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Sense Of Adventure (Carlos De Vil X Reader)

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A/N: I’m actually so happy somebody requested this, it was so much fun to write
Requested: Yes!
Words: 2725
Warnings: Swearing and Fluff

A: What is, where am I, wait what? I don’t understand!
B: Hey hey hey, calm down. Look your fine. Ssh, look your okay. You just needed time to come around, you took a hard hit.
A: Am I… Is this your bed?

Even after all the horror stories Carlos had told you about the Isle, you were not at all prepared for the harsh bitterness of the prison, a million miles from the happiness that shrouded Auradon. It was clear that you were the daughter of Tarzan and Jane, as no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t pull yourself away from the chance of an adventure, eager to explore the unknown and answer the thousands of questions that buzzed around your brain. Somehow, your warped sense of optimism lead you to believe that perhaps the Isle wasn’t that bad, but your heart practically broke when you saw the conditions your friends had grown up in. You had been curious to find out just what the Isle was like and jumped at the chance to join the others in bringing Mal home after she ran away. You had become good friends with the daughter of Maleficent, as you had with the rest of the VK’s, and wanted more than anything for her to be safe, as the children of the villains seemed to share the same spirit and excitement as you did. But it was Carlos you were drawn the most to, the slight innocence and naivety that separated him from the other three only intrigued you more as you found his sweetness utterly endearing.

You were contemplating how any King could allow his people to live in such a horrific place, when you wandered absent-minded from the rest of the group like you often did in Auradon when you craved adventure. Ben was still talking to Mal as you drifted through the dingy alleyways that ran through out the Isle, completely oblivious to the distance you were putting between yourself and the VK’s. You bent down to talk to two young children who looked half starved and caked in a layer of filth, reaching into your bag and pulling out two apples.
“Here, take these,” You said, presenting the fruit to the tallest child.
They looked at you for a moment, questioning your kindness, before they snatched the apples from your hand and ran away before you could think about taking it back. You didn’t blame them for being sceptical, you would be growing up in a place this. Taking a deep breath, you stood up from where you were crouched, brushing down your dress as you noticed the stares you were receiving. It was extremely clear to anybody who passed you that you weren’t from the isle, which was in the end your downfall. You became suddenly aware of how far away you were from Carlos and the others.
“Well, well, well…” A thick Scottish accent called out from behind you “This must be my lucky day.”
You spun around instinctively gulped, the feeling of cool metal brushing the underside of your chin. There, holding a hook to your throat, was the infamous pirate Evie and Carlos had tried to warn you about.
“Don’t look so scared darlin’. I won’t hurt ye if ye do what I say”.
Speechless, you stood frozen as the boy tied, your hands together and pulled you away.

Carlos hadn’t been able to focus on anything, since he found out you had gone missing. He was completely freaking out, feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibly for your disappearance.
“This is all my fault. God knows what they’re doing to her” babbled Carlos as the group sat around his 3D printer, waiting for the fairy godmother’s wand replica to finish printing.
“Carlos, stop torturing yourself, we’re going to get her back” Jay said, patting him on the back in an attempt, to console him.
Carlos continued to stress pet Dude, his eye unfocused and drifting around the room.
“I didn’t even say anything to that asshole when he told us he’d taken her. I just stood there”.
“Harry’s completely  out of his mind, the psycho barked at you Carlos! None of us had any idea how to react” Evie began, before being interrupted by the beeping of the printer, signalling that the wand was finished “Y/N is a fighter, she’ll be okay. Now let’s go get her!”
The four of them jumped up, Carlos grabbing the wand and leading the charge back to the limo. He hoped more than anything that you were in fact okay, and prepared himself to rip the pirate who did this to you to shreds. He had no idea how to do it, but he vowed all the same.
“Oh and Carlos,” Jay said, once you had all sat down “When we do get Y/N back, the first thing you’re going to do is ask her on a date. I can’t watch you pine after her any longer”

You had spent the time you were held captive planning. Sure, at first you started to panic but you soon realised that stressing out was pointless, and put your effort into figuring out an escape route. You knew your friends would be back for you bringing whatever ridiculous requests Uma and her crew demanded from them, but you didn’t trust the Pirates to hold up their side of the bargain and set you free.
“Time to move it sweetheart” barked the first mate “They’re here!”
His voice had a sing-song quality to it that sent shivers down your spine. Still you kept your composure, and stood up yourself, marching your own way on to the edge of the plank so that he wouldn’t escort you there. Your hands were still tied but you no longer had rope around your legs which sparked your thought process. Pretty much the whole ship was draped in ropes of some kind, attached to the sails and woven into huge nets which drooped over the sides. You smiled to yourself. To the daughter of Tarzan rope was incredibly similar to vines.

“Welcome!” The pirate with the hook bellowed, signalling the captain that her guests had arrived.
“Finally!” Uma cackled, nodding to Harry to return to you and grinning like a lunatic at the group of VK’s that had gathered at the front of the ship, Mal and Carlos glaring angrily at the front. You glanced at the boy you loved as his eyes burned into the pirate travelling back from Uma to push you closer to the edge of the plank. Remaining calm, you shot Carlos a reassuring glance and risked a small smile, locking your eyes with his which were alight with concern and anger. He only looked away when Uma began her speech, her eyes fixated on the wand in Carlos’ hands.

Let’s get this party started,
I swear I’m cold hearted,
There’s no negotiation
I’m not here for debatin’

Harry pushed you forward making you stumble slightly as you got increasingly closer to the waters edge. He sniggered when he saw Carlos’ jaw clench and pouted at him putting his arm around you.

You need some motivation
Just look at Y/N’s face
Then ask yourself how long you think I’ll remain patient”

The VK’s watched as Harry prodded his hook into the small of your back, angering Carlos more and more with every second. Mal put her hand on his chest to stop him from charging forward.

I’ll throw her overboard and let her swim with killer sharks,
You either hand over the wand or she’ll be ripped apart”

It suddenly clicked in your brain. They were going to trade Fairy Godmother’s wand for you. Knowing the devastation that wand could cause in the wrong hands, you had one fleeting thought. This was bad. Very bad.

Now, let’s all just be smart, although for you that must be hard” hissed Mal in response.
You’ll get your wand - no one has to come to any harm!
Don’t try to intimidate your bark is much worse than your bite,
Who’s the baddest of them all?
I guess we’re finding out tonight

Harry’s intimidation tactics had changed again to simply making you uncomfortable. He circled around you, pushing his face close to yours, lightly nipping at you earlobe when Mal mentioned biting. The pirate had the audacity to kiss your cheek. You saw what he was doing, trying to throw both you and Carlos off guard by flirting with you. Refusing to give him any satisfaction, you kept a poker-face, staring off into the ocean. You were tweaking you plan a little in your mind, working out the complications. If there was one thing that you knew it was that they could not get that wand.

Let’s go! Bring it on!
Better give us what we want!
It’s the wand for the girl
If you don’t it’s going down
” chanted the pirate crew, grinning unnervingly as they waved their swords in the air.
The VK’s took a step forward, banging their fists on the railings in response.

Let’s go! Make your move!
Peace or war, it’s up to you
Give her up and do it now
If you don’t it’s going down!”

Harry let go of you and went to join his captain as she continued to shout, leaving you alone on the plank. You smiled secretly to yourself. This was just the chance you needed.

So that’s your big speech huh?
An empty ultimatum?
” Uma asked, an element of smugness ringing in her voice as she tapped Harry on the chin, sending him forwards.
All eyes were on the pirate as he stalked towards Carlos and for a few seconds all the attention was averted away from you. Quickly, you got to work, discreetly untying the rope that bound your hands, like your father had taught you to untie grape vines in the jungle. The rope dropped to the floor so you subtly kicked it into the waves, still holding your hands behind your back

All it takes is one swing and I’ll humiliate her!” Harry yelled in Mal’s face, pointing to you with his hook as you tried to act natural.
“Matter of fact one wrong move, and I’ll debilitate her”

He invaded her personal space like he had done you moments ago, completely absorbed in the conversation. Still nobody was looking at you so you took your chance. Silently, just as your father had taught you, you took a run up to the end of the plank, throwing your body onto the rope that dangled a few meters away.

And if she even starts to slip, I’ll eliminate her” Harry plucked the wand from Carlos’ hand and continued to gloat, refusing to break eye contact with them.

You caught the rope with both hands, scrambling up it as quickly as you could. You were completely exposed if someone would have caught you then, you would have been done for. You reached the top of the rope and dived for a cargo net, letting your body elegantly glide through the air and you landed beside a mast, directly above Uma, who had taken the wand from Harry.

All it takes is one wrong look and I’ll -” Harry’s eyes darted back to the plank, your absence making him splutter. Uma did the same, her mouth dropping open. “WHERE’S THE GIRL?” He roared.

You acted instantaneously, gathering a long rope and rocking backwards. In one movement, you kicked back, pushing off of the mast and swung across the ship, holding the rope in one hand and grabbing the wand as you swept past Uma with the other.

There was a moment of complete silence as you let go of the rope, your body stretched out in a star shape as you flew through the air. You landed triumphantly at the top of the crows nest, waving the wand you stole in victory as the VK’s began to cheer. The moment quickly passed as swords were drawn and an all out battle commenced bellow you. Carlos unsurprisingly charged straight  for Harry and had him pinned against a wall, threatening to throw his hook into the ocean. You chuckled for a second, amused by how quickly the tables had turned. Then the realisation set in, you were the biggest target on the ship yet you stood in plain sight, without a weapon to defend yourself with. You came to this conclusion too late however as Uma had already jumped out in front of you, snatching the wand from your grasp, a wicked cackle escaping her lips. She gave you a quick glare and kicked you from the top of the crows nest before you could comprehend what had happened.

The last thing you could remember before you hit the deck was Carlos, screaming your name and running towards your flailing body as you fell from the dizzying height. He reached you a second too late, trying to scoop you up as the world around you faded to black.

Painfully slowly you prised your eyes open, one at a time, squinting at the un-expected brightness that greeted you. You couldn’t recall where you were, or anything that had happened.
“What is, where am I, wait what? I don’t understand!” You stammered, trying to sit up but failing miserably and collapsing back down into a cocoon of ivory sheets and pillows.
“Hey hey hey, calm down. Look your fine. Ssh, look your okay. You just needed time to come around, you took a hard hit”.
As your eyes adjusted you saw Carlos jump up from the foot the bed and clamber closer to your side. He had been holding your hand and started to trace circles onto the back of it with his thumb when he saw a look of terror in your eyes
“Am I… Is this your bed?” You were beginning to relax, looking up at the boy comforting you, when Dude jumped up beside and began licking your face. You smiled meekly.
“Yeah… I mean we were going to leave you in your dorm but I …. I guess I wanted to look after you… Not that you can’t look after yourself… I just… I wanted to see you wake up” he stuttered unable to look you in the eye
You smiled wider.
“So you were watching me sleep huh?”
“Yes, No! Well not the way that you just sai… Oh god what am I even saying?”
You giggled
“Thank you Carlos,” you said sweetly, kissing his cheek slightly, making him blush. Then you jerked away, quickly remembering something.
“Wait! The wand! Uma! Harry! What happened? Did they get it?”
“Relax, it was fake” he said ruffling your hair and motioning towards the 3D printer. You breathed a sigh of relief. “The real question Y/n, is how did you not tell us that you’re practically a ninja? Seriously, one minute my girlfriend is tied up being pushed off of a plank, the next she’s flying through stealing from a pirate!” Carlos laughed heartily, grinning at you with a mixture of pride and amazement.
“Did you just call me your girlfriend?” You breathed, barely audible.
Carlos’ face flooded immediately with embarrassment and could only be described as purely mortified.
“Girl-friend” he said quickly trying to cover his tracks “As in a friend that’s a girl”.
You straightened yourself up in the bed, propping yourself up against a pillow so your face was level with Carlos’. You shook your head
“I meant girlfriend…” you leaned in towards him “As in me being completely and utterly in love with you”.
Before your better judgement could stop you, you planted a gentle kiss on his lips, feeling his twist up into a smile underneath yours as he kissed you back.

You were swiftly interrupted by the sound of Jay falling out of a closet at the other side of the room, Evie, Ben and Mal stood behind him sheepishly.
“Finally!” Evie announced, after you and Carlos groaned, giving each other a knowing look before erupting with laughter.
“You owe me $20 Ben” Jay said, picking himself up from the floor and holding his hand out to the King.
“Where you watching us?” questioned Carlos between belly laughs.
“The whole time” Mal replied bluntly.
“What a way to ruin the moment” You giggled, pulling Carlos back towards you as he wrapped you back into a hug.
“I love you so much Y/N” he whispered into your ear so only you could hear him.
“Trust me when I say the feeling has never been more mutual”

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ok fam real talk, if BSD were a dating sim, who's route would you pick?


Won’t lie I wanna try them all. ୧(๑❛ั⌔❛ั๑)୨

Assuming this will be like a typical otome game with the vanila highschool setting this might be the routes:

Dazai - Main route, has one or two extra chapters compared to the rest. He’s the secretary for the Student Council, but he slacks off a lot. You start off having romcom-like interactions, then it gets darker. You get together in the middle of the route but he breaks up with you without saying anything. Older than he seems. Has connections with the local yakuza? Might have the worst Bad End.

Atsushi - A typical otouto-like character, also a member of the Student Council. Sweet, helpful, naive… You will have a lot of fun teasing him in his route. He constantly doubts himself, so you want to help him gain more confidence and believe in himself more. The epilogue will have you two eating chazuke while you’re praising him on his performance in a stage play.

Akutagawa - Childhood friend and classmate. You used to play with him and his sister Gin before he got sickly. Because he spends a lot of time in the infirmary, you volunteer to be a part of the Health Committee to keep an eye on him. When a girl from another class named Higuchi decides to confess to him, somehow your feelings become all mixed up?

Chuuya (Cyuya?) - A transfer student from an elite school. Despite wearing nothing but trendy clothes, sometimes he can be sloppy. Transferred to chase after Dazai because they have “unfinished business”. He seems rough on the outside and talks like a yankee, but he treats you like a gentleman would. Likes his hat a little too much. Happy End has him taking you on a helicopter ride.

Ango - Class representative and a member of the Disciplinary Committee. Strict, likes order, occasionally nags at unruly students. Seems to have a lot of secrets. Would lie to you “for your sake” but surprisingly gets easily flustered. If you play it right, you can get the ending where you two ditch class and go to an amusement park. He’d say this is unacceptable behavior for a student, but would be following you anyway.

Oda - Homeroom teacher whose specialty is Japanese classics. To get this route, you have to be a bad student who’d need afterclasses tutoring. He is dependable and gives you good life advice, but even so, isn’t getting too close with him dangerous? Only has one ending, so you have to be careful of spoilers on the net.

DLC: Kunikida, Ranpo, Tanizaki, Fitzgerald (must clear all routes except Oda’s and get their Happy Endings), Fyodor (must clear all routes except Oda’s and get their Bad Endings)

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“you come to my room at 4am, to cuddle?” Pleeeeeease

The creak of his bedroom door opening woke Robert instantly, always too light a sleeper to be able to ignore noises. Living in a pub, as you’d expect, was absolute hell for him.

Untangling himself from the duvet cocoon he’d built around himself, Robert sat up, flicking on one of his bedside lamps. Aaron was standing in the doorway, shoulders hunched, chewing on the side of his lip nervously.

“You okay?” Robert asked, concerned. He’d developed a bit of a soft spot for the younger Dingle, in the months since he’d moved back to the village, finding Aaron in the room that had always used to be Victoria’s, before she’d decided to move back in with Andy.

Aaron rocked on his heels slightly, tugging the sleeves of his jumper down over his hands. “I couldn’t sleep,” he admitted, voice hoarse from disuse. He’d gone to bed hours before Robert had, shaking off Chas’ concerns with his usual ‘I’m fine, mum.’

Robert’s heart ached, as he looked at the teenager. He was barely nineteen, and already he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, a whole host of horrors buried in his past that Robert couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

Maybe thats why they got on so well.

Aaron didn’t want to talk about it, and Robert didn’t feel the need to ask. Everyone else pushed, asked questions, wanted to know if Aaron was okay, but Robert - well, he was just there, wasn’t he?

He was being who he wished he’d had when his mum had died.

“So you’ve come into my room at four am to what, cuddle?” Robert teased, glancing at the clock on his beside table, 4:00am flashing back at him in blinding red numbers. They both had work in the morning, Robert having started a new job at the bank in Hotten, Aaron at the garage, an early start awaiting them both.

“I can go.”

“You know I’m joking,” Robert flung back his duvet, waggling his eyebrows at the younger man. “Come on, before I let all the heat out.”

Aaron gave him a grateful smile, padding across Robert’s bedroom in his socks, easing himself into the bed next to Robert. He was stiff, for a second, uncomfortable with the closeness.

Just like every other night.

Robert waited, gave him a minute or two to relax, before he tucked the covers in around them, lying back down. He switched the light off, waiting to see if Aaron would react.

He sometimes did.

“Thank you,” Aaron breathed, reaching under the covers, tangling his fingers with Robert’s.

“What for?”

“Letting me do this,” Aaron shrugged, shuffling a little closer to Robert, pointy chin digging into Robert’s shoulder. “Sleep in here with you, I mean. It helps more than you know.”

“Whats a best mate for, eh?” Robert nudged, leaning over to press a kiss to the side of Aaron’s forehead. They’d figured out their boundaries, over the last few weeks, discovered what was okay, what wasn’t.

It was probably the most careful with anyone Robert had been in his life, but he couldn’t help it. From the day he’d arrived back in the village, stalking into Diane’s pub with a gear bag on his shoulder and a rather unattractive black eye, not a penny to his name, Robert had cared.

He’d spotted Aaron sitting at a corner table, drinking alone, looking grumpy as anything, and of course he’d stuck his nose in straight away. He’d been living away from the village for years, and he knew what - and who - he liked these days, and Aaron was sort of his type.

Robert’s type had always just been anyone who intrigued him.

Six months on, and Robert was just happy to be his mate. Happy to be there, happy to help him, happy to be the mate who would sit quietly with a pint and let Aaron wallow, when needs be.

Happy to be the mate who bought him into town in Robert’s crappy little car, the two of them sitting in the McDonalds carpark, just talking. Happy to sit up at the cricket pavilion, drinking cans and shit-talking Katie’s atrocious new hair-do, or making fun of Eric.

Happy to be whatever Aaron needed, really.

“You are, you know,” Aaron mumbled, half asleep already, breathing evening out. “My best mate, I mean. Don’t tell Adam though.”

Robert laughed, half asleep himself now, the warmth of Aaron’s body next to his a familiar comfort. “Your secret is safe with me.”

Batboys With S/O Who Showers Them With Gifts Headcanons

Batboys being showered with love and random gifts or surprise from S/O who thinks they deserve better than themselves.

(I hope I interpreted this right.)

Requested by: Anonymous



-he is so grateful

-he completely embraces all the gifts

-he does not shy away from presents and surprises

-but he questions it

-asks why

-when he finds out you think he deserves better

-he stops you

-reassures you in every sweetest way

-doesn’t stop accepting gifts

-but showers you with so many gifts

-lots of expensive gifts

-takes you to Disneyland!

-in France


-He’s awkward receiving the gifts

-he doesn’t know what to do

-it’s a strange feeling for him

-after the fifth present or so

-he asks “why?”

-upon discovering the reason


-He treats you even better

-not that treated you bad before

-but he constantly says he loves you

-saves up money to buy you an expensive gift

-plans a surprise trip to Bruce’s holiday cabin

-ssh. Don’t tell Bruce.


-this boy also awkward

-but he always says “thank you”

-already tries to equal you in present giving

-you give him a present?

-he heads straight out to buy you one

-he was a bit slow in noticing something was off

-just assumed you were a happy couple

-but once he learnt

-he stopped you

-said now he was going to shower you because of how much he loves you and would show you in how much he would give you

-let’s just say you got a lot of things

-a lot.


-he doesn’t know what to do with presents

-and not in the awkward way

-just confused by the concept

-so he asks you straight away

-he is shocked you would think such a thing

-Damian is very confident in choosing his “beloved”

-he doesn’t doubt his skill to pick a worthy partner

-he refuses gifts


-but he showers you back

-but not with material objects

-but love


-experiences and memories for you to make together

-(this could be followed with a proposal).

My idea for an alternate ending

Before watching the finale, I thought of a scenario that would be a satisfying ending for me. I want to share what I came up with.

(Note that I’m not a writer and this would probably cause many plot holes as I don’t perfectly remember everything that happened on the show *cough* neither does Marlene *cough*. I just thought this would be a memorable finale and the story could be tweaked to suit this ending.)

The first scene would be the main group sitting together and chatting, like in the Lost Woods Resorts scene except without the unnecessary time jump (I would put the time jump after the reveal of A.D.). They could all end up having sex like in the show because fans love that blah blah.  I also wouldn’t include any “mystery” (lmao) in this scene like Mona spying on them with a Melissa mask on for no reason.

The next scene, the preparations for Ezra and Aria’s wedding begins. Now that the board game is over they want to move on with their lives. During the preparations, the liars receive a simple text message like in the old days. “I will always be with you, til death do us part. -A” the text reads (a reference to the episode title). The liars are surprised it is signed as A and they become a bit unsettled, but they come to the conclusion that it is either sent by Mona or just as a prank. They continue with the preparations, other characters interact blah blah blah.

Then the wedding day comes and the ceremony is held at the church (like it was in the show). All the girls are on the front row, where they sat in the first episode. Most other characters including Lucas, Jason, Melissa, Wren (assume they are still dating and that’s why Wren was invited), Jenna (the girls are surprised to see she is invited considering she worked for A.D. before, a parallel to how they were surprised to see her in the first episode) are there. Mona is absent.

There is a screen behind the stage, where a slide show of Aria and Ezra’s photos is playing. When all guests arrive, the ceremony begins. Aria and Ezra read their vows (written by them unlike in the show, since they are both writers…). Aria reads her vows first. Then Ezra reads his own and ends with “I will always be with you, til death do us part”, the exact same line from A’s text message. Everyone gets emotional except Alison, Hanna, Emily and Spencer who stare at each other in shock. Then the minister pronounces them husband and wife, Aria and Ezra kiss passionately blah blah everyone claps and Aria and Ezra walk the aisle together. As soon as they walk out the church the enterance doors close behind them and only a minute pass before everyone else realize they are locked inside.

After a few panicked moments,  the screen lights up again. It’s Aria and Ezra on the screen, in their wedding attires. Ezra is the first one to talk, saying something along the lines of “you must be wondering what’s happening” blah blah blah and he says he will explain everything. He starts his speech in a romantic manner, about how he met Aria and how much he loves her. He says their relationship is beyond love, that it’s something much more than that. Then he starts talking about A, as he/she has been a prominent  part of their lives. He talks about how A tortured the girls and it turned out to be Charlotte and how she was born as Charles Dilaurentis blah blah.

Then he reveals the real Charles Dilaurentis is not Cece a.k.a Charlotte, but himself. He says that there is only one A, the “uber” A and that it’s him. He reveals he was the A who took the game from Mona and he is also A.D. His motive for becoming A was 1) his obsession with Aria 2) to find Alison, his sister 3) that Mona being A inspired him for becoming A himself and writing a book about it. Over the time, his book became his main priority.

He reveals Cece was not the “real” A but only his minion, the Red Coat. They were really close because they are cousins and they grew up together in Radley (Ezra would later get adopted by a rich family and wouldn’t meet the liars until he becomes a teacher.). Ezra sent Cece to take the game over from Mona and Cece agreed to help because she hated the girls for causing her to get kicked out of Upenn and wanted to get revenge. They started torturing the girls together: the mastermind was Ezra while Cece did the dirty work. After a while, Cece got a little out of control and acted without Ezra’s orders because she was enjoying getting her revenge and having control over the girls’ lives. She thought Ezra was being too soft (I imagine Ezra would only play with the girls’ minds while Cece would be more violent and enjoyed causing them physical harm). Later Ezra found out and got really angry not only because she disobeyed her but also because she hurt Aria (everything terrible A did to Aria would be done by Cece and not Ezra). He threatened Cece and they came up with a deal: Cece would confess to being A and make up this story about how she is Charles. Ezra promised he would arrange that she gets released after a while. At this point, Ezra would be dating Aria, he would have found his sister Alison and most importantly he would have enough material to write his book so there was no reason left for being A and if they followed the plan, both Ezra and Cece would get away with it and noone would learn Ezra is the real Charles. (Ezra decides to publish his book post-mortem because otherwise it would basically be a confession)

Then Aria starts speaking and she says Ezra confessed to her about being A during the 5 year period before they all came back to Rosewood. She forgave Ezra over the time because he never hurt her as A (assume Aria is actually as shady as she was shown to be and not a total angel) but never told the girls about it to protect Ezra. 5 years later, Ezra arranged to have Cece released and Aria saying she doesn’t want Cece released at the hearing was just an act to prevent any suspicions. With Cece out, they thought everything had finally ended.

But shortly after Cece got released, she was murdered and Ezra became devastated and angry. Aria explains that Ezra thought one of the girls did it and he decided to become A again to torture them until someone confesses and Aria decided to help him out of love (She could say something like “I love you girls, I just love Ezra more” or sth? Sound cheesy I know haha). That’s how they became A.D. Aria explains A.D. stands for After Death (I saw this idea on Tumblr and it makes sense to me because of Cece’s death). They kept being A.D. until they learnt Mona killed Cece and that’s when they stopped the game (both in the literal and metaphorical sense). 

Then Ezra reveals that his book is finally finished and will be published soon, and that Aria is the co-author. The book is named “After Death” and he explains it’s a fitting name for the story in more ways than one: everything began with Alison’s “death” and they started working together as A.D. after Cece’s death. Then he admits they killed Mona just before the wedding as their final A act and they got revenge for Cece. After that, the screen goes black for a moment and then Ezra and Aria appears again, this time wearing black hoodies. They are both holding a gun in their hand and they explain they wanted to “leave a mark on the world” by writing the perfect book and all the characters (the guests who are watching them) including themselves are now immortal. Then they kiss before shooting each other. And it all ends where it began: The church, where the liars got their first simultaneous A text.

In the next scene, we see the rest of the liars in shock. They receive a text message saying “You wouldn’t want to miss the reception, would you? -A” (obviously this would be a scheduled message) and they reluctantly go to where the reception would take place (The Brew, I think?). They see that Ezra and Aria turned the Brew into A’s lair, with every single piece of material that they have used as A and A.D. throughout the years: All the things we saw in A’s endings are present. The liars look around and see some evidence for the things Ezra and Aria didn’t have time to explain. For example, Spencer sees that there is a photo of Melissa in the Black Widow costume and around it is evidence that she was trying to protect Spencer from A all along. Things like that (if I wrote everything I had in mind this would be thrice as long lmao). I think this would be a neat way to resolve some of the smaller mysteries to the viewers.

The next scene happens after a one year time jump. Emison has their twins, Hanna is pregnant, Spoby has gotten back together bla bla bla. Everyone is happy period. 

And the final scene we are shown is the infamous barn scene, the first scene of the entire series. The actual version of the scene ends with a close-up of Aria (you can watch it here to refresh your memory). This time, it would end with the same close-up of Aria, but instead, she would turn to the camera and make the “ssh” sign. 

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A/b/o verse prompt: Alpha Kylo and Omega Hux are bonded and Kylo gets hux pregnant, but a few weeks after hux tells kylo about it he has a miscarriage and looses the baby, and for a while Kylo is completely heartbroken and really angry at the universe but hux thinks he's angry at him and so he runs away, and Kylo thinks he's dead until he finds hux again a few years later on a remote planet in the farthest parts of the galaxy

Hux has gone over the words a hundred times in his head but when Kylo finally comes home to their shared quarters, all words leave Hux’s mind.

“Hux,” Kylo says, pulling off his robes. “You look terrified. I can feel it. What’s wrong?”

“Ren, I–.” Hux pauses, stands up from the couch, his hand siding over his flat tummy, thumb stroking over the soft material of his grey tee. “I–I’m–We’re–.”

“You’re pregnant.”

Hux bites his lips, nods. Before he can say anything else, Kylo’s excitable laugh fills the air and Hux is swept off his feet, spun around in his alpha’s arms.

“Stars, Hux,” Kylo says, kissing any part of Hux’s skin that his lips can get at. “A baby. Our own baby.”

“Yes, gods, yes,” Hux whispers. “Our family.”

His stomach flutters, nervous, but imagines that it’s their pup moving in his womb, reacting joyously at their parent’s affections.

Hux smiles. He’s never been so happy.

“K-Kylo…it hurts…something’s not right–”

“Ssh, sweetheart, lie still. They’re fixing the problem now. You’re alright.”

“The…the baby too?”


“Kylo? Kylo, answer me.”

“Armitage. I’m sorry–”

“No, no! Don’t! It can’t be! Ren, please!”

Hux scrunches his eyes closed, covering his tear stained face with his palms. His child, lost. His Ren, grief-stricken. His heart, broken.

It’s been weeks since his miscarriage, still restricted to minimal work to reduce the risk of more internal damage.

The medics aren’t sure what caused the loss of his child, they aren’t sure why Hux lost so much blood, but they’re sure that he’s become infertile.

Hux yells as the word consumes his mind again and he throws the nearest item–his datapad–across the room with an angered shout. It isn’t fair. He wants happiness, he wants a family–

He wants Kylo.

His alpha has been distant, more rageful than usual after the death of their pup. They’ve slept in the same bed, just lightyears apart, fingertips touching but feeling nothing but cold.

Hux knows he’s failed his mate.

He slides his hand over his belly, imagining the way it would’ve swelled with Kylo’s baby, the way he would’ve waddled around so heavy and round that Kylo would have to carry him.

“We can never have that,” Hux whispers, looking to the pillow where Kylo rests his head. “I’ve taken your family away from you.”

His heart says stay. His mind says run.

And Hux is done with listening to his heart.

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How the chocobros react when they find out you have a tattoo:

Originally posted by noctis-ouji

Noctis: “Did it hurt?”

  • While Noctis may not get one himself, he would be genuinely and interested by the fact the you actually had a tattoo all this time. He’d gently run his fingers over it and take in every detail before complimenting you that it looks great or how much it suits you.

Prompto: “We should get matching ones!”

  • He’d be so excited when he found out, asking you so many questions about it; when did you get it, did it hurt what’s it mean, etc. He finds it cool that you have a tattoo - just another thing he loves about you now. He’d even suggest getting matching tattoos in the future.

Gladio: “Welcome to the club.”

  • Gladio would be super chill about it since he has tattoos of his own. He’d want to know if the tattoo had any kind of meaning as well as where you got yours done because holy hell, whoever did yours did a kick ass job. He is not at all put off by girls having tattoos, and sometimes finds it quite attractive (when the tattoo is real nice).

Ignis: “That’s a surprise.”

  • Without a doubt, Iggy would be surprised and shocked even, to find that you have a tattoo. He’s doesn’t really like tattoos (ssh don’t tell Gladio) and didn’t think that you’d be the type of person to get one. He wouldn’t be disapproving by any means since it’s your body and your choice but remind you that it is permanent and as long as you’re happy with it then he doesn’t mind.
Bombshell - Part Two

Characters: Jason Todd (Red Hood), Reader (You), Extras.

Requested by: @umbreonxespeon

Synopsis: Sequel to Bombshell. Jason Todd and Reader are dating, but the reader feels Jason is buying them.

Warnings: Language, Sexual references, References to abuse.

A/N: Y/N = Your Name.
I liked writing this, so I hope it’s good.
Hope you like it!

Y/N seemed different now. And not happy. She’d been happy for the past 9 months, but now something changed. She was more reluctant with gifts, for her and her kids, and insisted on paying for things more. She quite her job at the strip club and was now a waitress during the day at a diner and occasionally a bartender at a local club. I said she only really needed one job, but she insisted. Said it might come in handy one day.

We’d been dating for 9 months, after a month, I found a new place, mainly for her, but I spend plenty of nights there. She found a new job 3 months into the relationship. 5 months later and I insisted the kids move in with her and was always happy to help with the cash if she felt she couldn’t support them. I paid for the rent and the bills, so she didn’t have to worry about that. 8 months later, she contributed to the rent. 9 months later… she keeps trying to pay me back.

“Jason!” Violet, her daughter, bounded towards me as I entered the brand new apartment, recently established, carrying bags of groceries.
“Hey there, monkey!” I laughed as she clung to my leg. It should’ve been harder to walk, but she was tiny.
“What’s in the bag?” She whispered, she could see through the plastic.
“Ssh.” I winked and pulled out 2 chocolate bars for her and Ethan.
“Yay!” She leapt off me and bounded back to find her brother.
“Jason,” Y/N appeared in the doorframe that led to the kitchen, she had some red sauce on her navy shirt and flour on her jeans. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she wore no make-up. Her youth was showing. “I wasn’t expecting you tonight ”
“Yeah, sorry. I should’ve called. I brought food?” I raised my arms to show off the bags.
She cocked her head in the direction of the kitchen and went back in there.
I followed her in and started to put the items where they belong.
“How much do I owe you?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. You don’t owe me anything.” I tried to sound perky, but something was off. It was obvious. “The kids owe me though.” I joked.
“I just gave them a chocolate bar.”
As if as evidence, they skipped into the kitchen, chocolate rings around their mouths.
Y/N laughed, kneeling before them. Licking her thumb, she wiped their faces.
“Mum.” “Mummy.” They whined.
“What do you say to Jason?”
“Thank you Jason!” Violet cheered.
“Thank you Daddy!” Ethan ran at me full speed, knocking me off balance slightly.
I grinned and ruffled his hair. “You’re welcome, buddy-”
“Not ‘Daddy’, Ethan. 'Jason’.” Y/N snapped, harshly. She flinched at herself. I don’t think she meant it to be so cruel.
I have no issue with not being called 'dad’, because I wasn’t theirs. But it still hurt.
“Sorry, Jason.” Ethan pouted.
“It’s okay, buddy. Didn’t I call you 'Eben’ once.” I tried to cheer him up and it worked a little. A small smile crept onto his baby face.
Y/N breathed in sharply. “Violet, Ethan, go find something to watch on TV in mummy’s room.”
“Why not out here and Jason can watch it too!” Violet bounced up and down.
“No. Mummy needs to talk to Jason.”
“What about?” Violet looked like she’d heard that sentence before. She may be young. But I still remember being young and hearing similar words. Always followed by a string of curse words and roof-shaking shouting in my household.
“Just planning something.” Y/N held Violet’s hand in reassurance.
Violet was still hesitant, but complied, taking her younger brother by the hand she led him away and he waddled behind her.

What was about to happen? My heart was pounding.

“You need to stop this.” Y/N hissed the moment the children were out of sight.
“Stop what?” My brows furrowed.
“Stop buying us with all your money and special treats.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“No one gives some random stripper 10,000 dollars and then buys them a house without expecting something in return, so what is it? The more you pay me the more sex we have? How much is each time we fuck worth?” She spat, but kept her voice low, ensuring the kids heard nothing.
“Y/N, I’m not buying you. I love you and want the best life for you and your kids.”
“Bullshit.” She turned to the bench where hand-made pasta sat. “Just don’t pay for anything anymore. And we can continue fucking til my debt is done.”
“Y/N, there is no debt. I’m not, never would, lie to you.” I stood behind her, wrapping my arms around her torso.
She sighed and pried my arms off her, shoving me back. I fell against the fridge, hitting my head.
Her eyes widened in panic. “Oh my god! I am so sorry! That was an accident,” she rushed to my side, “crap, I’m as bad as my ex.” She eyed me up and down, checking for injuries.
“I’m fine.” I took her hands into mine. “I’m fine.”
Her face softened. “I’m sorry.” She looked at the floor, her hands and body shaking.
“It was an accident.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I know.” I placed a hand on her jaw, bringing her her eyes up to look into mine. “I love you. And I mean it.” I refused to even blink. “I care very much for your kids. I really am just trying to help and I all I ask for in return in is,” I paused to reach into my back pocket, “I wish I could’ve done this better but,” I placed the small, velvet box in her hands, “all I ask for is that you stay with me,” she opened the box and gasped, “as my lawfully wedded wife?”

Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Graves

@sozdanie-gryazi-eternal brought it to my attention that a.) it’s father’s day but there’s not a lot of father’s day content and b.) that I’ve been very mean to Mr. Graves lately. So two birds, one stone.

When Graves wakes, it’s to a smell he had long since forgotten, but knew deep down in his bones the moment it hit his nose. Flakey pastries and sugary cinnamon, spicy and warm and making him salivate. He lifts himself to his elbows slowly, confused and sleepy, and stares at the closed door of his bedroom questioningly.

It’s a simple matter to don his night robe, his bottoms loose from sleep around his hips, his chest visible through the peek of the soft terrycloth around his shoulders. He foregoes slippers altogether and just slowly shuffles down the hall, past the oddly open door and barren room that Credence should be sleeping in, down to the kitchen. 

The room is immaculate, and not from cleaning spells. It’s obvious that Credence has been careful to wipe every spilt egg, every splash of sugar, every dollop of cream as he went. It no doubt slowed him down, but perhaps even the process itself was a long, drawn out affair if the slender elegance of his hands is anything to go by as he delicately traces cream from a cut bag in neat little zigzag patterns on the pastry. The glaze melts and spreads, and a little flare of home bursts deep in Graves’ belly, because this is his mother’s favorite recipe. His favorite recipe.

And fuck, it looks just like it could be hers. Smells like. And he feels five again, waiting at the table for her to finish, listening to her sing old tunes from their Irish heritage. 

“How did you know?” Graves asks, voice rough from sleep, making Credence jump. With a soft tip of Graves head, he apologizes before moving from the kitchen doorway to stand beside Credence and better take in the scent of his childhood.

“Q-Queenie told me she heard you thinking about it off hand a month ago. And I figured the recipe must be here, somewhere…” Credence trails off, eyes sliding to the little handwritten card that he had kept immaculately safe the entire time. “Mr. Kowalski agreed to run through the recipe every Tuesday and Thursday morning for the past three weeks. I wanted to get it right. I hope it’s okay… I’m sorry if I pried, I just–”

“Ssh,” Graves says, wiping at the bit of flour on Credence’s nose with a soft smile he hadn’t felt in a long time. “No, it’s lovely. Just unexpected. What’s the occasion?”

Credence blinks, as though it were obvious, and says, “It’s Father’s Day, Mr. Graves,” as though suddenly unsure, as though afraid he’s wrong.

And Graves stills, something like a fist around his throat. And when Credence finally cut a slice of the pastry and placed it on a plate, he holds it out and smiles nervously, “Happy Father’s Day.”

Graves closes his hands around the boy’s on the plate’s edge and smiles back, full and warm and touched.

“Thank you, Credence.”

It tastes just like his mother’s, filled with love. 

Episode One: Welcome Home, Daddy

Summary: Chris gets the best welcome home gift

Pairings: Chris Evans/Original Female Characters of Color (Nadia Williams-Evans)

Rating: R

Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Content (SMUT), fluff, a hint of Daddy!Chris 

Tag List@jazzytoosweet, @tinchentitri, @miss-cap21, @missxavenger, @blackcaptainrogers, @daisykane535, @writingcreatingstorytelling, @theycallmebecca, @always-an-evans-addict, @sailorserenabarnes, @heather-lynn, @littlepreciousangel, @buckyappreciationsociety, @sparklemichele, @rose-quartz17, @readsalot73, @harleycativy

Note: It’s early! Surprise! Enjoy and don’t forget to send me any questions, comments, or concerns! xoxo

Episode One: Welcome Home, Daddy

Chris slowly turned the key in the lock and carefully opened the front door. He entered his Sudbury home as quietly as he could, gently closing the door behind him. It was pitch-black dark, and using the nearby wall as a guide, he softly walked across the marble floors of the foyer, dropping his keys on the table before making his way towards the carpeted living room. After weeks of promoting Captain America: Civil War overseas, he finally had a little bit of time to relax with his family in Massachusetts; he finally had the chance to sleep in with his two favorite girls, take Dodger out for a walk, hang out with his buddies in Boston, and perhaps spend some quality one-on-one time with his darling wife, Nadia. 

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You didn’t have to buy me that.

A/N: I posted a list of plots a few days ago and you guys exploded my ask box, I didnt think I would get this much requests. Thanks for that! I really appreciate it. So here’s the first one. I combined some plots which seems to be fitting because otherwise I wouldn’t be done writing for the next month. 
So this is a request combination of “Oh my god, I was joking, you didn’t have to buy me that.” & “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

In which Y/N comes home from a stressful day at work and Harry spoils her the intire evening and even got her a ‘little’ something.

Warning: none

The sound of the front door closing wakes me up from my daydream. She’s finally home. Y/N had a lot of work to do today whilst I had nothing, for once. But I do feel bad for her. She always works hard and now that I’m one day off she still has to go to work, getting all stressed out.

So, I thought I’d spoil her for the evening. I bought her her favourite snack; chocolate covered strawberries. And I got us a nice bottle of red wine. I filled the bathtub with hot water just a few minutes before I knew she’d get home. I placed some candle’s around the tub, making it all romantic. You know, like in the movies. I’ve seen quite a few of these, so I bed she’d appreciate it.

She walks into the living room, where I’m sat on the couch. I walk up to her and greet her with a hug and a kiss on her forehead ‘I’ve been thinking about you all day.’ I tell her. She drops her bag and wraps her arms around me. ‘I’m so glad I’m finally home. I missed you so much.’

I raise her up, bridal style, and walk her to the couch. Sitting down with her on my lap. She cuddles up to me and rests her head on my shoulder, nuzzling into my neck. I pull her close and kiss her on her hair. ‘I got you something.’ I tell her and grab the box with strawberries from the table. She opens the box. ‘Oh gosh, I’ve been craving these the entire day! Thank you, Haz.’ She exclaims and hugs me even tighter.  

‘You can’t have them yet, I have another surprise for you.’ I say, put the strawberries back onto the table and carry her to the bathroom. I can tell by her face that she’s a little bit overwhelmed, she definitely loves it. ‘Oh wow, is this all for me?’ she asks and I nod in response. ‘Let me help you.’ I say and unbutton her blouse.

I carefully push the fabric off of her shoulders and hang it over the radiator. In the main while, she already got out of her pants handing them over to me so I can put them with her blouse. I unclasp her bra, adding it to the rest of her clothes and she does the same for her panties.

She gets into the tub, embracing the warm water with her feet. She lays down and mouths yet another thank you in my direction. ‘I’ll get you your pyjamas.’ I say as I get out of the bathroom to grab her some pjs.

I come back with her pjs and the box of strawberries. I sit down next to the tub. ‘Would you like to have your berries now? Otherwise I’m gonna put them back because they will melt in this steamy room.’ I tell her and she smiles. ‘I’d like some actually.’ She says and I open the box to feed her the first strawberry.

We have some little chitchats about everything and what not. And I feed her some more strawberries before I leave the bathroom to give her some time alone to relax. I take the left-over strawberries with me and put them in the refrigerator to prevent the chocolate from melting.

After, what feels like, half an hour she re-enters the room in her pyjamas. I grabbed the cute pink ones she has with little piglets all over it. She gets herself seated next to me crawling up against me.

‘Thank you so much for that, I really needed it.’ She says and kisses me tender on my lips. I go with my hand through her still slightly damp hair and caress her cheek with my thumb.

‘I got you something else by the way.’ I tell her, there’s really no good way to bring the conversation to a point where I can randomly drop that I got her actually something big. So, I decided to just drop it.

She looks at me confused. ‘What are you talking about, Harry?’ She asks and I take a small bag from behind the cushion to give it to her. She opens to bag and takes out the little box in there, looking at me with wide eyes. ‘Harry…’ she stumbles. ‘Just open the box, love.’ I say soft and so she does. Revealing the ring I picked out for her. It’s not really something that big. But it does have a diamond on it. It’s a silver ring, with 4 small diamonds on it. I got my fingerprint engraved on the inside of the ring.

‘It’s a promise ring,’ I start. ‘I want you to know that I’m always gonna be here for you. Whenever you need me and whenever you want me. I am spoiling you, and will be spoiling you a lot more because I think you deserve to get a little extra credit for what you do. You always cope up with my shit, and I’m thankful for that. And I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope you do too. I’ve been wanting to give you something like this for a while now, I got your little hints but I couldn’t find the perfect ring. But I finally got one. It took a while to get it done though, because I wanted to get my fingerprint engraved into it. Those little sentences or dates are so cliché. Anyways, I’m starting to ramble. I love you, Y/N. And to do something a little bit cliché, I promise you to be with you forever and always.’

She kept looking at me during my little speech and I saw tears swelling up in her eyes, happy tears. ‘Oh my god, I was joking, you didn’t have to buy me that.’ She whispers, clearly speechless. ‘Shh ssh, I really wanted to give you this. You mean everything to me, Y/N.’ I press a kiss onto her lips. ‘See if it fits.’

She takes out the ring and puts it on her left ring finger. It fits like a glove. I knew it would fit perfectly because I brought her old ring with me when I bought it. Just to be sure I’d get the right size. She thanks me ones more before we agree on cuddles and movies for the rest of the night.

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I think you should know, I'm tryin not to be a lunatic since tomorrow's Friday....but I'm shaking. Gonna be so great, all of it. When do you sleep?

I read this at like 7:10am and it took me a good 30 seconds of being like “what’s happening this weekend that’s so exciting??” to get that you meant my updates lol. (I actually haven’t slept well this week but that has nothing to do with writing; I wrote a chapter and a half over last weekend, another Monday night, and tbh the rest was sneak written at work, ssh)

There will be an update to all five fics tonight - Second Chance (at happiness), when you’re lost inside, Time has Brought Your Heart to Me, chill me to the bone and somewhere we’ll never be found.

Playride at Disneyworld

(How could I not?)

-Christine brought up the idea throughout the school year, but saw it only as a fantasy. But surprise, Brooke had a family friend working there who was able to get them free tickets.

-Brooke kept it a surprise until the last day of school, slipping Christine’s ticket into her locker along with a Mickey Mouse plushie and a mouse ear hat

-As Christine made her way over to her locker, Brooke couldn’t control the happiness bubbling inside her.

-”Why so smiley Brooke? Is there something you’re not telling me..?”

-”Ssh, patience short one..”

-When Christine opened her locker, she stood there speechless, her hands covering her mouth to stop herself from screaming.

-Brooke couldn’t stop herself from snickering. The look on her girlfriend’s face was too much.

-Christine spun around to face her, teary eyed. “Brooke, did you - did you really?”

-Brooke shrugged it off like it was nothing, but couldn’t hide her smile. ”Anything for my, Chriserella.”

-If it were any other situation, Christine would roll her eyes at the cheesy nickname, but she was so overwhelmed with joy she couldn’t move.

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