad-”

Jumin: “No, what makes no sense is that I’m paying for the best tutor in Korea to teach you and you’re still only averaging a B in school-”

Child: “Awww Dad but-”

Jumin: “Don’t but me, I want you to tell me why…” (just relieved he dodged a bullet. Will have to ask advice from MC and the rest of the RFA (bar Zen, bastard will just laugh) about how to proceed. 

Saeyoung: “Well Mummy downloaded a mysterious app that let her speak to a strange man who told her to go to a strangers apartment and enter without permission. There the app started to work and she spoke to five beautiful people, one of them being me- and even though I tried my best to sway her advances, she finally swept me off my feet. After that we overturned not one, but two evil organisations and then came home and had some cake.” 

Child: “If you didn’t want to tell me the story that’s all you had to say Dad.” 

Saeran: “I tried to kidnap her.” 

Child: “You did not.”

Saeran: “I did. I swear. “

Child: “Dad this is pathetic, how did you meet Mum?”

Saeran (calling off to the side): “MC?! Come in here and tell our kid that I tried to kidnap you damn it!” 

V: “I had thought love to be completely out of my reach, and quite literally, out of nowehere- your mother appeared. She was helping us plan for the new RFA party.” 

Child: “Awww so you guys bonded through that whole experience?” 

V: “Mhmm, your mother was just an absolute angel.” (texting under the table to make sure MC corroborates his story to omit certain… details). 


My love, here is something you should know.
There is a truth carved into my bones,
It has made my heart its home.
And though tempests may twist and coil our seas,
And though the earth may quake beneath our feet,
(Though my heart may yet cower away at times)
I hope you know love, I hope you see,
that this truth will never change for me.

I have these moments where I believe I wasn’t meant to be here. Moments where I intrude on somebody else’s life, or upset people just by asking a simple question or because if my presence in a room, and I wonder what their life would be like if I hadn’t shown up in it. I wouldn’t upset them just by being me; by being the burden that I am. I think that I was an accident that showed up by fluke - by fate making a mistake - and now I’m just here, intruding where I shouldn’t be, on everybody else’s life.

And for that, I can’t express how sorry I am.

—  A Page From The Hellish Book Called Life #68

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Victorian era fics?

WELL. There are SO many I love, but these are some I found unforgettable; that enriched my reading of canon and left me changed. Some often rec’ed by me, some new:

The Incident In The Room With The Red Curtain (first kiss, friends to lovers, casefic, T)–9k. Watson’s second-deepest secret is suddenly revealed.

The Adventure of the Doctor’s Heart (friends to lovers, casefic of a sort, E)–12k, @mistyzeo. Watson grieves, and Holmes tries to reach him. 

Some Gentle Dove (Sussex, frustrations, new joys, miscommunication. Established relationship, T)–8k. Even in retirement, they can surprise each other.

Bel Canto (secret identity, Phantom of the Opera AU, friends to lovers, Mycroft’s controlling, miscommunication out the wazoo, T)–127k. An opera ghost, a musical genius hidden away, a quiet aristocrat and a series of murders.

Inclination (friends to lovers. PTSD, trauma recovery, comfort, G)–2k. Watson needs Holmes as Holmes needs Watson.

As if the World Should Roll Itself Out Like a Cloak (friends to lovers, self-discovery, unconscious love, G)–4k.

The Furred And The Fae (magical realism. Hound of the Baskervilles retelling, aftermath. Established relationship, T)–2k. Watson has earned the right to tease Holmes a little, after a case on the moor beneath a full moon.

Rope Burn (casefic, blackmail, racial issues, first kiss, T)–9k. Some cases mean more than others.

24 Caprices & a Bottle of Claret (established relationship, memories, musing. WIP, T)–3k. Holmes talks about music. Watson thinks about Holmes.

A Man Of Great Character And Better Humor (established relationship, comfort. Sussex. G)–2k. Holmes has learned his Watson very well by now.

Mon Couer (established relationship, learning trust, T)–1k. Years of caution make safety seem strange.

The Incident With The Bicycle (established relationship, vulnerability, G)–2k. Being loved for one’s brilliance is good, but being loved for one’s soul is much better.

Wintry Morning, Victoria Station (established relationship, love in the closet, marriage, T)–1k. They know who they are to each other.

Love Is to Yes series (identity crisis, friends to lovers. Granada, G/T)–8k, @daisynorbury. They aren’t so old that they can’t learn joy.

Winter In London (first kiss, rape, recovery, NR)–45k. He’s tried so hard to carry this alone, but it’s killing him.

The Lucky One (established relationship, addiction, depression, healing. Lestrade is wonderful, T)–6k. Watson learns to trust that love is enough.

What Is Right, And What Is Easy (established relationship, homophobia, blackmail, NR)–600 words. The law is not always on the right side.

Masked Ball (secret identity, casefic, ballroom dancing! Friends to lovers, T)–30k. This fic has everything, and that’s all I can say.

Since First I Saw Your Face (canon retelling, first meeting, Reichenbach, PTSD, recovery, WIP, M)–143k, @artemisastarte. A deeply tenderhearted expansion of canon. The author’s well-researched knowledge of the Victorians makes this feel intimately real.

Cameo (magical realism, soulmate AU, T)–8k. If Holmes thinks he can shut Watson out when he’s in danger, Watson will have to beat him at his own game.

Two Shoes for a Hat (first meeting, Ritchie Holmes, G)–2k, @educatedinyellow. Holmes sees Watson possibly more clearly than he sees himself.

Something To Retire To (friends to partners, Sussex, asexual Holmes, miscommunication, jealousy, T)–9k. Retirement plans ought to be very clearly communicated.

Hallowed Be Thy Name, 40k, E. Established relationship. Addiction, recovery, trust, child abuse, loss, healing. This fic changed me as a Holmesian and a person. (This is the most damaged Holmes I’ll rec, but he finds his way.)