not helsa xd

I’m a little bit early, but how about a picture to introduce the “Hot as Helsa” week, which is going to take place from July 10th to 16th? Let’s start with a nice family picture ( @blue-pixiedust remember I told you I was planning on doing something about Helsa family and the little strawberry blonde girl is how I picture Isla :) ). Next week perhaps I’ll have just time for some colored sketches, but I promise hot, spicy Helsa :D

(Also, i wanted to try a different coloring with no almost no lineart, what do you think?)

The Prince Hans fandom in action

So the other day I was watching “Ella Enchanted” and every time the fan club girls popped up all I could keep thinking is “that this is exactly how the Hans fandom would react to seeing Prince Hans. It pretty much play out exactly like this:

Prince Hans fan club: WE WANT HANS!WE WANT HANS!

Hans: ( walks out onto stage)

Random Hans fan: Hey Prince Hans! Are you a fast runner?

Hans: Not particularly. No. Why?

Random Hans fan: GET HIM!

Hans: (runs away from all his adoring fans )

I mean is it just me? Cause I could totally see this happening!

Helsa for my sister lisuli79 !!!
I was inspired by Man Ray cello girl, so I did the cello’s F with chocolate on Elsa’s back and my sister said “the last time Elsa was playing cello: now Hans plays Elsa” ahahahahaha!!!!
I love Elsa’s expression, very “what are you looking at?!”, like Madonna in “Vogue” XD


» crazy in love (hans x elsa dreamcast)

I don’t know if any of you remember this post, but yeah, I’ve decided to vid them as Helsa. xD