not gunna look for gifs

In a few weeks time, you’re going to see all the analyses and theories and what-nots you’ve thought of, and made and heard and read this past few months, come to life…

Thank you Julie and crew. ☆

Can Mahdi have convo scenes with Sana, please and thank you!!!

PP2 SPOILER: MY THEORY 😬 Guys what if beca was part of the reason chloe stayed for three extra years at barden but she just never told her… Then that scene where they sing cups around the campfire and shes just looking at beca like singing her heart out and she looks like shes gunna cry and that’s her finally accepting that beca is never gunna love her the way she doess 😢 paired with this face in the tent scene…😭😭💔 MY HEART. IT HURTS.