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Joonyoung’s dance rehearsal is my new favorite thing in the whole world : he looks like a robot trying to practise his breathing to pass for a human hahaha!

anonymous asked:

was the ep more or less shitty than you thought it be?

since i ship supercorp a Lot i feel a little biased cause the supercorp content made the episode great for me.

but setting aside that content, there was a lot of ugly shit that happened. like a lot. so honestly, it wasn’t a great episode, but the supercorp content is top notch so idk

arcenyhax  asked:

dysah how did you learn about lighting, color, and values? What to practice?

Mostly in college. But you don’t have to go to college to learn this stuff!! I KNOW this will sound like the biggest drag, but drawing from life is the best way to learn. This is actually one of my weakest skills and I’ve been trying to improve. I need to learn how to paint with light, but maybe I should learn to understand light itself better (get out that physics book xD jk).

That being said, it’s fine to use a photograph. Especially if you’re slow like me and the lighting changes because it’s been 3 hours :U Also don’t be afraid to study drawings and paintings you like. I know sometimes studies are not the most exciting thing to do but they’re well worth it.

Some examples (Left is a photo study from Shu Uemura’s website; Right is a life-drawing of a mug). These were both approximately 20 minutes. I was just trying to do speedpaint exercises to get better and faster at concise decision-making. The left one was done in Photoshop (which is good and bad because of Undo xD). The right one was done in Art Academy on the Wii U which is great because it’s a more limited software (more like real life) and one works with one’s mistakes instead of Undoing them incessantly.  

Here’s a process GIF of another drawing.

So basically paint from dark to light. Once you establish your darkest darks you can move on to the midtones and highlights. Ehh… Oh! Think of the shadows as shapes and stay away from your detail brush (small brush size) at the beginning. Just try to capture the basic form, with big blocks/shapes. SQUINT your eyes so you can see the shadows as the shapes they are ;)

Thank you for the Q @arcenyhax \(@^u^@)/ I really hope this helps. I’m not qualified to teach anything really, but I do wish to help.