not happy with the coloring on this one

Things I learned on this one.

1. I can draw Chloe much better than max

2. Pricefield never gets old

3. Background and clothes are something I need work on

Turns out only doing headshots of girls that look like Chloe only make you decent at doing headshots of girls who look like Chloe., Who knew!

Either way I’m SUPER happy with how Chloe turned out and max went better and worse than expected but it was a learning experience all round. 

Next up is most likely a Chloe headshot cause Im sorta good at those then some swimsuit fun  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

GOT7 having a black/mixed partner

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Mark coming from America would be used to seeing people with more dark skin, so he wouldn’t care about his s/o skin color, but if they were insecure about it(They shouldn’t be) he would shower them in compliments.

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jaebum being the mature person he is wouldn’t care at all. If there were mean comments about them he would definately roast them in a secend even if he got yelled at by their manager or someone else.

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Ahh this sweet heart. He would absolutely love their partner no matter their race. He would love just waching them do their hair or something, just watching them would make him happy.

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Would be their number one fan. Jackson has said that he would like someone more tanned, so he would always say some cheesy things like “The sun loved you more so it kissed you more.”

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Jinyoung would use some weird pick up line that made him even cringe. Unlike Jaebum he would just ignore the haters and judge them, because their partners race wouldn’t matter to him.

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He would be just more attracted to them because they looked different from the average people he sees in korea. Would touch their hair all the time, if they said it was okay of course.

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He fell in love with them because their personality not their appearance. Whatever their skincolor he would think they are beautiful. Would be their nro1 supporter.

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I visited the Dreamy Town of Kokoro by @ellesanimalhaven. It’s a Beautiful, airy, tranquil and relaxing town Set in Cherry blossom Season. All the PWP’s are set out so nicely and the flower colors are so complementary to the Pink trees and petals falling. You should all come visit this town it’s stunning, there is so much to see and plenty of gifts to play with. 

( If you want me to visit your dream town or have one you would recommend, either IM, Ask me or Comment on this post, Stay Happy and Healthy )

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hello this may be a dumb question but in your colors, what brush do you use? There's a really traditional colored pencil style to your art and i'M living for this style!!! and late happy birthday !!! you're great!!

I use one brush for everything! (At the link below because I’m on mobile) the only other way I get texture is sometimes I use one of Kyle Webster’s blenders that makes things look rough and dry.


The love that withered inside of me
Has it come back to life
In my calm heart
You brought butterflies

Today more than yesterday
Tomorrow more than today
If I only have you, I think I’ll be happy

Today more than yesterday
Tomorrow more than today
If I only have you, I will brightly smile

Because you colored a pretty rainbow inside of me
There is a bright smile on my face
The only one person, I’ll pick you up

- I’ll Pick You Up by Standing Egg

Update: Unmasked Chp 10

I am happy to announce I was able to post the newest chapter of Unmasked. It was a long time coming– damn. I am glad I was able to find the inspiration due to certain people’s persistence. 


One guarded young college student, a mysterious professor, and two pasts that collide to create a colorful mask of secrets. Can our favorite couple help one another ease their painful pasts?

Read here

July and August’s Life Lately

Hello, Tumblr!

It feels like a year since I last updated this little journal blog of mine. My days were so eventful and it’s driving me crazy. I missed writing down my stories! But I always thank God that even though I’ve been busy with my life, work, and ministry, I manage to have time with Him and have a healthy devotion. Also, my reading routine is getting back! I’ve read couple of spiritual books and novels this month. It makes me happy.

So today is Holiday and this was my best rest day this month! I’m writing while listening to MYMP’s playlist under a slightly cool afternoon. I have many stories to tell and I will just summarize some of it through these little photo collages I made.

One of the biggest event I need to focus on my work is the store launching of My Gel Pastel. We started last month and it became successful!

It was great because people loved these soft color gel pens. As a freebie, we wrote their requested names or words in faux calligraphy. I did my best to appear sweet and girly on our event because well… pastel!! Haha. It was fun.

Last month, my prayers have been answered by God! My sister got baptized and I can’t thank God enough. It was such a privilege to witness this momentous event in her life. I pray that she’ll come to know Jesus even more. ♥

I became part of the Documentation team of Every Nation Campus Conference and the experience was AMAZING! God really moves in the most unexpected yet amazing ways. It was a three-day conference and the those tiring days and sleepless nights were worth it because God loves the next generation!! I’ve met a lot of talented people and learned from them. My heart is grateful to serve God and His people by the gifts He has given me. I will forever treasure this unforgettable experience.

Our friend Vii, will fly to Singapore and work there. We set a date for her send-off and it was a great bonding with these great people. These were my brothers and sisters in Christ. We went to Gerry’s Jeepney Restaurant. The place and the food is good! After that, we had coffee at Tim Hortons.

My 22nd Birthday

August was my birth month and I am thankful for all the people who made my birthday mega special. In the office, we had a boodle fight after our general monthly meeting and we all enjoyed it! They also surprised me with the video of Patrick greeting me. ♥ We had so much fun!

Patrick and I met after work to celebrate my special day. We went to a Christian Boosktore in my town and he bought me a lovely book as his gift! Then, we had a simple dinner at Cafe Poblacion which serves my favorite Tuna Carbonara. Patrick prayed for me that night and it was one of the loveliest gift I could ever receive.

The next day was our monthsary and we celebrated it on the foodpark near his office, the Savour Manila. Then, we went to Ikigai Kakigori Cafe for the Chocolate Bingsu!! 

We loved the ambiance of the place as much as we loved the yummy Bingsu. These simple moments with Patrick was golden for me and I will always thank God for the life of this man. He’s God’s most awesome gift to me!

One of my staff made me this wonderful bookshelf and I so love it!! It was an early gift and I am so glad to put some of my books in their new home. My father helped me assembled it. :)

I may not remember every little happy things I’ve experienced but I am happy to share some of you through these photos. :) Okay, so now I’m gonna go and update my journal notebook, list of read books, watched films, discovered music and creative inspirations.

Warning for any white racist wrestling fans that follow me you ain’t gon disrespect no wrestler of color not on my watch. You can be happy yo saltine cracker fave won without disrespecting the wrestlers of colors they worked with. That means you can be happy Brock won without mentioning Joe and Roman bein “a fat samoan slob” or a “samoan meathead.” You can be happy Nattie won without disrespecting Naomi and calling her “nappy headed ni**er” or an ape. You and your mediocre white faves will get dragged I’m not the one

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Role reversal: Jk's the one who goes undercover since he sees jin refusing and goes "I volunteer as tribute" And Yoongi got his eyes on him while Hoseok is the mentor who adores jk but is also lowkey sad that yg is paying more attention to jk now and hides it by being happy while rm watches hs silently and is worried his right hand man yg is falling too deep for the newcomer but cant do anything,afraid to strain his r/s with yg -Jihope anon

jihope anon you are feeding my yoonkook heart im yellin into the colors of the wind bC ROLE REVERSAL HCS ARE JUST SO CREATIVE AND THE DYNAMIC CHANGES LIKE??? Destroy me clarence


imagine: after the horrifying death of your brother athelstan, ragnar ends up comforting you and promising to protect you at all costs. 

  An ear-piercing mourning parted from your dry, crackled lips as tears streamed down your broken and pained complexion, whilst it felt as though your heart was being shattered into a billion pieces of sharp shards of glass; fragile and caustic. It was like your worst nightmare had come true, laced selfishly in vivid melancholy colors.

  It felt as though one of their Gods, Hel the Goddess of Death was knocking at your door, ready to steal all that kept you sane, kept you alive.

  She appeared in the darkness, freezing over everything you knew for God knows how long. It felt like all the happiness on the Earth had been stolen away in just one slashing swipe.

  “N-No…” You whimpered out defenselessly in a small cry of disbelief, consuming every inch of you. “Th-this cannot b-be h-happening.” You murmur more to yourself than anyone or anything else.

  Your knees suddenly gave way and you collapsed onto the muddy ground of the forest, your mind in a lucid clump of disbelief in regards to the words that had left Ragnar’s lips. This must have been some sort of mix up, a mistake that Ragnar had only dreamed up like his witch of a wife.

  “You are u-uttering l-l-lies!” You thus began to weep, letting out another heartbreaking wail that provoked a slight feeling of rage, but an enormous ocean of grief filling your soul, your very vessel. “You must be!” Roaring like a ferocious lion, louder than you had meant it to come out, harsher than you had wished it to sound. It was like your voice stunned the King of Kattegat like one of Thor’s lightening bolts crashing into him, rattling his very existence.

  Once your quaking form broke once more, The Great King of Kattegat witnessed it with shattered eyes, a shattered mind and a shattered body, feeling a weight squashing him down. Guilt riddling his entire being of what he had so mercilessly robbed you of. Your brothers blood on him.

  And his heart began to burst in a wrenching sort of way, crushing his once strong shoulders. This was all his fault. 

  Slowly, his slightly quivering legs carried him over towards you, somehow, miraculously. He found nothing in his heart to pity you, to think of you any less, and selfish as it may be; he only pitied and hated himself for causing you to lose your beloved brother. How could he have done this?

  His legs gave way beneath him, causing him to kneel before you, like someone had forced it from his already weak-self.. If the Gods or the Christian God that your brother believed in were to blame or punish someone, he wished it was himself, - feeling it panning out already in that moment -.

  Watching your lonely, saddened form in such screaming agony was killing him. This was all his fault. All his fault.

  The promise he had vowed to you to keep your brother safe, alive had not only been fractured but simply demolished barbarically he felt sick of himself for not keeping it.

  His fault. His fault. His fault.

  Somehow, as if it were a miracle in the works, he found some way to move his, what felt like at the time, icy and frozen, yet shaking arms around your trembling body, and pulling you into him. He embraced you tighter than he imagined he would have, as though he wished to squeeze all this pain and suffering out of you.

  His dry lips fumbled, kissing the damp with sweat, messy crown of your head. He squeezed his oceanic orbs shut so tightly it pained him more, embracing you much tighter to him.

  “I wish it weren’t the truth, but I would be a fool for saying any different…”

ragnar lothbrok gif : source - 🏹

hope you enjoyed! please follow for more, lovelies.

I’m playing around with Zenni Optical’s “try on” feature to decide on some new glasses because I don’t feel like dealing with sales people right now and I’m opening this search to internet feedback.

The differences between options 1 & 2 as well as 3 & 4 are only in the color of the metal. Purple versus bronze and purple versus pewter gray. 

Option 5 is dark purple plastic

Option 6 is bronze metal

Option 7 is tortoiseshell but could also be black

Option 8 is a purple tortoiseshell-like pattern.

Yeah, as it turns out I apparently have a thing for purple glasses. It wasn’t a conscious decision when I was making my selection.  I already purchased one pair to make sure I had the pupillary distance correct before I got any more.  I’m actually pretty happy with the exploratory purchase.  Yeah, they’re dark purple.

Zenni is affordable enough that I’m looking to get several pairs for different moods/styles so I figure I probably need a neutral pair and then maybe another quirky choice.

5 things

tagged by @lunar-kaine Thank you!!!

5 things you can find on my blog:

- Pokemon! 

- Cats and kittens <3

- Text posts that I think are funny

- Aesthetic things (mostly color palettes and pink consoles)

- The occasional Smash Bros post (I want to post more of this!!)

5 things you can find in my room:

- Vanilla coke cans >_>

- My laptop

- Snack stash

- A pile of pokemon plushes

- My sketchbook

5 things I always wanted to do:

- Play at more Smash tournaments (I’ve only competed at one) 

- Go to a private beach

- Go scuba diving

- Cosplay with a group

- Ride on a sail boat

5 things that make me happy:

- Winning in Smash

- My cat!!

- My friends/ mutuals

- food

- pikachu 

5 things on my to do list

- Move to Washington

- Graduate from college (LESS THAN A MONTH TO GO)

- Dedicate my life to getting better at drawing and animation

- Be healthier

- Get a better job

5 things you might not know about me:

- I like to write shitty poetry (not often, just occasionally)

- I cry easily 

- I sleep way too much

- Pokemon isn’t my favorite game; its LOZ: The Wind Waker

- Only one person on tumbl knows what I look like. I wanna post a selfie but I’m not very photogenic. :/

I’m gonna tag @silverlunala @floccesytown and @sir-chesnaught cause I don’t think I’ve ever tagged you guys in anything yet! You don’t have to do it!!


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  


A nesspaula comic I made a bit late for valentines day