not half bad punk

Hold Tighter, Don’t Let Us Go

Sorry, I don’t know how to punk or how to nerd so it’s not that elaborated. I’ve been a potato all my life. Anyways, behold Punk! Nico and Nerd! Will.

They were far too different. The way they dress. Their hobbies. Their taste on almost everything. The way parts of society looked at them.

He’s opposite of what the other was.

And interaction between them, though completely normal and accepted by some, still sends unnerving edge to people who will never understand. Whose understanding are as narrow as it can possibly be. Whose minds are not open with the idea of change and of diversity, let alone of the idea that two opposite individuals can work really well together.

Not that they need to mind. People wouldn’t care on something they have no idea about.

Well, it wasn’t that much of a deal. Most of the time.

“You should stop with the glaring. I am being serious for once, Will” Cecil nudged his friend as both walked through by the hallways, passing by the group of punks currently in the mood of ignoring the rest of the student body and almost fawning on one of their members, dark and mysterious Nico di Angelo who seemed to have gotten a tattoo that weekend but is only showing it off now.

“I am not glaring” Will Solace frowned at his friend. Is it even legal to get tattooed when someone’s barely seventeen? Not that the issue had stopped di Angelo before from having a tattoo or piercing his lips or whatever punks tend to do with their bodies.

“If you’re not glaring, then why are you looking at di Angelo with such intensity?” Cecil raised a brow at the other “Unless, you’re secretly undressing him in your mind and pretend glaring so people won’t find out”

The blond turned scarlet red. “That’s ridiculous! I would never result to that!”

Cecil laughed. “In all seriousness though, what’s with the hate?”

“I don’t hate him”

“You sure about that?”

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