not great quality unfortunately

My dad’s side of the family has a lot of great qualities like piercing blue eyes and tallness but unfortunately I only inherited the bad qualities from them: heart arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, and really ugly toes.

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For me Christian is one of the strongest male leads ever. I don't mean his position of power, but him as a person. He has gone through physical abuse, death of a parent, and sexual abused and yet he has been able to build his empire through his smart tactics and hard work. He uses BDSM for his protection and fear from getting lose to anyone, because he never let anyone be close to him. But all these women are okay with it. He is brave, kind (wants to save the world), loves his family and Ana.

Yes he used BDSM because considering that he couldn’t stand to be touched, it was a ‘safe’ solution for him to have sex and be able to be intimate with someone. It is even mentioned in the book. A teenager full of raging hormones and yet afraid of touching. Through BDSM he thought he had control over it.

I agree on how you describe him. I like Christian too as a person. Aside the handsome sexy man i believe he possesses many great qualities.

Unfortunately mostly he’s being described according to the first 10 pages of the 1st book. As IF all you need to know about him is only included there. And is wrong. There is a whole evolution of Christian as the Trilogy develops and we see the REAL him.

Here is a list of what i find worthy mentioned qualities in him:

1. Trustworthy
2. Honest
3. Doesn’t mislead Ana
4. Honorable
5. Loves his family and appreciates what they’ve done for him
6. Loves Ana to death
7. Committed to 1 woman
8. Dedicated to his work
9. Smart
10. Build and empire of his own from zero
11. Capable of making compromises and sucrifices
12. Respects Ana
13. Becomes a great dad and concerned for his kid
14. Loves outdoors activities
15. Has intergrity
16. Deletes his past for the love of his life
17. Praises constantly the beauty and character of his woman

18. He worries about her

19. He wants to give her the world, and is generous with many others
20. He’s interested in world issues
21. Does charity
22. His staff loves him
23. He respects and develops the qualities of people who work for him
24. He pays for the school of the daughter of his employee
25. He thanks Ana for saving his life

26. He’s funny at times.

27. Willing of changes.

28. We see sparks of an innocent kid alike soul

29. He can be very romantic as the story develops.

30. He’s willing to listen to Ana.

31. He values his partner for life.

32. He admires Ana’s strength.

33. He is brave enough to keep his shit together although he suffered so much when younger, and he overcomes his fears.


Nobody is perfect, Christian is not perfect, but he is a good man, he is a survivor, and he is capable of love.

And that’s admirable.

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Hi! I'm soooooo in love with your blog! As I know you live in NYC, I'd like to know if you have any suggestions on where I can go shopping there.. not in obvious shopping malls, but more like cool, less touristy shops. Thanks in advance for your reply! 😘

Hi! Thank you so much!

So, if I actually typed out a whole list of places, I could be here forever, so I’ll suggest you a couple of places to start. If I were you, I’d do some deep research before you arrive.

Soho/Noho/Nolita - Higher-end dope ish, not only like Chanel and Gucci (that’s 5th Ave./Madison) but more like chill, but still can’t afford you brands: Steven Alan, Helmut Lang, APC, Rag & Bone, ACNE, Opening Ceremony, Oak…etc. Also, shops like J. Crew, Madewell, Warby Parker, and Saturdays Surf NYC. Also there’s a mix of smaller-end shops/boutiques.

East Village/Lower East Side (LES) - Lots of consignment shops with great stuff, and smaller boutiques (Tokio 7, Search & Destroy, The Dressing Room…etc.) It has a younger, more laid-back feel, also you can find some of the best in world tattoo artists here.

  • St. Marks/8th St. - I used to hang out here like crazy during my college days. I got my cartilage pierced here when I was in high school. It’s a good time, it’s got a lot of fun Japanese Izakaya bars, fun/weird shops, bongs and pipes in display windows, tons of vinyl shops and such.

These are all in the city, but check out Brooklyn ie. Williamsburg/Fort Greene/Park Slope/Cobble Hill/etc. as well. It’s practically hipster capital, but despite that unfortunate quality, it’s got great food, bars, and boutiques. Try Bird, Amarcord, Pema…Oh, and Catbird has super cute jewelry. Like the LES, also has some of the greatest tattoo artists here…jussayin’.

Last but NOT least! Century 21 Department Store is MY FAVORITE! It’s a glorious department store full of marked down delicious goods from very solid brand names…Go in with a lot of energy and patience.

Hope this is helpful. Like I said before, definitely do your own research because I left out a lot. Don’t just research where you want to shop, but also where you want to eat, where you want to drink, where you want to dance, where you want get tatted, where you don’t want to be alone at night, and where you want to one day rent an apartment and live a poor and stressful and most awesome life…=)

Hope you enjoy your time in the greatest city in the world. PEACE.


A little etsy review! More posted here.  This order is from PrettyLaceShop. I made the order on April 3rd and it arrived on April 20th - not bad considering it shipped from China!

The lace is really pretty and looks just like the stock photo! The weave is very detailed and it’s quite soft, but it has a pretty prominent “polyester sheen” which screams cheap lace. In its defense, it was cheap ($2.50/yd).

The beaded trim is gorgeous, photos cannot capture how stunning it is! Unfortunately the quality isn’t great either, the beads are mounted on stiff net and there are lots of threads hanging off. 

Both are perfectly useable and very nice to look at, so I’m happy I have them. But I don’t think I would repurchase either of these items.