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do u have any trans keith hcs????

you mean the love of my GODDAMN life?????? yeSSIR

  • trans cowboy keith kogane im shitting my butt off
    • some Ass: well if yer a REAL man then you gotter round up dem ponies in dem pastures
    • keith: *already rounded em dem ponies*
    • Ass: oh my god
      • keith: my names keith actually
  • some trans guys may like feminine shit and thats totally 100% okay (as a trans boy who still loves feminine shit) but y’all know that keith would RELISH in his boyish glory 
    • keith: i just bought like twelve identical black t-shirts and i have never felt this happy in my entire life
  • do you think the garrison was far away from whEREVER he was living before like,,,, he could completely start over and he wouldn’t have to worry about people knowing him and judging him and he could just,,,,, be keith
  • but legit when he came out to shiro can you imagine how supportive he must’ve been
    • shiro: make way for my BROTHER PLEASE!!! MY YOUNGER BROTHER!!!! WHO IS A BOY!!!!!
    • and keith would be all embarrassed but in his heart he must’ve been so happy dear GOD

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whenever my friend gets drunk he talks about quantum physics. Do you have any tips for someone who knows jack shit about science to keep up with him when hes talking at 60 miles per hour

If he’s drunk, just make up a science topic and pretend you know what you’re talking about. Maybe he’ll go along with it and attempt to talk about it further


Seriously. You don’t. I wanna cry when I see baby witches say “I really want to practice my craft but this spell calls for-” no. Stop. That’s bullshit ok? All you need is energy, Intent. That’s what you NEED. Everything else is just extra. This works for closeted witches too.

Candles: don’t have room/money for a bunch of different colors/shapes/etc? No problem! White tealights. Thats all you need. You can get like 200 of them for less than 5 bucks. White candles substitute for any color. If you really need color though…. Use glitter! Craft glitter. Sprinkle that shit on there. Throw a pinch in the air as an offering while you’re at it. Carve a word/symbol in the bottom with a thumbtack or write it with a permanent marker.

Herbs: you know what witches of old used to use? WHATEVER GREW NEARBY. use a blade of grass. It doesnt matter. Rosemary substitutes for any herb, and black pepper can be used in place of banefuls. Check your kitchen cabinet.

Crystals: rocks are fun to collect. You know what most rocks have in them? QUARTZ! Clear Quartz is able to substitute for any other stone.

Oils: you don’t need enough essential oils to rival a perfumer’s lab. You just don’t. You need one, maybe two oils. Olive oil can substitute for any other oil. If its a potion you need to wear? Coconut oil.

Your voice: Sing. Yell. Whisper. Chant. Write….they don’t call it a SPELL for nothing.

Use what you find in your environment. Follow the seasons. Who cares if snobby witches say “Oh you need The Root of a specific tree that grows on a north facing hill or YOU aren’t magic enough.” Fuck. That. Noise. Only one who can decide how magic you are….is you. Now go out, wave your party city fairy wand, and change the fucking world!

Thoughts about Sex

Before I start, I just wrote something that was really sexual and Im sitting here like damn I wish I could make love to somebody. I keep reading it over and over again and it just fuels me with sexual passion. I cant really talk about this anywhere else so here are just some of my thoughts on sex real quick. Take it how you want it…

I want to have sex with somebody so bad, but the sad thing is I dont want to have it with just anybody. Of course I can just run up to any ole girl and throw my dick on the table but even the thought of me just saying that seems like its not enough. Whats the point of sex if your not in love with the person your having it with. Porn doesn’t even turn me on anymore because all they are doing is fucking each other for a paycheck. Im trying to love, sure I know some women dont even wanna hear that shit but honestly fuck that shit. I want to love a womans mind, body and soul. Im trying to connect in the purest form of connection us as humans can possibly have. Sure there are going to be moments in my life where I just have sex with someone because I feel like busting a nut but honestly physical satisfaction alone seems like boring sex to start with. I want to look a girl in her eyes, read her mind, touch her soul and make love to each and every part of her body as I can. Humans in general are the few animals on Earth that gain pleasure from sex and we are the few animals here that can fall in love with each other. So why the hell not have sex with someone you love? Why do I gotta waste my nut and potential children on a chick im not even gonna want to talk about in 3 months time. 10 minutes of pure ecstasy with a beautiful girl I give a damn about, thats all I really want. Thats all I really need. I want her to feel good and I want to feel good. I want to make her cum for me and say my name while I give her the love she deserves for just being alive here on Earth with me. I dont think I can ask for anything more and anything less honestly……

I think I have nothing more or less to say too…….and fuck just jerking off nigga thats lame af… any dude out there reading this bro stop masterbating for a minute find a girl you love and fuck her right my nigga. Trust me you’ll feel more like a man with or without the sex part.

Ok I think im done, Im just wanting to love on somebody I guess

How fucking dumb and miserable do you have to be to send this? Government assistance isn’t delivered in 5 minutes or less asshole. My mother is on unemployment and do you know where most of the money goes? To our fucking rent and bills so we won’t be hungry and homeless and shit outta luck. It blows my mind that literally all I did was ask for donations for ONE DAY for ONE MEAL and this bozo tootsie rolls into my inbox. For what??? Do you know how embarrassing it was for me to even ask? I hate being so vulgar I really do but you must have me fucked up. please do not get it twisted with me, this might be a posi blog but I’m not playing nice with any of you heartless shit lords that think its cute to send this to someone. Try again with someone else, but not with me. who sends shit like this?

Anyway, to any of my followers that are offended by my language I’m really sorry but no one is going to come into my inbox, on anon at that, and try to make me feel bad. this is why i’m taking a break from blogging

Anyway I’ve gotten a few messages so here’s a new update: my life is a mess !!

I’m paying rent to live at home with my parents who are abusive and complacent with abuse at their best, I’ve basically become their emotional scapegoat for when they’re fighting (which is all the time), I was recently asked to start packing my things into boxes to be gotten rid of so I’ve been busy moving everything for weeks, and I have student loans to pay so any money left goes to gas and then I don’t have anything to spend on food so I’m eating like shit and sleeping constantly. I don’t have money to renew my prescriptions so I’m sick with anxiety and I was supposed to go to the doctor weeks ago to get something in my chest examined but I haven’t because that’s the last thing on my mind! So all this together is why I’m so behind on all my commissions. I literally haven’t drawn anything more than a scratch on paper in a month. And I’m not like. Crying for attention, I do need to get stuff done, just wanted to let everyone know I’m not ignoring you I just have no concept of time

Also, all the ovw art books are packed I just haven’t shipped them yet haha

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hey! how about: stop expecting mentally ill ppl to conform to neurotypical standards of self-care and interaction (unless it is abusive) 100% of the time and disguising it as “concern” because we see right thru that shit, it aint cute. you're god damn right you're not a therapist and you shouldn't be telling other people how to deal with shit you've never experienced.

You’re assuming a lot about me, anon. Like that I’ve never experienced any of this shit. I don’t have to disclose my mental illness CV to you in order to be “qualified” to talk about mental illness. You’re right in that I’m not a therapist, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. I’ve talked to plenty of therapists, I have friends with counseling experience, and I’ve taken some of the advice. Some of that advice was developed for people with bpd by someone with bpd, so get your “im not taking neurotypical bullshit” crap out of my inbox.

Ni-Fi Loop

Ni: Huh. I think I found a pattern here.

Fi: Oh, you might have. That’s neat.

Ni: …but this isn’t a good pattern…

Fi: What do you mean?

Ni: Now that I’m looking closer, I really think there’s something going on here.

Fi: Oh my God, you’re right.

Ni: And look at this! And this! It makes perfect sense!






*three days later*

Te: What the fuck, you guys? Do you have ANY proof of this whatsoever? No? Then what are you wasting time worrying over? Go find some actual evidence instead of sitting in a corner and worrying about it or shut the hell up!

Se: lmao let’s get high to forget all of this

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What if Kisame pulled a Prestige and he's actually still alive?

ngl I’ve actually had this idea a lot for fics and the like and the fact that he didn’t leave any body whatsoever actually does leave room for that…

…But on the other hand taking Kisame’s most poignant and dramatic moment in the narrative and having him go ‘LOL JUST KIDDING GUYS’ afterwards just feels a little like it’s diminishing that scene.

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Of course! Just casually going to link to my fic rec blog, @ellielsreadinglist , and from there you can check the navigation page (or mobile version because I’m on top of my shit) and from there you can sort by group, genre, AUs, or tropes. 

Admittedly, I am a little behind on catching up on everyone’s updates because I’ve been writing but I’ll be putting more recs on there soon. So many of my mutuals and the writers I like most have updated and I’m here salivating over them all but cutting myself off until I finish this Mr. Min chapter.

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For some reason I hardly have any trouble talking to guys and I usually don't mind their attention, but with girls, while I LOVE them and want to kiss them v much, I always feel like they're all WAAAY out of my league and would never even give me the time of day? And it's so frustrating because I don't know if that's my low self-esteem, internalized biphobia, or internalized misogyny talking, I just know that girls are so amazing that they scare the shit out of me

Ahhhh yeah I feel that. Internalized biphobia etc can influence it, but it really does boil down to confidence. Girls ARE super intimidating but you gotta know that you’re fabulous too! Have to love yourself before you love others, remember RuPaul’s famous catchphrase!

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Hey... Do you think you'll ever get to the point where you can make money off of your videos/music or release albums??? Cuz if so I support u!!!! :)

i’M actually monetizing my next song! now that i can make PVs that are visually appealing without relying on shit i didn’t make myself ;))) 

not sure if i’ll make any albums though tbhhhhh………. i don’t have the motivation to hold songs until an entire years’ work of them is finished, like i get impatient and i wanna show everyone the minute it’s done hahaha– plus after communications i don’t rlly trust myself to stick with long-term projects orz

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Would it help you feel less bitter about simoun if I were to tell you that out of the main cast, literally only one in the end choses to become a guy?

Only if they keep kissing other ladies while backflipping off their ship, going, “eat a dick, dumbshits!” 

This whole concept is handled SO APPALLINGLY thus far, and I have basically no hope that it gets any better AND MY CURRENT THEORY IS THEY DON’T CHOOSE TO BECOME GUYS BECAUSE THEY FUCKING DIE and your clever wording does not dissuade me from that. 

It would have to make such a good reversal on whatever the fuck it’s doing in order to win my love here, and literally I would have to warn everyone that they have to tolerate four episodes. I would literally never ever give this show to a young wlw. 

I am a FIRM believer that you like what you like I ALSO LIKE SOME APPALLING-ASS SHIT, IT IS FINE.

 But yeah, I don’t know if this show in what, 20 odd episodes? Can make this back for me. Like, Utena deals with shit I fucking hate and occasionally have to take a fucking breath and a walk over, but i would argue it’s much QUICKER to challenge the things set forth in it. AND I WOULDN’T EVEN SAY I LIKE UTENA SO MUCH AS I’M INTRIGUED BY IT. 

Really fucking tired of this FC bullshit

Don’t fucking disrespect me and ask for me to join as a “social member” and to “try out later” as a raider all because my DPS as a healer isn’t good enough because my team sucks and I’m constantly forced to save everyone by myself.

Look at my heals. Or fucking take the word from TWO officers who have run with me when we weren’t shit. But I’m playing any shitty games anymore. I’m not going to be treated LESS than what I am, just because there is healer bias and my team is holding me back. When two other people can get into the FC no problem because they happen to have a high parse, but I can’t because my job is being a babysitter????

I’m so so so fucking pissed. Either expect me to be an asshole and leave my static and friends that I’ve been with for like over a year just so I can get inflated numbers for an FC I barely cared about to begin with, or expect me to be someone who is loyal and gives a shit even when the team makes mistakes that have me drinking through raid just so I don’t go insane. Can’t fucking have it both ways.

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it feels like most of my life (the last 3 years especially) has been filled with a whole lot of nothing, and I don't know how to break free from it. My therapist and family think I'm depressed and need meds but I don't. I'm just disappointed with what my life has been and what it is now. I have no friends, I'm in college (community college rn) but I don't know how to change shit. My life has been filled with rejection and disappointment and I'm starting to lose hope. I don't know what to do.

Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do? Life can be pretty dull and disappointing for me as well, so I always try to find events, trips, even holidays to prepare for. I also have a handful of passions that keep me busy — photography, hooping, camping, exploring the outdoors, etc.
Try out new things, explore your local nature spots, look up local events, go to a show. You don’t need lots of friends to be happy. I understand it gets lonely, but you can use this time of your life to learn about yourself and grow as a person. Just seems like you need to pick up more hobbies/crafts and maaaaaybe attend more social events

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rant about and what's your absolutely favorite pairing for the ship asks! :D


Victuuri– they are canon dammit! What is not to love about this absolute DORKS?!?!?!

Otayuri - fuck they easy to write… in so many diff ways. 

LeoJi- OMG they are the sweetest, cutest… Oh it makes my heart swell. 

YuuYu- they work dammit! and I am a slut for them and look for their fics. 

JJBek - OMG– gimme two hottie undercuts any day.

Pliroy - Hello? Yuri AND JJ – I think my heart just stopped! SO SEXY!

Phiciaociao - that shit canon dammit! I dont care what you say! Phichit loves his coach the same way Yuuri loves his. 

I can give you a reason for any pairing… I LOVE THEM ALL!

Im sorry I’m shit and horrible. Im in my induction week for uni and it’s 8 hours a day of people tiving a bunch of information and giving tours that my brain is exhausted but then I have to awkwardly socialize at night to “make friends” that I just crash as soon as I can.

I promise to be better once I’m more settled ❤️

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Do you have any examples of times you've given an opinion on something that was "meaningful" as you say that has not gotten as much attention as this? I'm confused

umm ok i wasnt talking about posts i made in particular but… recently i made a post calling out people who ship andi and horatio and that got crickets compared to this, like i saw maybe two or three other people posting about it themselves. meanwhile, this shit, about fucking tags, has taken up five pages of my blog with shit related to it

@ask-doggo-things cont. from here

Oh shit, Oh fuck. Shit shit shit! The prince stared at the bawling puppy with guilt and the feeling of a giant pit in his stomach. He quickly got down onto his knees and reached out for the dog, but what if a hug wasn’t comforting? Especially not from someone who just scared the shit out of you.

      [ 🔥 ] “H-hey! Sshh-shh! Just calm down! I’m so sorry oh my god I didn’t know it’d scare you that bad. I-I just like playing tricks and I didn’t think I’d terrify you with my terrible barking! Please please please stop crying!”

The goat fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out a few lollipops, holding them out.

      [ 🔥 ] “D-d-d-d-d-do you like candies? I have a few more if you don’t like these. C-can’t offer you any of my chocolate though.”

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Do you have any advice for someone writing an undergraduate thesis? Like I'm just terrified that I'll end up a week before the deadline with almost nothing written and my thesis will be shit. I suck at time management (curse you, adhd!!) Any advice for spacing out the writing process?

Give yourself a small, daily goal.  It’s been a long time since I wrote a thesis, and mine was just translation so more like creative writing than research, but if you say, “I will write 500 words every day” you will end up with a complete thing.  Also, you will get to feel ‘done’ every day instead of overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what’s facing you, which can make some of us decide there’s no time like the present for a nap.

You can also break it up with something like, “I will research for one hour today, no internet breaks” for things that require research, not writing, or “I will revise 2 page today”.

But set small goals and DO THEM every day.