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Versatile tomato soup

I love tomato soup, but tomato soup out of a can tastes more like corn syrup than like tomatoes to me. Here’s a version that can be adjusted according to both energy levels and ingredients:

The concept is tomatoes plus soup stock plus any flavor ingredients you prefer. 

Potential tomato varieties:

  • fresh tomatoes, especially really flavorful ones - slower cooking, a little bit of chopping, and more hands on time: cut in half and drizzle with olive oil and put into a broiler or an oven at 400 - 450 degrees Fahrenheit until they start turning brown and smell really aromatic; they should be really squishy when they come out (I highly recommend cutting some onions in half as well and adding some peeled garlic to the pan when you throw these in to roast; a mild pepper like a cubanelle is a good addition as well)
  • crushed tomatoes out of a can - lowest spoons: open the can and you’re set
  • flavored chopped tomatoes - requires running through the blender either before cooking or after: thinner and milder than crushed tomatoes, so you’ll want to add less liquid to the can (bouillon rather than soup stock is a good choice); the chopped tomatoes have a lot bigger chunks and you really need to run them through the blender to properly thicken it

Soup stock choices:

  • chicken stock 
  • chicken bouillon
  • vegetable stock
  • vegetable bouillon
  • Goya sazon powder

Optional add-ins:

  • onion - several different preparation options: throw into oven to roast alongside tomatoes; either cut up or buy pre-chopped from the frozen food section and saute before adding the wet ingredients; mix in onion powder or minced onions
  • garlic -  several different preparation options: throw into oven to roast alongside tomatoes; chop up fresh cloves and saute before adding the wet ingredients; saute minced garlic from a jar; mix in garlic powder or garlic salt
  • celery salt
  • dairy - cream, half and half, or even milk (milk is going to be a lot thinner and likely to be better mixed with bouillon cubes and skipping the wet soup stocks)
  • mild peppers like poblanos and cubanelles - throw into oven to roast alongside tomatoes
  • basil - you could mix in some dried basil, but throwing in some fresh basil after everything else has cooked and then throwing it all in a blender is preferable
  • oregano
  • whatever else you think sounds delicious in tomato soup


  1. Prepare your ingredients; if you are going to roast things yourself rather than getting them out of a can, the veggies go into the oven at 400-450 degrees with a bit of olive oil drizzled on top until they turn aromatic and brown
  2. Saute any aromatics you are using in a bit of oil
  3. Add in tomatoes and soup stock
  4. Mix in other ingredients to taste
  5. Optionally, throw the soup in a blender to make it nice and smooth

This recipe freezes really well. If you add less liquid, it can also make a good tomato sauce.


victoria & armand // storm [whouffaldi au]

it’s kind of a long story…

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When's that new chapter of Open Tab coming out fam? I'm in need of some good fictional alcohol right about now.

Imma be honest with you. I’m about 75% done with a Summer Rain chapter (but am trying to figure out if I should drag the happenings out for another chapter or jump into the exciting bit I’ve been planning).

50% done with a Gunmetal Blue chapter (but have no idea how to write the second half so that’s on hold for the moment).

And I haven’t even started on a new Open Tab chapter (and am still honestly trying to scoop myself up from the train wreck that was chapter 53).

Sorry Babe. I haven’t even started brainstorming what it’s gonna be about. I think my Next Time note said something about the Girlfriend Club? Huh…. yeah. I wonder what that’s about.

I know it’s been a while since it updated but I don’t want to rush through and write something shitty so it’ll probably be a little bit longer before I get something out.

Sorry for the wait. I’ll try my best.

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Long time, no post. LOL.

For your reading pleasure.

The Challenge Part 6 Sneak Peek

Thanks. I should be okay in a few minutes. I really want to lie down for a good half hour. My feet, my head hurt plus I got very little sleep last night. Grace thought it would be hoot to see if our exes were on Tinder or gaydar. Olivia sighs massaging her temple. She doesn’t elaborate realizing she shouldn’t have brought it up, the memory of the evening is still fresh and adding to her headache.

Picking up on Olivia’s rather abrupt ending statement Fitz decides to push her for the hell of it. Anything bringing Pope to silence is definitely something he needs the 411 on. He stares at her waiting for her to take note he’s expecting details.

What? She tries innocently.

Spill it Pope, you’re practically bursting at the seams to share. Besides, you wouldn’t want me to accidentally say something inappropriate to one of the bridesmaids.

I haven’t told you anything so how could you say anything inappropriate?

Power of suggestion Pope, you’ve mentioned Tinder, gaydar and bridesmaids in one sentence along with a change in your demeanor. My mind is racing Pope and my tongue is sure to follow.

You can’t be serious. What are you a child with no filter or discretion who can’t wait to repeat what he’s heard the grownups say?

Yes, it’s a habit I’ve never outgrown. Why just the other day I chatted with my frat brothers about bald headed females and …

Fitzgerald, you did not! How could you? Hair salon discussions are sacred confidential communication. Did you learn nothing from hanging out with me? Fitz looks down at the floor, the look of shame covers his face. Olivia shakes her head in disgust.

Fitz starts to grin. Pope you are so easy. How is after all the time we’ve spent together you still can’t tell when I’m pulling your leg.

Now look who’s turned the tables. I knew you were lying. Candace and Grace put the fear of angry black women in you. You’d have to be bat shit crazy to cross them.

Touché Pope. Candace promised to and I quote “ blab what you hear here and I will kick your pasty white ass and make you eat your own shit through a straw”.

Ouch, Olivia chagrined.

I was fine with everything she said except the pasty white ass part. I can’t help it if my people fade. That was a low blow. Olivia cracks up.

Did you seriously just say fade.

What else would you call? Lighten, fade, diminish over time, wane, wash out, grow faint, vanish, dissolve, evaporate, lessen, go pasty.

You could always go to a tanning salon or buy the spray on stuff. Olivia offers between giggles.

Yeah great choices, increased risk of skin cancer or walk around with an orange tinge.

Sorry I can’t relate.

You don’t realize how lucky you are Pope.

Really, how so?

No fading, cracking or peeling.

What! She pops not sure she heard what he him correctly.

I’m serious. You don’t have to worry about your tan slipping away day by day just because you change geographical location or the weather changes. At home in California I maintain a tan year round. Going to school out here by October I’m damn near porcelain". I peel with over exposure and don’t get me started on the cracking.


Don’t play dumb Pope, black people aren’t the only ones to realize black don’t crack. The sun is not a friend to white people even though we practically worship it. We have to slather on moisturizer and use sunscreen by six months of age or run the risk of wrinkles by eighteen and Botox by twenty-one. You think it goes unnoticed that most sixty-year-old black people don’t have wrinkles?

Olivia has no words, she’s astonish. Are you saying whites are jealous of the dark skinned?

Not jealous, highly envious is more accurate. The melanin in your skin is like a force field against the elements.

Olivia gathers her thoughts, she needs a minute for a snappy comeback.

Hope to post the update soon. Be on the lookout. Thanks for your support.

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Hope you dont mind me having a follow up question about Nejihina! In your older post you state that, since Neji and hinata's fathers were identical twins, that makes them half siblings genetically. How come? Maybe I'm just missing something, I'm not really great with genetics and stuff like that lol 💕

This answer from Ask a Geneticist is a good brief explanation.

The tl;dr version is that first cousins who are children of identical twins share on average 25% of their DNA, twice as much as ordinary first cousins, and the same as half-siblings.

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so i need some uh. honestadvice. i'm fifteen, i've been with my current boyfriend for two and a half years now, and we fully intend on getting married. i go to a catholic school, we're taught that sex before marriage sends you to hell but i hate that shit it's awful and demoralizing. anyway, my boyfriend and i have had sex. we're safe about it, we use condoms. however people who hear about it call me a whore or offer to pray for me. should i tell them to eat my ass or should we stop having sex?

i’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this and i’m so glad you haven’t internalised that disgustingly harmful mentality. that said, i’m just a stranger on the internet and it would be irresponsible of me to give you any sort of advice on how to proceed without knowing the full picture. 

all i can offer: refraining from having sex now probably won’t change their opinion of you. the only way to come out on top is to rise above it all. your sex life is your business and whatever you choose to do, you should absolutely not give them the satisfaction of knowing that they got to you. 

Voltron is weird. No one even talks about the plot. As far as i know the plots not even that good and only has a fandom for its characters but like not in a slice of life way where its lack of plot is meant to be refreshing. And half of the characters barely get any focus anyways and thr fanbase only cares sbout which guy the red one should kiss


I loved Wonder Woman. I loved it so much.

And as we were driving home, Jon said to me “Imagine when Diana meets dogs!”

And it was the most pure thing I have ever imagined. 


hello i keep thinking about modern au yuu and mika day after day

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who is lady ragnell?

Called Dame Ragnelle in the source material (”The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle”), a fun fairy-tale-ish bit of Arthuriana and one I read in retold form as a kid and have loved ever since.

So King Arthur kills a deer while out hunting in a land with strong mystical connections, as one does when one is a legendary king. A knight appears, by the name of Sir Gromer, and objects to this life choice. He tells Arthur that in a year’s time, he has to return to the same spot with an answer to the following question:

What is it that women most want?

If Arthur doesn’t have an answer–the right one, mind you–Sir Gromer will cut his head off.

And Arthur, because he’s an honorable fellow and it never occurs to him to say “fuck that, peace out, I’m the king of the land and if you want my head you can come fetch me,” instead says “oh shit” and goes home, where he kind of broods about it.

Into this story walks Sir Gawain–he of The Green Knight fame, one of Arthur’s core knights in the legend (and Arthur’s nephew in many versions of the tales)–and he asks Arthur why he’s so sad.

Arthur tells him, and Gawain sensibly suggests traveling around asking various women what they desire most, which is at least slightly more useful than sitting around brooding, so they do it! The survey results, as one might imagine, are inconclusive when they compare notes, because even a millennium ago dudes didn’t seem to realize that women are distinct human beings with different desires and ambitions even when those dudes are a king and a knight who are legends for their nobility BUT WHATEVER.

Anyway, they’re fucked.

And when Arthur rides out into the woods to brood about this, into the story walks Dame Ragnelle, The Ugliest Lady Arthur Has Ever Seen. (In other versions of the tale, because there are non-Arthurian versions, she’s called The Loathly Lady.)

She tells him she has an answer to his riddle, but she’ll only give it to him if Sir Gawain consents to marry her.

Arthur is feeling pretty desperate, so he brings it up to Gawain, hating to ask it of him, but knowing Gawain is loyal and will do it. Gawain says yes, even when Arthur says “seriously, buddy, when I say The Ugliest I mean it,” so when he goes out to meet Sir Gromer and Ragnelle stops him on the way and says he’s in trouble unless he tells her Gawain is hers to marry. Arthur feels pretty shitty about it, but Gawain said yes, so he relays this answer, to Ragnelle, and she gives him an answer:

Choice. Women want the power to make choices about their own lives and selves.

It’s better than any other answer the survey returned, so Arthur relays it to Sir Gromer, who says “god damn it, my sister gave you that answer but it’s legit so I guess you keep your head THIS TIME” and lets him go free.

Arthur goes back to the palace, and there’s much rejoicing, but Arthur isn’t rejoicing too much, because now his nephew has to marry The Loathly Lady, who shows up and insists on the bargain being met.

Gawain, being a stand-up guy, marries her, and after their wedding feast, where Arthur’s whole court pretty much stares at her very rudely, takes her back to their chambers, where he vows to himself to treat her as if she were desirable, which … go you, buddy? I guess? And when he looks up at her after deciding that, suddenly he’s looking at the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

Ragnelle explains she was cursed to wear that form all the time until a good knight would marry her, but that now, for half the day, she can be beautiful. She puts the choice to him: would he have her beautiful at night, in their bed, and have the court make a mockery of their marriage by day? Or would he have her beautiful by day, when everyone could applaud him for breaking her curse, and ugly at night?

We all know the answer, of course, and so did Gawain: he told her, in the end, that it’s her life, her self, and she should be able to make that choice for herself, not him.

Which, of course, in the way of fairy tales, is what breaks the spell, so she can be her beautiful self all the time.

And they all lived as happily as anyone ever manages in Arthurian legend.

I was recently talking to my mom of all people about my past relationship and I was kicking myself for wasting almost 6 years of my life (half of high school and college) dating a girl who ultimately it didn’t work out with. And my mom said to me “you’re regretting being with her THEN because of the feelings you have NOW. Being hurt never feels good, but at the time you were with her, she made you happy, so there’s no sense in regretting that happiness.” Those words really shifted my perspective and made me realise you shouldn’t beat yourself up over things you can’t change or time you can’t get back. Life is full of individual moments, some good, some bad but just because there’s bad doesn’t mean you should want to erase the good that’s woven in.

Cordially, Jimin

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: R (mentions of sex)

Word Count: 6,121

Summary: When you start work in your new office, the last thing you expect is a distraction. Especially not one as cute, witty and impossible to handle as Park Jimin. A story told through correspondence.  (fluff + humor)

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prompt, if ur taking them: jaime rides to winterfell and bends the knee to sansa and becomes an honorable advisor, Jon is very jealous. (bonus points if he walks past dany who thinks he's bending the knee to her instead of sansa)

Jon x Sansa, Jaime & Sansa

The wind bit into him, whipping at his cloak, but Sansa stood at the battlement’s edge as if they faced only a summer snow. Her hair lifted and fluttered about, even slapping against him once or twice. Jon fought the temptation to wrap it around his fist and pull her to him.

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What breed of cat do you think is the best for someone who's never had a cat before?

hmmmm, hmm. scoop a cat off the ground & you’ll be good 👌 should get the full cat experience!

(my first ever cat was attained in exactly that manner. half-dead sidewalk cat? HECK yeah!)

if you wanna go the purebred route, maybe steer clear of the more intense breeds for your first cat? like Orientals, Siamese, Cornish & Devon Rexes, Sphynxes, Bengals, Abyssinians & Somalis are extra active needy beasts. and stay away from the more unethical breeds :( those include flat-faced Exotic Shorthairs & Persians, Manxes, Scottish Folds, & perhaps Munchkins