not hate just shame

So Emma Watson gets to tell Beyoncé she’s not a feminist for being sexual and her fans agree THEN the same Emma Watson poses topless and when everyone calls her out her fans say “stop shaming her!”

Just say you hypsexualize Black bodies, hate Black women, and practice white feminism and go

the white christian church is built entirely on manipulation and guilt tripping like thats it thats the whole religion

Back by unpopular demand - this silly drawing from this post!

a psa

things that are cool:
•shipping gay pairings
•shipping straight pairings
•shipping canon pairings
•shipping non-canon pairings
•shipping ot3’s / ot4’s
•cross fandom shipping

things that are not cool:
•shaming people for their ship
•it makes you seem like a dick
•don’t do it
• !!!!!!!!

One of my favorite scenes from that fic a lot of us love, “To Be Well”.

It’s never getting out of my head and never will because seeing big scary monster men getting proper therapy and doing cute things like this make life a lot better. 

(I’m gonna end up going on a little rant here, so I’ll keep it under the cut)

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pls tell me more about mpreg victuuri... yuuri's "so much eros it could make me pregnant" line has awoken something in me


Yuuri hates his pregnant body.  He’s due in the death throes of August, and it’s only mid-June now.  The Kyushu heat makes him feel like he’s boiling alive, make his feet swell and ache more than they ever did when he was throwing himself all over the ice seven days a week.  The baby feels so big now too, taking up all the space meant for things like Yuuri’s vital organs.  According to Victor, the baby is the size of a cantaloupe this week, and Yuuri believes him.  When they were setting up the crib yesterday, Yuuri sneezed three times in a row and proceeded to piss himself.  (Victor had laughed, but not unkindly, and got him a change of sweats and told him to go lay down on the couch and let Victor do “the rest of the work, you’re already doing so much,” with a kiss to his temple, which was not enough to distract Yuuri from how fucking embarrassing it was.)  Victor spends a stupid amount of money buying him designer  maternity clothes with soft, organic fabrics that are supposed to be super breathable and moisture wicking, and Yuuri still manages to sweat through them while laying in front of the tower fan in their living room cursing Japan’s cruel indifference to home air conditioning.  

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Things that creeps BTS out

Oh I’m really curious, what would be soemthing that bts’ s/o did/does that would creep them out? (Ex: s/o says they are madly in love with them or s/o has a creepy laugh) I’m really curious what you think each member would be really creeped out by

Ahh, yes. Time to throw subtle shade at all the creepy and unrealistic smut/fanfics I’ve read about them that would be weird as shit if done in real life *rubs hands together menacingly* - Admin Dayna


Inappropriate Jokes and/or comments at Inappropriate Times

There’s a time and place for everything. As long as it’s well delivered and not offensive, he’s down for a good joke. But if the two of you are in public and you drop an insensitive/sexual joke/comment in front of not just him, but many others - he’s not going to be a happy boyfriend…

Groping/Touching him 

Timing is essential for this as well. It’s cool and whatever when you’re both in the mood. In fact, it’s welcome when you two are getting down and dirty. But outside of the house, outside of that moment, touching him like that is just weird. You’re bound to get your hand smacked and scolded.

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Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BTPS] Day 20: Favorite Boss/Enemy

“If hate is all you want, THAT’S WHAT YOU’LL GET!”

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Xeno AU, reactions of the boys when their s/o that they've become attached/bonded to touches their wings for the first time

Admin Mawile: (。’▽’。)♡


-He goes very, very still, not so much as breathing until you make contact. It takes every bit of willpower he has not to show how nervous he is, and the closer you get, the more unconscious, nervous twitches start to shake him. Once you’re actually touching them, though, he’s so relaxed he might as well be asleep, utterly limp in your lap. 


-He’s horribly tense from the moment the idea is suggested, unconsciously fidgeting and refusing to make eye contact. He knows how vulnerable this will make him, and the very thought of putting down that much pride makes him sick. When you’re touching his wings, he’s more at peace than you’ve ever seen him, completely unconcerned with anything but your touch. 


-It’s extremely difficult to think of anything but how Cordelia used to hurt him, and it’s obvious how terrified he is. He’s visibly twitchy, shifting in place like he just wants to run. It’s one of the few times he actually looks afraid of you. When you actually touch him, he’s nothing short of a mess, clinging to you fiercely and dampening your shirt with tears he’d never admit to. 


-He cries the moment you get close, sobbing and trying to wriggle away before you can hurt him. All he can think about is what Cordelia used to do, and even if it’s you, he’s convinced you’re going to try to do him harm. Eventually, he gives up, sniffling into your side and letting you do what you want, shivering and going limp the more contact he gets. 


-He’s obviously terrified, so tense you can see veins standing out on his neck. It looks like he’s either about to run or be sick, and he actually starts shaking when you get close. The last faux-casual joke dies in his throat when you touch him, and he collapses against you from almost the second you start to touch his wings, trembling so badly he looks like he could fall apart. 


-All his strength leaves him the second your fingers make contact. He goes completely still, too overwhelmed to yell or struggle or try to defend his shattered pride. He has to cover his mouth to prevent any pathetic noises from slipping out, and even that fails when you keep petting him, too gentle and loving to possibly fight back against. 


-He’s extremely reluctant to let you so close, afraid of losing any more dignity in front of you than the attachment has already cost him. He tries desperately to stay still, to not show any more weakness in front of you than he already has, but the gentle touches get to him in moments. All that effort means nothing when he’s all but purring in your lap. 


-He’s terrified, and can’t stop himself from jerking away any time you get too close. He may not have had those wings forever, but he knows just how tender they are, and just how much damage you could do. Eventually, though, he succumbs to the attention, pleasure winning out over fear as instinct demands he give in and let you do as you please. 


-Despite not knowing much about vampire biology, he can feel that it’s unsafe to let you quite so close. He very nearly collapses at the first contact, both utterly shocked at how pleasant it is and overwhelmed with the instinct to give in and be good for you. The shock paralyzes him more than anything, tied with how impossible it is to resist any of this pathetic behavior. 


-Knowing how easy it would be for you to hurt him just makes him love it more, accepting anything you want to do to him between quiet pleads for pain. He’s completely calm, almost dazed from all the attention, and he’ll happily go along with what you want, so long as means you’ll keep petting him. Even if he doesn’t get pain, your closeness is more than enough. 


-Pride can only get him so far with a body that’s on the verge of collapse, and the relaxation that your touch brings finally breaks through his dignity. He’ll hate himself for it once he can think again, but for now, he’s too tired to do anything but give in and enjoy the closeness while it lasts, hiding his face in silence, unwilling to face the indignity of what he’s allowing. 


-He absolutely despises the weakness all of this brings out in him. Even agreeing to let you so close is just shameful. He’s caught between terrified and furious, hating everything you manage to do to him, even more so when your touch is so good he all but falls apart in your lap, unable to stay upright even for the sake of his slowly breaking pride. 

i honestly…… dont have much to say. i feel nauseous bc idk what i was expecting but i wasn’t expecting skam to go there. but this is the reality for a lot of people. tumblr loves to glamorize mental illness sometimes, but there’s nothing pretty about it. especially not when it’s about suicide. and im glad they acknowledged that that happened?? even if it was hard to listen to… and that even will feel wrecked once he knows sana knows everything. im just glad that’s not his future. all that shame and guilt and self-hate and lonliness. im just so so glad.

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Quick reminder that not wanting to engage in a relationship with an asexual is not aphobic! Sometimes it is, but not always. Sometimes people just realize that they have different needs that an asexual person just can't fulfill, and it's good that they know this about themselves! As long as they're not hating or shaming aces, they're prob just saying their personal opinion from their personal experiences!!!

Quick reminder this ask is bad. Some asexuals have a lot of sex, so look at you making assumations and pretending to fully accept aces. Yikes. Fake af. You can’t produce sexual attraction it’s something physical to give to your lover like a gift. Get the fuck out of here lol

Also “It’s just personal opinion from personal experiences” fucking please. This ONLY ever has merit based on power dynamics. For example if a trans person doesn’t have to take a cis person that’s likely for safely and reasons of deeper personal understanding. A straight person not wanting to date a queer person because they are more likely to cheat (based on personal experiences of course!!!) is bigotry. 

I was crying in the bathroom at school today and a girl I didn’t even know saw me and asked me if I needed some water and asked me why I was crying. After telling her that it was just something stupid, I guess she understood that I didn’t want to talk about it, so she completely changed the subject and asked me my name and she was joking around then, and she talked to me about herself as well. She made me feel so much better and I actually started laughing then and she made me forget everything I was worrying about, at least for that moment. Also it’s so ironic how the reason of me running straight to the bathroom and crying was some girls.

seriously why can’t all girls be like that one girl? Why do we always have to fight and make each other feel worthless? Why are we jealous of each other? Let’s all be nice please. Girl power is so strong and important. Let’s use it to make each other feel better not completely worthless.

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ever thought about sombra and widowmaker hate sex? i think it will be pretty hot honestly.

??? Never liked the ‘hate sex’ trope. And with Widowmaker? The only character with no real or fictional autonomy and self-proclaimed emotionless machine? Idk how that would work, but nah, not my style. I don’t see Spiderbyte as a sexual relationship, or at least definitely not a relationship where sex is the main function, which is essentially what hate-sex is. (Not kink shaming anyone, this is just a personal opinion. Hate-sex has kind of always really felt…bleh to me.)
I try to keep my Widow art as sterile and non-sexual as possible. If you’re looking for sexy Widow, I mean…just look at the canon.  

This goes for Raptoramaker and Mercymaker as well. 

Real talk

I am so sick of people being homophobic. There is no reason for it.
Even if you are somehow born with such hate, why is it seemingly so hard to <i>keep these opinions to yourself?</i>
Seriously, my boyfriend said he wanted to make a petition to fucking <b>banish</b> gay people.
Needless to say, he is out of my life now.

please restore my faith in humanity someone