not happy but not tweaking it anymore

But imagine...
  • After the war, the seven celebrating Annabeths Birthday and gifting her a new laptop with all these drafting and 3D Modelling and rendering softwares and Leo tweaking the system to respond to Annabeths thoughts instead of her touch.  
  • Her being super excited about it initially but finding out that she can’t design anymore because she is facing difficulties letting her imagination run wild. 
  •  All those horrors from the quest and the visions from Tartarus keeping her from being inventive and imaginative.
  •  Percy being there for her in all those times to hold her hand and remind her that they are together now and that things are looking better.
  • Leo randomly bursting into flames to make her smile.
  •  Frank and Hazel learning to bake chocolate chip cookies because Annabeth likes them. 
  • Piper making Brick references with Jason because it always cracks Annabeth up. 
  • Even Will, Nico, Thalia and Reyna asking her to tell them more and more about all the iconic structures even though they don’t understand architecture at all.
  •  Annabeth being grateful for their support. 
  •  Annabeth slowly recovering from her shock. 
  •  The demigods waking up one day to see a massive digital image of a brilliant structure floating mid air which Annabeth then tells them is the is a monument dedicated to her ever-lasting friendship with all of them. 

Extinguish the Flame Spell

This spell is meant to help the caster release feelings of love which are not reciprocated by the other party. I’ve been dealing extensively with this recently, and couldn’t bear it anymore. I just cast this spell myself about 15 minutes ago. I’ll walk you through it as best I can considering I’m fairly drained at the moment. This spell includes feelings of both love and lust, so you can tweak it so it fits your situation.

Tools needed:

  • a candle representing the person/s the feelings are for (I chose pink for my love and red for my lust)
  • a knife or athame
  • rose quartz and citrine (or any stones/items which correspond to love and happiness for you)
  • thread to braid or knot


  • Cast a protective circle (optional)
  • Hold the love stone in your left hand and happiness stone in your right. Stand grounded at the center of your circle and feel happiness flow in through your right hand, through your heart, and feel the happiness push out the unwanted feelings of romantic love. Do this for as long as necessary.
  • Carve the name/s into your corresponding candle/s
  • Take the ribbon or thread and begin knotting or braiding. With each twist, think of the person/s associated with your feelings. Tell yourself that this spell is for your health and well-being, and that it will have no ill effect on them. Think of the negative results of your romantic feelings, and why you are casting this spell. Watch the candles burn down, but do not wait until they burn out.
  • Recite the following spell:

“Powers that be, I ask of you,

take this heart that has been through

needless pain, caused by my mind,

blessed not by those who are divine.

Take these names whose owners dwell

within this witch’s mental hell.

Release my hold - my heart from theirs

so I may live without these tears.

These candles which hold names embedded

along with braids with intent threaded -

douse the flame and cut the ties

to give rest to these tired eyes.

This spell shall last until the hour

in which I gain the hard-earned power

to love and be loved with heart enrobed

with dedication to be betrothed.

This witch’s heart no longer beats

for those whose hearts do not repeat.

I extinguish these flames and sever this bond

to those whose souls do not respond.

So mote it be.”

  • Extinguish the candles and sever the braid or knotted cord with your knife/athame
  • Close your circle

The goal here is not to rid your heart of all romantic love, or make it to where you can never love again, but I know how hard it is to live with feelings of unrequited love. As a warning, this process is emotionally trying. I cried. A lot.

Just as a final note - you are worthy of love. Just because the person you have feelings for does not reciprocate does not mean no one ever will. You are worthy of love, you deserve love, and you will find love.

Good luck, fellow witches! I wish you endless happiness!

“You finished your training…and I finished mine.”

Ugh it’s a real bummer, but I’m not quite happy with it…. But I know you can only tweak something so much before you ruin it or redo it entirely..It  changed styles so many times I don’t even know anymore….hah…-dies-

Wanted to get it out of the way, and I did promise to post… so…have it -tosses at-

It’s been a while since I’ve actually finished a painting..of a sorts..

Yes, he is supposed to look pretty blank….and a bit lifeless.  Paleness to the ultimate max. Training scarred him, man.

Sleeper knight hux.