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A Thousand Moments {a shallura shortfic}

Rating: G/T (some sexual references)

Words: 1500

Notes: So @mayuuunaise posted about Shallura-as-exes in the shallura tag {here}, and I don’t have impulse control so here’s 1500 words of angsty regretful pining I guess. Also I based my description of Older Shiro on @herrolddrawsthings picture of Shiro with a beard {here} because I’m weak and predictable and I have a beard kink. And yes I also leaned on my own Shiro-is-Altean-and-can-do-magic theory because again, I do not have impulse control. Enjoy!

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Allura fiddled with the engagement band around her wrist, her thumb rubbing over each stone set into the slim metal bracelet. It did nothing to alleviate her nerves. She chewed at her bottom lip as she stood on the grand steps of New Altea’s Royal Palace, surveying the ranks of the Peace Guard lined up across the courtyard. The deep blue of their uniforms offset the gold highlights of their belts and sashes, and for a moment she imagined herself back in old Altea, before the war and Zarkon and her ten-thousand-year sleep.

She shook her head to clear the rush of nostalgia. No time for that sort of thing. Not today.

Over the horizon, the Voltron Lions emerged into view. They flew in formation, a tight V that swung low over the Royal Palace, roaring in the dazzling sunlight. The assembled crowd cheered in appreciation as the Lions circled back around and landed at the far side of the courtyard.

Prince Romin leaned down to murmur in Allura’s ear: “You look nervous.”

“It’s an important day,” she replied, trying to keep her voice even. She silently cursed herself for fidgeting, and forced her hands down to her sides in a suitably regal pose. She didn’t need Romin’s scrutiny. Not today of all days.

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I apologize for being relatively absent over the past year or so. I find it easier to post daily snippets and photos to our Instagram (@arescuenamedloki), but when I do take photos with my nice, new camera, I try to remember to post them here.

Loki’s been pretty great, health wise. We’ve finally figured out how to maintain a crystal and bladder stone free lower urinary tract with the help of canned Royal Canin Urinary SO. Knock on wood he hasn’t had a UTI since last year!

I started grooming him myself last year as well. Bought a little grooming table, clippers, a few blades, a nice pair of straight shears and thinning shears and dove in. I’m trying to grow out the hair on the bridge of his nose so it lays flat into his beard eventually instead of having to shave/trim it every time. I learned how to express anal glands internally and he actually (I kid you not) lets me do it by myself (although he does look pitiful the entire time) at home! I also discovered this week that not only do I OWN a dremel, but that Loki tolerates that MUCH better than the standard guillotine nail trimmers. Who’d a thunk it?

We think he turned 7 last December and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. I started him on a glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate to help with his joints as he gets older and I’m trying to find a good weight for him to stay at. 13.5# is too thin and 15# is too heavy - I haven’t found the sweet spot yet now that he’s on wet food and not dry anymore. We’re still figuring that part out.

Thanks to those of you who still follow along here. I can’t believe I started this blog back in 2010 - it’s been a learning experience and an absolute, incredible, joy being Loki’s person.

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hi! i strongly believe chiam is fake and that's baby is not liam's son but i'm dissapointed of people i usally follow bc at first it was so clear for them that chiam it was fake and a stunt but after yesterday "announcement" they have changed their minds, i don't know if ziam it's real and this is the same case as larry but i'm sure that baby is just cheryl's and this is another babygate

These people think that saying the baby is fake is an automatic endorsement to Ziam’s relationship. They don’t want that. Ziam can’t be in the same situation Larry are. In their minds, Ziam have pr relationships for commercial purposes, but the relationship with their respective beards is real, because they can’t be anything other than straight, male, macho, men. They prefer to believe that Liam agreed to this situation because he’s not A-list enough or net worth enough, so he needs a pr relationship to stay relevant in the media. Like???

So Cheryl, is the right choice for him to stay relevant to the media? Media = The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, the only media outlets that care about Cheryl. Where in the world is this a good deal? How a baby is a smart career move for a 23 year old starting his solo career? For them is okay to think Liam agreed with exploiting a child than believe he’s in the same situation Louis is. Just because the people behind the babygate 2.0 are handling better than the ones behind babygate 1.0, doesn’t mean it’s real.

But the reason why this is happening is just one: they don’t care. The disdain of these people towards Liam is what needs to be pointed out. It doesn’t affect them if this is Liam’s baby or not. So if Liam says in social media that it’s his baby, is fine for them.

It was not fine when happened to Louis though.

P.S: Chiam is fake, regardless of Zayn. And Zigi is fake, Regardless of Liam.

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Do you like Jason Momoa? (Khal Drogo) Coz if so, you'll like SG Atlantis - he spends about 90% of the time he's on screen shirtless. Not my type, really, but still fun to look at!

FUN FACT the other day when I was at the local nerd shop and spent over $200 on Iron Man merch (wish I was kidding) we, as in me, Noja and the guys working there, got into a convo about how I’d just recently discovered Stargate, but hadn’t started Atlantis yet. And both Noja and Tom (one of the employees) were like “okay you know that GOT dude… you know… Khal Drogo…. you know the one… the guy with the beard…” and I actually have watched the first couple seasons of GOT but it’s been a while so I was a blank and eventually Tom (great guy) gave up and was just like “well anyways he plays a hot GOT character and he’s in a lot of Atlantis so you’ll definitely enjoy it”

Grizzly Jim- The Origin Story

Well hello internet, I’m Jim, although they tend to call me Grizzly Jim these days. Is it because I’m grumpy? Because I have the strength of a bear? Because I once went on a peyote fuelled vision quest with a shaman and discovered my spirit animal? Although there maybe truth in all of those, well apart from the peyote. I have no idea, in all honesty its probably just because i have a beard. 

Other than my beautiful family, the one thing that means more to me than anything in this world is traditional archery, but more specifically instinctive archery. So much so that I’ve dedicated my life to promoting it, educating people on it and shearing my passion for it.

I guess it all began thirty something years ago, back when I was four. I grew up on a farm, exactly right smack bang in the middle of nowhere. I guess I was a curious kid, although my dad would  probably use the term a pain in the arse. There wasn’t a day that passed where i didn’t get in to trouble for going some where or doing something i wasn’t supposed to. Like i say i was a curious kid, but give me a break i was only four. About the same age as my oldest son is now so I think I know exactly what my dad was going through and I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my folks.  

One day on one of my many farmyard adventures, tucked away at the back of one of the barns was an old Slazenger longbow and a single wooden arrow with red feathers. I would later find out that it belonged to the famous squash player Johna Barrington. It was love at first sight, this was literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Of corse the bow was way to long for me and way to much poundage for a snot nosed kid. I try to persevere but the bow was just too much for me. Seeing me heartbroken by this, my dad disappeared for a couple hours, and came back with my very own bow. In reality it was little more than a bent stick and a piece of string, but i loved that thing. (Wait a second, is this my origin story?)

I spent most of that summer running around the woods that backed on to our farm, with my cobbled together stick bow, shooting anything i could, from old tree stumps to rusty tin cans. Without really knowing it, i was cementing my love for instinctive archery. If truth be told i didn’t even know what instinctive archery was back then. I mean of corse it existed, i just had no notion it was actually a thing. It just seemed to be the most natural thing in the world just to be able to look at something and be able to hit it with an arrow. Who knew that Instinctive Archery would become so popular.

So lets wind the clock forward a few decades and we’ll see me making youtube videos for my original channel Archery Adventures. After a couple of years my channel had grown to a modest size, and i was enjoying some moderate success. It was then i got my first break, I was picked up by the company Merlin Archery. To be the face of the company and make videos for their youtube channel. I spent three incredible years there, traveling all over Europe. It gave me a great platform to promote instinctive archery. But like all good things, it came to an end at the close of 2016.

And that nicely bring us to present day, where i have now reactivated my original youtube channel “Archery Adventures” and regained my independence (hence this website) where i’ll be using it a a platform to share my passion of instinctive archery… I would truly like to thank you for stopping by.

Take care and Shoot straight,
-Grizzly Jim  

Photo by D. Flatman


“Fortunate Son” from Ao3 by @anna-droid
didn’t draw this from the actual fic but i enjoyed reading it

Most iconic moments from Beauty and the Beast (2017)
  • Le Fou trying to spell Gaston - G-A-S-T-i think there’s another T but it’s occurred to me I’m illiterate and have never attempted to spell it before wow this is hard 
  • Belle turning down Gaston’s dinner invite and he’s like “Oh, you’re busy” and Belle just says “No” like bitch apply cold water to your burn.
  • Cogsworth’s wife turning up at the end and him wishing he could turn back into a clock
  • Beast’s “makeover” to impress Belle- that makeup though 
  • “Have you thought about growing a beard” and that grOWL AFTERWARDS
  • Ewan McGregor and his terrible French accent
  • Beast literally taking Belle doWN with that big ass snowball 
  • Those three women that keep pining over Gaston turn up and Le Fou leans in and stage whispers “Never gonna happen” 
  • Those three dudes getting Schuyler sister makeovers and the third one owning it
  • Everyone forgetting about Gaston at the end like did his corpse disappear or is it laying on the grounds somewhere and everyone just left him to rot
  • Le Fou trying to comfort Gaston by telling him to think back to the war where he killed all those dudes
  • Maurice: Hey look a nice meal thank you kind person. Maurice: A FUCKING TALKING CUP WHAT AM I HIGH I’M LEAVING GOODBYE
  • Le Fou being concerned that the castle has ghosts when a literal beast lives in it
  • The Beast giving Belle a library just to prove she has horrible taste in literature
  • “Have you read all of these books???” “No, some of them are in Greek” and Belle being all “Was that a joke are you trying to joke omg”
  • Gaston being French and having no clue what Je Ne Sais Quoi means
  • Gaston complimenting himself in the mirror like “you are the most beautiful I’m not done with you yet”
  • Disney actually acknowledging that not all relationships are between one white male and one white female like there’s love all over the place in this movie BLESS 

“Except when it’s no,” Andrew said.

Neil put a plastic-wrapped finger to Andrew’s chin, guiding his head up for another kiss. “If you have to keep asking because–I’ll answer it as many times as you ask. But this is always going to be yes.”

“Don’t ‘always’ me.”

“Don’t ask for the truth if you’re just going to dilute it.”