not harold

Alright, he doesn’t have that big of a nose, just laugh damn it! ;D

So I have to give a little bit of credit to @memeberd  for giving me this idea. After reading his/her Spongebob Squarepants/Captain Underpants short comic I had an idea of my own. Based on a joke from one of my favorite Spongebob episodes. The one with the magic conch shell or something like that.

Bonus pic:

He doesn’t like to be reminded that he is bald and has a big nose.

PS: Anyone know how I can enlarge the images in case someone has trouble reading. I probably should have posted it as a photo post and not a text :/

They’re Tired And They Need To Help Two Kids Out And They Probably Didn’t Drink Much Coffee

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FMK: Harold, Kilgrave, Fisk

I’m going to use the new FMK version based off this post because otherwise it would be me wailing in misery over who I’m supposed to fuck - Kilgrave or Harold. And I would rather pull out my own eyeballs. This’ll be more fun.

Lab Partner for a Semester: Fisk. He seems like a very intelligent guy who pays attention to detail, and the teacher would be too intimidated to give us a bad grade. (Plus his super awkward friend Wesley would totally come help us out.)

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Trapped in an Elevator for Ten Hours: Harold. Hopefully before he died the 2nd time so my risk of being brained against the side of the elevator will be lessened. But being stuck with him for 10 hours would be the perfect opportunity to hear stories of Ward’s childhood. And I have this need to know more about the Meachums in general.

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Employee Trainer at McDonalds: Kilgrave. He could tell me what to do once and I would obey perfectly - I could just do the menial, terrible work of being a fast food worker and I wouldn’t even have to think about it. Win-win. Unless he tells me to stick my head in the fryer. That would suck.

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