not having a very good one

  • 95% of the people cheering at the red carpet will be ARMYs singing every BTS song (The 5 other % are celebrities and reporters)
  • One of BTS’ songs will be playing during the red carpet maybe
  • BTS will arrive being the best-dressed humans ever (VOGUE be shaking and faint asap)
  • BTS hair will make people wishing to have the same haircut and Suga’s hair will be bluer than the clearest sky maybe
  • Everyone in the red carpet will want to interview BTS and start every sentence by “your fans are so passionate/love you guys … ” or “You are very good looking … ” or even “Are you nervous?”. 
  • Namjoon will be answering questions with his dimples. V will for sure do something that is either super funny or very impressive. Jhope will scream something, Jimin I mean Christian will use his new bought impressive accent to kill some people on the way, Jungkook will turn heads and Suga will look soooo done but on the inside, he is just very nervous. Meanwhile, Jin will be making someone somewhere asking for his name. 
  • BTS will get into the venue and everyone will start screaming BTS and the fanchant, be ready to see people turning left and right. 
  • BTS being the polite guys will applaud and cheer for everyone. 
  • If there is a sexy performance be ready to see the whole crowd jamming to the song while our boys being so shaken. 
  • Everyone will think “oh they are so cute” but they will surprise everyone once on stage *cough* their duality *cough*
  • BTS’ expressions when the camera zooms will be priceless. Gif material in every shot. 
  • The cutest part will be knowing that their families and the whole company is there to support them.
  • The whole place will be already screaming to the heavens but if they sing another song I think the whole place will be like hit by a thunder of screams.  
  • Do you know that thing that happens when the camera zooms on BTS and ARMY screams. Well, this will happen too. 
  • BTS will meet Zedd and it will turn so extra
  • All the celebrities will be approaching BTS so be ready for many photos with global celebrities. 
  • We will have people being so confused online asking who is who what is what
  • New memes will be made.
  • BTS will turn Vlive and Namjoon will cut the onions.
  • We will have expectations, but the reality will be even better.
  • If you thought these past few days were crazy, you will see insanity after this night. Let’s hope for the best! 

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A long time ago someone told me about a sci-fi book that was off the beaten path about a group of scientists living underground in a post apocalyptic world that has been all but destroyed by aliens. The aliens are experimenting with the scientists. One has been made into a primate. Another scientist was homosexual but hormonally altered into a heterosexual. Do you have any idea what book I am talking about?

This is actually a very famous science fiction short story called “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison. Your friend misremembered one detail: it was a superintelligent supercomputer that destroyed the world and experimented horribly on the last surviving humans, not aliens. “Experiment” isn’t the right word; it kept them alive to be the targets of the computer’s cruel sadism. It doesn’t have a happy ending.

John Byrne did an incredibly good comic adaptation of it in 1994, in Dream Corridor. Pick it up if you can get it. Also, there was a really good video game adaptation during the DOS days that I recommend getting at Good Old Games. As of yet, though, there has been no film version. 


Polish skincare favorites

Not many people (actually no one besides who lives here) know that poland has a very developed skincare market. A lot of my favorite products are polish and irreplaceable by any other western products.

1. Etja olejek z dzikiej róży (rosehip oil) and olejek konopny (hempseed oil) Its like 15 zl and its so good. When buying plant seed oils every single company and batch has different ones, these dont clog my pores and have a very pleasant fresh smell even though they have no added fragrance. Theyre very inexpensive as well and last very long.

2. fitokosmetic zielona glina (green clay), 5 zl. Its my favorite face mask ever, i love to mix this with aloe juice. If youre got a lot of sebaceous filaments and oily skin this is something that will prevent a lot of future sebum build up. Youve got to moisturise directly after the use.

3. Le'maadr glycolic acid 12%. 44zl. They often come in 2 for 1 packs and u can get them at superpharm. Its such a good formula and for starters its a good once a week peeling. Since ive tried adepalene for a month my skin can currenly tolerate this daily. It lasts a looong time eventho the packaging is p small and it gives direct results.

4. Pharmaceris 0.3% retinol, 80zl. I used to apply this all over my face and it didt break me out, now i do under my eyes and on my lips because im using other exfoliants currently. Its very moisturising and very pleasant on the skin.

5. Sylveco chamomile sensitive face wash gel. 18zl. Ive mentioned this one in my gentle face wash post its the only cleanser that doesnt break me out and it does a great job at removing whiteheads.

6. Ziajka dla dzieci Płyn do mycia włosów i ciała. 10zl. This is a great gentle cleanser for damaged hair an eczema prone skin on the body. I also use this one every time i have foster kittens to wash them without damaging their thin kitten skin. Its also ver cheap for a big ass bottle.

7. Pharmaceris 10% mandelic acid. 40 zl. This is a great daily exfoliant, great formula and does a good job at lowering the skins ph. Its a very gentle exfoliant which works well for sensitive skin.

8. Ziajka wodoodporna emulsja do opalania spf 50. 20 zl. Its a great sunscreen that doesnt break me out, it contains zinc oxide so it does cause a white cast but its pleasant to reapply and calming to the skin, surprisingly.

9. Ziaja dermatologiczna kuracja AZS natłuszczająca emulsja do ciała. 15 zl. This whole line by ziaja is new and its sublime. Theyve finally released some good ass solid formulas. I couldnt find it online but theyve also got a good toner and oil cleanser for the body. But this moisturiser contains 3 ceramides and cholesterol. It gives you a matte glow and its so pleasant to apply. It moisturises without making you look greasy, its great for the body and the face. Im suspecting it broke me out a bit so i use it on the dry areas of my skin only currently. But god this formula is really sublime and its a big ass fucking pump bottle of 400ml for 15zl or less.

If youre not Polish but planning to go, look for these products in pharmacies. You will find a lot of gems for cheap especially hyaluronic acids and hydrating gels and emulsions. Seriously Poland is a goldmine for amazing and cheap skincare formulas. A lot of products i like i couldnt find online. Theres also way more options for you if you arent acne prone or sensitive.

Good story time!

This isn’t exactly retail, but it’s a super sweet story that I thought you guys might like. So I do home care for certain types of people, and I have one client who, due to their medical diagnoses that I can’t discuss, cannot do everyday chores\activities, hence where I come in. This client is and always has been one of my favourites; very nice and very giving, and we know each other outside of work so we’re fairly casual with each other.

Today I went over for my shift, and we got to talking about why we’ve both had some rough days, my reasoning being that me and my partner aren’t in a financially good spot due to some circumstances out of our control and some really shitty people. And his response was, “looks like you’re getting a $500 loan with no interest for Christmas then.”

I was flabbergasted and of course said no, I can’t accept that, ect ect. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer and finally said, “after everything you do for me, let me do something for you.” Needless to say I said thank you I don’t even know how many times and almost right when I walked through the door to my house I cried. It’s people like that that make this world truly something beautiful, and I know exactly what my Christmas miracle this year was. If my client ever ends up reading this, I can’t thank you enough.

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Did you have the colors of the barrier's crack sort of represent the children's times in the underground on purpose? If so, 👍. If not, happy accident. Also, can you tell us how the 2 not picked endings would have gone?

That is the coolest accident I have ever done. Thank you for telling us! :D

As for the other endings… a lot of people want to know as well!!


Well let’s start with the choices! I decided to be deceptive. Because otherwise people would just pick the “Good” ending, and that would be less fun.

The choices:

Sad = “good” (quotation marks necessary)

Bad = “bad” okay

Broken - “stupid”

If it makes you feel better, if I didn’t hold a poll, the “bad” ending was the planned one.

So the “Good” ending was that the children arrive on the surface and all the kids except Frisk is very confused. Turns out they were all pulled through time and all their friends and families are dead. But hey now the monsters are openly accepted. So it’s a “good” ending.

“Bad” ending is where the kids and monsters arrive on the surface only to be attacked by the humans. This fight eventually results in Chara dying and causing a reset, but somehow the most recent “save” point is now at the breaking point of the barrier. Chara warns everybody of the danger, and so the monsters agree to stay underground until they can safely leave, and the humans that want to leave go outside.

I’m going to make a rare “out of character” post to say a couple of things.

First, I know it’s very corny but I want to thank all of you sooooo much for the lovely response you’ve given this blog. I’m so excited that thousands of people share my enthusiasm for weird Sims game mechanics! I’ve been having a hard time lately irl, and while I may not respond to all of your nice comments, I do read all of your asks and every comment on my posts, and I save all the good ones because they genuinely make me happy.

Also, thank you for all your questions and suggestions for future posts! I promise I’m not ignoring them, I will get to all of them and if it’s taking me a bit of time to respond it’s only because I’m trying my best to put together quality and factual posts.

Well, I guess that’s all I really wanted to say. Once again, thank you so much for all of your love for simsposting <3

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Do you ever play video games?

I play exactly one video game, Kentucky Route Zero, which my brother has informed me is “not a real video game” but is very beautiful and thoughtful and gives me a great many feelings about where I grew up, which is all soft grass and caves and memory and Wendell Berry’s poetry so like. That’s good enough for me. 

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i love your art and i was wondering if you've made any tutorials. it would be my dream to be able to draw as nice as you.

Aww ;w; That is really sweet of you. I have made a few…many are over a year old and not very good. These few I think are still okay, I need to make new ones:


How I paint:

Super beginner Photoshop tutorial:


RJ: We do have time. Still, I like the idea of you living here. It would make me very happy. Margaux, I’m going to try and fly back every weekend now that we’re having this baby. I know these early months are important in a pregnancy. I want to be here to support you.

Margaux stutters: Um- that’s not necessary, RJ. The first few appointments are very um- they’re probably not that intense.

RJ frowns: They are. The first few weeks of a pregnancy are crucial in terms of prenatal care. I read that in the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book I bought. Have you selected your obstetrician? My mom is pregnant, and even though it might be awkward- maybe you could ask her to recommend one or even go to the one she’ll be going to? I want to make sure you’re healthy and that the baby is healthy.

Margaux swallows nervously. 

Margaux: RJ- my goodness. I’ll take care of it all. Please don’t worry. I know how you are. You like to plan and organize things to the last detail. But I assure you- I’ve got things under control. Please focus on your internship and I’ll focus on this…baby.

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what if suddenly something bad happens to papa witch edd, and matt and tom have to take care of him, not knowing what to do tom cries while matt is asking for help on the streets, no one batting an eye to him and even hurting him because he is a vampire, then later tom and matt robbing a store for supplies, getting badly hurt in the doing but returning home with the goods. They would get a scolding but also lots of love from papa edd

I think you forget that they can call Paul and Pat anytime and that they have dozens of very sweet helpful neighbors


Since we’ve reached 1k on here, I decided to my very first art raffle to show my appreciation!! Seriously thank you guys so much for sticking with me.. just THANK YOU!! <33


  • must be following me! But please don’t unfollow right after the raffle that would be very rude and also unfair to other participants
  • enter by either reblogging or liking! One of the two, you can also do both but it won’t change your chances of winning
  • have your messages/askbox open!! I will have to message you somehow. I don’t care which of the two is open as long as I can message you.
  • I will be choosing 3 winners!!
  • If a winner doesn’t reply within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen!!


  • nsfw
  • mecha
  • animals 

deadline is on DECEMBER 16 2017, 12am GMT+1 !!!

Good luck everyone and thank you!! <3



Loki knew he was going to be drugged as soon as he saw another guard coming over with a drink.

‘Not that one,’ the Grandmaster said to the guard. ‘We can do better than that, can’t we? Let’s do better than that. This one’s very pretty, and I think…’ Hands pressing against the leather of Loki’s armour, and there was a jolt that went through him, an alien magic clinging to his. It was sharp and cold at first, and then warm enough that Loki blinked, a muscle in his jaw working. He was going to be drugged and he was definitely not in possession of more magic than the Grandmaster. Damn it. ‘…I think the gold. That one, yes. Good, good. We’re all going to have a good time, aren’t we?’

Loki met the Grandmaster’s eyes, that cheerful, cunning gaze, and thought that he’d directed that at a few people in his lifetime, and it probably wasn’t much fun to be the recipient of it.

The Grandmaster’s hand was still on his chest.

Loki was going to get fucked. He knew that much. Honestly, it wasn’t the worst thing. It wasn’t even in the top twenty worst things.

‘You’re very quiet,’ the Grandmaster said, leaning in and laughing. ‘For someone who has all that pretty, pretty magic inside. I expected a bit of…a bit more of a fight from you.’

‘Perhaps I’m more of a peacemaker,’ Loki said, turning his cheek so that the Grandmaster would feel his smile.

‘Just grand, really,’ the Grandmaster said. ‘Just wonderful. Smart or very stupid. I can’t decide. Here though, drink up.’

Semi Sim Related Asks

1. What is your favorite Expasion and how did you get It?

2. Are you ever jealous of your sims?

3. What Expasion do you want next?

4. If you became a Guru, what would you do?

5. If you were good (or even better then you are now) at story writing, what would your sim story be about?

6. Are you capable of drawing your sims?

7. Chose a sim and tell us what you relate most to him or her.

8. If you could give your sims birth signs would you?

9. Pick a sim and give her/him a zodiac sign that relates most to their personality.

10. Is your simself very accurate?

11. Describe one of your sim’s take on drama and romance.

12. Pick a sim. Does he/she have bad intentions, thoughts, or none.

13. Pick a sim What is his/her favorite book?

Please ask me some?

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Hello! I have to say I really love SSLL. Everyone is just so cute and trying their best! Though I'm not fond of her ex as a character. He just seems rather one note. Just someone to get the ball rolling and add conflict later on, rather than a fully fleshed out character. So I'm asking is there ever going to be more to his character? Not a "sad/sympathetic backstory" but something that makes him more than a very one trick pony. If not I understand, it's still an amazing story that I really love.

Well, with the ex, we only really see him at his worst–and through the eyes of the Reader.   Sorry to hear that he comes across as one dimensional.  

Honestly, the ex is meant to be a crappy ex someone reading it might’ve had.  That’s why he doesn’t even have a name; he’s just “the ex.”  I’ve been purposely vague with him.  Maybe that’s just my reader-insert preference, though.  

But yeah, we haven’t seen the last of him, and there’s more to him than just someone hung up on the Lady and trying to keep inserting himself into her business.  We just haven’t gotten back around to him yet.  

Review of the Official English Translation of Touhou Suzunaan Forbidden Scrollery

Today’s the day! Well, 2 days from now technically, but I got my hands on a copy today, so today’s the day!
I was fully prepared to write a scathing review of the official English translation, luckily I don’t have to do that. I very much enjoyed the translation and found it to be very good overall. There are a few minor complaints which I will address, along with some praise, but if you’d rather not read all that I’ll just say upfront, if you are a Touhou fan who was on the fence about picking this up I do recommend buying this.

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You Had Me At Balloon Animals (Part 4)

You Had Me At Balloon Animals (Part 4) | Part 3 | Part 2 | Part 1

Title: You Had Me at Balloon Animals
Summary: This is AU. Very very AU. Jane and Roman are con artists. Sarah is their target. Kurt is serving a suspension. Also it’s Sawyer’s birthday. 
AN: Sorry it has taken me forever to update this. I have no good reason to have done that. Also this chapter is slightly filler. The action will pick up in the next one. But Felix makes an appearance here so that must account for something, right? Enjoy!

“Come on,” Kurt said as he paid their bill and got up from his seat, “we have to go.”

“Wait,” Roman interrupted him, not moving yet, “where are we going to go? What happens now?”

Kurt looked between the two for a moment before he explained. “I have to take this to Mayfair,” Kurt told them.

“No,” Jane said urgently, “we can’t- who’s… who’s Mayfair?“

“Bethany Mayfair,” Kurt said, “she’s the head of the New York office of the FBI and my boss.”

“No, wait,” Jane said, “what if she’s involved. You said this goes high up. We can’t trust anyone.”

“We can trust her,” Kurt reassured Jane, “I’ve known her almost my whole life. Plus, my hands are tied until she brings me back from my suspension.”

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To you, what's the most challenging thing about art? What is it that you struggle with the most? And did you have any experiences where you feel like you didn't feel good enough or wanted to give up? I love your art and I personally struggle with comparing myself with other people so much! I'd love some advice from one of my fav artists~ ;^;

hmm i probably struggle the most with pinpointing certain areas i want to improve in and actually pushing myself to practice it tirelessly. i love the idea of doing studies and learning the fundamentals, and i definitely appreciate the value of doing them. but since i enjoy art very much as a hobby, doing those things feel like work and just aren’t that enjoyable for me. 

i know the struggle of comparing yourself to others all too well homfg ;^; i’m constantly looking at super amazing artists who work really hard and can improve at these astonishing rates over a short period of time. its really incredible to look at their progress, but it can also be quite discouraging haha and its impossible not to compare yourself, especially if you’re passionate about art and your own ability to create art. 

my advice would be to only see the art you look at from its immediate value. make all your judgements about why you like it/don’t like it, what works/doesn’t work, but remove the contextual and artist aspects from those judgements. if things like knowing an artist has been drawing for less time than you or is younger than you or has less training/experience bothers you then don’t torture yourself by actively seeking that information. especially if you know you’ll just be demotivated if they are all those things. try to make the way you perceive art the same no matter who the artist is.

and i know this might sound like some maladaptive ‘ignorance is bliss’ coping mechanism, but that’s not my point. i know some artists enjoy comparing progress and find it provides them motivation to draw. but for a lot of artists i know, the comparison just fuels a sense of hopelessness and can be utterly detrimental to their motivation to draw. and if you don’t have motivation to draw then you’re saying goodbye to any possible chance of artistic growth and development. 

the will to draw can be a ridiculously temperamental and fragile thing. nurture it as much as you can through your own enjoyment and experiences, don’t destroy it by ruminating over what others can do.

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Thanks for making one more choker for male. I️ am so happy you found inspo to work on male accessories cuz it’s hella difficult to find good looking ones like yours. KEEP IT UP QUEEN!

Thank you very much ❤️ Hope you will have fun using them. I always want more male chokers myself but the thing is, morphs are complicated for men‘s necks and the different neck sizes do matter cause otherwise it would clip very fast, jewellery for women doesn‘t take as much time cause the neck sizes don‘t differ massively for them. Glad that you appreciate it, whenever I find more inspiration for male chokers. 💕

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What do you think of someone having the same Mars as their partner's Venus (virgo)? There must be some sort of significance

Sort of, yes. They would conjunct each other, most likely. You’ll have a very irresistible sex appeal to each other, however, (and this is amplified by the Virgo) it isn’t that good in long-term relationships as you two will also be overly critical of one another.