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I absolutely love your blog! Your writing inspires me to keep on writing and I thank you for that. Could I request a scenario/headcannons (whichever you prefer) with Shinsou, Tsuyu and Mirio's s/o getting a hair cut and how they would react? (I plan on getting a haircut soon. ^^) Thank you.

Thank you so very much for your kind words lovely, they make me really happy! And I very much hope that I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it =)


- Should his partner ask him to accompany them to the hair dresser, he readily goes with them. Shinsou would never think to dictate how they should style their hair or what haircut they should get, though if they ask for his opinion on some cuts, he tells them what he thinks might look good on them.

- If they already know what they want, he gives them an encouraging grin when they go to get their hair cut. Once they’re done, Shinsou runs his fingertips through their hair and gives them a soft smile, telling them they look good and asking them if they want to go and eat something together.

- If they went and got a hair cut without mentioning anything beforehand, he’s surprised the first second he sees the unexpected change, before giving them a lopsided, warm grin and telling them that it looks good and suits them.


- She loves her partner regardless of what haircut they have and when they ask if she wants to accompany them, she is happy to go with them. Tsuyu only gives her input if her partner asks for it or if they seem unsure on what haircut they want. If they already know what they want, she gives them a smile and encourages them to go ahead.

- When her partner returns from getting a new hair style, Tsuyu smiles at them warmly and affectionately and tells them that they look lovely. She asks if she can touch their hair and if she can, she runs her fingers through it, telling them that their hair feels really nice.

- Should her partner get a haircut without saying anything about it, Tsuyu is surprised at first when she sees it. She tells them it looks really nice and that she likes the new look, giving her partner a small, happy smile.


- Mirio offers to accompany his partner to the hair dresser and when they agree or invite him, he sits in the waiting area and busies himself with his phone while they get their hair cut. Since he thinks they’ll look good regardless of what they do and that they can do whatever they want without his input, he only speaks up about his opinion if they directly ask him what he thinks about certain cuts.

- Once they’re done, he gives them an affectionate smile and tells them they look wonderful. If they have a bit more privacy, he adds a warm kiss too and runs his fingers through their hair.

- If his partner’s haircut comes as a surprise to him, he tells them it suits them, touching their hair and giving them a quick kiss, before he asks them what motivated them to get a cut. Regardless of whether or not his partner wanted a change for themselves or just felt like it, he’s happy for them.

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Nordic's personal preference of s/o (both physically and personality)?

i’m gonna leave physical traits out of it because personality is more important than looks, and i don’t want to hurt anyones feelings by saying they’d prefer one look over another.

Norway- he would prefer someone more on the quiet side, but at the same time someone who is able to do the talking at restaurants or ordering something due to his social anxiety. someone who likes quiet time, reading, coffee, and rainy days is his go to person. he also wouldn’t mind someone who can be talkative at times because he loves listening to them tell stories, and someone who can take and deal jokes as well.

Denmark- He’d prefer a happy-go-lucky s/o ready for anything, but he needs an s/o that knows limits so he doesnt do anything stupid. Den needs a lowkey childish s/o to do all the fun stuff with. He’d be fine with anyone extrovert or introvert but prefers someone more outgoing, but a shy s/o is perfectly good too!

Iceland- like norway, he needs someone more chill and better at social skills than him. you gotta like memes if you want his man. He really just needs someone who likes cuddling and being on the internet.

Sweden- honestly if you can love him and know him past his scary face- that he doesnt know he has- he’d be on cloud nine. preferably someone who likes pranks and can have fun just being them, along with someone on the more talkative side, but not super loud.

Finland- he prefers someone more cheerful and need someone who can listen to him talk for hours on end. he’s content with anyone, but he’d like someone who would enjoy the little things in life as well as the big things. also you gotta love his baking/love to bake.

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thank you for the headcannons!! hope your day is going well!! May I ask for headcannon reactions for team prime autobots finding out their human s/o is working as an actor for a haunted house? Like they find out when they pick up their s/o early, and they're decked out in full blood and gore. Like fake intestines hanging out, eyeball hanging from their socket, the works. S/o ,of course, is happy to see them but is understandably confused when their bot is worried about them.

You’re very welcome! I have a lot of fun with these! My day was fantastic, thank you for asking! Just a lot of homework. I hope you’re day is going great, too! I cut off Wheeljack, because I cut off Knockout last time. If you want a reaction for him, just send in another ask for it! <3

Optimus Prime

-Optimus knows you work in a haunted house, he just has no idea what that entails. He comes to pick you up early one day, just to surprise you, and is a little *ahem* put off by your attire.

-He knows you’re obviously okay. You don’t look to be dying, anyway, so he seriously doubts you are.

-You tell him what it is, when he asks, and he’s fine with it, as long as you don’t get any fake blood on his seats.


-He comes to pick you up early one day, because why not? He sees you, and flips his lid. He knows you’re okay. You’re walking okay. You seem just fine. 

-S/O what the hell is that you’re covered in? Why do you want to look like you’re dying?

-Whatever, just watch the blood. It’s a pain to get anything out of fabric.


-He came to pick you up early, and freaks when he sees you. S/O! Are you okay? Oh God, his S/O is dying! What do you mean you’re fine? You’re obviously not!

-You still don’t understand why he’s worried. It’s all fake. You eventually show him that it is, and he calms down. Don’t scare him like that!

-He doesn’t even think about the seats. He’s more worried about you lying to him. He’s still halfway unconvinced.


-She comes to pick you up early. She’s got nothing better to do. She sees you, and knows your fine. If you were really dying, you wouldn’t be walking.

-S/O, that’s gross. No one wants to see your intestines. Put that away.

-Her seat is leather. Most things just wipe right off, so she’s not to concerned about it. Just don’t get the dangling parts of your costume too close to her wheels.


-He comes to pick you up early, because he’s bored. He sees you, and thinks you’re okay??? but isn’t sure??? If you were okay you wouldn’t be bleeding like that, but at the same time if you were hurt that bad you wouldn’t be walking???

-You tell him you’re fine, and he’s relieved. You have no clue why he was so worried.

-His seats are leather. He’s not overly concerned, but still. Watch yourself, please.


-S/O! What happened to you? Who does he have to kill? Was it Cons? He bets it was the cons.

-You’re a little confused. He’s seen horror movies. He knows it’s fake. Dude. Stop flipping out.

-He prefer you didn’t get any on his seats, but he doesn’t really care if you do.


-S/O…What is this? Why are you like that? What are you covered in? What is going on?

-He doesn’t understand humans and their strange ways, but when you explain it to him, he understands why you’re covered in all that crap.

-Leather or not, you better not get jack shit on his seats!

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So I used your sleep sigil last night and BOY HOWDY that worked because I slept through my alarm, or rather, I turned it off and then went back to sleep without realizing I turned it off and woke up an hour late, but, I did sleep well, so that's some good shit right there

o///o Thank you! I love hearing about my sigils working for people, I’m super happy that it resonated with you! Here’s to good nights of sleep! (hopefully with less missing alarms!)

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Both of your cosplay pictures you posted are seriously so beautiful??? You both are just absolutely amazing and both of you capture the characters so well in photos too?? Its seriously so crazy!! I love seeing them on my dash :')

askfj This is such a sweet message oh my gosh. ; o ; We both love these characters so so much and I’m just – So indescribably happy that everyone seems to like them so much. <33 Like, I say it a lot. But it means more to me than you guys will ever know. All of this love is helping me so much. <33

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Love your blog and all of what it contains. It gives me my daily dose of happiness (although not really the tragic parts, lol). Everything is so well written! :) Thank you for helping bring life to the touken fandom!

Anon: You are my favorite mata blog one bless all of your awesome meta and your writing skills is amazing!! 💓💓💕💕

miracleliang: What did we do to deserve a precious centipede such as yourself? <3

A barrage! A barrage of compliments! Definitely the best kind of barrage. Bless all you lovely people, you bring me my doses of happiness too! ^o^ 


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  


Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”


hAPPY PRIDE MONTH!! have some icons of the kiddos (and the squip)

feel free to use these!! just don’t forget to credit me in ur bio ;0


happy birthday nozomicchi! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) { 09.06 }


🎁 May 24rd • The Matsuno Brother’s Birthday 🎁