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I got asked today if there was something special that I learned from being trans and fighting through all this transition stuff. Yes! There is! And I like to share it with you 😘
The most important thing that I learned is that this is your life and YOU should be happy with it - not your parents, not your friends, not your colleagues and not the people walking the streets… You! So do whatever makes you happy and don’t give a shit what others might think of you and the things you do to be happy.

Unfortunately I was raised with a mindset of caring very, very, veeeeery much of what others might think of you and your actions and so it took me many many years till I finally realized that it is only important what you think of yourself and not what others might think! As soon as I realized that and started to act the way I wanted to life not only became much easier it also became much more fun and I became happier than ever before..
So if I might give you one advice it is this.. act the way you want to and you will definitely get the most out of your life! If it makes you happy to walk the streets in bright red cowboy it… And don’t let anyone stop you ever.

  • Danny Williams: You think I'm sensitive?
  • Steve McGarrett: A little bit.
  • Danny Williams: When did you come to the conclusion that I was sensitive, huh? Was it when a bullet was tearing through my flesh? Is that when I seemed sensitive to you, huh? I am really happy you are not afraid of anything, okay? I'm glad you have that GI Joe thousand-yard stare from chasing shoe bombers around the world, okay? But in Civilized Society, we have rules, all right? It is the unspoken glue that separates us from jackals and hyenas, all right?
  • Steve McGarrett: "Jackals and hyenas?"
  • Danny Williams: "Animal Planet," whatever, okay? The point is, Rule number one: if you get somebody shot, you apologize!
  • Steve McGarrett: I'm sorry.
  • Danny Williams: You don't wait for a special occasion, okay?
  • Steve McGarrett: I'm sorry.
  • Danny Williams: Like birthdays, or friggin' President's Day!
  • Steve McGarrett: Hey, man, I'm sorry, okay? I said I'm sorry. I'm sincerely sorry. That what I was trying to tell you last year, when this conversation started.
  • Danny Williams: Your, uh, apology is noted. Acceptance is pending.

First off, I love how any character growth Robert has that doesn’t involve Aaron is somehow bad or boring? Let’s not forget his growth doesn’t even really kick in until Christmas but ok whatever. 

So, I wanna ask this question in all seriousness: has there been any indication from Aaron to Robert anywhere in the last 4 months or so that he still loves him? 

Quite the opposite. Aaron seems healthy and happy to Robert. He isn’t interested in him, it seems to Rob that he is dating others and moving on. 

At some point Robert has learned to respect the decisions Aaron makes, and good on him because no one else does, and he accepts that Aaron wants very little to do with him. He holds on to the tentative friendship they have but why why would Robert make Aaron uncomfortable by attempting to once again force his love on someone he doesn’t think wants him?  (Which the week after the Mill scenes completely solidly that for him.)

Lastly, Robert talking to Aaron about his son is basically an extension of the scrapyard scene. Robert wants Aaron to know that his faith in Robert wasn’t completely wasted and that he heard him that day when he told Robert to be a good dad. That is actually want Aaron wants from Robert and for him.

Robert has no hope whatsoever and whatever hidden hope he might have to ever be with Aaron is squashed the following week. All he does have IS his kid. And even then he doesn’t have that either. 

I don’t get how this lad is wrong by expressing what at this moment is essentially the truth. 

I wish I had whatever it is to make you think I am beautiful and sweet like her. I wish I could kiss you and remind you of those dreams you had when you were 5, I wish I could embrace you and make you happy, as happy as when you ate your favorite ice cream when you just turned 10. But I am none of those. I am a mess, a chaos, a mere passerby in your life. You will forget me, in a year or two, you will forget all the conversations we had and you will never know how you once made me feel. But deep down I hope one day we can meet and like those ballad songs or the 80s drama, we could begin again. And when that time comes, I wish I have the courage to tell you..  ‘it has always been you’ 

Lucifer Morningstar Imagine - Someone Hurts You

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HELL YEAH! 😄A Lucifer request! Pretty much whatever you want, reader gets hurt, Luci gets overprotective and, confessing and fluff? I LOVE Lucifer, and I’m so happy you opened requests for him, thank you doll! 😍😘

Warnings: mentions of violence, angst

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Your P.O.V.

My body was aching all the way from my toes to my head. I grunted in pain as I tried to move but that was surprisingly hard. I was stuck on the hospital bed alone since the nurse just left. She had given me a doze of some medicines but it would take a little while until they would start working, numbing my pain away.

At first, I was confused of why I was here. My memory was blank and it scared me. Then the nurse had told me that someone called an ambulance for me last night and my brain started working. I remembered getting into a street fight with a thug who connected me to Lucifer, my closest friend. 

I supposed he had worked on a case with detective Decker and they were close to finding the bad guy. Evidently, the bad guy had found me and tried to finish me of or tell Lucifer a message. Whatever the case, I was in hospital and I had a lot of wounds and fractures. The thought of being beaten up on the streets scared me a lot and knowing it actually happened made me feel sick.

‘‘Where is she?’‘ I heard a familiar voice behind the door. My eyes focused on the white hospital door and I waited for Lucifer to come in. It didn’t take long until he door flew open and he walked in in a hurry. As he saw me, his body froze and I could tell my condition shocked him. For some reason, I felt ashamed and tears stung my eyes.

‘‘Y/N..’‘ He breathed out my name and then walked closer. Lucifer dragged a green chair from the corner next to my bed so he could take a seat. I didn’t mind as he placed his soft hand above mine. We were quiet for a moment as reality sunk into our minds. Lucifer seemed to struggle with believing this. 

‘‘It’s..not your fault’‘ I choked out as I recognized the look on his face; guilt. Lucifer narrowed his eyes which caused a tear to roll down his face. ‘‘Yes it is, Y/N! If I..I would’ve found the son of a bitch sooner..This wouldn’t have ever occurred!’‘ He tried to blame himself for this which saddened me.

‘‘No’‘ I tried to speak but suddenly, I coughed. Lucifer inhaled sharply and kept an eye on me as I tried to catch my breath again. The few coughs made my ribs sting madly and I could tell some of them were broken. The nurse had read out what was wrong with me but I had been in shock so I didn’t remember much.

‘‘I came as soon as I could’‘ He sighed after a while. I swallowed a lump in my throat and then nodded, happy to have him by my side now. That made me think about what he had done as I was here. ‘‘Did you and Decker catch the bad guy?’‘ I wanted to know, clearing my throat a few times because it was really dry. Lucifer noticed and he got up, walking to the sink and I watched as he grabbed a plastic cup.

‘‘We did, he’s in police custody’‘ Lucifer mumbled mysteriously. I knew him too well to let that slip by. He was hiding something. ‘‘What more?’‘ I sighed and then grabbed the plastic cup weakly. Lucifer didn’t let go of it since he noticed I could barely hold it myself. I blushed as he helped me take a few sips of the cold water. 

He was quiet until I let him put the cup away. ‘’I should probably tell you later, if you’re tired. It’s not a shocker but it’s still a lot to think about’’ Lucifer tried to avoid the truth which bothered me. ‘’I can handle it’’ I promised him and then took a deep breath, realizing the medicines were kicking off.

Lucifer eyed me silently for a while, probably thinking about whatever had happened. Then he looked away, looking defeated. ‘’Fine’’ Lucifer agreed to tell me more. Although I was nervous, I was intrigued to know what this was about. ‘’I found him before Decker. The bloody nutter was so proud of the damage he’d done. So I gave him a taste of his own medicine’’ Lucifer finally admitted which made me look at him wide eyed. I was worried he had gotten himself into some serious trouble.

‘‘Before I went too far, Decker stopped me. That scam is going to rot in prison and after that he’ll go straight to hell’‘ Lucifer told me with determination in his voice. I could almost see fire in his eyes as he spoke about the man he clearly despised. Just thinking about him beating up the man who had put me here was both scary and relieving. He obviously cared for me but I didn’t want him to do things that could ruin his own life, such as beating someone half way to death.

‘‘Are you okay?’‘ I asked Lucifer. He turned to look at me with a sad smile. ‘‘I’m..I’m well’‘ He sighed and suddenly stood up. ‘‘You should rest’‘ Was all he said before he left me alone in here. I just stared at the door as I wondered why he left so suddenly and then I felt bad. Was he actually okay?

                After Lucifer left, I got a few hours of sleep. The next time I woke up, I got new visitors. I was surprised to see Linda with beautiful, yellow flowers. She offered me a smile as she noticed I was awake. ‘’Hi, Y/N’’ Linda greeted me and put the flowers on the nightstand beside my bed. Then she sat down on the chair Lucifer had sat on earlier.

‘‘Linda..hello’’ I mumbled tiredly, wondering why she came to see me. She was a busy woman so I didn’t expect her to come. But it made me happy, of course. ‘‘I’m so sorry about what happened to you. I hope you’ll get better fast’‘ She apologized softly. 

‘‘Yeah, I hope so too’‘ I admitted and tried to move my fingers. My right middle finger was broken so it was tied with my ring finger and it had a tight gypsum around it. ‘‘Has Lucifer been here yet?’‘ Linda wondered rather innocently. That’s when I remembered his strange behaviour.

‘‘He visited me before I fell asleep. It didn’t last too long’‘ I let the doctor know. She nodded as I spoke, probably analyzing stuff in her head. ‘‘He told me about the guy and the fight between them and then he just left’‘ I continued, reliving the moment in my head.

‘‘He visited me before I came to see you’‘ Linda let me know which caught my interest. I looked at her with confusion evident on my face. ‘‘He’s truly upset that this happened but then again, I’m not allowed to tell you everything. Don’t worry tho, he’ll come back’‘ Linda reassured me and patted my good hand. She made me curious but I didn’t question her more. I knew she wasn’t allowed to spill her secrets to me.

But why was she so sure of Lucifer coming back to this boring room?


The next day came rather quickly. The amount of painkillers helped me sleep like a rock. I woke up as a nurse helped me eat breakfast and gave me even more medicines. I was told I could leave today if I got help by a friend or a family member.

So I was just waiting here until I could think of someone I could call. Before I made up my mind, the door opened and I flinched, startled by the interruption. For a slight moment, I thought the guy who had put me here came back to finish me off.

But I was relieved to see Lucifer with an empty wheelchair. He seemed calmer today. ‘’Are you ready to go? The penthouse is full of goods I’m sure you’ll enjoy’’ Lucifer asked me almost happily. I was just confused as heck. ‘’How did you know I was allowed to go?’’ I wanted to know and attempted to sit up on the bed. My back hurt as I moved but I was determined.

‘‘I told them I was your fiance and they believed me’‘ He let me know his master plan. I couldn’t help but to giggle, hoping it would hide the fact I was blushing. Thankfully, I wasn’t attached to the heart monitor or else he would’ve heard my heartbeat that grew.

Lucifer helped me off the bed and on the wheelchair. Seeing him this gentle was new but I liked it. He made sure he didn’t hurt me at all in process. Then I remembered yesterday. ‘’Lucy?’’ I sighed and then faced him seriously. He turned around slowly and tried to keep a smile on his face. 

‘‘Why did you beat the guy up?’‘ I wanted to know. Maybe it was a dumb question but we all knew he would end up in jail anyway. My question made him chuckle in pain and he shook his head. It wasn’t enough to make him speak. My core felt cold as I just waited for him to speak.

‘‘Because he hurt you, Y/N’‘ He muttered half of the truth. I hated to admit it that I knew him way too well to tell he was hiding something from me, again. ‘‘Lucifer, please. Be honest with me. Did he do something else? Did he threaten your other friends?’‘ I tried to dig deeper into this situation.

Suddenly Lucifer’s head snapped and he looked straight into my soul, sending shivers down my spine. ‘’He almost put the woman I care about the most into a coma! That’s..that’s what he did’’ Lucifer raised his voice but realized what he said mid sentence. I most certainly did not expect him to burst like that, let alone say those words.

Shock was most likely obvious on my face and Lucifer seemed shocked of himself as well. The happy, confident guy wasn’t there at the moment. ‘’There, you heard it. I really do like you, more than just a friend. As I heard that the useless piece of humanity had put you to hospital, I thought I had lost you’’ Lucifer decided to keep talking instead of allowing an awkward silence to set between us.

By now, my eyes watered and I felt like crying. I thought my feelings for him were one-sided but I was wrong. It hurt that I found out like this and I felt bad for worrying him. ‘’Lucifer, I had no idea thought of me like that’’ I admitted as a hot tear rolled down my face. He clenched his jaw and then sat down on the hospital bed, looking at me silently.

‘‘If I wasn’t stuck in this chair, I would hug you’‘ I attempted desperately to light up the mood. His eyes widened and he looked surprised. I just smiled, hoping I could make him understand I cared about him just as much. ‘‘Are you for real?’‘ He breathed out and cleared his throat. I nodded and raised my arms as much as I could in this state.

Lucifer got in front of me and leaned in for a warm hug. I melted against the devil as I wrapped my arms around him. He held me as well, but very gently. ‘’I like you too you know’’ I whispered honestly before we parted from our soft hug. ‘’You have no idea how glad I am to hear that. I almost thought you wouldn’t come to the penthouse. I even got your favourite candy up there’’ Lucifer let me know and seemed more like himself again.

‘‘Then what are we waiting for?’‘ I asked him, more than ready to leave this tiny room. I hated being in hospital and I was pretty sure I wasn’t the only one. Lucifer put a blanket on me to keep me warm and then he began pushing me out of the room. 

listen…i’m a lesbian and all but let me sound straight for this quick second by saying i never want to see phil wear any other clothes ever again. phil could wear those ripped jeans and that flannel shirt/dress/whatever the fuck every single day for the rest of his life and i would be happy. this is all i need. this is the peak.

I was fine and then I started imagining the last scene in the series as a scene where Bellamy and Clarke are on a hill staring off at the sunset watching their kids and their friends play a game of tag down below, wrapped in each others arms and him asking ‘what now, princess?’ and her answering 'whatever the hell we want’ as she snuggles into his side and he kisses her forehead and it pans off and they’re both smiling and hapPY AND NOW I AM NOT FINE. I’M NOT FINE AT ALL DAMN IT

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Omggg I have to MadaKaka for 11. “You can have half.” Sharing is caring boys (don’t be so grumpy Dara-chaaan~)

From these prompts.


“You look like you’re about to pass out from excitement.”

“Shut up,” Madara growled. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this? Every time I try to save money something comes up. My car breaks down, my heater stops working, my-”

“I get it,” Kakashi laughed. “Well it’s finally here. I still think it’s weird for a burger to cost this much but whatever makes you happy.” 

Madara gave his friend a scandalized look. “It’s not just any burger. It’s supposed to be the best burger in all of Fire Country!” 

Kakashi only shrugged and motioned him towards the glorious plate of food sitting between them. It was hard to deny that Madara was right about one thing: this wasn’t just a burger. It was a craft of perfection that would make any meat-eater’s mouth water. The bun was golden, the meat juicy, the toppings crisp and fresh. It was edible artistry. 

Almost reverently, Madara lifted the burger with both hands and raised it up to inhale the perfect scent of it. His mouth split in a grin of anticipation as he opened his mouth and prepared to take the first bite. 

Heaven. He was in heaven. 

Surely no better burger existed anywhere in this world and every minute of every extra shift Madara had had to work just to afford this stupidly expensive burger in this stupidly fancy cafe was worth it. He moaned all the way through chewing his first bite, savoring it for as long as possible. 

Then his eyes popped open at the sound of a rumbling growl. He looked across the table to see the tips of Kakashi’s ears turn pink while the younger man tried to sink down in his chair, hands covering his stomach. 

“Kakashi? If you’re hungry why don’t you order something for yourself?”

“Nah, I’m okay.” His friend waved him off casually. “This place is a bit pricey for me anyway.”

“We’ll stop by somewhere afterwards so you can grab something then.”

Again Kakashi waved him off. “No it’s okay. I shouldn’t spend the money.”

“You need to eat! I know we told Hashirama we’d go over to his place tonight but do you want to stop by yours first so you can have dinner?”

Madara was baffled when the tips of Kakashi’s ears darkened even more, hints of the shade creeping across his cheeks above the scarf he was still wearing. The younger man couldn’t seem to meet his eyes as he mumbled, “No point. There’s no food at my place.” 

Jaw gaping in horror, Madara connected a few dots in his head. 

“Kakashi, when was the last time you ate?” he asked softly. His friend shrugged.

“A couple days ago. Some of my bills were a bit more than I expected this month. I’m fine, okay?”

Looking down at his plate, the older man suddenly felt like the biggest schmuck in the world. Here he was lording this gorgeous creation over his friend’s head and the poor guy was literally starving because he couldn’t afford to buy food! Madara took a deep breath and pushed his plate over until it sat in front of Kakashi. 

“You can have half “

“What!?” Kakashi tried to shove the plate back towards him. “No way! You’ve been looking forward to this for weeks!” 

“And you haven’t eaten in a couple of days!”

The two of them glared across the table at each other, neither willing to budge, until Madara dropped the gaze first. He pushed the plate towards his friend again, then when Kakashi tried to shove it away he caught the other’s hand in his own. 

“Just half. We can both enjoy it. Please?” 

Although he hadn’t been looking for any, Madara received three separate rewards for his spontaneous good deed. The first was the unfathomable gratitude in his friend’s face as he finally accepted the offer. The second was the groan of ecstasy Kakashi made when he took his first bite, perfectly replicating Madara’s own reaction. 

His third reward was a warm hand slipping shyly in to his as they walked towards Hashirama’s house after they left the cafe. All things considered, the third reward was his favorite. 

i gotta say again that the haunted carousel could’ve been so fucking bad ass, all they had to do was set it at night (you know, reconfigure it so the park’s still open and nancy’s doing her detective work once the park is closed) and it would’ve been so fucking creepy. theme park at night! such a super good liminal space! super weird! 

all that super cloying happy theme park stuff–clowns, grinning anthropomorphic animals, whatever else–gets so creepy at night, especially if they’re worn and weathered. and if it had been set up as “night only while the park’s still open” you could have, like, inventory items showing up on the ground, something someone dropped that day that you just happen to need. (i’d also vote for random, like, vandalism showing up here and there, cause you know that shit always happens)

anyway every time i remember there’s a haunted carousel game and it’s just this cloyingly bad game that’s barely haunted and more about the world’s most manipulative robot and getting milk instead of a soft drink i get real sad

❧ what a beautiful world

words: 467 words
genre: angst, slight fluff, slice of life, female reader
a/n: well… it came out sadder that what i originally planned, still it’s fluff-ish, idk let me know if you liked it!

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Never one to socialize too much, MinSeok always preferred to hang out with the same people, often being the quiet ones over the loudest of them –even if he did love BaekHyun with all his heart. It became a habit of his to stay all day in his room, by himself doing whatever he wanted without the bothering of people. Isolating himself as BaekHyun once stated. It was because of this, that he never thought he would find himself falling in love with someone like her.

She was so different; one to be loud and the soul of parties. She loved expressing herself, with her loud laugh and screams of happiness or pain –or because BaekHyun had beat her at her favourite game in which she found pride saying she was the best. His first thought was that they would be, indeed, a cute couple but when BaekHyun got up and introduced her to him, with his go-get-the-girl-bro smile, he knew he was doomed. He knew there was no escape from BaekHyun, so he decided to actually get to know the girl before his friend became the most annoying alive. However, the more they talked the more genuinely interested in the girl he became.

She was beautiful. A social butterfly that never found hard to talk to people, a pure paradise bird with bright colours that wanted to discover this world, unaware of its putrefaction. Always so innocent even if she was old enough to know about the concept of evil, always wanting to believe in good people and second opportunities.

A social butterfly, a beautiful paradise bird that wanted to discover the world, pure as it can be and unaware of the putrefaction of this our world. He wanted to protect her from all evil that roamed this world; he wanted to protect her from all the bad. Be there for her as her boyfriend, someone she could spend her life with, a soulmate of some kind. But he couldn’t be more wrong.

It was at that day at the beach when he found out. They were celebrating their two months together –a small amount of the supposed time they should’ve spent together. He was filming her running across the shore, her feet wet from the salty water, her face slightly burned by the sun and it trying to escape between the calm sea, creating the most amazing sunset he had ever watched. Her presence there was majestic and, with her laugh mixing with the sound of waves, he came to realize that he was only tying her down. She was born to be free and, just as those paradise birds, any partner that tried to tie her down and protect her from the malice of this world would only cage her in her own death.
Captain Of His Soul - Chapter 20/25 - If Starry Space No Limit Knows  - Archive of Our Own
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Embarking upon the Five-Year mission with the Starfleet flagship, and the best and the brightest aboard her, it seems that Jim Kirk has it all. With Spock and Bones beside him, his physical recovery complete, he feels ready to take on the universe. But when Command orders the Enterprise into a diplomatic mission involving an unstable, warring planet, somebody is bound to get hurt. Adept at hiding both his demons and his affections, Jim is ready to do whatever it takes to be the Captain Pike wanted him to be, whether that involves sacrificing his happiness, or even his life.

Peace is not a universal objective.                              

There was dead silence after his words, and Spock surveyed the group to find out the cause. Nyota and Leonard were smiling – the latter crookedly so – while Sulu and Scott were sat with a smirk and raised eyebrows respectively, looking rather unaffected. Only Chekov seemed surprised, eyes wide, and mouth open. Spock frowned.

‘You were already aware.’

He cast an accusatory look towards Nyota, then Leonard, both of whom categorically denied any wrongdoing.

‘I didn’t say anything to anyone, I promise.’

‘Me neither, but I’m not surprised these lot already cottoned on.’

‘What do you mean?’ Jim asked, and Spock eyed Leonard as curiously as he was, certain that they had been at least somewhat discreet.

‘No offence, Captain,’ Mister Scott replied, ‘but we’ve got eyes.’                            

He broke into a grin as Spock raised an eyebrow, and Jim went pink, a shy smile crossing his face that Spock wished to kiss away.

‘Well, this all seems a little dramatic now.’

callout post for badndngirl

i am formally calling out tumblr user @badndngirl

she is highly problematic in the following ways:

  • she’s too caring and compassionate all the time
  • she’s too beautiful 😍 like how dare she
  • her jokes get more laughs than mine, which is clearly an elaborately orchestrated lesbophobic conspiracy
  • she’s been friends with me for almost 20 years, evidence of her poor life choices
  • she spends way more time caring for and doting on her child than she does showering me with gifts (i mean i get she’s trying to be a “good mom” or whatever, but at what cost????)
  • she makes me cry all the time with her beautiful writing
  • she’s too loyal and supportive
  • she loves me too much
  • AND, worst of all, she has the audacity to be celebrating her birthday today

i am personally offended by her loveliness

if you are as well, please go wish her a happy birthday and tell her how amazing you think she is, how extraordinary. tell her how much she means to you and how important she is. tell her you don’t think you could have survived high school and your twenties without her. tell her you love more than you can properly express, and that her love gives you strength to make it through times when you just want to give up because everything is too much. tell her sometimes she’s the only reason you get up in the morning.

on second thought, don’t tell her any of that, it might sound odd coming from someone besides me

but do go wish her a happy birthday and tell her she’s great

she deserves to hear it

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Someone ripped off my jaw recently. I was pretty bummed out about it. But I think whoever ripped it off, was probably more happy to rip it off than I am sad to get it ripped off. The total happiness in the world increased. So whatever.

Y’all what the fuck

what if the reason nobody can tell fred and george apart is because they really are interchangeable

not in a ~it doesn’t matter~ way but like. molly and arthur used to worry that fred and george might turn out to be squibs because they weren’t doing any accidental magic as children, but they were, THEY TOTALLY WERE, it just wasn’t anything flashy, instead they were just like idly switching bodies all the time

and like sometimes it doesn’t make much of a difference, whatever, wake up in the opposite bed you went to sleep in, but it gets like dangerous and weird if you’re on a broom or in the pond or letting your mum teach you to cook or trying to be mad stealth, so for a long long time everybody presumes they’re clumsy maybe-squibs and that they’re doing their twin lying thing when they try to explain what’s going on, so they learn to handle the issue their ownselves

they just. don’t go anywhere without the other. they start each day deciding which body is going to be which (because at this point they really don’t know which body is technically fred and which is technically george), and they learn to reorient FAST when they switch, and what things set them off, and eventually they learn how to act like nothing’s up even when one of them’s in the air and one’s on the ground or whatever, and then they burn past that til they can finish each other’s sentences – til they can switch midsentence – til they can play beater together – til they can switch in a split second in the middle of a game – til there’s room for other kinds of accidental magic to start showing up

at hogwarts they keep each other awake in history of magic by switching back and forth. in potions they take turns brewing and keeping lookout for the slytherins. in transfiguration and charms they keep their grades up because one of them will always get a spell right on the first try so they switch and make it look like both of them do and then they practice on their own later in private. it keeps the mystery alive.

at first they thought lee was just a lucky guesser but no, lee can always tell one twin from another twin – it’s not exactly telling fred from george, because while they are definitely two distinct personalities neither one of them feels like fred all the time or george all the time – but lee knows who he argued with yesterday or who he lent his notes to or who’s best to ask for help in astronomy and who’s best at runes. 

the weasleys are pretty bad at it for the longest time, but then bill comes home from his first year cursebreaking and he can tell, and over a holiday he teaches his trick to charlie so charlie can tell. alicia and katie and angelina can tell. the twins honestly don’t know if oliver can tell or not; so long as they’re doing what they’re supposed to on the quidditch pitch he doesn’t really care about much else. harry can tell. luna can tell. tonks can tell.

the problem is there’s no way for this to end happily


“No doubt you’ve been wondering. You’d been waiting all year to see if I’d return. Well, you’ve nothing to fear. Night falls once again, and the wind howls through. It’s me, Dr. Junkenstein, and, oh, how I’ve been waiting for you.”