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Are you a sucker for  Sap? Do you love a good happy ending? Do you love that tingly feeling you get when you get the feels?!

The perfect kiss. A calming comfort. A requited love. A Family Tradition. A long lost love. A realized Desire. 

Smut had it’s day. Angst had it’s day. A/B/O is having it’s day. I think its about DAMN TIME Fluff had her day! Everyone loves a good, fluffy story. 

September 22nd we want to flood Tumblr with LOVE AND HAPPINESS. We want everyone to be filled with the happiness that we are filled with. We want you to understand the warmth of love and FLUFF. 

If you love LOVE, this day is specifically calling to you. Whether you write drabbles, gif blurbs, one shots, series, make aesthetics, fanart, videos, WHATEVER! 


I want the SPN Family to be OVERWHELMED with joy and fluff.

If you are an artist you can make:




Whatever your FULL heart desires

If you are a writer you can write:



One Shots


Whatever your FULL heart desires

There are only a few rules:

Use the # SPN Fluff Appreciation Day 2017 - This helps us FIND all the love.

Post your happiness on September 22nd. Don’t worry about timezones. 

Do us all a favor and use the Keep Reading feature for anything above 500 words.

All pairings, ships, reader inserts, OCs are welcome - it has to be for the SPN Fandom though.



No sign-ups. All are free to join. We would greatly appreciate a reblog of this post though - Ya know for signal boost :D

Wondering about Something?

The lovely and beautiful @supernatural-jackles and crazy and goofy @bringmesomepie56 are at the ready. 

Let’s Overwhelm people with the feels. It’ll be the BEST DAY EVER!

Spread the word, peeps!

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i don’t get it. we were fine okay? we were fine and we were happy with just whatever background scene we got and our headcanons. then they pull chris back, they give him a clip, they give him feelings for eva and it was all for nothing? what was the point? to prove that a fuck boy will always be a fuck boy? then why the hell give him more depth than needed? was it for drama for the last season? was it to use him as jonas and eva’s closure? that’s bullshit and no thanks. we were fine and this is unbelievably unfair.

Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating with their families and to all those who are celebrating alone. Sending love your way whatever the case. May Allah grant you happiness and fill your days with love and warmth.

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Junkrat telling everyone that he is dating a model (you) but no one believes him. However , during a meeting you sneak in and kiss junkrat infront of everyone. No one can believe that a model is dating him.

Junkrat will always find an excuse to mention his fabulous model s/o.

  • “Wow, y’know this reminds me of a date I went on with me model partner.”
  • “Y’may think ‘m crazy, but ‘m datin’ a model and yer not.” 
  • “This food tastes great ‘n all, but the model I’m dating can make this waaaay better.”

Everyone always laughs, chuckling a little “Whatever you say” or “In your dreams, buddy” but it doesn’t phase Junkrat at all. He is so happy and will always brag about you.

He often shows up late to meetings/training/etc, always saying something like “I was supporting my s/o at a shoot” or “I was on a date and lost track of time.” Everyone just thinks he’s a slacker and he doesn’t want to admit it.

When you show up during a meeting to greet him, the room falls completely silent. Tracer gives a small gasp, McCree falls back in his seat clearly checking you out, Genji is paying Hanzo 50 bucks because they made a bet on it. 

You give him a little kiss and he lets out his usual, adorable, happy giggle-snort then you proceed to make your way back out. At the door, you look over your shoulder and wink to the shocked Overwatch team, then make your way out. 

Junkrat is as smug as ever, relishing in the stunned silence. Then, chaos breaks loose. Everyone is asking Junkrat how you met, what you see in him, if you’ll start visiting more often. 

Junkrat just points out that he’s keeping you all to himself. They’ll all just have to settle with his continuous bragging. 

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Say do you have any random headcanons for Kiri? My day has been shitty and I need some happy Kiri things.

of course!!

  • kiri has siblings. many. at least three younger ones i bet.
  • he has two younger sisters and a younger brother. they all fucking adore him because he’s the manliest
  • kiri helps style his lil siblings’ hairs and help them try out whatever crazy stuff they want because look at those spikes those are the results of some hard work and twenty tubes of gel
  • he sometimes bench presses his siblings as a work out
  • please stop kiri that’s a hazard
  • highkey believe that kiri has animal food on him at all times. he sees a stray dog? bam piece of meat out of nowhere. sees a stray cat? bAM CAT FOOD. PIGEON ?? BAM,, SEEDS. TURTLE?? NO FEARS HE HAS LETTUCE.
  • kirishima has two hug settings, the “i’m going to squeeze you with all my might so you’ll know how much i care about you” and the soft and gentle one where he loops around the lower back and puts his head on your shoulder.
  • he once dyed his hair yellow in an attempt to be manlier..
  • it didn’t work

i hope your day gets better anon??? i hope this kiri helps you feel better

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instagram is fucking depressing man. reminds me how shit my life is 😩

Okay, so!
1) These people only show you the good in their lives. They’re sad, too. We’re all sad. Literally everyone is shamed for eating Avocado on Toast even if they don’t like Avocados. We’re all sad. 
2) You’re life will get better! They’re not in their prime, either. You will get better, and you’ll have your ideal life and be happy. Promise.
3) You sad? Get up, go do something and post a picture of it. Don’t have friends to go do that with? Go outside, take a nice picture on your cell phone. Compliments guaranteed. 
4) Instagram not fulfilling? Fuck it, go to the store and buy whatever it is you need. Go to your local market, not Walmart. Only have super stores? Try to go to the least popular one in your area. Talk to the cashier. Tell them they’re pretty. Ask them what make up they use / what gym they go to. Ask them how there day has been. Talk to them until another person comes up or until you feel like you want to go. 
Trust me, it may sound odd, but that little thing can make you day, man. And the best part is? You often make theirs, too!

before I go to sleep can I just be mushy and say you guys are so awesome. honestly - i love logging in here to my dash it’s so fun the atmosphere is amazing and I honestly just feel so happy when I see all of us having a great time with the show and talking about it together. regardless of us having different ships or different ideas or whatever else.

It’s just really 👌 The Best. this is the ultimate, thank you for making my Voltron experience so enjoyable!


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Do you think CC will have a reconciliation scene or do you think he thinks that they have already reconciled with the Babylon hand hold?

So, the last ask asked what I wished for, and this one is asking what I think. Sigh…I don’t even know. Honestly, before S10, I would NEVER have imagined that he would break them up. I thought that, after all our suffering, he had finally given us the thing we’d been waiting for for so long – maybe grudgingly, but he had done it and it was done. They were together at the end of S9, and in IWTB they had that confusing semi-breakup, which was annoying, but it was treated as a conflict subplot sort of and they were happy at the end. I hoped, for S10, that he wouldn’t repeat that and would just let it be and let them be together fighting aliens or whatever and move on, but I did worry that there would be some similar plot where they get in a fight or whatever. 

But truly, never a million years did I think he would actually just…break them up, go backwards and try to reset their relationship, that lived-in, patina’d, hard-won, organically and painstakingly woven and brought to life by David and Gillian, unique in all of television relationship back to how it was in Season 3 or whatever when people used to get excited about the sexual tension. We are SO far beyond that and it is SO out of step with what the show is at this point and what we’ve seen with Mulder and Scully and all that they’ve been through. It’s a waste, is what it is. And I honestly, I just could never have imagined that CC would do that. I worry about EVERYTHING and I didn’t worry about that. And yet, he did. I will never forget hearing those spoilers and the sinking feeling in my gut. Never. 

And so…I really don’t know. My hope, now, is that he envisioned the two seasons as a continuing arc, broken in the middle by a cliffhanger, and that Mulder and Scully’s relationship will be resolved in the second half of that arc. I don’t know if he considers it “resolved” after Babylon or not. In the language of television and in expecting people to understand what you’re conveying through the scripts and the direction, if he was trying to convey that Mulder and Scully were back together and their conflict was over after that scene, after all the setup and exposition about them no longer being together, it was not successful. If that’s what he was going for, it didn’t come across. So I hope that, IF that was meant to be the resolution of the relationship “arc,” it will be reinforced by our seeing them together in Season 11 and it being unambiguous that they’re together, and I hope to god we don’t get ANOTHER version of trying to inject “conflict” in this way. 

I’m getting off track and talking about my hopes again. I THINK that, even for Chris Carter, he doesn’t think that the handholding in Babylon was a sufficient resolution to the setup that he did about them being broken up. But, I don’t really trust my thoughts anymore because I was wrong about his willingness to break them up in the first place. I just truly did not dream that he would go there. So I don’t know. But I hope we get more resolution than that, I really do. And I hope we get it early enough that we don’t waste the entire last season tapping our toes waiting for the thing that we want instead of being able to actually enjoy watching the season. 

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ok you can say whatever because you want to end it in a happy note, and that's great. this last episode was great. a great end for skam. HOWEVER. Sana's season still is the most all over the place season. we could have gotten this episode as a bonus and still have an actual Sana-Pov rest of the season. sorry but still disappointed, i can't even bring myself to actually watch it.

I completely get why you’re upset and believe I am too. I think that the problem with Sana’s season was that it was the last one of the show so Julie not only had to write an ending for a season but also for the show so that’s why we’ve seen so many other characters during the season.
Still, Sana’s season (that ended with Maghrib) will forever be my favorite season because I’ve connected with Sana on so many levels, because Yousef and Sana’s story got to me from the start and because I’ve had the chance to live the full experience from beginning to end.
Could’ve it been done better? Of course
Am I sad Sana didn’t get the 10 episodes? Of course
But considering this was the last season I understand the ending and like I said yesterday, I decide to end this show on a positive note



There are some other tsukiuta things I made these past few days, I hope you like them!

the last picture (which i ruined by forgetting to concentrate on dimensions between the characters or whatever the word is (not my native language)) is for celebrating Midsummer day!!

I hope you had and will have an awesome day ^^

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heyo!! weird question do i stop being so materialistic? I have enough self-control to budget,save&not spend too much but I always WANT stuff and I hate this mentality!! It doesn't help that I love sneakers/the whole streetwear culture so you always wanna cop whatever new item that drops, especially the $$$ brands. I don't spend much but wanting things all the time is so draining :(

not a weird question at all! well, i think the first place to start is to ask yourself if these materialistic things bring any meaning or true happiness into your life. like, sure, when you first buy it you’ll get that short-lived satisfaction and happiness but after a while, that fades away and you won’t use/touch/wear that item, most likely. some things you will find that you wear almost everyday. then perhaps think of things you can wear them with? my advice would be invest in basics like jeans or a jacket and save on trendy things that will go out of fashion. i guess that’s why people still buy iconic louis vuitton and chanel bags because they’re classic pieces and won’t go out of fashion. you could listen to minimalist podcasts (my favourites are the good life, the slow home podcast, the jess lively show and the minimalists but they’re pretty militant) and books (for example, marie kondo writes a lot about decluttering and “true happiness”).

for me, personally, i like to write wish lists of things i want and i usually leave them for a while and when i come back to it, i realise i don’t even want half of the things on the wishlist or i have found a better alternative. you could also make a list of things you ban yourself from buying and don’t need more of. for me, that would probably be foundations or eyeshadow palettes. say, you have too many sneakers or jeans of the same type/fit/colour or another hoodie.

i don’t think there’s anything wrong with brands, so long as you know they are of good quality, will last you and you know you’ll get some use out of. the other option is buying second hand but i assume you know that already! good luck. i hope that helps!

ask-terracotta-jade  asked:

Have Solo Act, Pisca, and/or Crayon ever interacted with each other? (Including in AUs). They seem to usually be doing their own thing. How would they get along?

… you know what, they haven’t. O_O

Crayon: His interactions with Solo would be… odd. Solo adores kids and would go into HYPER PARENT MODE around him which, crayon finds amazingly uncomfortable e_e But at the same time, Solo is the kind of confident he WISHES he could be, not to mention super tall and good looking and has AWESOME hair (though cray would prefer green if he’s totally honest)

His interactions with Pisca would probably be work related. She’s a recluse but whatever, you wanna gut fish all day while she’s out catching the damn things? Be her guest. He’d be really curious about her scars and never find out why she has them, and also be terrified of her and happy to work for her, because for all the lady’s a misery guts, she does pay decently. Usually in kitted clothes and stews. She makes a really good trout stew

Solo: Solo, again, adores kids. And they’d be in AGONY wanting this ginger idiot to be okay. In their mind one day they’ll successfully adopt this kid and it’ll all be happy, but they’re half in a fantasy world and they sort of know that. So for now, they try to play it off like they KEEP bumping into crayon, when in reality they have planned out the routes to see him the most. They also have more nightmares when they see crayon, nightmares of their own baby. They don’t relate the two together

Solo: Pisca… Well Pisca makes them sick and they hate themselves for it. She was burned by her home village and her parents did not survive. Their baby was boiled to death and they weren’t there to save him. They’d try to be nice but the sight of her triggers huge amounts of trauma and intrusive thoughts. 

Pisca: She’s not stupid. She was an 8 year old girl with dead parents, full body burns and a village that wanted her dead. She knows suffering kids when she sees them. She DOES think he’s a soppy little twit that needs to toughen the hell up buuuuuuuut eh. He’s mostly quiet, he can gut her catches. For gods sake if he’s NOT wearing that jumper she made he’ll be in trouble because you’re GOING TO CATCH A DAMN COLD YOU DAFT SOD

Pisca: She doesn’t know Solo. If she ever met them, she’d be annoyed beyond all reason by them. They’re too loud, too jumpy, too show offy, too… modern, is the right word. Those circus tricks don’t impress her, it’s all just faffing around when you COULD be using that strength for some ACTUAL work for gods sake the teenagers in this country and WHY do none of your CLOTHES fit oh for goodness sake do you idiots WANT to get ill??

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The guy I'm in love with is absolutely terrifying, and ethereally beautiful. He enjoys how intimidating he can be, bt has only ever been gentle with me. He's had some issues in the past and one of his biggest anxieties is about letting people get close to him, but we're close friends as well as partners. I'm so glad to have him in my life, so blessed to have him worship me like I worship him <3 <3 <3

omg anon whatever works for you!! haha i wish you two all the happiness in the world 🌎💝


But I guess I was never much of a writer (insp.)