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do you have any tips about how to stay productive and happy in the summer when you don't have anything planned to do during the day? basically how do I not just watch Netflix for two months lol

Hi! For the holidays, I usually try to organise random things. Be it my computer, my wardrobe or my room. I also find it a good time to do those things you’ve been avoiding because you’ve had school. With my holiday break, I’m going to clear out and redesign my bedroom, sort my hard drive/computer, move files from my old one to my new one, do my blogs, clear my desk, sell some unused clothes, etc. I think finding a few things like that is a good way to keep busy - even if you dedicate one or more days to sorting something. You could also see if any of your friends want to do things! I’m pretty crap at keeping in touch with my friends but it’s always nice seeing them when I can. Maybe writing down a list of things or places you like to do or see is a fun idea. They don’t have to be specific, even just like “go to the beach”, “take a hike”. It gives you something to look at when you’re bored or feel you haven’t gone something to do. I’d recommend writing down a few things to do before you go to bed so when you wake up, you’ve already got a task! Also, don’t feel bad about Netflixing…there are many great shows I can recommend you binge haha!! Hope this helps :-)

I told M my birthday is coming up, and she said she wants daddy to take her to buy me a surprise. She knows he can’t, but it’s gotten to the point where he’s gone just too long and she wants him here now, and this present thing is another acute reminder of his absence. Yesterday she decided to bring her little suitcase of important things with her to school, containing letters and drawing from him plus some birthday cards from other relatives. She constantly, exuberantly tells random people that he’ll be home when she’s five and three quarters. She doesn’t realize there’s a stigma or shame attached to prison and I hope I can keep it that way. I can’t control the attitudes of the rest of the world, but I can introduce her to people I work with who were also incarcerated and have normal happy productive lives now so she can see our family isn’t the only family to go through it. I spoke to A and my sister and arranged a plan for the birthday present, M & A will talk on the phone without me in the room to decide what to get me, then my sister will take her to buy it. Not the same as daddy taking her, but the best I can do right now.

Happy Birthday to Mob!! You’ve made a lot of friends this year, here’s to another good one!! :DDD


It starts with a bar of soap.

For God’s sake, Kent thinks to himself in the “personal care” section of the grocery store. Why does Dove think I’m allergic to purple just because I’m a guy?

He picks up the lavender-scented bar soap and inhales. It smells heavenly. Next he tries the sandalwood-scented from the men’s section. It comes in a gray box and costs fifty cents less. It smells good but it reminds him of floor polish.

I’m a grown-ass man, Kent thinks, and buys the lavender soap.

The next time he’s out of body wash, he spends thirty minutes trying to decide on one of the many “manly” smells before caving to “Cocoa Cabana” in the women’s aisle because it smells like Valentines Day in a bottle. 

After that it’s his deodorant body spray, trading in “Bold” (whatever the fuck boldness smells like) for “Fresh Cotton.” 

The first time Jeff catches a whiff of it on him, he asks, “New fabric softener? It smells awesome.”

“Nah, switched deodorants.”

“Huh.” Jeff nods in approval. “Well, you smell like fresh blankets out of the dryer. I have a physical urge to hug you.”

Kent laughs. Jeff hugs him and he laughs more. It’s nice.

After five months, nearly every toiletry Kent owns has been switched over from an endless variety of blacks, grays, and occasional dark greens and blues to white, purple, soft brown, yellow, and pink. Showers have transformed from a perfunctory necessity to something luxurious. Women’s products are so indulgent. They make Kent feel and smell like he’s been at a spa. He does have to learn to juggle the fragrances appropriately or risk smelling like a perfume store vomited on him. But it’s worth it, for how good he feels after. He feels pampered. His skin is softer, his hair shines, and even his pits and crotch look and feel cleaner. He doesn’t know if it’s the products or because he really cares about the maintenance, now, since he’s got all these specialty items to try. It doesn’t matter. He feels great.

Kent now has honest-to-God bubble baths and detox-salt-soaks. He’s got body butters and face masks and a lip balm in almost every flavor. The ladies at the Lush at the mall know him by name.

Kent’s still single. He’s got his cat for company, though, and the guys, who drop by or come over for movie and game nights and get drunk and eat all his food and pretend to chirp him for the specialty lemongrass-scented hand soap in his bathroom. Sometimes, on roadies, Swoops will plop down next to him on a bus or a plane and say loudly, “Damn, who’s got chocolate and isn’t sharing? Oh, it’s just Parser. Fuck you for getting my hopes up,” and then he’ll noogie Kent or grab his fingers and gnaw on them.

(The coaches have had to break them up before and it’s very unbecoming of two adult men.)

More than once, one of the guys has fallen asleep next to Kent and ended up face-first in Kent’s shoulder. They’ll wake up blearily, rubbing their eyes and saying, “Whoops, sorry man, didn’t mean to drool on you.” Kent was confused at first but he’s realizing that it’s because they gravitate towards the scent of him in their sleep. He smells like comforting things: honey and chocolate and cotton and Shea. He smells like warmth and safety. It’s why he likes all the things he buys, so it makes sense the guys would like that, too.

Nobody rags on him for it. They chirp him, but that’s different. Chirping, light-hearted and giggly, means acceptance. Soon his teammates start coming up to him in the locker room or nudging him on a bus and saying, “Parser, can I borrow some of your stuff?” and leaving with key-lime lips or cocoa-butter hands.

But it’s when he catches Sunny—big, burly, greatly-bearded d-man Sunny—pulling a bright orange tube of passion fruit lip balm out of his bag and slicking it on in front of everyone that he knows for sure that it’s okay.

“’I’m obsessive, but my obsessions are productive.  I’m happy.  I never get depressed.  I find life very interesting.  I paint for hours every day.   I have 100,000 postcards at home organized geographically.  And I’ve written a story about every day of my life between 1981 and 2011.  I have 20,000 pages of notes.  Right now I’m in the editing phase.  I’ll be done with that in a couple years, and then I’m going to copy the entire thing by hand.  There’s no way I can  trust computers with something this important.  I think I can finish the job in ten years.  I’m pretty sure I can live long enough.”

Heeeeey!!!! Goodies preview n°2 for Japan Expo!!! 

I’m so happy with the way my little Hinata and Kags are looking, and I’m so excited to see them printed.

Also the 2 kings will be available in bigger size as single stickers ^^ (single but sold together, haha) 

You’ll be able to purchase them in July after Japan Expo on my online store. 

the secret here is that everyday is one a good day for a good day! 

Skincare routines for different skin types✨

••DRY SKIN: Try something exfoliating to get rid of dead skin (like a charcoal scrub, something with NATURAL exfoliators) and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!! I recommend using a serum and a moisturizer, along with an overnight mask every week or so. This keeps your skin hydrated and keeps the exfoliation from drying it out even more! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Dark Angels cleanser, any face exfoliating brush, Lush Skin Drink moisturizer, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, pure Rosehip oil, Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask, Origins Original Skin retexturizing mask, Dr Jart Water Replenishment cotton sheet mask, Origins Original Skin renewal serum
• • OILY SKIN: Use a charcoal scrub to absorb excess oil, but avoid harsh cleansers that may cause the skin to overproduce oils!! Remember to still moisturize to balance out your skins natural oil production. A good toner also helps with oil and any resulting acne! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Herbalism cleanser, Lush Enzymion moisturizer, Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask, Lush Tea Tree Toner
• • COMBINATION SKIN: Try zone masks! Use different masks on different parts of your face, depending on the issues you have there! Use a cleanser that will absorb your excess oil but isnt so abrasive or harsh that in dries out the rest of your face. • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Coalface cleanser, Lush Breath of Fresh Air toner, GlamGlow #Multimasking Mask treatment set, Dr Jart Brightening Infusion mask (for combination skin, many of the products listed here for other skin types may work, depending on where you put them on your face!)
• • SENSITIVE SKIN: Try a cleanser and moisturizer from Lush or another all natural brand, that doesnt contain chemicals that may irritate your skin! Also, don’t use any harsh or abrasive exfoliants that may do more harm than good!! • RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Lush Aqua Marina cleanser, Lush Fresh Farmacy cleanser, Lush Celestial moisturizer, Lush Eau Roma toner water


“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we’re finally home.” 
― Stephanie PerkinsAnna and the French Kiss

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr and Mrs Who.


6.6.17  ♡  33/100 days of productivity

Went to an aerial yoga class yesterday and boi I’m dying. It was really fun though I can’t wait to do it again. I’m happy that I’ve been productive everyday ever since school ended last week. And I still need to finish packing for tomorrow because I’m gonna be on vacation for a month, which also means I won’t be able to post much. Have a great summer y’all!